CHOE Technology Develops a Qi Wireless Car Charger for All QI-Compliant Devices

Choe technology, a renowned China based company, developed a Qi wireless car charger for any type of QI compliant devices, which is the best and powerful solution in this business.

For drivers who need to charge their smartphone in the vehicle, but couldn’t find the charger, this is an annoying situation. Not anymore as this frustration is about to end, thanks to the dedicated people of CHOE company. Their newest masterpiece is the Qi wireless car charger technology for all QI compliant devices. There are three ways to stick the wireless device to the vehicle.

The latest innovation of CHOE Technology company was developed with a QI inductive charging scheme that allows user to charge their Smartphone easily and fast when it is put into the holder while they are busy driving. This state of the art wireless car charger assist drivers to charge their cell phones easily in the car and make them free from a phone call while charging. The QI wireless auto charger dock is followed in WPC Qi regular wireless charging requirement and all QI well suited receivers are accessible with the CHOE Technology.

The size could be adjusted according to the size of qi receiver devices and it could work for almost all qi-supported smartphones. Nokia has a similar product which is the Wireless Car Charger CR-200, but sad to say, it only works with some mobile phones. On the other hand, the car wireless charger from CHOE Technology could work with almost all Smartphones.

With this wireless function, CHOE Technology frees users from the need to rely on wired charges which are sometimes annoying, cumbersome and damaged easily or most of the time, lost.

Another advantage of using Choe Qi wireless charger for car is the fact that it is suitable with many types of phones. Meaning, there is no longer need for many chargers for particular devices. The tool will be a welcome charging choice for Smartphones that tend to have a short battery life because of many essential features such as one touch extension holding arm, position fixes sliding arm, WPC QI specs and a led charging pointer. The single touch holding arm is flexible and allows the user to raise the Smartphone under five inches.


For more information about the latest innovation of CHOE Technology or Qi wireless car charger, visit their website at

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Lawyers in Birmingham Alabama – A Team Passionate and Strong For Justice

The mission of the Revill Law Firm is to ensure that the innocent are not convicted, and compensation is awarded for those who have suffered personal injury. The lawyers at the Revill Law Firm enjoy fighting to ensure that the rights of others are protected. With a team of knowledgeable lawyers and support staff, the Revill Law Firm works diligently to protect its clients and fulfill their needs.

When searching for a Lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama, one needs to look no further than the Revill Law Firm, a firm specializing in civil rights, criminal defense, and personal injury cases. The mission of the Revill Law Firm is to ensure that the innocent are not convicted, and compensation is awarded for those who have suffered personal injury. The lawyers at the Revill Law Firm enjoy fighting to ensure that the rights of others are protected. With a team of knowledgeable lawyers and support staff, the Revill Law Firm works diligently to protect its clients and fulfill their needs. From drug crimes to hit and run cases, the Revill Law Firm will provide a team of attorneys to suit specific needs.

Victor Revill, the owner of the firm, is a Georgia native and ASU graduate, and specializes in civil rights, criminal defense, and personal injury cases. During his time at the University of Louisville – Brandeis School of Law, Mr. Revill clerked for Judge Denise G. Clayton on Kentucky’s Court of Appeals and was elected president of his law school student body. In March of 2012, the Birmingham Magazine named Mr. Revill as a “Top Criminal Defense Attorney” in the State of Alabama. The Heritage Registry of Who’s Who also recognized his achievements in the legal profession in 2012 as well. Mr. Revill is noted for his skill in the courtroom and fighting passionately on behalf of all of his clients.

Leroy Maxwell is an associate attorney of the Revill Law Firm, with his concentration focusing on product liability, appellate litigation, criminal law, civil rights, personal injury, and wrongful death law suits. His previous experience includes working as a Fellow with the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), which is based in Montgomery, Alabama. While employed at EJI, Mr. Maxwell worked with the impoverished, focusing on issues caused by unjust criminal justice procedures. A graduate of both Perdue and Valparaiso Universities, Mr. Maxwell is most recently known for his contributions to the landmark United States Supreme Court case of Miller v. Alabama and Jackson v. Hobbs.

Leigh Mooney is an associate attorney of the Revill Law Firm.  She is a graduate of The University of South Carolina Law School. Her previous work experience includes working for the South Carolina Court of Appeals. During law school, Mrs. Mooney was a member of several prestigious organizations, including Student Bar Association, Women In Law Association and the Peer Mentor Program.  Mrs. Mooney brings a wealth of knowledge for various areas of law to the firm from her time of serving as a staff attorney on South Carolina’s Court of Appeals.  She has become a valued asset of the team.

In addition to a strong team of lawyers, the Revill Law Firm employs a solid support staff. Corticia Mitchell serves as Executive Assistant for the Revill Law Firm and does a great job of running the firm administratively. Ms. Mitchell holds an A.S. degree in Social Work from Jefferson State Community College. Her spare time finds her lending her strong work ethic and dedication to Hands-On-Birmingham, helping those in unfortunate circumstances. Administrative Assistant, Sarah Feigl holds a B.A. degree in English and a minor in Legal Affairs from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Sarah is a notary for the State of Alabama and, in the past, has done volunteer work with juvenile offenders in Jefferson County’s Family Court. A.A. Moore joined the Revill Law Firm as a law clerk and is scheduled to graduate from law school in May of 2014. Moore has a robust background in journalism and sports marketing and information. His previous work experience is compromised of being a Director of Marketing for Gulf South Conference, a Birmingham Sports League, and as well as being a radio show host and play by play announcer for GSC-TV Live!

With the Revill Law Firm’s great team of talent, the firm has become a trailblazer in various areas of the law and continues do so daily.

Revill Law Firm
2301 1st Avenue North
Liberty House, Ste. 104
Birmingham, AL 35203

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Environmentally Friendly Triple Glazed Windows from Sureglaze UK

Environmental concerns coupled with security issues have been on the rise in the UK for a few years. To kick back the problem there have been various kinds of solutions offered. One of the most practical and applicable alternative is opting for Triple Glazed Windows.

Sureglaze is a renowned and trusted company operating in the UK for quite some years now. Loyal clientele of the company are aware of the quality that the company offers. Sureglaze has been the most up to date company with regards to research on the benefits of Triple Glazed Windows, claiming that the energy efficiency deduced by Triple Glazing is more than double glazed windows. Apparently, Sureglaze triple glazed windows save customers thousands of pound on household fuel bills.

Triple Glazing windows save rooms from excessive noise input due to the environment as Sureglaze offers thermal acoustics that block all sorts of external noise from entering. It is also a secure option as the third pane added makes it unbreakable offering peace of mind to the residents or owners. Triple glazed windows are said to be a cost effective solution that are not too expensive when compared to double glazed windows and in turn offer much better benefits and energy efficiency at the end of the day.

Moreover, Sureglaze also offers windows that can easily be maintained and cleaned with adjustable sides. There are properties that make it safe from fire and let the heat energy of it escape easily. In order to match room decor and interior designing needs, the Triple Glazed windows are available in more than 150 colors making life easier for keeping stuff presentable. Popular for profile integrated gasket it is not just another window but state of the art and value for money.

The window offers full options of frame sizes from 72mm outer frame windows, 62mm windows and 52mm windows. Low E coated glass with 28mm triple glazed glass units or 44mm triple glazed glass units are used to glaze the frames. All glass units are dual argon gas filled and made up using warm edge spacer bars. Sureglaze maximizes options and convenience for those who need a perfect blend of energy efficiency, cost reduction, safety and a peaceful warm environment for homes. Sureglaze Triple Glazing also complies with the Passivhaus standards and is fully steel enforced making it a durable and trustworthy investment capable for lasting in the long run. With exceptional additions to home exterior and interior the value is bound to increase which benefits the owners on present and future value both.

For more information, please visit

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Loan Stars to Offer Unique Loan Matching System

Borrowing money can be easy, but people still need to choose the best online lending company to obtain a loan. Here at Loan Stars, people can ensure that borrowing can be breeze.

At one point in their lives, people will be in a situation wherein they do not have cash at their disposal during the time it needs them the most. This kind of situation can be tough, especially if the problem needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. These days, people who are in this kind of situation opt to seek help from online lenders.

Borrowing money can be easy, but people still need to choose the best online lending company to obtain a loan. Here at Loan Stars, people can ensure that borrowing can be breeze. The unique loan matching system of the company will enable borrowers to connect to lenders in less than an hour. This is highly beneficial as not all lenders offers fast lending transactions. It will only take two minutes for borrowers to be connected to their lenders, and transactions of the loan are straightforward.

Unlike other online lending companies that perform credit check, Loan Stars does not require it. Borrowers need not to worry if they have a bad credit history as they can still borrow the sum of money that they need. People who are in need of emergency funds can borrow from $100 to $15,000.

The loan types that Loan Stars offers include 6 months to 12 months loan, cash loans, bridging loans, cheap loans, guarantor loans, debt consolidation loans, crisis loans, same day loans, quick loans, payday loans, and more.

Borrowing money comes with a cost, and most people avoid lending because they are afraid of the paying high interests rates. However, borrowers do not need to feat borrowing the money that they need from the company as Loan Stars can provide them with cheap loans that can be repaid easily. Borrowers can choose the method of payment collection that is convenient to them. Loan Stars, which can be reached at, allows borrowers to repay their loan either in single payment or installment basis. Besides, the company also accepts all kinds of credits. The unique loan matching system of Loan Stars will not only make borrowing money easy, but also makes the repayment process quick and simple.


For more information about Loan Star and its unique loan matching system, visit Interested people can also send email at [email protected] or call 0123-839-323.

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British Watch Company Now Offers Free UK Delivery

British Watch Company that provides high quality and sophisticated watches is now offering free delivery services to any United Kingdom Mainland destination as well as express delivery option that people can select once they checkout their orders in the company. This free UK delivery service is offered to those individuals who want to obtain the best watches right within their home.

British Watch Company is offering free delivery services to sell their fine and sophisticated watches throughout UK and to the rest of the world. This new service is also another way of providing their exceptional services to a large number of customers and for them to obtain new clients to get hold of their watches. The company has built up a reputation for offering the best quality watches at a reasonable price.

The company is dedicated towards making the experience of their clients as memorable as possible, so that they can also spread the word and then help them to become one of the leading and the most reputable watch retailers in United Kingdom. 

According to Kieron Moore, the director of the company, he would like to reassure that all their clients, who are visiting their high street store or ordering through their online store through the British Watch Company website, will be able to receive their up most attention and personal care. Every single query and purchase will always be dealt courteously and promptly.

The company is providing free delivery service to all UK Mainland destinations. However, those who want t obtain high quality watches from the company but are not from UK, they can then find their delivery pricing on their “Delivery Details” page. The company has both express and standard service for almost all destinations throughout the world. The free delivery service is now being offered to allow all their customers to have a new purchase of their sophisticated and top of the line watches in the comfort of their own home at their leisure.

 A lot of customers have actually enjoyed the free delivery service of the company. They are offering speedy and effective service at a highly reasonable price. Their fine and great quality products of the company can now be obtained right through their doorstep.

 The British Watch Company website is now giving all clients an opportunity to get hold of the best watches at the comfort of their home. This is a reputable online store that is dedicated to helping their clients obtain the best watches that they have been dreaming of.


For further information about high quality watches, just visit their website at or email them at [email protected]

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Source: Bitcoin Investment Bank with 6% monthly interest launched
The new bitcoin wallet and investment bank now offers everyone the opportunity to invest directly in the booming bitcoin economy.

With 6% monthly interest and an interesting affiliate program it is the first true bitcoin bank that lets you earn bitcoins from your deposits and also gives you the option to earn bitcoins without investing, just by getting some referrals signed up.

Combined with the great upside potential of BTC/USD itself, investors could possibly multiply your investment in USD terms a few times within 1-2 years.

The bitcoin economy is growing in a parabolic way since bitcoin got invented in 2009, with many venture capital companys investing in it now.

But not everyone has access to venture capital funds, and investing in shares of bitcoin companies directly isnt really straightforward.

With anyone can invest in bitcoin without any requirements, no minimum deposits and no technical skills required.

The number of merchants accepting bitcoin has grown from about 4000 to over 20000 in the last 6 month alone.
With thousands of new companys building this exiting new ecosystem and a hard limit of 21 million bitcoins its not hard to imagine bitcoin reaching higher price levels in late 2013 or early 2014.
If bitcoin captures even a small percentage of the gold market, offshore deposit market, global remittances, ecommerce and forex markets, prices for one bitcoin could be well over $100000.

SecondMarket, the company that sold facebook and twitter pre-IPO shares to large private investors now opened a bitcoin fund, open only to high net worth investors.
While we could wait years for the Winklevoss ETF to get approved, this will allow large scale investors to enter the bitcoin market.

Most investors see bitcoin like “buying shares of the internet” in 1990, which is a good comparison if bitcoin goes fully mainstream and creates many new billion dollar companies and markets. will give even small scale investors the chance to participate in this “new generation econonmy” by investing parts of the user deposits selectively in high yield bitcoin ventures like gambling websites, exchanges, market making, ecommerce websites etc.

You can invest bitcoin amounts worth less than 1$ and withdraw at any time or use your bitcoin balance to shop at the growing number of online stores accepting bitcoin.

Of course also offers industry standard security, SSL certificates, AES hard disk encryption, hashed passwords, offline cold storage and transaction PINs which makes it one of the most secure online bitcoin wallets available.

That and the easy to use interface makes the ideal bitcoin wallet for new bitcoin users which lack the technical background to securely run their own bitcoin-qt client.

It is also alot more convenient and the website works on smartphones and tablet pcs, so you can even use it as your mobile wallet for shopping in offline stores which makes it a savings account with high interest you can even use as your wallet on a daily basis.

For more info, please visit

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WASEL Pro VPN (Virtual Private Network) One Of The Best Global VPN Servers Network

Speed up your Internet connection. Protect your computer and identity. Navigate the Internet without restrictions or limits through WASEL Pro VPN.

WASEL Pro VPN is among the most reliable and trusted VPN (Virtual Private Network) services for personal and business use. WASEL Pro VPN is working on all Windows Systems by using Open VPN and L2tp technology. They also have MAC and Android versions available if you visit their website or search for them in the Android market. Visit their download, their free VPN (Virtual Private Network) software and start using our great VPN (Virtual Private Network) app for free.

What WASEL Pro can do for you?

WASEL Pro is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that enables you to connect to the WEB directly through their servers situated all over the world. It lets you browse the Internet totally secured and fast without limitations.

Speed up your Internet connection by using WASEL Pro VPN (Virtual Private Network) service.  Make VOIP calls through Skype, and browse the Internet freely without any limitations

The connection between your computer and their servers is encrypted, and highly secured, so using WASEL Pro VPN service gives you the advantage of browsing the Internet anonymously and totally secured.

Hackers and data sniffers do not have a chance of reaching your device thanks to their encrypted connection and new the ip address you will get when you are connected to their service.

You can try WASEL Pro VPN for a limited period. Just download vpn free and install the application then click connect.

Why you should use WASEL Pro?

-The easy installation, with just a setup you are ready to go

-Secured, trusted, and reliable VPN Solution and Service for private and business use.

-Unlimited bandwidth and several features (L2TP/OpenVPN)

-Compatible and suitable with all hand devices and cellphones

-Access to a Global Network of VPN (Virtual Private Network) servers

-24/7 live support to help you with any possible issues

-WIFI / HOTSPOT protection

-100%  ANONYMITY and PRIVACY assured


They have a wide range of payment methods for your comfort, from Credit Card, Cashu, Onecard, Paypal, Webmoney, Moneybookers up to WesternUnion.

They have four different plans available, starting with one Months for $9.99 and ending with one Year for inexpensive $90.

For more info about this outstanding VPN Service, please visit

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Host Merchant Services Rated A+ by

“We are honored to receive an A+ rating from and believe that this ranking affirms our culture and commitment to providing a premium service in the credit card processing business. Our focus on outstanding service, premium product offerings, transparent business practices, and low rates is a combination that customers truly appreciate,” said Lou Honick, CEO.
Host Merchant Service recently announced an A+ rating by – one of the premier rating and review sites for the payment processing industry. The review represents the top ranking available from the prestigious site, and reflects Host Merchant Service’s commitment to outstanding customer service, honest business practices, and competitive rates.

Newark Delaware – September 30, 2013 – Payment processing firm Host Merchant Services has just received an A+ rating from a (CPO), a prestigious industry analyst. With this development, HMS achieves well-deserved recognition for its innovative practices. Over the years, CPO has reviewed and rated a wide variety of credit card processing firms. In the course of comparing companies, the reviewer considers criteria like marketing methods, cost structures and contract requirements. Beyond looking at standard information sources like Better Business Bureau scores, CPO analysts use their deep-seated experience to assign company ratings.

By awarding Host Merchant Services an A+ rating, CPO asserts that this processor uses flawless business practices in all measurable areas. In particular, the reviewer singles out HMS’s flexible contract structure, which features no term length or early cancellation fees. In the words of CPO, HMS uses contract terms that are “transparent and highly competitive.”

As modern society moves towards a cashless future, it is critical for entrepreneurs to accept credit cards with ease. Companies with modernized payment acceptance can establish themselves as contemporary, flexible and customer-focused. Critically acclaimed payment processors play an important role in modern business development. For Host Merchant Services, the outstanding new rating from CPO is more than a formality. It signifies that HMS’s groundbreaking practices are finding a receptive audience from merchants and business experts alike.

In its review, CPO notes that HMS has garnered plenty of positive Web reviews and testimonials. In fact, CPO failed to turn up even one customer complaint or negative review. This reflects widespread satisfaction with the credit card processing company’s value proposition. Offering free equipment, guaranteed low rates and 24/7 customer support, HMS does more than its share to raise the bar in its industry. Honest and transparent in its dealings, HMS provides customers with statements that are clear and easy to read. Additionally, the processor does not impose application fees, hidden charges or monthly minimums. With promising qualities like these, HMS is a practical choice for companies large and small. These days, it seems like everyone is talking about privacy and information security. HMS recognizes these needs and provides cutting-edge security measures like enterprise-class encryption and tokenization. These are a just a few of the reasons HMS has truly earned its new A+ rating and many other accolades. The company is committed to continually raising its standards, adapting to meet the needs of all merchants who accept credit cards.


About Host Merchant Services

Based in Delaware, with offices in Denver, Colorado and Naples, Florida, HMS is a new kind of company with a global focus and an expansive vision for the future of merchant services. All of this company’s products are designed to improve profitability for business-savvy entrepreneurs. While maintaining low rates, HMS continually refines its product offerings and customer service procedures. To insure customer satisfaction, HMS offers a low rate guarantee, free equipment, and 24/7 technical support that is unsurpassed in its industry.  Visit them on the Web at

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Nike has released new series of Nike Free Run for 2013’s autumn
Best online seller for Nike Free Run:

Sep 30, 2013 – Beijing – The Nike has already launched Trail series of Nike shoes for 2013’s autumn. The designer has been inspirited by the rugged trails and terrain of headquarter of Nike where has been located at Eastern Oregon. This kind of inspiration has already helped the Nike designer create a series of off-road running shoes for outdoor activities. Compared to the urban runners, outdoor runners would always have to face more challenging terrain so they need more professional and durable shoes such as Nike Free Run to conquer these rough and rugged environments. In that kind of situation, the Nike has launched three kinds of Nike shoes for outdoor runners to bring them light and sturdy wearing experience. Now, the best online seller for Nike Free Run which website is would introduce with people three kinds of New Nike Free Run shoe for 2013’s autumn.

The first kind of Nike shoe which the website want to introduce with people is the Nike Free Hyper-feel Trail Run which has been original from the classical running shoes which name is Nike Free Hyper-feel. This kind of new Billiga Nike Free has already adapted the Fly-knit weaving technique, Dynamic Fly-wire and Lunarlon cushioning technology. The new design of the ankle part of the shoe has accompanied with the Fly-knit and Dynamic Fly-wire technology which could let wearer has unimaginable feeling.

The Second type of the New Nike Free Run shoes should be the Nike Zoom Terra Kiger. The name of this Nike Free shoe is original from the Kiger Mustang which is famous as its endurance, agility and a steady pace. The material of the sole of Zoom Terra has been the combination of the Phylon and Cushlon. On the other hand, coupled with Zoom Air cushion components, it could let this new Billiga Nike Free shoes have good performance. The surface of this shoe has been integrated by the Functional Engineered Mesh fabric and Dynamic Flywire fly line technology which has made this new Nike shoe become lightweight.

The last type of the new Nike shoe should be the Nike Zoom Terra Wild-horse which Billiga Nike Free design is familiar with the Terra Kiger which has been introduced before. The Nike Zoom Terra Wild-horse has applied the breathable mesh material which has constituted the body of the shoe. On the other hand, this shoe has also equipped with practical Zoom cushioning elements which could provide people strong cushioning and it also has a good performance on supporting function. In addition to these, the shoes could also give people excellent stability and a comfortable wearing experience for people’s foot.

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People should carefully take care of their little honey-mini absorption fridge
Best online seller for mini bar:

Sep 30, 2013 – Beijing – The refrigerator such as mini bar is certainly the essential appliance for every household. However, in the using process of the mini freezer, people should inevitably encounter with some problems which could not be avoided. In that kind of situation, people should take some special measurements to maintain their new refrigerator. Today, the most famous online seller for display cooler which website is would let people know the maintenance rules for people’s beverage cooler.

First of all, people should pay attention to whether the placement for the refrigerator and mini bar is reasonable or not. However, the placement for the min bar should be easy for the refrigerator cooling. On the other hand, people should also carefully check the power supply of the mini bar. People should confirm whether it is the dedicated line for mini freezer.

Second, before the using for the mini bar, people should carefully read the enclosed product manual and check various components of the refrigerator and mini bar. The power supply of the home using refrigerator are mostly used the single-phase AC power supply, normal operation. However, if the voltage fluctuation is very huge, it will affect the compressor’s work or even burn the compressed machine of the mini bar.

Thirdly, the engineer from website which is the high end supplier for absorption chiller has display cooler said that the refrigerator should use the single-phase three-hole socket and it needs the separate wiring. On the other hand, people should note to protect the power cord insulation and people should not let the high weight objects to press the wire and people shall not be free to change or extent the length of cord.

Fourth, people should take the relieving operation in the beginning of the using for the absorption fridge such as ammonia refrigerator. This is because that moving parts of new machine should all have a running-in process. In that kind of situation, people should not let the new machine has large amount of load which would have negative influence with the process of the new machine. However, after such long period of the relieving operation, people could plus a lot of running for some time. This way could help people extend the service life of the refrigerator.

At last, people should have a clearly mind that people could not put too much food or other thing minibar in the new ammonia refrigerator. However, people should leave appropriate space to keep the air circulating of the new mini bar. On the other hand, the long time operation at full capacity should be avoided. The hot foods should be placed in the mini bar after cooling.

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