Star Power Astrology – The Red Carpet Guide To Living A Totally Fabulous Life is Now Available Online

One of the worth reading books on the subject of Astrology, ‘Star Power Astrology’ (Your Red Carpet Guide To Living A Totally Fabulous Life) by Suzan Hayden is now available to purchase online at Norlight Press, Amazon and Smashwords in both paperback and e-book versions. A fun and enlightening read, the book answers real-life questions as to why some people shine more brightly in their lives than others, by merging traditional astrology with today’s pop-culture celebrity fascination.

Suzan has been associated with Astrology for more than 23 years. To date, she has read over 20,000 individual charts, aiming to provide their lives with clarity and insight and to make the world a better place. Her stellar release, Star Power Astrology (Your Red Carpet Guide To Living A Totally Fabulous Life) gives readers a comprehensive peek at the astrological aspects of forty remarkable men and women ranging from modern celebrities like Angelina, Bono, and Bill Gates to historic luminaries such as Dali and Mozart by exploring and analyzing their lives and birth charts to foresee their breakout abilities.

The book is packed with commendable guidelines and instructions that allow an individual to discover and exploit their natural, natal-given strengths and to reach full-throttle capacity in his life. It further enables them to decode their spiritual DNAs and gain life-changing insights by comparing their personal charts to those of the luminescent stars. It is a worth read not just for those who love astrology but also for those who are not into it as they can compare their traits to the traits of stars and can determine their personalities. In addition, Suzan has given 4 to 5 useful tips that efficiently redirects the negative traits present in a personality.

The book has so far attracted thousands of individuals from not only USA, Canada and Australia but also from India and Canada. An Australian Astrologer and Horoscope columnist, Joanne Madeline Moore writes,

“Suzan writes in a sassy style, that is easily accessible to all readers and she profiles a wide range of fascinating people [from Mozart and Marilyn Monroe, to our own Aussie wildlife warrior, Steve Irwin]. This book is a must read for anyone interested in using astrology as a tool to create a more successful and fulfilling life.”

Over and above, Star Power Astrology provides people with empowerment, enlightenment and self-confidence to stabilize their lives and to strengthen them internally during turbulent times.

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