Colorful Choices In Colored Gemstones

Emerald is an extremely powerful stone, which blesses the wearer with power, strength & mental energy to make the most of a difficult & challenging situation. It makes one so creative, imaginative, bold, intelligent & enterprising that one is flooded with bright mind-boggling ideas and can form strategies and operations for the most prestigious project or organization. : Rudraksha Ratna for exclusive Rudraksh beads, malas & meditation items from India
Gemstones are organic minerals and mineral crystals that have been cut and polished into elegant jewelry. These gems include a variety of beautiful stones. Gemstones were widely used in to decorate crowns and robes in the past. Today they are appreciated by everyone and are worn as accessories for personal adornment. The color of these stones is very attractive and it appears very beautiful. Here are the 2 wonderful gemstones explained below.

A Stone Of Love And Youth

Emerald is one of the most fascinating gemstone. It exudes a green color, which makes this stone intense and beautiful. If you are fortunate and have a green stone that can fit in your palm, it might value over a million dollars depending upon its quality and color. They are categorized in the beryl crystal family.  These green stones are formed of the elements silicon and aluminum with a rare element that is beryllium. There is a very small trace of elements, either vanadium or chromium which provides this stone with its distinctive green tint. This vibrant green color stands for youth, love and timelessness. An ancient people of Rome used to consider this color of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.

Four C’s

If you desire to have this beautiful stone in your collection of jewelry then it is important that you consider the four C’s; clarity, cut, color and carat. Unlike diamonds their primary characteristics is brilliance and clarity. They are primarily concerned with color.


When considering green stones the color is the most important characteristic of all. This color is created with small amount of vanadium and chromium. There are four colors of this stone: Too dark – this type of stone is available in very dark green color. These stones are cheap and are less valuable. Too blue: – these are not considered as the real stones because they lack pale and green color. Too yellow –these stones have a tint of yellow and are close to the green stones. Green: – this stone is the most valuable one and has perfect yellow and blue hue.

A Stone Of Passion And Power

Red is the color of power, passion, exuberance and vivacity. Red is also the color of the most beautiful gemstone that is Ruby. It is also the birthstone of those born in July and can be presented on the wedding anniversaries; 15th and 40th. In ancient time, this gemstone was known as the king of gems. It has everything excellent hardness, magnificent color and outstanding brilliance. The color of this stone can range from red to purple. Large rubies are very difficult to find and some of them are more valuable than a diamond.

This stone is made from the sapphire and corundum species. This species is next to the diamond and is also one of the hardest substances on the planet. The color of the stone is the most dominant feature. These stones are widely used in jewelries.  This was the first gemstone, which was made artificially which is known as synthetic rubies. Gemstones are very precious and in the past, they were known to present power and wealth. 

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Get Social Juice Offers Discounts for New Customers of Social Media Buys

Get Social Juice a UK company is offering discounts for new customers of Social Media Buys. People who are just starting to make their YouTube channels popular through or get many followers with their Twitter accounts just have to avail of the services of the company.

Since there are many people who are looking for ways on how to get many views with the videos that they post on their channels, the company is offering great discounts on services not only with YouTube but also for those who want to increase their Twitter followers through The discounts are sure to give new clients the reason on experiencing the services of the site with starting at a low price.

As the company offers discounts with the or with their services, new customers are given the opportunity to enjoy their first transactions with the company. The discounts are only offered to new customers, which mean that people are given the advantage to enjoy their first transaction with the company and get the results that they want. The services that are offered by the company have already satisfied many customers and those who want to get real results with their YouTube channel or Twitter account just have to contact the company and make it possible to get started with the services that they can receive from the site.

Through the discounted services that company is offering, people just have to make an effort with reaching out to the company and choose among the different services that the company is offering. It is sure to be the services that business owners can make their business as credible as possible.

Get Social Juice is known company offering a wide selection of services such as and These services are now being offered with discounts for new customers, which will help business owners to gain the followers and views that they want their social media accounts to get. As soon as business owners get these services, they can expect the increase with people who will trust them due to its credibility.


For more information about the services of the site, visit their site at Those who have inquiries can contact Daniel Webber or any representative of the company through calling them at 020 4122 8873 or just sending an email at [email protected]

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Miami Dentist, Dr. Richard Romay launches new website

Romay Family Dentistry
The Miami dental practice of Dr. Richard Romay, has contracted NetLinks to develop a new HTML 5 website focused on bringing added visibility to the retailer’s range of products.

The Miami dental practice of Dr. Richard Romay, “Romay Family Dentistry” has contracted NetLinks , a division of Vertical Marketing LLC, to launch a new website and marketing campaign with the goal of exposing the company’s vast variety of products and services to a wider audience. NetLinks is a Miami web design company specializing in internet marketing and branding for small to medium size businesses.

Romay Family Dentistry’s new HTML 5 website will be running on Vertical Marketing’s proprietary CMS for added SEO (search engine optimization) capabilities. This marketing campaign will focus primarily on bringing additional visibility and contrast between Romay Family Dentistry’s personalized dental services and other more generic dental practice in the Miami area.

Dr. Richard Romay is a well-established dentist in Miami who has been serving the South Florida community for over 20 years. Today, Romay Family Dentistry is a full service dental practice offering general dentistry as well as cosmetic dentistry to everyone from youngsters to seniors. Romay Family Dentistry enjoys a great following due in part to very competitive pricing and a wide range of high value services that include everything from basic dental health maintenance to advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures intended to improve a person’s teeth, gums, and bite. Dr. Romay has received numerous awards like THE AMERICA’s TOP DENTIST for 2012 and 2013. Romay Family Dentistry caters to celebrities with late evening and weekend appointments and a NO WAIT policy to all his patients. Romay Family Dentistry serves patience throughout Miami, Coral Gables, Pinecrest, Westchester and as far north as Miami Lakes. They are centrally located on Bird road and 64th avenue in Miami, just minutes from the University of Miami campus.

For more info, please visit

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-Rare Colored Diamonds and Exclusive Museum-Quality Jewelry Available Online on October 21, 2013 at 8:00 p.m. EST-

MIAMI – Sept. 30, 2013 – H. Seigel Fine Auctions in association with Rare Colored Diamonds (RCD), a full-service investment firm that specializes in offering their clients the finest investment-grade rare colored diamonds and museum-quality jewelry, returns this fall for a new online auction to take place October 21 at 8 p.m. EST. Potential investors and jewelry aficionados are invited to participate or spectate by signing up at  

Featured rare diamonds and collectibles to appear in the October 21, 2013 auction include: 0.79 Carat Emerald Cut Fancy Orangy Pink Argyle Diamond Ring; 0.76 Carat Radiant Cut Fancy Pink Argyle Diamond; 0.67 Carat Radiant Cut Fancy Deep Orangy Pink Argyle Diamond; 0.56 Carat Emerald Cut Fancy Intense Orangy Pink Argyle Diamond; 0.55 Carat Radiant Cut Fancy Deep Orangy Pink Argyle Diamond; 0.37 Radiant Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Ring; 0.30 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Argyle Diamond; 0.26 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Fancy Intense Pink Argyle Diamond; 0.18 Carat Princess Cut Fancy Intense Pink Argyle Diamond Ring. There will be numerous other rare colored diamonds available and some legendary estate jewelry from a major Hollywood star. All past catalogs and the full upcoming 10/21/13 auction catalog are available at H. Seigel Fine Auction’s website,

H. Seigel Fine Auctions represents the first and only real-time live auction website in the world that can sell high-end colored diamonds, estate jewelry and rare collectibles. It is also the only website where owners of colored diamonds can place their diamonds up for auction and find interested buyers from potential luxury markets from all over the world to liquidate their investment.

“High-net worth investors historically turn to hard-assets such as rare colored diamonds to lock in potentially big returns,” says Harold Seigel, founder and CEO of RCD and a financial investment expert with over 35 years of experience.

Rare colored diamonds and other hard assets provide a safe way for investors to build a financial firewall that will allow them to maintain their wealth amidst increased economic global instability and impending inflation. The scarcity of rare colored diamonds and other hard assets has historically provided high-net worth investors with a huge potential return of investment. Out of the 110 million carats of diamonds mined each year, only 2,000 of them will be cut and polished as colored diamonds. They can be sold in other currencies and respond to inflation as well as gold, without the risk. They are a very safe investment and are a portable, private wealth that can be transported easily.

“Now is the time for potential investors to consider alternative investments like hard assets,” says Seigel. “By investing in rare colored diamonds, precious metals and collectibles, investors have access to an alternative investment vehicle with a well established and successful track record of doubling their value every 4-5 years.”

To inquire about purchasing diamonds, jewelry and other fine collectibles or for more information into this new and expanding global investment market visit and to sign up for the upcoming 10/21/13 auction and view current and past catalogs.

About RareColoredDiamonds and Harold Seigel Fine Auctions

Rare Colored Diamonds (RCD) is a full-service investment firm that specializes in offering their clients the finest investment-grade rare colored diamonds. Not only do they help clients acquire rare diamonds, but they also offer an integrated exit strategy through their real-time live auctions website H. Seigel Fine Auctions, the world’s premiere diamond and fine collectibles auction website. This unique secondary market helps investment clients resell their colored diamonds to potential buyers and targeted luxury markets.

About Harold Seigel

Harold Seigel, a pioneer of the investment diamond industry with over three decades of experience as a financial investment expert, is the president of Rare Colored Diamonds. Seigel produces and hosts an hour-long national radio news show called The World Financial Report. As a host, Seigel has a long history of success in identifying investment trends in the global marketplace and offers predictions and conservative investment advice. In addition, for over 20 years the show has offered listeners timely information on global markets like oil, precious metals, currencies, commodities and hard money markets such as rare colored diamonds and collectibles. Through his extensive knowledge of these investments, Seigel has appeared on the Bloomberg TV’s MoneyMoves, the Lang & O’Leary Exchange, CNN, CNBC, Rush Limbaugh and many other prominent North American media as a preeminent financial investment expert.

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Recognized leader in Rehab Documentation Trains Their Staff with Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA)

HIPAA Certification
Waukee, IA – One of the nation’s leading Rehab Documentation companies has decided to train their elite staff with the two hour Basic HIPAA course from The company is confident in this decision as it will undoubtedly provide their employees with the most comprehensive and efficient material for achieving the level of Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA).

Throughout the training process their staff will be prepared for the HIPAA certification exam of Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA) through a series of comprehensive learning objectives associated with the HIPAA Basic level requirements. This is an ideal situation for the company, as this serves as the perfect entry playing ground for new hires, students, and the general workforce. All of which are very much a part and active role within their company.

Moreover, the latest HIPAA changes under ARRA’s HITECH Act of 2009 and Omnibus rule of 2013 have been easily incorporated into the curriculum and updated in 2013. This course will help their employees absorb a comprehensive understanding regarding the basic HIPAA Privacy and Security policies as well as how this will help to enhance the company’s professional relationships with their patients. A clear understanding and general awareness of HIPAA is an important step towards excelling in the health care documentation field.

The multitude of important information regarding maximum protection of their patients’ medical information, risk analysis, assessment, policies, and procedures will continue to enhance the company’s high standards towards excellence and exceptional health care documentation services. Through taking the two Hour Basic HIPAA training course, the company is allowing their documentation staff to achieve the most efficient job role-based training requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

They are rooted in their confidence. This is a positive step towards helping their employees obtain the most in-depth Basic HIPAA knowledge.


About the Rehab Documentation Company

Founded in 1995, this company continues to achieve significant strides in point of care documentation software. With over 45 sincere employees including 10 experienced therapists for training, implementation and product development, they continue to flourish across the United States. Hundreds of hospitals, private practices and thousands of therapists rely on their exceptional quality services year round. The company is innately designed and supported by employees with intimate knowledge of Medicare, Joint Commission regulations and rehab workflow engineering.


About Supremus Group LLC, a Supremus Group LLC, has served more than 3000 clients. The company continues to provide comprehensive HIPAA compliance tools. This includes templates for HIPAA security policies, HIPAA privacy policies, HIPAA contingency plan, HIPAA security risk analysis, and HIPAA security audits. In addition, they also provide HIPAA compliance consulting.

The company also offers in-depth HIPAA training for covered entities and business associates which have been updated to reflect HITECH and meaningful use requirements and Omnibus Rule. After course completion, participants may obtain one of the following HIPAA certifications: CHPA (Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate), CHPE (Certified HIPAA Privacy Expert), CHSE (Certified HIPAA Security Expert), and CHPSE (Certified HIPAA Privacy Security Expert).

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Idle Free Systems Signs Dealer Agreement with W&B Service Company

W&B offers 18 locations for Idle Free APU sales and service in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana

Idle Free Systems, Inc. announced today a strategic alliance with W&B Service Company to provide trucking fleets with the Idle Free Complete Electric Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Solution™. As an Idle Free authorized sales and service partner, W&B will support the demand for the most complete idle elimination system on the market today and the only electric APU capable of meeting drivers’ needs without relying on the truck’s starter batteries. Adding W&B as an Idle Free dealer fills an important link to the South Central states for its APUs.   

Headquartered in Duncanville, south of Dallas, W&B is a recognized leader in the sales and service of transport refrigeration equipment for trucks and trailers and Carrier Transicold’s oldest and largest transport refrigeration dealer in the United States. W&B is also an authorized dealer for Hyundai Translead trailer equipment and Hercules truck bodies.  With 18 branch locations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana supplemented with mobile service locations, W&B will provide North American fleets with sales and service of Idle Free electric APUs further expanding Idle Free’s already strong national network. 

“We continually strive to offer our customers only those products that deliver superior performance relative to other options and therefore the best return on investment,” said Tracey Maynor, President, W&B Service Company. “Idle Free APUs complete solution versus all other battery-based APUs, means that we can help our customers grow their business in a smart and environmentally friendly way.”

According to the North American Council of Freight Efficiency, fuel efficiency continues to be the number one concern of fleet managers. The Idle Free Complete Electric APU Solution™ increases overall fuel economy at substantial cost savings, gives fleet managers a way to reduce their environmental impact, and eliminates extra engine wear and tear associated with discretionary idling. 

Unique to the Idle Free electric APUs is its ability to be powered three ways: 

  1. An independent battery bank consisting of four AGM batteries captures energy produced by the engine’s alternator and stores it and, when the truck’s engine is off, converts the stored energy into 120 volt electricity using a pure sine wave inverter;
  1. Shorepower, which is standard on every Idle Free system, allows drivers unlimited run-time when plugged into all-weather electrical outlets being deployed across North America; and
  1. Reefer Link™, Idle Free’s proprietary, patented technology run by the reefer. When connected to the reefer, the drive will have unlimited run-time of his Idle Free APU.  Idle Free is the only APU on the market that can be powered by the reefer.   


Additionally, Idle Free APUs use a coolant heater as a fully integrated component of the system providing heat for both the cab / bunk as well as the engine block.

“Idle Free actively seeks partners that are known to offer superior customer service and the most reliable products available in the market,” said Robert Hopton, CEO, Idle Free Systems. “W&B is widely lauded for its strategic delivery of innovative and reliable products and customer-focused solutions.  We are honored to have an organization such as W&B as part of our National dealer network”

Idle Free APUs are CARB compliant and EPA SmartWay verified. They provide air conditioning and heat; 120 volt electricity for televisions, computers, and other hotel needs; and keeps the truck engine warm when the engine is off.  Additionally, every system comes with Shorepower as a standard feature to provide unlimited run-time and making the system eligible for any Federal or State rebates.


About W&B Service Company, L.P.

W&B Service Company was established in 1952 and became Carrier Transicold’s first dealer; making it the oldest transport refrigeration dealer in North America. W&B Service Company consists of two divisions; the industrial refrigeration division and the transportation equipment division. W&B has 18 branches throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. The company sells refrigeration units, truck bodies, semi-trailers, parts, and service. For additional information, visit


About Idle Free Systems, Inc.

Idle Free Systems, Inc. (“Idle Free”) manufactures electric idle elimination solutions for the commercial trucking industry and school buses.  All Idle Free APU’s are manufactured in the United States.

The Idle Free electric APU is The Complete Electric APU Solution™ offering drivers and fleet operators a flexible, cost-effective alternative to discretionary idling without compromising performance, cost savings or driver comfort while reducing emissions for a cleaner environment.

Unique to the Idle Free electric APUs is its ability to be powered three ways:  an independent battery bank, Shorepower and Reefer Link™, Idle Free’s proprietary, patented technology run by the reefer. Idle Free is the only APU on the market that can be powered by the reefer.   

Idle Free Systems web site:

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Premier Claims Centre Offers a Simple, Hassle-Free Process for Claiming PPI

Premier Claims Centre takes the hassle out of payment protection insurance claims.

Premier Claims Centre is the preferred resource for claiming PPI or Payment Protection Insurance for many reasons. The key reason is that the claims centre is regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities. Also, all claims are processed by an in-house team and no external companies are involved. They do not charge clients unless they are able to provide a cash refund.

“Our fee is only payable once we are successful with your claim and when you have received your full refund,” says the spokesperson for Premier Claims Centre, explaining their way of functioning. “We don’t have any upfront or hidden fees which is a common feature among most other firms in the industry. Our rich industry experience helps us deliver results better than others.”

PPI or Payment Protection Insurance covers the repayments due under loans, mortgages, credit cards, or any other finance agreement in cases of accident, sickness, and unemployment where people don’t have the financial resources to repay lenders. Clients can have a valid PPI claim if you have taken out a loan in the last six years and there is a Payment Protection Insurance Policy linked to the loan.

Clients can make a payment protection claim on finances such as secured loans, unsecured loans, payment due on credit cards, mortgages, etc. In some instances, clients may still be able to claim refund even if there is no PPI attached to a specific credit agreement.

Premier Claims Centre is committed to putting their clients in a better position financially. They have a track record of helping clients receive an average refund of £2,400. Clients get a dedicated claims handler to deal their case exclusively. While no service can guarantee a win, Premier Claims Centre makes a concerted effort to boost the chances of winning with their unsurpassed expertise and better understanding of the industry.

Many feel that payment protection has transformed into a money-making scam. In fact, it can be labelled as the largest financial scandal in British history. Millions of people have been mis-sold PPI and have not made any claims yet. The best way to check if you are not being fleeced is by scanning the loan document or credit agreements for any mention of PPI. Many people are cheated into believing that PPI is mandatory or are simply forced to buy such policies.

According to Premier Claims Centre, many people are not even aware they have a valid claim. Victims can even claim for closed accounts and completed loans older than six years if they have the agreement number of the relevant documentation. According to the law covering the subject, victims of PPI scam are required to claim within three years of realizing that the policy sold to them has some problem areas.

About Premier Claims Centre:

Premier Claims Centre offers services that help people reclaim their payment protection insurance with the additional benefit of saving money. Unlike most other services, they do not charge any fees upfront. Premier Claims Centre is a regulated claims management company. They use their in-house team to process claims.

For more information, visit

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Patanjali Yoga Sutra School Offers Hatha – Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Certification Courses In Goa India

Learn Traditional Yoga Teacher Training Course In India
Internationally renowned Patanjali Yoga Sutra School offers globally accepted job oriented hatha ashtanga vinyasa flow multi style yoga teacher training courses certified by Yoga Alliance in arambol beach goa india

Every year, sincere aspirants to learn yoga and meditation are attracted towards the certified 200, 300 and 500 hours Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini yoga teacher training courses offered in India at North Goa & Dharamsala.

In the short span since its inception, Patanjali Yoga Sutra School has gained excellent positive feedback from its yoga students and is now well reputed among the yoga fans across India as well as around the world. Seats in the upcoming yoga teacher training course offered by the school are already fully reserved.  Yoga teacher training courses along with the tantra yoga meditation retreats offered weekly in the Goa center is also gaining lot of popularity. Yoga folks from all over the world travel to this beautiful state in western India to relish the sun, the beach sand and the yogic knowledge.

Video Link:

Shiva Girish, Director & Yoga teacher at Patanjali Yoga Sutra School for yoga instructor training India was delighted about the existing student’s feedback and stated – “Being Goa a pivotal center for yoga enthusiasts, it is really marvelous to see the awesome positive response from the students in this hectic competitive situation with lot of similar institutions in the state offering yoga courses.”

Residential type yoga teacher training courses certified by Yoga Alliance are offered by Patanjali Yoga Sutra School at its two centers. The vibrant ambience offered by the school is a comfortable resort to stay, learn and practice yoga from the experienced yoga mastersin its traditional way. The peculiar feature of the courses offered by Patanjali Yoga Sutra School when compared with other institutions is that, byend of the course the students are moulded to be best yoga teachers. The course is complete from all dimensions –covering all the yogic aspectsas well as yoga teaching methodologies.  The yoga teacher training courses offered at the Patanjali Yoga Sutra School is also aunique merger of yogic knowledge and prevailing moral beliefs.

“In the present day world, yoga is taught across the globe.  In the case of a student wanting to learn yoga and participate in meditation retreat with a yoga teacher training course in Goa, India, they are bound to take back something more – the yogic style of living, which is enforced by the school during the course period. The retreats organized by the school characterize the yogic life style. The mind is trained to become calm and peaceful even without top notch luxury thus learning to adapt with different situations. Teaching methodologies is covered in deep during the course which is not offered by most of other schools” mentioned, Shiva Girish, Ashtanga Hatha Yoga Teacher, at Patanjali yoga Sutra School, Goa, India.

Video Link:

Throughout the year, Patanjali Yoga Sutra School runs the yoga teacher training courses in goa and the teachers expect positive response from each of them. there standard rys 200 – 300 – 500 hours Multi style hatha ashtanga vinyasa flow yoga teacher training certification courses are getting heavy demand from international yoga students coming to goa in north india in last years.

Patanjali Yoga Sutra School Is A Registered Yoga School For Standard RYS 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses Certified by Yoga Alliance,

22nd Oct. to 20th Nov. 2013
25th Nov. to 23rd Dec. 2013
6th Jan. to 3rd Feb. 2014
10th Feb. to 10th March. 2014

For more information, visit :
Our Facebook Page :

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Address:Patanjali School, Upper Bhagsu, McLoead Ganj
City: Dharamshala
State: Himachal Pradesh
Country: United States


The Leading International Dating Service, AnastasiaDate, Celebrates a Record Breaking Month

The world’s premier dating site, AnastasiaDate, has reasons to celebrate this month. The company recently announced achieving the highest ever level of new memberships in one single month.

AnastasiaWeb has reasons to celebrate this month as exciting news is announced. AnastasiaWeb has reached its highest number of new members in a single month! The premier international dating service is continuing to attract thousands of new members worldwide. Members are attracted to the online dating site by a unique combination of dating technology and the exclusive service. 

AnastasiaWeb has been a leader within the dating industry for over two decades, so the company is no stranger to significant corporate achievements. It has been winning accolades from the industry and its customers for many years. It is often praised for its high quality service and innovative use of technology.

The huge growth in membership figures over the last month are an indication of the popularity of the service and of the hard work and commitment shown by the AnastasiaWeb team. The company is delighted to see such a huge increase and excited to have broken all previous records for new membership figures.

AnastasiaWeb is the dating website of choice for successful and attractive men and women from all over the world. The site attracts an extremely high caliber of members. Most of the gentlemen members are successful professionals and entrepreneurs.

And the ladies, who grace the website with their charming presence, are equally amazing! Many of them are also successful professionals, a number of them run their own businesses, and all of them are breathtakingly beautiful. AnastasiaWeb puts these wonderful people in touch with each other by giving them a state-of-the-art online space where they can connect, chat and build lasting relationships.

Members can relax and enjoy online dating from the privacy of their own homes, or wherever they are, using the fantastic new AnastasiaWeb mobile app. The app, which was successfully launched a few months ago, is available from Google play. It is growing in popularity too, as increasing numbers of members download it so they can enjoy dating wherever they are. 

AnastasiaWeb is the top choice for over four million members, and the company hopes to reach 5 million within the next year. The unique combination of beautiful web design, fast and reliable online dating technology, and the most beautiful, successful people in the world, is making the dating service irresistible to hundreds of people every day.

The company reported recently that daily visits to the website, and all the social media platforms, are increasing all the time. Members just can’t seem to get enough of the opportunity to connect with each other using such a well-developed, creatively enhanced and effective online space. Online dating has never before been so attractive, safe or successful!

By creating an online environment where successful people can connect and meet with other attractive singles, has positioned itself as one of the world’s leading dating sites. And with the latest record breaking figures in new memberships, it seems this trend will continue well into the future.

About AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDate is the leading international dating service that facilitates exciting and romantic companionship with beautiful and interesting women from all over the world. Founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple, AnastasiaDate now has over 4 million international users and attracts more than 10 million online visits monthly. Additionally, over 1.5 million conversations are exchanged onsite daily. AnastasiaDate is committed to member safety, customer satisfaction and the ongoing pursuit of innovation. Headquartered in Moscow and New York with additional representation in every country it touches, AnastasiaDate provides a high level of customer service to a worldwide clientele. AnastasiaDate users are able to communicate across a variety of top-notch multimedia platforms, including Video Chat and a mobile app for Android devices available in the Google Play store.

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Phone: +1 (800) 356-3130
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Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Ansal University partners with ARCHADE Foundation to create designs for shelters in Uttarakhand’s flood affected villages

Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Ansal University, Gurgaon has partnered with ARCHADE Foundation (Architecture Research Conservation Habitat and Design Education) to create design proposals and implementation strategies for shelters in Uttarakhand’s flood affected villages in line with the physical, climatic and cultural requirements of the region. Over 75 professional architects and architecture students from 7-10 leading institutions in and around Delhi like Sushant School of Art and Architecture (Ansal University), Sharda University, KR Mangalam and others have joined hands in the month long program which included a 2-day design workshop on 26th and 27th September at Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Ansal University, Gurgaon which will be followed by a proto-type creation of selected designs. The prototype will be shared in mid-October with NGO bodies like Sphere India and Forum for Shelter in Emergency, government bodies and individuals working in shelter creation on site in Chamoli, Rudraprayag, Uttarkashi and Tehri regions of Uttarakhand.


According to Dr. Rupinder Singh, Dean, Sushant School of Art and Architecture, “The recent Uttarakhand Disaster was the worst natural disaster in recent times. Through the workshop we want to contribute to the rehabilitation of people in the region. With winters fast approaching, there is an urgent need for developing temporary or permanent shelters for the flood ravaged people. With the help modern techniques and technology, we plan to come up with affordable and architectural solutions for shelter homes which can sustain through the rough weather conditions of Uttarakhand. Some of our students and faculty have also visited the Uttarakhand region to get a first-hand experience of the areas of concern before working on architectural solutions. ”


According to Mr. Mohit Verma, Founder, ARCHADE, “ARCHADE came into being through the collective social consciousness of members of the architecture fraternity following the recent Uttarakhand disaster. We would like to thank Sushant School of Art and Architecture for being one of our first and most supportive partners in this initiative with active involvement from both the students and the faculty.”

For more information contact the website-


About Sushant School of Art & Architecture:

In the last twenty years, Sushant School of Art and Architecture has established itself as one of the top 3 architectural institutes in the Indian subcontinent (as per the EUMD India List of Top Architectural Institutions in India by the British Council). Sushant School of Art and Architecture has been ranked no 6 among the top 10 architecture colleges in India in 2013 by Outlook magazine. Established in the year 1989, by the Chiranjeev Charitable Trust, the School finds its faith in the agenda of change, which inspires students to experiment, create, and refine their ideas. Sushant School has had many past associations with International Universities such as the Oxford Brookes’ University, University Of York, University Of Melbourne, Frank Lloyd Foundation, USA, University Of Virginia, University Of British Columbia, Vancouver, University Of Montreal, Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki, Greece and Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago etc. Sushant School is also an affiliate member of the Association of the Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA), U.S.A. and various other such relationships with International organizations make SSAA well-recognized and respected by the world design community.


About Ansal University, Gurgaon:

Established in 2012, The Ansal University is dedicated to providing an advanced quality of education with a futuristic approach for students drawn from around the world in the disciplines and professions that have the greatest bearing on the future of India and the World. Located in a sprawling campus in the heart of Gurgaon, the campus of Ansal University is a marvel in itself. The organization has a rich intellectual capital comprising of about 150 highly qualified and experienced faculties from diverse fields. Interactive sessions with the students and faculty under the Platform Lecture series are conducted every month by eminent personalities like Mr. Raj Jain, MD & CEO, Bharti Wal-Mart Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal, Joint Managing Director, Hero Moto Corp and Chairman of Hero Corporate Service and Dr. H K Chopra, Chief Cardiologist, MoolchandMedcity, New Delhi.

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