Debut of ‘theMultiples’™ – Promoting Multiplication Literacy in Children

Dorset, VT July 30, 2013 – RealTimes Products LLC announces the debut of ‘theMultiples’™ ( and its “Times Table Dinnerware” in North America. Using proprietary, diverse and multi-national animal characters brought to life thru dinnerware and related tabletop products, ‘theMultiples’™ promote multiplication literacy in children.

In tandem with the US launch, ‘theMultiples’™ have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of E-books and Apps furthering their efforts to make learning multiplication a fun and social event for young children. Visit Kickstarter to learn more about our campaign.

Our dinnerware products create a fun-innovative numeracy learning track for children based on social and emotional connections within their world.

By transforming dinnerware products into ‘theMultiples’™, we help children explore new and impactful ways to learn multiplication, using dinnerware as a learning tool.

“ As our world evolves, we need higher levels of numeracy to function effectively in our roles as workers, parents and citizens,” said Brooks Addington Co President of RealTimes Products LLC. “We must find new ways to promote numeracy. this is mission critical. The best proof ‘theMultiples’™ works is to see my children spontaneously teaching themselves thru our dinnerware. Everybody, parents, children and educators included, wins.”

‘theMultiples’™ are named after one of the numbers from 1 to 12 (e.g. Professor ONE Hoot & Madame TWO Moos), our characters have distinct nationalities, personalities and histories. The learning is amplified via storytelling — like what happens when 12 meets 8 and their multiple 96 — building a bridge between the classroom and “social learning”.

 “By transforming dinnerware products into ‘theMultiples’™, we help children explore new and impactful ways to learn multiplication, using imaginative storytelling as a learning tool.” Said RealTimes Co President John Lord. “We use proprietary, multi-national animal characters to bring the learning of multiplication to life thru dinnerware and related tabletop products.

RealTimes Products LLC founded in 2012 and headquartered in Dorset VT, is focused on supporting mathematical literacy in children. We transform everyday lifestyle products into unique social learning tools to bring fun and learning into the lives of children.

Our products use engaging proprietary characters to develop a numeracy storytelling culture, foster impactful social learning and enhance mathematical skills.

We design our products to bring joy to children while encouraging their ability to think, analyze, and understand mathematics.

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