Intervention to protect innocent Syrian civilians is an international obligation

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect, Iranian resistance visits a photo Exhibition of the martyrs of the Iranian resistance paying tribute also to the young victims slain by the Syrian dictatorship
Organizations Appeal to the International Community to Protect Syrian citizens against Assad’s army and Iranian revolutionary guards

The horrifying chemical attack on the 21st of August, in Damascus outskirts and the heartbreaking scenes of the massacre of 1400 innocent civilians including more than 400 children has hurt the conscious of today’s humanity. stated Maryam, Rajavi President Elect of Iranian opposition group National Council of Resistance of Iran.“Lack of immediate response and forwarding dossier of this major massacre and its perpetrators to the International Criminal Court is but a mockery of peace, justice and human rights in today’s world. As Rajavi has reiterated “the International community’s silence and inaction regarding previous chemical attacks by the Syrian government encouraged its unparalleled attack of Wednesday morning.”

“Without the all out presence of Iranian regime’s revolutionary guards, weapons and dollars, Bashar al-Assad would have been toppled long ago. It is indeed the Iranian regime that is maintaining this criminal regime in power by dispatching large groups of Revolutionary Guards, all sorts of weapons, and spending dozens of billions of dollars of the deprived people of Iran.” stated Mr Struan Stevenson, President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq in a press release dated 25th of August.“It is clear that these horrors in Syria are being perpetrated with the active support of the Iranian regime and its brutal, terrorist Quds force. Stevenson continued.

“But the August 21st chemical attack, which without doubt is a war crime and a crime against humanity, has eliminated any lingering excuses for a lack of intervention against the Syrian dictator and the Iranian regime. The tipping point has arrived. Intervention aimed at protecting innocent Syrian civilians is an international obligation.” He summarized.

Ahmed al-Jerba, leader of Syrian opposition coalition, told al-Hayat daily on August 18: “The real rulers of Syria are commanders of the revolutionary guards. Revolutionary guards are fighting us in the streets of Damascus and Ghassem Suleimani commands the military operations. Iraqi militias are dispatched to fight in Syria by Iran’s orders. Assad’s army has been defeated. Today, we are facing an army commanded by the Iranian regime that has imposed on us an all out war with advanced weapons.”

Mullah Ammar Ta’eb, a close associate of Khamenei, had said on 14 February 2013: “Syria is Iran’s thirty-fifth province.” And Rouhani, mullahs’ new president, described the Syrian government as the legitimate representative of Syrian people. In his meeting with the Syrian Prime Minister on August 4 he said: “No power in the world can harm our relations with the Syrian government.”

This is while the new regime’s Foreign minister tried to whitewash the Syrian dictatorship by blaming the Syrian opposition for this war crime.

Based on Mr. Stevenson press release, “Europe’s absurd assertion that the newly elected President Rouhani of Iran is a moderate can no longer be used as an excuse for inaction.”

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Press release by Struan Stevenson, President of the European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq

Regimes Foreign minister quoatation: Hassan Rouhani’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad-javad Zarif said: “If use of chemical weapons is indeed true, undoubtedly it has been used by terrorist and Takfiri groups since their interests lie in escalating and internationalizing the Syrian crisis.” (ISNA state news agency – August 21)

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