Colorful Choices In Colored Gemstones

Emerald is an extremely powerful stone, which blesses the wearer with power, strength & mental energy to make the most of a difficult & challenging situation. It makes one so creative, imaginative, bold, intelligent & enterprising that one is flooded with bright mind-boggling ideas and can form strategies and operations for the most prestigious project or organization. : Rudraksha Ratna for exclusive Rudraksh beads, malas & meditation items from India
Gemstones are organic minerals and mineral crystals that have been cut and polished into elegant jewelry. These gems include a variety of beautiful stones. Gemstones were widely used in to decorate crowns and robes in the past. Today they are appreciated by everyone and are worn as accessories for personal adornment. The color of these stones is very attractive and it appears very beautiful. Here are the 2 wonderful gemstones explained below.

A Stone Of Love And Youth

Emerald is one of the most fascinating gemstone. It exudes a green color, which makes this stone intense and beautiful. If you are fortunate and have a green stone that can fit in your palm, it might value over a million dollars depending upon its quality and color. They are categorized in the beryl crystal family.  These green stones are formed of the elements silicon and aluminum with a rare element that is beryllium. There is a very small trace of elements, either vanadium or chromium which provides this stone with its distinctive green tint. This vibrant green color stands for youth, love and timelessness. An ancient people of Rome used to consider this color of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.

Four C’s

If you desire to have this beautiful stone in your collection of jewelry then it is important that you consider the four C’s; clarity, cut, color and carat. Unlike diamonds their primary characteristics is brilliance and clarity. They are primarily concerned with color.


When considering green stones the color is the most important characteristic of all. This color is created with small amount of vanadium and chromium. There are four colors of this stone: Too dark – this type of stone is available in very dark green color. These stones are cheap and are less valuable. Too blue: – these are not considered as the real stones because they lack pale and green color. Too yellow –these stones have a tint of yellow and are close to the green stones. Green: – this stone is the most valuable one and has perfect yellow and blue hue.

A Stone Of Passion And Power

Red is the color of power, passion, exuberance and vivacity. Red is also the color of the most beautiful gemstone that is Ruby. It is also the birthstone of those born in July and can be presented on the wedding anniversaries; 15th and 40th. In ancient time, this gemstone was known as the king of gems. It has everything excellent hardness, magnificent color and outstanding brilliance. The color of this stone can range from red to purple. Large rubies are very difficult to find and some of them are more valuable than a diamond.

This stone is made from the sapphire and corundum species. This species is next to the diamond and is also one of the hardest substances on the planet. The color of the stone is the most dominant feature. These stones are widely used in jewelries.  This was the first gemstone, which was made artificially which is known as synthetic rubies. Gemstones are very precious and in the past, they were known to present power and wealth. 

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