Premier Claims Centre Offers a Simple, Hassle-Free Process for Claiming PPI

Premier Claims Centre takes the hassle out of payment protection insurance claims.

Premier Claims Centre is the preferred resource for claiming PPI or Payment Protection Insurance for many reasons. The key reason is that the claims centre is regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities. Also, all claims are processed by an in-house team and no external companies are involved. They do not charge clients unless they are able to provide a cash refund.

“Our fee is only payable once we are successful with your claim and when you have received your full refund,” says the spokesperson for Premier Claims Centre, explaining their way of functioning. “We don’t have any upfront or hidden fees which is a common feature among most other firms in the industry. Our rich industry experience helps us deliver results better than others.”

PPI or Payment Protection Insurance covers the repayments due under loans, mortgages, credit cards, or any other finance agreement in cases of accident, sickness, and unemployment where people don’t have the financial resources to repay lenders. Clients can have a valid PPI claim if you have taken out a loan in the last six years and there is a Payment Protection Insurance Policy linked to the loan.

Clients can make a payment protection claim on finances such as secured loans, unsecured loans, payment due on credit cards, mortgages, etc. In some instances, clients may still be able to claim refund even if there is no PPI attached to a specific credit agreement.

Premier Claims Centre is committed to putting their clients in a better position financially. They have a track record of helping clients receive an average refund of £2,400. Clients get a dedicated claims handler to deal their case exclusively. While no service can guarantee a win, Premier Claims Centre makes a concerted effort to boost the chances of winning with their unsurpassed expertise and better understanding of the industry.

Many feel that payment protection has transformed into a money-making scam. In fact, it can be labelled as the largest financial scandal in British history. Millions of people have been mis-sold PPI and have not made any claims yet. The best way to check if you are not being fleeced is by scanning the loan document or credit agreements for any mention of PPI. Many people are cheated into believing that PPI is mandatory or are simply forced to buy such policies.

According to Premier Claims Centre, many people are not even aware they have a valid claim. Victims can even claim for closed accounts and completed loans older than six years if they have the agreement number of the relevant documentation. According to the law covering the subject, victims of PPI scam are required to claim within three years of realizing that the policy sold to them has some problem areas.

About Premier Claims Centre:

Premier Claims Centre offers services that help people reclaim their payment protection insurance with the additional benefit of saving money. Unlike most other services, they do not charge any fees upfront. Premier Claims Centre is a regulated claims management company. They use their in-house team to process claims.

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