FlipBook Creator – Share Flash Flipping Book with Potential Readers in Four Ways

Flash Flipping Book Designed in FlipBook Creator
With the FlipBook Creator software, users can share digital flipbooks in four different ways. They can publish it to a website, email the flipbook, share it via social media, or upload one to the digital flash bookcase on the company website.

FlipBook Creator, a digital software tool for designing and publishing page-flipping e-books, magazines, and more, allows users to share their publications in four different ways. These all enable one to share the digital flipbook with friends, customers, and a range of audiences anywhere in the world.

Users can first create flipbooks in Flash/HTML5 format and publish them on a website. The most frequently used way to provide access for readers, this method entails publishing the e-book on a web server. They can also decide on the book’s URL, keywords, and description to follow SEO rules and get the content ranked on popular search engines.

It is also possible to e-mail the flipbook directly from the software. Once the e-book is created and customized, users can e-mail it by entering the address of their choice. Flipbooks do not need to be output to a local folder; all one has to do is log into an Outlook account and the function will enable the software to act as an e-mail program.

Another popular strategy is to use the Social Share feature. Users can set the Social Share button to be available so that, after the book is uploaded online, anyone can click to share the flipbook on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. By using this function, the URL is shared on the profile page. Readers must click on this to open and read the e-book.

In addition, there is the digital Flash bookcase, accessible from the software and to which flipbooks are stored on the FlipPageMaker.com server. Users can upload flipbooks to here while readers can purchase and download them. Also included in the program is table of content creation, audio text, and Google Analytics integration. A number of multimedia features are also available. With the flexibility of creating an e-book and sharing one, FlipBook Creator is a software program a business and individual can take advantage of. More information on the software and flipbook sharing is available at http://flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/.

About FlipPageMaker.com

FlipPageMaker.com is a software company that provides tools for businesses and home users. Its popular software enables users to convert common files into page-flipping e-books, guides, magazines, catalogs, and more. Established in 2008, the company distributes these tools to customers around the world from its headquarters in China.

Company Name: FlipPageMaker
Contact Person: Alice Lee
Email: Send Email
Phone: +86 020-8553020
Address:P201, 3/F, Block A, Suntek Building, TianHe Gaoxin Ave.1.S., TianHe District, GuangZhou, Guangdong Province, P.R.China 510665
City: GuangZhou
State: Guangdong
Country: China
Website: http://flippagemaker.com/flippingbook-maker/

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Ionizeroasis.com Releases Updated Information On The Jupiter Aquarius Ionizer

Ionizeroasis.com recently released updated information on the Jupiter Aquarius water ionizer on their website to help educate the public.

Locating the best water ionizer is not always easy, but the process does not have to be all that difficult either. Reading reviews and guides on ionizers would be a huge help. There are quite a few well written guides and they can all make it much easier to locate the ionizer that would best serve your purposes. Is a Jupiter Aquarius better than a Chanson VS-70? In truth, different consumers will have different needs and requirements. That means you will have to do quite a bit of research to be sure you are buying the right model. A decently written guide might be able to offer the insights required to make an actual purchase.

A well crafted guide should be easy to read and not weighted down with too much technical jargon. A guide to chanson vs 70 ionizers loses much value when it is written in too techie of a manner. For those wishing to get to the basic necessary points about what a water ionizer has to offer will want to read a guide that is easy to understand.

There are excellent guides written in just such a manner. For anyone wondering what the specs of a particular ionizer are, reading one of these amazing guides is worth the effort.

Company Name: Abraham Enterprises
Contact Person: David Abraham
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-351-5976
Country: United States
Website: http://www.ionizeroasis.com/

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AnastasiaDate International Dating Service Announces Free Minutes of Live Chat

Top international dating portal AnastasiaDate announces free minutes of live chat in a limited period hot offer.

AnastasiaDate.com, the extremely popular and reliable international dating portal, has announced a hot new offer for a limited time period. The offer gives their clients the opportunity to Live Chat for free with some of the most stunningly beautiful, newly introduced women on the portal for three whole minutes.

“Don’t miss your chance of three minutes of live chat,” says Mr. Larry Cervantes, the Chief Communications Officer for AnastasiaDate about the latest offer. “Clients can enjoy the ultimate in Free Dating when they Live Chat with the beauties on our site they have never contacted before. They get three free minutes with every single newly introduced lady.”

When it comes to matters of the heart, AnastasiaDate is one name that members can completely depend on. The site has an impeccable and long record of delivering high quality and truly innovative service in the area of online dating. The portal, which has been honoured with several awards, caters to over 1,000,000 members spread across the globe. The site attracts 80 million visits annually and there are over 1.5 million letters exchanged onsite daily.

One of the best things about AnastasiaDate is that the dating site is technologically far superior to most other online dating sites and has highly effective measures and systems in place to ensure the security and confidentiality of their members.

American members can enjoy some truly exclusive benefits by subscribing to the membership of this popular portal. They can conveniently browse and search profiles of beautiful women, message them, and talk to them via live video chat. Member information is 100 per cent safe and secure. So, they can relax and enjoy online dating knowing their privacy remains protected at all times.

The huge logistics of the portal is professionally supported by a 400 strong, highly qualified AnastasiaDate team. Assistance is available all round the clock to ensure international clients get the very best from their online dating experience.

The portal focuses on helping their international clients find just the kind of companion they are looking for. With literally millions of beautiful international women to choose from, members find it extremely easy to connect with their kind of women quickly and without much effort.

The ladies available on the international dating site are well educated, articulate, sophisticated, and charming. Undoubtedly, AnastasiaDate is the best place to find some of the most stunningly beautiful, graceful, and elegant ladies from across the world.

About Anastasia Date

AnastasiaDate is the leading international dating website that facilitates exciting and romantic companionship online with beautiful and interesting women from all over the world. Founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple, AnastasiaDate has over 4 million international users and more than 100 million online visitors annually. Additionally, over 1.5 million conversations are exchanged onsite daily. AnastasiaDate is committed to member safety, customer satisfaction, and the on-going pursuit of innovation and with offices in Moscow and New York, AnastasiaDate users are able to communicate across a variety of top-notch multimedia platforms, including video chat and a mobile app for Android devices available in the Google Play store.

Company Name: AnastasiaDate.com
Contact Person: Larry Cervantes
Email: Send Email
Phone: +1 (800) 356-3130
Country: United States
Website: http://www.anastasiadate.com

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Travelgenio changes its headquarters address and celebrates its 3rd Anniversary

Travelgenio Headquarters
In words of its CEO, Mariano Pelizzari, “this year we are specially excited by the changes we are having in the company. Seeing that our daily work has the success we expected in quality terms, that guarantee our results, is an incentive to try to improve further our value proposition and our customer service”.

After all the changes produced, leading to its constant expansion, the Spanish online travel agency, Travelgenio, has also changed its headquarters address to the nearby cl. Albasanz nr.15 in Madrid.

This year, after reporting €90M of gross sales, after opening new international markets, also increasing its workforce and with an important increase in its schedule and customer channels, the expansion and change of location was a necessary commitment in order to provide the service quality that has been offering since it was founded in 2010.

The headquarter change takes place simultaneously with the celebration of its 3rd Anniversary and it is a further step in the business plan of the travel agency in order to be able to deal with its expansion plan.

Faced with the presence in the Spanish, British and French markets in 2012, this year Travelgenio has also added to its portfolio countries like Germany, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands. The next step for the agency is to add new markets within its European expansion plan.

For 2013, when the number of bookings greatly increased, Travelgenio expects to achieve a turnover of over €150M.

In words of its CEO, Mariano Pelizzari, “this year we are specially excited by the changes we are having in the company. Seeing that our daily work has the success we expected in quality terms, that guarantee our results, is an incentive to try to improve further our value proposition and our customer service”.

Company Name: Travelgenio
Contact Person: Communication Department
Email: Send Email
Phone: 902-909-981
City: Madrid
Country: Spain
Website: http://blog.travelgenio.com

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Exclusive Digital Publishing Blueprint Review With Bold Bonus Offer

An exclusive review of Ed Dale’s Digital Publishing Blueprint software has been published at a popular Digital Publishing Blueprint Review website. This review uncovers some of the truths about this new software and offers a controversial Digital Publishing Blueprint Bonus, that has created a buzz in the industry.

Digital publishing took a long time to take off, but today more and more people are choosing to digitally publish their work. Writers and publishers alike are creating books, magazines, articles, and much more, at a fraction of the cost of traditional print publishing. If you have an idea for a magazine, but can’t get it off the ground in the traditional way, all you need is a PDF file.

Joomag! has created a service for magazine publishers, allowing them to publish on their own. Their unique content editor allows publishers to create a digital magazine. The content editor allows them to create articles, and also add content that is unique only to digital publishing.

Unique features include the ability to place media into the magazine. This includes video, sound, forms, and photo galleries. This allows the magazine’s readers to have a rich, interactive experience while reading the magazine, that can’t be duplicated by traditional publishing methods.

The advantages over traditional print publishing continue. Publishers aren’t required to pay any upfront fees to a traditional printing company, and there are no longer any expensive shipping fees. Your magazine is available to be purchased and viewed immediately on several different devices at the touch of a button.

All you need to do is create your content, set the price of your magazine, and find subscribers, and advertisers for your publication. Joomag! provides you with many other services so you get everything in one place.

Joomag! provides publishers with tools to help create their digital magazines, as well as ways to manage their subscriber lists, including alerting them when a new issue of your magazine is available. Tools are also available for publishers to create and track unique email campaigns, and special offers. Visit Joomag! online to get your magazine off the ground today!

More information can be found at the Digital Publishing Blueprint Review website: http://www.digitalpublishingblueprintreviews.net/

Company Name: Abraham Enterprises
Contact Person: David Abraham
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-351-5976
Country: United States
Website: http://www.digitalpublishingblueprintreviews.net/

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Dj K-Waster featuring Dezmond Meeks releasing the new progressive house track “The Way I Like It” on August 9th

K-Waster Song “The Way I Like It”
Pre-release on Beatport Juli 26Th / All shops August 9Th

“THE WAY I LIKE IT” Pre-release is on Beatport Juli 26Th / and in all shops August 9Th

The Upcomming Dutch Dj K-Waster from Landgraaf, Netherlands comes with a suprising new progressive house track called “THE WAY I LIKE IT”.

This coloberation with Idols USA Vocal finalist Dezmond Meeks is written and produced by Chris Willis (well known from the David Guetta songs “Gettin over You” ,”Everytime We Touch” and “Tomorrow can Wait”).

The composition “One Day” composed by Roger Pierwijer A.k.A K-Waster, born in Landgraaf, Netherlands and a true mainstream progressive house maker was the inspiration to this track. The original composition was the first track from K-Waster who was discoverd in 2012 by Benny Brown jr. Owner and talentscout at the small Dutch Dance-label Sound2kill4 Records Netherlands.

“The Way I Like It” will be available On the debut album “One Day” release August 20Th 2013 and on a 4 track CD single and contains next to the Original and Radio edits 2 remixes August 9Th 2013.

The Just Fine remix is a breath taking musical work from Just Fine a very talented duo consisting of two amazing DJ‐producers, namely Marios Georgiou and Georgios Biniaris from Greece. Both are true music lovers and transmit emotions and vibrations through their huge sounds. They are authentic and this authenticity is reflected in each of  the sounds they produce. Worked with big names like Paul van Dyk on VanDit Records The complete new breathtaking backtrack on the Remix for “ The Way we ike It.” is an outstanding production available on the CD Single “The Way I Like It”. and as stand alone download on Beatport and I-Tunes. For Full info visit www.facebook.com/jfjustfine

The second Remix on the CD Single is the Dubstep version by Sam O’Neall. (Netherlands)

His production work is known for its big sound and massive breakdowns. It has been noticed in the passed by DJ’s such as Afrojack, Tiesto and Hardwell. Just to name a few. Remixing Laidback Luke, Arno Cost & Norman Doray was a dream coming true for Sam and he hopes to do a lot more of these fun projects. It was a nice experience to work With Sam on “The Way I Like It”

Available on the CD Single release and Stand alone download.

for full bio and information visit http://samoneall.com

For more detailed info visit A&R on http://sound2kill4.com

The Video for “ The Way I Like It” will be shot in LA (USA) beginning september 2013

The video producer Brian Friedman signed also for 4 times nominated MTV Video’s from Britney Spears & Mandonna and N’ Sinc

Special Thanxs go out to :

Dezmond Meeks

Chris Willis (212 Enterprise Nashville USA)

Angelo and Bill (peacebisquit NYC)

Plugging : Independent Promotors Hilversum (Pim van der Kolk)

Digi-plugging Amsterdam


ANP Pressrelease

Social media promoters Amsterdam

Future Music Charts ( FMC )

All writen media.

All radio stations for there support.

Thanxs to Benny Brown jr. A&R K-Waster http://sound2kill4.com

Radio Diego Netherlands http://radiodiego.com

Copyright : Sound2kill4 Records, 212 Enterprise (nashville USA)

Vicariestraat 7

8435XC Donkerbroek The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0) 516 750863

Company Name: Sound2kill4 Records
Contact Person: Benny Brown jr
Email: Send Email
Phone: +31 516750863
Address:Vicariestraat 7
City: 8435XC Donkerbroek
Country: Netherlands
Website: http://sound2kill4.com

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Ukashvault.com Offers New PayPal Integration For Faster Money Transfers

Ukashvault.com now offers new PayPal integration to help users with their online cash transactions

For those wondering how to make better and easier online cash transactions, you may wish to visit this site to learn more about how to exchange Ukash to Paypal.

For those wishing to maintain anonymity online and safeguard themselves when trying to move their funds around the internet, a dilemma emerges. While there might be a number of excellent sources to procure funds with, there comes a time when it is necessary to actually cash out those credits. To do so, it is best to eventually withdraw your funds from a service that actually is known for its reliability and legitimacy. Paypal would certainly fall under such a description. Perfect Money would be another and, yes, it is possible to exchange Ukash to Perfect Money.

Making such exchanges can be done for a number of reasons. A human resource manager may have to cut payrolls for contractors living overseas. Using an exchange service might be one of the better ways to do this.

The internet has allowed commerce to evolve quite a bit. For those wishing to move funds around online, these new innovations are enormously helpful. You cannot select any service though. Looking closely at the legitimacy and value presented would be one major area of consideration to consider.

Company Name: Abraham Enterprises
Contact Person: David Abraham
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-351-5976
Country: United States
Website: http://www.ukashvault.com/

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Signalman Publishing Announces Release of Germany’s African Slaves: The Untold Story of African Refugees in a Hostile Climate

New book documenting the plight of African refugees in Germany is an important resource for historians, policy makers, and anyone else interested in this vast but under-reported movement of people.

Orlando, FL, USA (July 31, 2013) — Signalman Publishing is pleased to announce the release in paperback and as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes & Noble nook, and the Apple iBookstore of Germany’s African Slaves: The untold story of African refugees in a hostile climate by Kwaku A. Poku of Orlando, Florida.

In a fascinating look at a vast movement of people from Africa to Germany over the second half of the 20th century, journalist Kwaku A. Poku documents these trends on a very personal level. An African refugee himself, he reports from “the inside” with access to people who came to Germany out of desperation to make a better life, yet they find something far from “ideal”. In a narrative that is sometimes chilling, and other times heartbreaking, the reader will be left with a better understanding of the struggles that people undertake in search of a better life.

This work fills an important void in the history of refugee movements and will undoubtedly be a valuable resource for historians, academics and anyone else interested in this topic of African refugees in Germany.

John McClure, president of Signalman Publishing, stated, “Kwaku Poku does a great service for those without much of a voice – the refugees at the edge of an otherwise very prosperous society. He tells their story in this book with eloquence and sensitivity and with a broad knowledge of policy and historical context. We are honored to have partnered with him in publishing this very important work.”

Germany’s African Slaves (ISBN: 978-1-940145-07-5, Trade Paper, 208 pages, $14.99, Non-fiction/History) from indie book publisher Signalman, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble.com and wherever fine books are sold.

About the Author

Kwaku A. Poku is a former assistant editor for the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation and had worked as a correspondent for the Africa Press Service in Germany. He has contributed several articles for the Daily Graphic (Accra, Ghana), the Ghanaian Times and West Africa magazine (London). Today he and his wife live in Orlando, Florida.

About Signalman Publishing

Signalman Publishing (http://www.signalmanpublishing.com) is an independent book publisher based in Kissimmee, Florida. Signalman has a wide range of thought-provoking literature from non-fiction titles on economics, education, and strategy to literary fiction.

Company Name: Signalman Publishing
Contact Person: John McClure
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-907-4423
City: Orlando
State: Florida
Country: United States
Website: http://www.signalmanpublishing.com

Standard Flip PDF Software Now Can Edit Cool Plug-ins in Page Flip Book in a Flexible Way

Captivating Page Flip Book Created in “Flip PDF”
Flip PDF, a program allowing users to convert PDF files into page flipping e-books, now features the Creative Plugins panel to simplify the adding of multimedia content to a flipping book.

The popular flipbook creating software Flip PDF has been updated with the addition of the Creative Plugins panel, allowing users to add multimedia content such as YouTube videos, music, scrolling text, photo slideshows, banners, and more. Settings are adjusted via functions for choosing animation times, image files on a computer, display margins, transparency, and other items suitable for customizing an e-book.

One feature of the Creative Plugins panel is the photo-slider. The interface enables users to customize the sliding speed; add captions, URLs, and descriptions for slide items; and adjust their location. Similar customization options are available from other plugins. This particular one enables content, design, and other details of a slide show to be uniquely designed and set apart from any other.

The features included in the panel support many applications. It is possible to include advertisements in a flipbook, while audio annotations, rolling news, and more can be incorporated with the simple settings within the interface. The new feature provides an effective way to convey important messages of just about any type.

A number of easy-to-use functions are included in Flip PDF to customize flipbooks. These include tools for adding templates, themes, and scenes; importing files; adding hyperlinks, bookmarks, and text; including audio; and publishing the file online. The range of options available for publishing e-books, magazines, and catalogs give users flexibility in designing these easily and streamlining their operations. In fact, flipbooks can be created in minutes.

The simple interface is beneficial to anyone who wants to create a flipbook. Whether they are a business, employee of a publishing company, or working on an individual project, e-books can be designed even by someone with little experience. To learn more about the Flip PDF digital publishing software and its innovative features, go to http://flipbuilder.com/flip-pdf/.

About FlipBuilder.com

Part of Wonder Idea Technology Limited founded in 2008, FlipBuilder specializes in software for converting any kind of document into a page-flipping e-book. Users can publish e-books, magazines, brochures, reports, newsletters, catalogs, or any multi-page document easily converted from Word, PDF, and other files. Customer service is top notch and suggestions from user feedback are taken seriously in simplifying and updating the software.

Company Name: FlipBuilder.com
Contact Person: Alice Lee
Email: Send Email
Phone: +86 020-8553020
City: HongKong
Country: China
Website: http://flipbuilder.com/flip-pdf/

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Fabhair.Com Launches A Free Online Video Academy For Virgin Brazilian Hair

Hair extensions professional Fabhair.com in New York has partnered with master stylist Fashion Hendricks from NYC Weave Studio to create a free online video academy for Virgin Brazilian hair.

The increasingly popular hair extension product called Virgin Brazilian Hair has long been throned as the Empress of the hair extension industry. Versatile features such as longevity, tangle freedom and the unprocessed state enabling dye, bleach, perm, ombre and styling with heated tools, has made Virgin Brazilian hair the most sought-after hair property among celebrities as well as beauty enthusiasts throughout the world.

In the free online video academy, celebrity stylist and weaveologist Fashion Hendricks brings 23 years of extensive experience, reveling every secret about beautiful Virgin Brazilian hair: how to prepare, braid, install, maintain, style and remove Virgin Brazilian hair extensions.

“This is probably the most comprehensive collection of online tutorials ever launched with focus on Virgin Brazilian hair, and the best part is that it is all free. So far we have uploaded five films of this ongoing series and the response has been overwhelming”, says Anna Labelle, CEO of Fabhair.com.

“In less than 2 months we have received nearly 300 000 views proving the substantial need and interest for a professional and trustable Virgin Brazilian hair source”.

Several upcoming videos are in the pipeline and will be released continuously during fall 2013.

In connection with introducing the free online video academy, Fabhair.com launches a series of Virgin Brazilian hair products carefully selected to provide amazing quality at an affordable price point. “Our mission is to enable beautiful transformations for everyday girls. That is why we seek to over deliver on quality compared to price”, says Anna Labelle.

To view the free online Virgin Brazilian Academy go to: http://www.fabhair.com/fabhair_academy/

About Fabhair.com

Fabhair is a professional hair extension company located in New York City, providing premium quality hair extensions at an affordable price.

For Press Inquiries please contact.

Anna Labelle – CEO Fabhair INC, New York.
[email protected]

Company Name: Fabhair INC, New York
Contact Person: Anna Labelle
Email: Send Email
Phone: 212 888 4233
Address:888 Main Street, STE 1241
City: New York
State: NY
Country: United States
Website: http://www.fabhair.com/fabhair_academy/

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