Pre-Pregnancy Weight Loss Efforts Contribute to Breastfeeding Success

NuVitality’s weight loss herb Garcinia Cambogia Extract can help future mothers decrease body fat to ensure lactation success.

Pregnant women are careful to maintain healthy habits, such as eating a nutritious diet and getting plenty of rest, but a recent medical study points to a very important step women can take before achieving pregnancy that can increase their odds of a successful and healthy start to motherhood. A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that obesity – having a body mass index (BMI) of thirty or more – prior to becoming pregnant can delay lactation in new mothers with gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). Women trying to become pregnant can avoid that statistic by lowering their BMI below 30.

The sooner milk production begins in a mother, the greater her chances will be of successfully breastfeeding her child. When milk is delayed – taking three or more days after delivery to arrive – parents or health care providers must supplement the infant with formula, which can potentially sabotage breastfeeding efforts. According to the study, 23 to 44 percent of women in the United States have experienced a delay in milk production. Knowing that obese mothers with GDM are at an increased likelihood of experiencing delayed milk production, health care providers can provide preventative support as well as extra follow-up care in lactation support.

Although women who have had GDM with previous pregnancies are likely to have GDM with subsequent pregnancies, women who are planning their first pregnancy cannot reliably predict whether they will experience GDM; however, they can prevent their likelihood of delayed milk production by achieving a BMI below 30 prior to becoming pregnant. Diet and exercise are key in realizing a healthy weight, and there are natural herbs that can assist dieters in reaching their goals.

NuVitality’s Garcinia Cambogia Extract is a herbal supplement with the active ingredient hydrocitric acid (HCA) that helps suppress appetite while signaling the body to release stored fat. HCA has been labeled “the Holy Grail of weight loss” by television’s Dr. Oz because of its ability to lower the body’s level of cortisol. “The body produces the hormone cortisol when it is under stress, and cortisol signals the body to store fat in preparation for famine, especially visceral fat that surrounds the internal organs and makes us loosen our belts,” said a spokesperson for NuVitality. “Due to our stressful lifestyles, many bodies are overdosing themselves on cortisol.” Garcinia Cambogia Extract safely lowers cortisol back to a normal level so that the body is willing to release stored fat around the midsection. HCA found in Garcinia Cambogia Extract also blocks the production of an enzyme called citrate lyase that the body needs to make fat.

Another herbal supplement from NuVitality that assists with weight loss efforts and regulate blood sugar is White Mulberry Leaf Extract, which also helps suppress appetite. Full of antioxidants, White Mulberry Leaf Extract can even protect the heart from damaging free radicals.

Women planning to become pregnant can begin their healthy lifestyle early and potentially increase their success rate of breastfeeding by working towards a BMI under 30. Products from NuVitality can reinforce their efforts and help them achieve their goals more quickly. NuVitality’s products are made in United States with 100 percent natural ingredients and come with a money-back guarantee.

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