AnastasiaDate Reports Record-Breaking Registrations for its Call Me Service

AnastasiaDate reports a spectacular increase in demand for its Call Me service.

AnastasiaDate, the premier online international dating site, has confirmed a record-breaking demand for its Call Me service last month. This service allows members to chat with their favorite ladies on the phone with a prior appointment.

The Call Me service is a great tool that provides members the chance to talk live to their preferred ladies on AnastasiaDate. Members can take advantage of the interpreter to convey their feelings with some high-quality translation.

“We are extremely proud to help single and divorced men connect with their favorite ladies on AnastasiaDate using the Call Me facility,” says the Chief Communications Officer for the portal, Lawrence Cervantes. “The record demand for Call Me is an indicator that men find this service extremely useful to take their virtual relationship to the next level. The Call Me facility is really simple to use.”

To make sure that the lady chosen for the Call Me conference is available at the time of the call, AnastasiaDate requires members to make reservations 24 hours before the chosen time of the conference. It is also possible for members to place Instant Calls in specific cases where the operator can connect them immediately with the chosen lady.

According to the popular international dating site, the huge surge in demand can be attributed to the convenience the Call Me service provides members in connecting with some of the most ravishing beauties from across the globe. The Call Me service can melt distances instantly and help people share their deepest feelings through expert interpreters, who try their best to create a better image of the member.

The procedure to get registered for the Call Me service is simple and quick. Members just have to place a reservation for the conference call 24 hours prior to the appointed time. An online reservation form needs to be filled to make the reservation. The minimum calling time is 10 minutes. A notification with the conference code is sent via email after the lady confirms her availability at the appointed time. Calls that do not go through are considered void and the member is refunded immediately.

About AnastasiaDate:

AnastasiaDate is the leading international dating website that facilitates exciting and romantic companionship online with beautiful and interesting women from all over the world. Founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple, AnastasiaDate has over 4 million international users and more than 100 million online visitors annually. Additionally, over 1.5 million conversations are exchanged onsite daily. AnastasiaDate is committed to member safety, customer satisfaction, and the on-going pursuit of innovation and with offices in Moscow and New York, AnastasiaDate users are able to communicate across a variety of top-notch multimedia platforms, including video chat and a mobile app for Android devices available in the Google Play store.

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Calculate the nutrition for your horse on your finger tips – HORSE NUTRITION PRO

HORSE NUTRITION PRO is an amazing app which solves all uncertainty about the right nutrition for your steed in future. Calculate the ration which is right for the horse and forget it as the Horse Nutrition App will give all the necessary information for the user to continue the feed schedule.

New York — One of the most difficult tasks for a horse owner is to create a proper ration for the horse, because it requires several complex calculations. A number of factors that are changing all the time, like the horse’s bodyweight and workload are considered while preparing the ration. Professional race horses need a different kind of nutrition while horses for eventing need a different kind of diet. There is no set application that will tell you how much nutrition your horse is getting for every feed that is given. This has been solved by the Horse Nutrition Pro app which calculates everything for the user.

Using the application Horse Nutrition Pro users are able to calculate a ration within a few minutes, according to the real circumstances. The application Horse Nutrition Pro will make all calculations for the user and it is easy to experiment and invent new combinations of feeds. There are many other features in the app like:

  • Calculate the horse’s nutrition and energy requirements as a base for a proper ration.
  • Using the forage as a base choose between different concentrates to find the most suitable combination
  • By user input automatically obtain a ration that is adjusted for the desired weight of the horse
  • Make a combination of different concentrates as required keeping the nutrients same.
  • Experiment with different feeds and check the expected weight for the desired feed
  • Using pro version save created rations according to user’s own values

Different kinds of horses like the thoroughbred, half-bred need a different kind of diet to highlight their special features like speed and stamina. Similarly, horses or ponies taking part in events like show jumping, grand prix, horse competitions etc need to be fed rations which are unique for their talent. In such events the weight calculations make or break the participation. Here it becomes very important to create a professionally calculated ration in a few minutes, using the knowledge about the specific horse. Horse Nutrition Pro is the answer. Please note that this application provides guidelines for the horse’s rations based on the settings the user is making with their own observations and knowledge about the horse.

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Personalized visual shopping at your finger tips- Virtual Fit Showcase

Enjoy personalized shopping that is a perfect fit for everything you have, be it a room, your wardrobe or jewelry. Virtual Fit showcase is the app for anyone who is shopping this season for themselves or for their family. All you need is a picture and Virtual Fit Showcase app will help you choose the perfect size product.

California (November 01, 2013) — Shopping can be a real pain, especially if it is for someone who is not there while selecting the gift. Same goes for new furniture needed in a house. It is very difficult to imagine if things will be a perfect fit. There is however a new app which has solved this problem once and for all. Designed by CojoyMedia, a software company, Virtual Fit Showcase app is a personalized visual shopping software that provides a brand new way for users to try on products, and fit these products to their space. Showcase app is a native app running on mobile platforms, and serves as a bridge to vendors’ online shopping sites. It is a well designed product out of two years solid development work.

Virtually fit showcase helps users to try on products for their near and dear ones without them being there. People can redecorate their whole house virtually with endless product selections. Users can directly purchase things right away, or can save their favorite products to their treasure box. The app also allows users to customize showcases as per their personal taste and it will automatically follow their selected trending items.

• Shop, collect and buy from favorite sources.
• Virtual fitting features that are personalized to users taste.
• Size products with measured dimensions, visual shopping utility tool.
• Search, find and follow favorite brands, publishers and sources, get their first-hand catalogs.
• Redecorate living space with furniture instantly.

Best Virtual Shopping App! This is by far my favorite app for keeping an eye on things I am interested in, and may buy for holidays and special occasions. The support for this app is awesome and allows you to request for new catalogs that you are interested, and they will add in new virtual fitting showcases. Who can ask for more! Definitely a MUST HAVE!James White

Showcase platform also provides an easy to use interface that helps vendors to promote their products through the virtual fit shopping platform. Virtual Fit Showcase has attracted many vendors as it brings the customers closer to their products. It is a software platform that provides unique functionalities. It provides a simple high tech solution to the current market, bridging the gap between consumers and merchants even more.

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Effective Mice Control & Removal Services In Seattle Are Now Available Through AMPM Exterminators

Mice are a common issue in homes and businesses. They damage your clothes, food, electrical wires as well as furniture by gnawing constantly on these items. They can be a big health risk due to the diseases they spread. Now all your problems are going to end as we offer a guarantee for our mice control and removal services. Our technicians are knowledgeable and experienced and provide effective and convenient solutions to remove mice from the house, office or garden. During the process, we also ensure the safety of your children and family members.

Mice Control Services

AM/PM Exterminators are experts in mouse control services. We have a deep understanding of where mice live, what they eat and how they expand. As per our understanding, mice can fit in a hole of ¼ inch or more. We remove all openings, holes and gaps which are larger than ¼ inch. We seal all the cracks present in the foundations of the buildings and around openings of vents and water pipes etc. with concrete or metal. Also, we can provide you useful tips and tricks with the help of which you can prevent the mice enter your house. 

Mice Removal Services

If you already have mice in your house, AM/PM Exterminators give you a guarantee to remove mice. We can remove dead mice as well as catch live mice with traps from your place. While removing dead mice, our technicians wear plastic or rubber gloves and take care of everyone’s safety in the house. We will also disinfect or clean all items contaminated by mice. We will take all necessary steps to remove bad odor of dead mice.

Contact us now for getting rid of mice problem from your office or home. Our professionals guarantee a 24 hour response and they’ll do whatever it takes to make your home mouse-free.

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Flip HTML5 – Page Flip Magazine Publisher That is Mobile Friendly

Flipping pages created in Flip HTML5! presents its newest version of the Flip HTML which is flexible and mobile friendly. Any product created using Flip HTML5 can be viewed on mobiles, tablets, iPad, iPhones and other android devices. It reaches a huge untouched consumer segment that seldom goes online and exposes the product to millions more.

Many companies invest a lot in promoting their products online while the population using mobiles are ignored.  It is important that their product reaches those who use mobiles constantly for everything. Flip HTML5 gives companies that special edge that will make their product easily readable, accessible, and creative on mobiles as well. Flip HTML5 gives the consumer a real experience of reading a book, a magazine or a product brochure.

Flip HTML5 enables:-

  • Fully customized HTML5 page turning book style
  • Access online anywhere
  • Mobile Devices and browser friendly
  • Customization
  • Easy publishing
  • Marketing friendly features
  • Access statistics

Mobile devices combined are more in number than computers nowadays. It is a virtually untapped market that can be used for any business. Flip HTML5 is suitable for people who want to present their products and services in the form of html flip book. Since the software is developed based html5 tech, it facilitates smooth viewing of the flip book on all Windows PC, Mac computer, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Mobile shopping is becoming the trend nowadays. Flip HTML5 can help build the business brand image, increase its awareness, and finally increase sales.

The benefits of Flip HTML5 are

  • Never before flexibility in e-publishing
  • Compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows and android devices
  • Excellent service at a very nominal price
  • Easily viewed on devices without any glitches

This holiday season the mode of shopping is going to be different. With the percentage of mobile shoppers being almost double than last year, I have decided to broadcast my product brochure on mobiles exclusively. Flip HTML5 makes it easy for me to keep a tab as my audience just doubled on mobiles!!”  Prince Rhode, New York.

User friendly and compatible, the page flip magazine publisher now allows users to make use of Google Analytics ID to track their creations. With up to date information of their customers, companies can target their mobile audience with their Flip page publishing on a daily basis. Even though the basic version has multiple features, the Gold and Pro version offers a wide range of options in conversion, analytics, sharing and customizing. 

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A new Australian classifieds website called Shops to Share is soon to be launched in the USA and Canada which is aimed at anyone who wants to share store space.

In order to make the website known to the people who need it most, the website’s founder, Wendy Jackson has decided to launch a crowd funding called ‘Help Save The Retail’ through Indiegogo to raise funds for the marketing, promotion and further development of ShopsToShare

The Shops to Share concept was formed as a result of demand for an online platform where those who have an unused area of retail space and those who want it can easily find each other. It is a dedicated retailers’ classifieds site that accommodates all types of retailers and merchants – bricks and mortar store owners, online etailers, website owners, mumpreneurs, market stallers and any kind of retailer who is looking to share store or website space. The site enables store owners to advertise their types of available spaces, location and contact details. It also allows space seekers to advertise their products or service and their interest in sharing shop space. The site is formed around the idea that shop sharing can come in many different shapes and sizes. According to Jackson “It really depends on the people and products involved.”

Store owners are locked into long leases, high overheads and high risk. At the same time, there is a significant increase in the growth of home-based retailers who are trying to supplement their income by selling their products online and at open-air-markets. These people have additional challenges like unpredictable weather affecting their days trading and a sea of online offerings to compete with. For these reasons, Pop-up stores are also becoming popular as designers and artisans seek real-life exposure for their products.

Shops to Share claims to offer a more communal, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative for shop owners and home-based business owners alike. A lighter carbon footprint resulting from multiple businesses operating out of one store provides a convincing environmental benefit and is a cost-effective solution to high business overheads.

Shop owners may have many different types of space available in their store. These could be anything from back room space, courtyard or window space, to floor, wall, counter top space and many more. Commercial kitchens are not used 24 hours a day, but perhaps they could be if different businesses wanted to use the facility in shifts. These are just a few examples from the team at Shops to Share but the opportunities are endless. For example, a women’s clothing store that also offers bath products, jewellery, and a cafe in the back courtyard, where you can pick up a bunch of fresh flowers on your way out. That’s 5 different business operating out of one store, all sharing the costs and overheads.

According to Jackson this interdependent concept is a much more sustainable, long-term plan for the future of bricks and mortar retail than each business trying to go it alone. In order to survive, small retailers will have to evolve and embrace new ideas to remain competitive in the market.

Indeed, there is a strong sense of community that radiates through this website. 

If you would like to contribute to this campaign, click here .

This concept could be a real game-changer. Watch this space. 

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The GeniusCity Co-ownership Program includes:

25 Years Guaranteed Rental Income shared between all GeniusCity™ Members!
50% of annual Rental Income shared with all GeniusCo-op Members/Paid Monthly!
​Clear Exit Strategy with 50% of Sales Profit shared with all GeniusCo-op Members!
​Established, proven and award winning Real Estate Management Company
Reputable Developer Partner with demonstrated track record of 1.5 Million homes​
​Off-the-Grid Ready Luxury starting at just $55/sq. ft.​

Could entire Cities be financed without banks?

Miami, Florida, (November 1, 2013) — GeniusCity co-ownership program now offers people from different parts of the world a chance to co-own a slice of solar powered community development in Florida USA for as low as $0.80 cents a day. Through this program, GeniusCity expects to open more doors of opportunities for millions of entrepreneurs and home buyers alike, giving them co-ownership profits from micro financing that used to be accessible only to billionaires such as Donald Trump and other big time investors.

The co-ownership program offered by GeniusCity is another exclusive opportunity for small investors to invest in their very own lease to own communities. Today, over 100 million Americans are affected by the economic decline that has wrecked havoc on different industries, with many of them not being qualified for mortgage in most of the regular banks. In order to help these people, GeniusCity came up with the unique co-ownership program where members can make a hands-off investment that can provide a high yield and sufficient monthly income on a budget which is bound to surprise even those who have the tightest pockets.

At present, prospective homeowners no longer have things as easy as before. As far as property investments are concerned, one will need to be smart, willing to take risks, resilient and ingenious. GeniusCity understands how tough investments these days can be and this is the very reason why they have developed their one of a kind co-ownership program so as to give many people the best chance to make the most out of their money and acquire a sustainable home that will be able to withstand the different seasons.

For only $0.80 cents a day, members of the program can already become a co-owner of the luxury lifestyle private gated lake and solar powered community of GeniusCity located in Destin, Florida. Each of the 120 residences in the community has been fully furnished and decorated to live up to a high quality standard that promises a luxurious and comfortable way of living. These residences are of 600-3,600 sq. ft. each, providing a sufficient space for all of their potential residents of varying family sizes. The best thing about the location is that it is only several minutes away from Destin’s esteemed Harbor Walk Marina and the stunning Emerald Coast Beaches.

GeniusCity is actually a Division of GeniusCo-op. GeniusCo-op is a National Housing Cooperative which has put their investments on a brand new method that awaits its patent and has the ability of dramatically improving the quality of experience of real estate buyers from multi-family, single-family, motels, hotels, student house, apartment buildings, mixed use community developments as well as senior care facilities in an unsurpassable speed that can go more than 300 units every single day.

For those who are interested to be a co-owner of this solar powered community being developed by GeniusCity™, just visit their website at to learn how you can become a part of this once in a lifetime investment opportunity.


About GeniusCo-op

A National Housing Cooperative, GeniusCo-op specializes in generating real estate investment opportunities through membership programs. These are centered on the GeniusCity Luxury Lifestyle Solar Powered Lease to Own Communities. The company focuses on cost-efficiency by pooling the resources of its members, lowering the costs of products and services related to the community managed by experienced real estate professionals.

Bottom of Form

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Core Liquidity Markets Announces Integration with SafeCharge

We are thrilled to able to offer our clients a variety of funding options. We congratulate SafeCharge on their recent award and look forward to having our customers experience the ease, speed and security of credit card funding via SafeCharge

Core Liquidity Markets Pty Ltd, an Australia-based Forex, Metals, CFDs and Binary Options Financial Services Firm, has announced integration with Credit Card Processor SafeCharge.

SafeCharge is a global provider of online and mobile payment processing. SafeCharge offers one of the industry’s most powerful fraud prevention systems, and specializes in multi currency funding options. SafeCharge has just been awarded the prestigious IAIR Corporate Award for Excellence in Secure Online Payment Processing.

Michael Markarian Managing Partner at Core Liquidity Markets comments “We are thrilled to able to offer our clients a variety of funding options. We congratulate SafeCharge on their recent award and look forward to having our customers experience the ease, speed and security of credit card funding via SafeCharge.”

To learn more about Core Liquidity Markets and its programs go to


About Core Liquidity Markets

Core Liquidity Markets provides a marketplace for private investors, introducing brokers, asset managers and high-frequency traders alike, offering faster round-trip execution and complete transparency of pricing. The company’s principals and management team has over 40 years combined experience in the financial services industry. They have held roles in trading, banking, futures clearing, brokerage, and technology firms, some of which are amongst the largest in the world.

Disclaimer: Trading of foreign exchange contracts, contracts for difference, derivatives and other investment products which are leveraged, can carry a high level of risk. These products may not be suitable for all investors. It is possible to lose more than your initial investment. All funds committed should be risk capital. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) is available from the company website Please read and consider the PDS before making any decision to trade Core Liquidity Markets’ products. The risks must be understood prior to trading. Core Liquidity Markets refers to Core Liquidity Markets Pty Ltd. Core Liquidity Markets is an Australian company which is registered with ASIC, ACN 164 994 049. Core Liquidity Markets is an authorized representative of Direct FX Trading Pty Ltd (AFSL) Number 305539, which is the authorizing Licensee and Principal.

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Got By a Giver: Believe in Three Announces New ‘Give3Get3’ Campaign

Believe in Three extends The Three Magi ‘Give3Get3’ campaign to help children and families focus on random acts of Kindness this Holiday season.

According to Archie Herring, the author and creator of The Three Magi: Quest For the Christmas Word, Love and Peace, the ‘Give3Get3’ campaign is spreading a message of giving this holiday season, providing families and children with an alternative to the commercialism surrounding Christmas. A recent article featured in Gulf News underscores the importance of fostering a spirit of giving, noting that most children are naturally empathetic and prone to wanting to help others: “Developmentally, children are also self-centered, so by emphasizing charity, you are helping them practice the idea of taking others into consideration. Today’s consumerism and marketing machinery also bombards our children with a constant barrage of things they ‘must have’ or ‘really need’ and kids get stuck in a ‘give me, give me’ rut without realizing. Charity takes the focus off their demands and puts it on giving and of being useful to others.”

Rather than focusing on getting this holiday season, the ‘Give3Get3’ campaign is empowering families to create a new tradition focused on random acts of kindness. The ‘Give3Get3’ pledge encourages the concept of helping humanity as an alternative to the consumerist culture, inspiring children and their families to place a special emphasis on giving this Christmas.

“As a reward for their giving, children receive presents from the three magi,” he said. “The pledge concept leverages the true meaning of Christmas for children and their families, providing them with a platform that is more focused on service learning, helping humanity and creating new traditions. When children experience the euphoria of something different at Christmas through the ‘Give3Get3’ pledge, they cultivate a deeper appreciation for giving back.”

The article expounds on this idea: “Doing something for others who need your help is a very enriching experience for children and helps improve the world they live in. Charity teaches children that they are connected to the world and that the well-being of others is also important. It builds their self-esteem to see that their actions can bring about change in someone else’s circumstances.”

According to Archie Herring and the team at Believe In Three, the pledge to focus on random acts of kindness as an alternative to the commercial-driven holiday season inspires a ripple affect beyond simply the child and his or her spirit of giving. The pledge serves as a vehicle to involve parents and neighborhoods, impacting entire communities.

“We are encouraging people of all ages to reap the benefits of the ‘Give3Get3’ pledge. The idea is that kids have been ‘got’ by a ‘giver.’ They can then fill out random acts of kindness, fulfill those random acts and then leave the card to spread the message of kindness to others. Flyers and other promotional materials will be distributed in local businesses where people can find and fill out the pledge card,” he said.”

“All they have to do is download the card at the interactive kids’ website, Through this pledge, children can experience the true meaning of Christmas, which is giving and service. They are inspired to give alongside others in the quest for the word, love and peace – reclaiming an alternative way to celebrate this holiday season.  Santa Claus is still going to come, but so are the three magi. What child would not want to give three acts of kindness in exchange for three gifts they desire?” The story of the Three Magi: Quest For the Christmas Word, Love and Peace and the ‘Give3Get3’ pledge are created to teach children and communities the value of giving back, inspiring families to understand and reaffirm the real meaning of Christmas.


Archie Herring is the creator and author of The Three Magi: Quest for the Christmas Word, Love and Peace – a children’s book dedicated to the quest for the Christmas word, love and peace. Believe In Three is proud to be the official sponsor of The Three Magi, as it is an adventure-filled blend of Christmas fantasy and biblical reality designed to teach the true meaning of Christmas. The ‘Give3Get3’ Official Three Magi Acts of Kindness Pledge aims to introduce children and families to the importance of giving, supplying communities with a platform in which they can promote service learning during the holiday season, creating new traditions focused on giving. Believe In Three is devoted to teaching youth the value of serving humanity through a biblical framework. Herring invites families to participate in the pledge, encouraging children to perform three acts of giving during the holiday season in return for three Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve delivered by the three magi.

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Phoenix Technologies Increase Batch Size of Bitcoin Mining Hardware

Manufacturers of Bitcoin Mining Hardware for bitcoins a new digital currency
Today Phoenix Technologies have announced that they will increase the batch size of their 2nd generation of bitcoin mining hardware by 10%.

Today Phoenix Technologies have announced that they will increase the batch size of their 2nd generation of bitcoin mining hardware by 10%. The decision has been made due to customer demand and the ability to meet prodcution as their manufacturing lines have gone extremely well this period. The increase in batch size of 10% will allow more customers to benefit on their mid November shipping date. The extra availability of units will have a very short delivery time for customers.

The 28nm ASIC chips have already been manufactured so this time frame is solely based on assembly of the units. The chips were originally destined for the X5, however due to customer demand a percentage has now been redirected into the standing X series models. The X5 is due to release at the end of the year and plans to create 2 shipping dates for this particular unit have already been made. Demand has proven that their batch sizes have been just a little too small.

The increased efficiency and speedy delivery times will no doubt be welcome news to the bitcoin mining marketplace. With bitcoins looking strong at around the $200 USD price point, the return on investment for this X series hardware looks very attractive.

About Phoenix Technologies
Phoenix Technologies found at the are a new company that design and produce ASIC powered bitcoin mining equipment. They are introducing a line of hardware called the X series. They are striving to be one of the main competitors in the bitcoin mining industry. For further information, you can find Phoenix Technologies at:

For further questions or enquiries, you may contact Jian Lee at:
[email protected]

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