See Eric St John In “Bullet” At AFM On November 6 & 10

Eric St John is Estes in Danny Trejo’s latest movie, “Bullet.” The World Premiere of “Bullet” will be at AFM on November 6 at 3pm at Broadway Cineplex 2 and November 10 at 1 pm at Broadway Cineplex 1 in Santa Monica. Bullet stars Danny Trejo (Machete, Heat, From Dusk Till Dawn), Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad, 48 Hrs., Beverly Hills Cop) and John Savage (The Deer Hunter, Salvador, Hair). More information on the film is available on the American Film Market website at

“Being able to be part of a Nick Lyon-Danny Trejo film is incredibly exciting. This movie is everything an audience can want from a great movie: tough cops, ruthless villains and lots of action. This is an awesome movie and I can’t wait for everyone to get a chance to see it. ” – Eric St. John, Actor

Eric St John plays the role of Estes in “Bullet.” He is also known for his roles in “The Boarder” with Dee Wallace, “General Hospital,” “Passions” and “Afterlife.” “The Boarder” premiered earlier this month, winning awards and wowing audiences. St John was recognized for his role as Officer Sullivan. His full filmography is available at

“I feel very fortunate. In less than one month, I am getting to see the release of ‘The Boarder’ and ‘Bullet.’ Two completely different films, both amazing, both a real opportunity for me to show folks what I can do. And there is so much more ahead for me.” – Eric St. John

Eric St. John is an American actor residing in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, New York. Some of his television and film credits include “General Hospital,” “Passions,” “It’s a Miracle,” “True Beauty This Night,” “Afterlife” and “The Boarder.” As a model, Eric has worked for clients including Nike, Chrysler and Men’s Fitness, among dozens of others. He is a highly skilled martial artist and won the Gold medal in the Black Belt Division in Taekwondo in the Jr. Olympics. Eric is trained in Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Jeet Kune Do, and several other forms of martial arts.

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Brochure Design Los Angeles From the Top Graphic Design Firm

Branding Los Angeles is full-service design firm that specializes in creating customized and eye-catching brochures for large and small businesses that are guaranteed to get your company noticed. Call Branding Los Angeles to get help creating the perfect brochure for your business (310)479-6444

A well-crafted, well-designed brochure can do wonders for reinforcing your company’s brand and getting your business out there. Brochures have become an extremely competitive print marketing tool that, when utilized correctly, can help get your company noticed and, in turn, increase your sales growth potential. This is especially true in the competitive business environment of Los Angeles, where businesses large and small use brochures to market their good and services and get you noticed. Make sure you get your brochure done the right way by trusting the team of brochure professionals at Branding Los Angeles, a full-service design firm that specialized in creating customized and eye-catching brochures for an array of businesses.

There are two stand-out elements that can make or break your brochure: design and copy. A great brochure will not just inform and engage your targeted audience, it will also be visually stunning and memorable. Above all, it needs to present a constant awareness of your brand’s message throughout. The experienced team at Branding Los Angeles will work with you to maximize your brochure’s potential, ensuring that it stands out in all of these aspects and leaves your reader with a positive lasting impression of your company. The award-winning team at Branding Los Angeles has already implemented a number of successful print and online marketing campaigns in the L.A. area, and they can do the same for you. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, or refresh and reboot the brochure you’ve been using, Branding Los Angeles has the expertise and know-how to get the job done.

So if you’re looking for a well-rounded brochure that looks good, sounds good and conveys your brand’s message, turn to the experts at Branding Los Angeles. To learn more about their brochure design services and how they can benefit your company, contact Branding Los Angeles today at 310-479-6444 or e-mail them at [email protected]

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MixxMuse Kicking-off a DJ Revolution

Join MixxMuse! Not only become a real DJ without the training and expensive equipment, but also prove to the music industry they can’t control the music!

The developers of MixxMuse began their designs with the release of the first iPad, understanding immediately the potential of such technology.  Once the AppStore opened, MixxMuse became popular quickly and was featured within the store and spent two weeks in sixth place in the USA Free Top Music category.  Recognizing the fast growth and potential of MixxMuse, they ramped up their efforts to create the easiest, most accessible avenue in the world to becoming a DJ.

However, once the music business got wind of what MixxMuse was accomplishing, the usual political and financial nature of the industry slowed any progress.  When it came time to improve MixxMuse by adding options and more popular and well-known tracks, they found major labels charging exorbitant fees for the rights to use their songs.  This is where the revolution comes in:  By raising the necessary funds, MixxMuse can show the major record labels the strength of a populace who want more access to their music!

The practice of making and creating music hasn’t changed in years, and there are millions of creative people and musicians facing the same problems when it comes to mixing or remixing songs without expensive and hardcore equipment.

The goal of MixxMuse is simplicity of music creation, letting anyone be a real DJ at any party.  Imagine easily changing, retuning, or adding specific instrumentation to one of your favorite songs.

The idea is clear: any famous track is divided into samples, allowing you to mix as many as you like with only the touch of a finger.

By achieving their Crowd Funding goal, MixxMuse will allow subscribers to use tracks purchased on their iPad.

MixxMuse will not be just a simple application, but a fully functional platform where musicians will be able to add their own tracks and samples to sell or distribute as they wish. 

Also planned by MixxMuse is a revenue sharing model to let the musicians to share their music, gain popularity, and earn money. Be part of the music revolution, create your own music and support MixxMuse:

No longer will a degree in music theory, hundreds of hours of practice, or thousands of dollars in equipment be necessary to create and mix music like a professional DJ.  MixxMuse is set to revolutionize music creation and mixing with a platform so simple, anyone can sound like a real, professional DJ at any party or event.  Together with MixxMuse you can help improve the music industry!

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Villa Cabinetry Now Offering Free Estimates on Kitchen Remodeling

We know that cost is vital to consumers these days, and while our customers want high quality workmanship and products they are also keen to keep prices down
Kitchen remodeling specialist, Villa Cabinetry, is now offering free estimates to consumers looking to have their kitchens remodeled

Los Angeles, CA – A specialist in Los Angeles kitchen remodeling, Villa Cabinetry, is now offering customers access to free estimates on the cost of having their kitchen remodeled. The provider prides itself on offering excellent quality workmanship while also offering competitive pricing on the cost of having the work carried out. The company offers full remodeling services including kitchen cabinets, as well as services such as bathroom remodeling.

Those who are interested in having their kitchens remodeled can go online to the company website in order to arrange their free estimate. A short online form can be completed and submitted via the website in order to obtain a free estimate on the cost of having the kitchen remodeling work carried out. Consumers can then make an informed decision with regards to whether to have the work carried out based on the suitability of the price compared to their budget.

In addition to offering free estimates to customers, the company is also offering a price match guarantee, which means that they promise to beat any other price on having the same work carried out. This means that customers looking to have kitchen remodeling work carried out can benefit from getting the lowest prices for greater affordability. The free quote offered by the company is available within a 24 hour period, which means that customers won’t have to wait around for long in order to find out how much the work is going to cost them.

An official from Villa Cabinetry said: “We know that cost is vital to consumers these days, and while our customers want high quality workmanship and products they are also keen to keep prices down. By offering a free quote and a price match guarantee, we are able to ensure that our customers are able to benefit from both quality and affordability when having their kitchens remodeled.”

To find out more about the services available, please visit

About Villa Cabinetry

Villa Cabinetry is a specialist in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, offering a range of services in the Los Angeles area.

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Launch Alert-SOS Rescue Tools launches Fire Starter and Emergency Mylar Blanket Survival Kit

Magnesium Fire Starter and Mylar Thermal Emergency Blanket
New Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter and Mylar Thermal Blanket. SOS Rescue Tools

Palm Springs, CA October, 2013 – SOS Rescue Tools, a global provider of Auto Safety Products and Emergency Survival Gear, is pleased to announce the launch of their new Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter and Mylar Thermal Blanket. SOS Rescue Tools are sold and fulfilled in exclusive partnership with

“These products, the Emergency Magnesium Fire Starter and Mylar Thermal Blanket are our most exciting products to date” said William Douglas, SOS Rescue Tools Executive. “With natural disasters seemingly increasing on a yearly basis, we see senseless deaths and suffering by people who are just not prepared. Our mission is to help people prepare for such emergencies. Our Mylar blankets are of the best quality and our fire starter will start hundreds of fires. These are tools that, we believe, should be in the possession of every family.”

About Window the Glow In The Dark Magnesium Fire Starter and Emergency Mylar Blanket

In an emergency, a fire can mean the difference between life and death. The SOS Fire Starter and Emergency Blanket is an easy way to insure that you have maximized your chances of survival in extreme weather conditions.

Below are some reasons why SOS Rescue Tools’ Magnesium Fire Starter and Emergency Blanket Pack are such an important piece of equipment for any family:

  • Magnesium All Weather Fire Starter
  • Fire Starter Includes Easy To Use Can Opener
  • Mylar Thermal Emergency Blanket Provides Protection Against Heat and Cold
  • Emergency Blanket Retains/Reflects 90% of Body Heat  
  • Optimal Size 51.1 x 82.6 inches – 130 x 210 cm

Video link:

“I first experienced the mylar blanket at the LA Marathon. The day was unusually cold, windy and rainy – so much so that even 26 miles of running could not warm me up! At the finish line, volunteers thankfully were greeting finishers with these blankets. I was surprised at how quickly my temperature stabilized. They really do work!” – Chad Fox, SOS Rescue Tools customer.

“I love this fire starter! This thing is really cool and effective once you learn how to use it. There is no doubt that in a survival situation, this can mean the difference between life and death.” – Wayne Noonan, SOS Rescue Tools customer.

All of SOS Rescue Tools Come With 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. SOS Rescue Tools was founded in early 2013 and is headquartered in Palm Springs, CA. The company is focused on providing top quality Auto Safety Tools at prices that make sense.

SOS Rescue Tools’ Window Breaker Keychain is currently available exclusively on

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Florida-based Vacuum Depot Announces Free Shipping on Any Vacuum Orders for the Holidays

Florida-based Vacuum Depot recently announced free shipping on any vacuum ordered, which applies to deliveries in the lower 48 states. Christmas, Hanakkuah, Kwanzaa, and Ramadan shoppers can find that new vacuum cleaners can be realities for their loved ones

Florida-based Vacuum Depot recently announced free shipping on any vacuum ordered, which applies to deliveries in the lower 48 states. For those interested in buying friends and family vacuum cleaners for major holidays, including Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ramadan, and Christmas, Vacuum Depot’s free shipping can ensure that its prices are competitive with almost any vendor. The Florida vacuum company’s service and selection, meanwhile, set the longtime vacuum vendor apart from the pack.

Since 1976, Vacuum Depot has specialized in vacuum cleaner sales. The company provides the highest quality vacuums and vacuum parts available anywhere. After considerable internal discussion, Vacuum Depot has recently branched out to become an online vacuum cleaner store, and they carry a large selection of vacuum cleaners and parts. In addition to all major vacuum cleaner brands for sale, vacuum cleaner parts online are available from Vacuum Depot in a number of brands, including Eureka, Koblenz, Kirby, Rainbow, Hoover, Dirt Devil, Oreck, Sanitaire, Sharp, Panasonic, Royal, Filter and Queen.

No matter where shoppers are located, Vacuum Depot is the vacuum cleaner online store able to meet any and all r vacuum needs. From industry-leading vacuum cleaner models, to individual vacuum parts, Vacuum Depot carries it all. The company takes pride in being a vacuum cleaner company that serves businesses and homes around the country. And they are committed to ensuring that anyone who wants a vacuum cleaner to be spotlighted during this holiday season will have one delivered to his home.

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Quinn & Banton, LLP Offers Estate Planning Advice for Young Couples In St. Louis

St. Louis and Manchester MO lawyers offer useful tips for young couples, citing estate planning as a necessity.

St. Louis estate planning is not a luxury anymore – as Brian Quinn from Quinn and Banton recently blogged.

“I’m an estate planning attorney in my thirties. Many of my friends and family are getting married and having children. They often ignore the subject of estate planning.  That’s a big mistake. Estate planning isn’t just about asset protection. It’s also about making sure that you get to decide what happens with your health, your family, and even your pets,” Quinn related.

Why is estate planning in St. Louis necessary? A variety of reasons abound.

Without St. Louis estate planning, spouses could be divested of their rightful inheritances – wills and legal documents codify what might otherwise be left implicit and vulnerable.

Children, in the absence of estate planning, likewise could be stripped of what is due to them should one or both parents pass without having planned their estates. Resources that they may need for their educations and future lives may be gone… forever.

Arduous and costly court battles over details of the unplanned estates could be a reality. From the discovery process to the litigation, such courtroom machinations very well could open old wounds and exacerbate the pain caused by new ones.

Family members could fight – simmering tensions could boil over. Even pets could find themselves homeless.

Guardianships. Living wills. Powers of attorney. These are not luxuries. These are plans to ensure that a family’s assets are preserved even after the breadwinners have passed on from this mortal coil.

St. Louis area residents should not delay – they should consult Quinn and Banton for estate planning in St. Louis and surrounding areas.

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Undercover Systems of North Carolina Contractors Can Transform Your Underdeck into an Appealing Outdoor Space

The Charlotte-based company specializes in creating innovative underdeck solutions that can add value to any home and make an otherwise unusable space appealing and enjoyable.

CHARLOTTE, NC – Undercover Systems of North Carolina has been providing underdecking and remodeling services in the Charlotte area for over a decade. Their expertise in underdecking can give homeowners an outdoor space that can be utilized for family time and outdoor parties. With the additional outdoor space, the value of the home will increase. Customers can receive up to $200 of their undercover installation.

The underdecking company has created a ceiling and gutter system that will make the space underneath your deck comfortable in any weather. The system includes individual ceiling panels and unified gutters that will improve any home’s appearance and give the space a polished look.

To keep costs low, Undercover Systems of North Carolina fabricates all the underdecking components at their facility and are made to your deck’s measurements. To personalize the underdeck, clients can customize through swings, box gutters, can lights, rain chains, ceiling fans, screened in designs and Victorian crown mold gutters. 

In addition to underdecking solutions, Undercover Systems in North Carolina also offers general contracting services. The company offers remodeling services in Charlotte in these areas: bathrooms, home additions, kitchen, decks and hardscapes.  If clients are looking to remodel or are interested in purchasing a home that needs updating, contractors are willing to meet with clients at the home and give a free estimate. All remodeling services are backed by warranties for the entire duration that the client owns the home.

Licensed, bonded and insured, Undercover Systems of North Carolina has been servicing Charlotte and surrounding areas for the past 14 years. The company also provides service to residents in Lake Norman, Mooresville, Huntersville, Asheville, Hickory, Lake James, Waxhaw, Cornelius, Denver, Winston, Salem, Greensboro, Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest and Boone, North Carolina.

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ECONAIS Completes Series A Investment with Funding from Odyssey Venture Partners

eConais is a module manufacturer and solutions company building excellent connectivity technology for the Internet of Things known as WiSmart™.

ECONAIS Completes Series A Investment with Funding from Odyssey Venture Partners

SAN JOSE, Calif., October 30, 2013 — eConais Inc. (, a technology leader in ultra low power miniature Wi-Fi module solutions for the Internet of Things, has completed a Series A investment from the venture capital firm Odyssey Venture Partners to support next generation product offerings, grow the global sales force, and expand distribution networks.

eConais and Odyssey Venture Partners have announced the completion of Series A  investment  from Odyssey Venture Partners.  eConais will use the investment capital to complete the release of Wi2Smart™, its second generation family of modules for Internet of Things (IoT).

Wi2Smart is the smallest device in the world with fully embedded Wi-Fi, TCP/IP network protocol stack, and software functionality for a number of IoT applications. Requiring very little power, Wi2Smart enables reliable and robust Wi-Fi connectivity for portable devices that require years of battery life.   

The investment will allow eConais to grow its worldwide sales and distribution networks to service its customers globally with support for new product design-ins.

“Led by a team of Wi-Fi pioneers and supported by excellent industry partnerships, eConais is positioned to play a leading role in the next wave of the Internet of Things. We are excited in helping eConais to enable its customers to deliver a multitude of connected devices, quickly and cost effectively,” said Spiros Trachanis, Managing Partner of Odyssey Venture Partners.

“We are very pleased to announce the completion of our series A financing by Odyssey Venture Partners. This capital investment will help our company launch our world class Wi-Fi module products into volume production and establish sales and distribution channels worldwide. In addition to the invested capital, Odyssey Venture Partners is also a very valuable partner to eConais with substantial experience in pursuing new markets for high technology products”, said Dr. Nick Kanopoulos, CEO of eConais Inc.

About eConais Inc.

eConais is a module manufacturer and solutions company building excellent connectivity technology for the Internet of Things known as WiSmart™. eConais’ easy-to-use Software Development Kit lets customers leverage the large installed base of access points and smartphones to create connected products for healthcare, smart energy, audio, and control/monitoring in industrial, commercial and residential markets. The solutions currently feature ultra-low power Wi-Fi modules that only consume a few microamps of standby current and go from standby to active mode in a few milliseconds.

About Odyssey Venture Partners

Odyssey Venture Partners invests in Greek information and communication technology (ICT) start ups addressing global markets. Specializing in helping “early stage” companies reach customers and partners around the world and “seed stage” companies prove their business ideas, develop early customer references, and produce fundable business plans,  the ‘Odyssey JEREMIE Partners’ fund is the largest venture capital fund exclusively focused on ICT investing in Greece.

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For Cummins Generators in Houston, Call A&A GenPro for a Complete Selection

Cummins Generators are the best in the industry – and A&A GenPro has the best of the best.

A & A Genpro, Inc., a generator company in Houston, TX that provides  product for both residential and commercial customers in Sugar Land, Katy, Memorial, Hedwick, The Woodlands, Spring, Kingwood, Humble, Cypress, Baytown, Friendswood and surrounding areas, offers specials on Houston generator installation. The company specializes in leading generator brands, including Cummins-Onan.

Below are four Cummins generators available in Houston.

Cummins Onan RS Series 50 GGPC 50 KW: This generator is quiet yet can supply a large amount of energy. It is justly lauded by industry professionals for its secure architecture.

Cummins Onan RS series 85000 85KW: This rugged Houston generator is perfect for businesses that require large amounts of power even – or especially – when the power grid fails them.

Cummins Onan RS series 100000 100KW: The Cadillac of Cummins Generators, this high-performance model is just as durable as its brothers, but with even a more formidable power output. Even during the worst storms, this machine delivers.
Cummins Onan generators are durable, efficient, and have a reputation for unparalleled quality. Why take chances with an inferior model? A&A Genpro sells and installs the best Cummins generators in Houston.

No matter the brand of generator a consumer prefers, he can find it at A&A Genpro. He can also trust that the Houston generator company will offer the best price possible on the appliance, and that installation and service after the sale will be reliable.

A&A Genpro: Houston’s first choice for generators. This generator company in Houston proudly installs generators for commercial and residential customers in Sugar Land, Katy, Memorial, Hedwick, The Woodlands, Spring, Kingwood, Humble, Cypress, Baytown, Friendswood and surrounding areas.

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