Swap-Hop Creativity Bounce

Swap-Hop: a new form of barter, to face economic crisis
and enhance creativity.

Imagine to come into possession of an artwork, a design object, a photography or a furniture which are unique in their kind without paying them, but just swapping them with something of yours that is useful, or took for granted. Otherwise, imagine you can take some common objects you like or need without buying them, but just exchanging them with an artwork, picture or object created by yourself with your hands. Welcome to Swap-Hop, the barter that enhance creativity in spite of economic crisis.

The idea was born in the county of Treviso (Italy) in the beginning of 2013, and since May 28th the opening of the Facebook Page allow to make swaps. Gino Pillon and Shannon Sadler believe that crisis periods could become be an opportunity to re-think about consuming habits, develop our social sensitivity and identify alternative behaviours.

It’s an initiative that promote barter of objects while highlighting those ones created by the users themselves. For this reason, Swap-Hop is an unreleased way out for artwork made by creative people like photographers, illustrators, painters, musicians, stylists, craftsmen, designers etcetera, those can swap their productions with objects offered by other users and, furthermore, acquire fame inside the community and get noticed from the outside, for examples by works personnel like gallerists, art merchants, music producers, directors and so on.

All that is possibile thanks to a chart of Swap-Hoppers generated by feedbacks which users receive, according to the quality and quantity of swaps the realize, and to the judgement they get by other users. The higher the score a Swap-Hopper will reach, the greater will be the possibility for him to be in a top position of the chart and get noticed.

The growing enthusiasm in the startup phase led the founders to partecipate to a fund-raising campaign on Indiegogo. The goal is to display and propose the project worldwide to collect funds from followers and build the platform. If this goal will be reached reached, the funders will be rewarded with discount vouchers for Swap-Hop services and feedback points to be used in the platform. But if the operation will not be successful, funders will be reimbursed.

Informations about the founders

Gino Pillon graduated in Bsc (hons) Industrial Design in London, UK. Since 2003 is a Footwear and graphic Designer for italian and foreign clients/brands, working as freelance in the late years. Since 2010 he manage two music labels dealing with production, digital distribution and web promotion of emerging bands and musical projects.

Shannon Sadler graduated in Economy in Bologna, Italy. He is Business Developer field from 15 years, 10 of them as CEO of its own Company that operated with an innovative service in the apparel sector. He worked and lived in Italy, France, UK, Cambogia. He is now working in the Design field in Milano, Italy.

Company Name: swap-hop
Contact Person: Gino Pillon
Email: Send Email
Phone: 0000000000
Country: United States
Website: www.indiegogo.com/projects/swap-hop

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Versatile PDF to FlipBook Turner, eFlip Standard Version 3.9.6, Is Updated With Several New Features

PDF to flipbook with interactive media and sound!
eFlip Standard is versatile PDF to flipbook converter which provides full ranges of digital publishing services. Its latest version 3.9.6 is recently released, and several new features are added.

China Software Company, eFlip Co Ltd has recently released a new and updated version of one of their most popular software eFlip Standard.  This eBook software now available for version 3.9.6 has a variety of new and exciting features to make 3D eBook creation even more simple to use and captivating for all audiences.

One of the new features is the Plugins feature.  This allows users to edit their flipbook with plug-ins including news scroll bar, photo slideshow, YouTube player, music player, text scroller, etc.  Now users can immediately add multimedia objects onto background or frontground in flipping book.

Another amazing feature added to eFlip Standard 3.9.6 is the page edit feature.  With this feature, a page thumbnail panel appears on the right side of the software.  Here, users can add image files or PDF files as new pages, delete a page and adjust the page order.  By adjusting navigation to a simple side bar, this feature becomes drastically more user-friendly allowing users to concentrate on their flipbook creation even further rather than navigation.

The last popular addition to eFlip Standard 3.9.6 is the background feature.  Now, a new background panel is on the left side of the software, which allows users to apply graphically stunning backgrounds to their flipbook.  Users can also use the online background eFlip Co Ltd released backgrounds and add their own background image to their flipbook.

These three new features make eFlip Standard better than ever and more user friendly than before.  eFlip Standard 3.9.6 is available to purchase for all Windows operating systems for $199. 

eFlip Standard 3.9.6 also allows users to utilize and customize eBook templates, merge multiple PDFs to a single flipbook, add security features such as passwords, add text readers and personal assistants, utilize Google Analytics, build a digital library, text search, and share with others via multiple social media platforms.

One of the best things about eFlip Standard 3.9.6 is that once purchased, users receive free eFlip product updates for life.  For a free 30-day trial, purchase eFlip Standard 3.9.6 or upgrade your previous eFlip Standard version, web users can simply visit http://www.pageflippdf.com/ today to make the most out of their eBook project.

Company Name: PageFlipPDF.com (eFlip Software Co., Ltd)
Contact Person: Lailie Tan
Email: Send Email
Phone: 020-85530201
City: Guangzhou
State: Guangdong
Country: China
Website: http://www.pageflippdf.com/pageflip-pdf-to-flash/

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SocialKloud has the best crowdfunding services that helped over 30 crowdfunding campaigns

SocialKloud is the top new age digital online marketing company that their services focus on social media, crowdfunding, videos, apps, websites, and more.

SocialKloud’s most popular services are their crowdfunding services. They helped campaigns like the kodiak, brownies and brownies, the focus microscope camera, broek, and more reach and past their goals on kickstarter. Their services are designed to help crowdfunding projects get more visibility. They accomplish this with social media promotion, press releases, email marketing, social bookamrks, bloggers. and journalists. They can help your project get more exposure and web traffic. These are critical factors to your crowdfunding success. Their services can send thousands of people who love crowdfunding right to your project. They love talking with people who need help with their crowdfunding project.

SocialKloud second most popular service is their Social Media services. They help people on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus get more likes, followers, and retweets. They started app promotions to help apps stand out from the crowd, video services for those who want whiteboard videos for their Youtube or website, and social media management for people who don’t have time for their social media channels. You can also get more Youtube views for your current videos to get them more popular.

SocialKloud owns PressReleaseInk.com which is like PitchEngine, it has a lot of press releases on the home page and offers services for press release writing or press release distribution. Check out their other sites CrowdLoad.com for crowdfunding campaigns who want to offer rewards or equity stakes that includes services and SeoMantic.com for people who need help with SEO. SocialKloud is growing very fast, they have success stories and a lot of clients to manage. If you have any questions about how their service can help your project then contact them today.

Company Name: SocialKloud Media LLC
Contact Person: Diana Winters
Email: Send Email
Phone: 1-866-379-7719
City: East Stroudsburg
State: PA
Website: http://Socialkloud.com

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A break through month of July for Medepage

Medepage – your healthcare network

It’s been a break through month of July for Medepage on a number of fronts.

1. The Medepage website has delivered over 800 job applications for the very first time in one month.
2. Our website rank is also at the highest level to date.
3. We have had one of our strongest month of membership growth without running a specific promotion.

All of this put together equals a truly break through month for the medepage.com website.

Clients are now seeing great results for their job posts and are being paid back for their faith in working with our revolutionary healthcare network.

Far from resting on our laurels we have some great plans that we will begin to roll out in the coming days and weeks.

1. Home page redesign:
There will be a revamp to the lower half of our home page. The redesign is aimed at updating our look but also to help boost our traffic and ranking. It will incorporate a simplified Member registration process that will also be an option when completing the job application process. This will have the added bonus of making it easier to register and to upload a resume/cover letters as well as applying directly from a mobile device or smart phone.
2. Registration Process, Login & Connectivity Update
The second half of our home page makeover will be a redesign of the top half of our home page. This will incorporate many new connectivity options, which will be announce in due course.
3. Mobile Website
We are in the process of building a mobile website application that will make using the site much faster and user friendly.

If you are a healthcare professional, Employer or HR Consultant there are so many great reasons to join the Medepage website.

Members Register Now –

Clients Register Now – to post healthcare jobs, http://www.medepage.com/Client/ClientRegistration1.aspx

Medepage – your healthcare network

Company Name: Medepage Pty Ltd
Contact Person: Tony Bullock-Formosa
Email: Send Email
Phone: 613 98488248
Address:Building 4, Suit 46 195 Wellington Road
City: Clayton
State: Victoria 3168
Country: Australia
Website: www.medepage.com

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Storm Inside the best Customer Experience Management Software

Customer Experience Management Software
Effective Customer Experience Management – Push Notifications to Multiple Devices

Customer experience management (CEM) is garnering growing recognition mainly driven by the use of tools which are useful for examining customer comments from various touch points for example company websites, branch, Web, mobile and social networking. CEM, like a concept, has attaining common adoption since it allows companies for everyone clients effectively, therefore creating retention, reducing churn and enhancing competitive capabilities. In the earlier years, several companies had started to invest heavily on solutions that optimize interactions in the customer’s perspective and therefore enhance customer loyalty. Development of communication media majorly affects customer anticipation and behavior, ultimately affecting consumer encounters.

Storm Insight delivers what Salesforce.com Microsoft Dynamics and other CRM systems can’t, the Storm Insight Customer Experience Management Software helps you deliver better, more efficient and personalized customer experiences through the entire organization, contact center, in social media and on your website. The solution is developed by Storm Software Solutions Limited a leading UK based software development company.

Storm Insight Customer Experience Management Software with Full Report Details and Table of Contents

Using mobile and social networking touch points is growing quickly for discussing sights and concepts. To be able to get globally connected, companies must frequently monitor these touch points and follow-up using their clients by understanding their wants and needs for enhancing customer loyalty and experience. Within the competitive world, leading companies is going to be concentrating on a person centric approach as opposed to a company centric approach. Towards this, businesses is going to be adapting more recent methods to connect clients with organization for normal feedback.

The report concentrates on the most recent trends and developments in customer experience solutions that offer methods, process models, and knowledge technology (IT) to create, manage and optimize the finish-to-finish customer experience process. The report includes market analysis and predictions across various touch points, kinds of analytical tools, vertical segments, size the business and physical regions.

The Customer Experience Management Software covers:


Detailed Customer Relationship Management


email marketing, SMS, telemarketing and live chat


social sentiment analysis across twitter and facebook

Price Analysis

Price tracking and analysis to maximise performance

Survey Builder

Feedback, NPS, CES survey builder and analysis

Prospect Builder

B2B & B2C prospect customer list builder

Task Manager

manage tasks, inbound emails and workflow

Loyalty App

Loyalty application with native customer apps


For more info about this amazing Customer Experience Management Software, please visit the Storm Insight Website: http://www.storminsight.co.uk 

Company Name: Storm Software Solutions Limited
Contact Person: Storm Software Solutions Limited
Email: Send Email
Phone: (+44) 0161 298 9260
Address: 1-3 The Courtyard, Calvin Street
City: Bolton BL1 8PB
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.storminsight.co.uk

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Composite Resources Enlists Aerospace Vet Bill Edwards as New Quality Manager

York County composites manufacturing company Composite Resources announced the hiring of new Quality Manager Bill Edwards.

Composites manufacturing leader Composite Resources has announced the recruitment of Bill Edwards to head the company’s Quality department, and to ensure the company’s total compliance with all pertinent industry standards. Edwards, a veteran of both the aerospace industry and of composite manufacturing, brings more than 25 years of experience to his new role as Quality Manager.

Composite Resources, a composites manufacturing company that was founded in 1993, provides products to a diverse range of clients, but much of its work is done for companies in the aerospace vertical. As such, in 2009, Composite Resources instituted formal quality control programs, attaining both ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications. The former entails routine audits to ensure that the company’s products are made in compliance with the industry’s standards of practice; the latter is an even more rigorous and detailed set of quality controls, regulating the top aerospace manufacturing companies globally. Edwards’ role is to maintain both programs.

“Essentially, the job of the Quality team is to manage all company resources—which include both people and technologies—and to ensure that we’re creating the best possible products, and doing so using the materials and the standards that are expected of us,” comments Edwards. The day-to-day work of the Quality Manager includes auditing, offering customer support, and managing the company’s team of five quality inspectors.

According to the company’s Operations Manager, Donnette Brock, Edwards’ role is pivotal not just for ensuring compliance with all relevant standards of quality and transparency, but also for maintaining the satisfaction of its clients. “What Bill brings to the company is not just compliance with these quality programs we have initiated, but also the upkeep of our own high standards of quality and customer satisfaction,” she remarks. Indeed, though many of the company’s quality certifications are specific to the aerospace industry, Composite Resources applies them across the board—including to products made for its clients in the auto racing sector.

To Composite Resources, Edwards brings a full decade of composites experience, 15 years in the defense and aerospace sector, and a total of 25 years in manufacturing. He has previously held positions in the Quality departments of major companies such as Cobham Composites and General Dynamics.

While some of these companies are larger than Composite Resources, Edwards says the Rock Hill, South Carolina-based manufacturer is on equal footing in terms of its commitment to quality. “I was initially drawn to Composite Resources because of the smaller size, which offers extra nimbleness and flexibility as we seek to address the needs of our clients,” he says. “However, what I am more and more impressed with is the level of innovation on display here, as well as the acumen of the management team.”

Composite Resources maintains both its industry quality certifications and a flawless customer satisfaction rate.


Composite Resources is a solutions-driven engineering and manufacturing company, based in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The company applies its prototyping, design, and manufacturing capabilities to products for clients in the aerospace, defense, and autosport sectors, among others. A leading composite manufacturing company, Composite Resources works primarily with carbon fiber. The company is ISO 9001 and ASP9100 certified.

Company Name: Composite Resources
Contact Person: Donnette Brock
Email: Send Email
Phone: 803-366-9700
Address:485 Lakeshore Parkway
City: Rock Hill
State: SC
Country: United States
Website: http://www.composite-resources.com/

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World Trade Center Survivor Turns Adversity into Triumph

New York, NY – July 30, 2013 – Michelle D. Rosado, a 911 survivor chose to take a positive approach to her life after the terror of that September day, and made it the start of a whole new life journey. She and her husband and soul mate Randy T. Rosado will launch their new book, Pursuing Your Destiny: How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Dreams, already an Amazon bestseller, on July 30, 2013.

Pursuing Your Destiny, How to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Dreams is the touching true story of 911 survivor Michelle Rosado and her heroic escape from the World Trade Center into a life she never dreamed she could have, including how she met her husband and soul mate Randy Rosado. With alternating points of view, Randy and Michelle tell the stories of their lives, from aggressive and heartbreaking childhood problems to tragic events of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Then from meeting one another and falling in love to their struggles together to become successful entrepreneurs in business, ranging from operating a pizzeria to selling real estate and mortgages. Through it all, Randy and Michelle learn valuable life lessons they share with their readers, including how to check their own egos, how to treat people with understanding, and the knowledge that there are higher powers in the universe watching over them. The Rosados have inspired thousands of people with their captivating speeches, and now they hope to reach millions more through these pages. They believe their story will make readers see their own lives from a new perspective, realizing how to overcome any adversities they face to find themselves and their true destinies.

Reader Amy Nichols says, “Michelle and Randy’s story is inspirational for people who are experiencing uncertain circumstances in these changing times. They take what they learn and walk through open doors into new opportunities. It’s heartening to read about others who have rolled with the changes, stayed positive, and continued to grow and learn to be authentic, transparent and successful throughout life’s challenges.”

The Rosados have appeared on BBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, FoxNews and MSNBC. The months-long book project will reach a crescendo on Tuesday, July 30, when more than one million people are expected to visit their site and help promote the book, an event not to be missed. Check out the site to debut on July 30 at http://bit.ly/pydgift.

Company Name: Bestseller Services
Contact Person: Denise A. Cassino
Email: Send Email
Phone: 3038383399
Address:PO Box 1223
City: Conifer
State: CO
Country: United States
Website: http://rosadobooks.homestead.com

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Onlinequotes.com Offers New Easy Comparison Features

Onlinequotes.com now offers an easy comparison feature.  This new feature is expected to help hundreds of users compare different types of quotes to get the best deal.

It was when Online Quotes founders discovered that there was a shortage in sites available to help consumers receive multiple quotes of various kinds from one place that the founders of the http://www.onlinequotes.com/about.php agency determined that they should remedy that problem. They understood that there were some sites that let consumers compare car, insurance and mortgage prices, but these sites limited their services to a single service or product.

Here is where the founders decided that it was time to build a site that would let visitors ask for and get quotes on a variety of products. They wanted to allow a simple one-stop shop for quotes for everything from mortgage loans, insurance policies, car, credit card rates and more. They also saw a resounding lack in information to help those same consumers to make informed buying decisions.

After assembling an expert team of professionals comprised of well known researchers and financial journalists who were committed to the task of offering only the most up to date information to those who needed it, they were ready to launch this site. With that said, there is simply no reason to believe that the research and development will end as long as there are visitors to the site.

Company Name: Abraham Enterprises
Contact Person: David Abraham
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-351-5976
Country: United States
Website: http://www.onlinequotes.com

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Americanfastcash.com Releases New Information On Managing Payday Debt

Americanfastcash.com recently released new information on managing payday debt in efforts to help educate consumers about potential issues.

http://www.americanfastcash.com/debt-consolidation-and-reduction.php payday debt is a danger when anyone relies heavily upon cash advances or payday loans regularly as a source for readily available short term loans. Sometimes, consumers simply get trapped in the vicious cycle sometimes referred to as “payday loan hell.” Most who find themselves in this situation do not understand how they got here, and even worse, they have no idea what steps to take to get rid of the problem.

The problem is that payday loans were never intended to create long term debt. Instead, they are offered as a quick solution for obtaining emergency funds for those who have no other options. For instance, if an individual has a sudden emergency hit and there are no emergency savings available to pay expenses, they can turn to a payday loan company for a quick loan. As the name suggests, the loan is supposed to be paid off on the next payday.

The bad news is that these loans can become habit forming. Instead of planning for the next emergency, some people simply use the same method for getting the ready cash needed to pay for things like emergency medical care, care repairs and others, rather than placing money back for such occasions. A little help is often needed to learn better methods, and this is where a debt consolidation consultation can come in handy.

Company Name: Abraham Enterprises
Contact Person: David Abraham
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-351-5976
Country: United States
Website: http://www.americanfastcash.com

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Okaycash.com Releases Updated Cash Advance Program

Okaycash.com recently released an updated cash advance program to help expedite the loan process.

It just happens from time to time that people need cash advances in order to avoid a calamity. It may be that someone has a bad month for a few months in a row, and ends up way behind on a mortgage payment. It may be that this person doesn’t have the money to pay the next mortgage payment, and if they don’t they won’t be able to keep their house due to it falling into the hands of the bank because of foreclosure.

In this situation it helps to go to http://www.okaycash.com/traffic-law-books.php direct lender sites, or sites similar to them in order to get loans directly to help tide them over until the next month. After all, it may just be that people only need a quick boost to get to where they need to be in the short term, and have plenty of cash coming in later on.

It would be rather a large tragedy if it so happened that a loss of a house occurred because of just a few weeks. This is why such site exist really, to fill the need of short term loans in a direct way.

Company Name: Abraham Enterprises
Contact Person: David Abraham
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-351-5976
Country: United States
Website: http://www.okaycash.com

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