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The premier site for Stand-Up Paddle Boarding is celebrating the success of their site launch with Free Shipping.

DALLAS, TEXAS, August 31, 2013, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding has caught on like wildfire, and is spreading across the country. Many of its fans compare it to walking on water. The team over at StandUPBoardsForFun is celebrating the successful launch of their new website with a Free Shipping Special. In a short period of time, this website has become a dominant source for anything having to do with Stand-Up Paddle Boards and Accessories.

There are many factors that have fueled the phenomenal spread of this water sport. Enthusiasts say that it is a fun, easy way to go play on the water. All it takes is a minimal amount of equipment, and any body of water will do, whether it is the ocean surf, lakes, or rivers. Waves are not required to enjoy this water sport. The paddle-boarder is standing-up, and has an incredible long-distance 360 degree view. 

StandUPBoardsForFun points out that this sport offers a great full body workout. It is often used for cross-training by skiers, snowboarders and other athletes. It is a great way to lose weight, tone-up and get into shape. Just being on the sea, breathing in fresh ozonated air is exhilarating in and of itself. This sport has become a great tool for de-stressing, and clearing the mind. Need a place to get away, and think with a clear mind? Try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding.

The company reports that they have just uploaded 3 new videos all about Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. Here everybody can learn about how to stand-up on the board for the first time, how to carry the board, and they can also learn about stability while on the board. It is definitely worth checking out for all avid fans of this sport. Management has slashed prices across the site in celebration of their site-launch. Since the site went public, it has received a steady increase in traffic. 

StandUPBoardsForFun is run by a team of people who participate in the sport. This is a definite plus for all those who shop there, and seek advice from experienced professionals in the sport. Vacation Resorts are getting involved and stocking-up on equipment. On the site are featured Stand-Up Paddle Board Packages as well as all kinds of accessories, and all at very competitive prices, according to a company spokesperson.

For complete information on this new water sport craze, visit: StandUPBoardsForFun

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