SOS Rescue Tools Launches Special on Fire Starter and Entire Amazon Catalog

SOS’ Magnesium Fire Starter. All SOS Rescue Tools Will Be Discounted Through The End Of January With Code: SOSTOOLS
SOS Rescue Tools Launches Special on Fire Starter and Entire Amazon Catalog. Code: SOSTOOLS

Palm Springs, CA – SOS Rescue Tools, a global provider of Emergency Survival Gear, is pleased to announce their January 1 New Years Special in which the company will offer a 10% Amazon Coupon Code for their entire catalog through the end of January. The company has quickly made an impact in the world of rescue tools and survival gear. Their products are sold exclusively on

Amazon Coupon Code: SOSTOOLS

“We’re so excited at the progress we’ve made over the past several months. Our objective, to provide the best survival gear at prices that make sense, has proven to resonate with the Amazon Market” said William Douglas, SOS Executive. “As a token of our gratitude, we’ve created a promotion exclusive to Amazon customers. Through the end of January, our products will be offered at an additional discount with the code, SOSTOOLS.”

About SOS Rescue Tools

Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket (In 1, 6 and 12 Packs)

Every year, tens of thousands of people find themselves in dangerous situations, either in the wilderness or after natural disasters. Will your family be prepared? One of the leading causes of death and/or suffering is extreme heat or cold. In these cases, an SOS Rescue Tools Emergency Mylar Thermal Blanket can mean the difference between life and death.

5 in 1 Auto Safety Tool

The SOS 5 in 1 Auto Glass Breaker Car Safety Tool can cut seatbelts in a fraction of a second and will break windows with ease. It also comes with an LED flashlight and emergency flashing beacon for first responders. The hands free magnetic base is also useful converting the tool into a hood light. There are literally dozens of uses for this tool.

Safety Triangle Emergency Blanket Kit – 17 Inch Safety Warning Roadside Triangle

In the event of a roadside emergency, a warning device for oncoming traffic can mean the difference between LIFE and DEATH. SOS Rescue Tool’s Safety Triangle-Emergency Blanket is the ideal tool for all vehicle owners. With a sturdy design and all weather emergency blankets included, SOS’ kit significantly increase you chances of survival in certain dire situations.

“This triangle is awesome! It’s heavy and easy to assemble. What more could you want in this product? It also came with 2 mylar blankets which is awesome as an add on. I’m really happy with my purchase.” – Jimmy Jamison, Amazon Customer

Magnesium Fire Starter with Emergency Blanket

In an emergency, a fire can mean the difference between life and death. The SOS Fire Starter and Emergency Blanket is an easy way to ensure that you have maximized your chances of survival in extreme weather conditions. Quickly and safely start multiple fires in virtually any weather conditions.

Video Link:

“Great stuff. Once you learn how to use this device, you can literally start a fire in minutes. This is truly a lifesaver in emergency situations.” – Hugh Donaldson

All of SOS Rescue Tools Come With Money Back Guarantee. SOS Rescue Tools was founded in early 2013 and is headquartered in Palm Springs, CA. The company is focused on providing top quality Auto Safety Tools at prices that make sense.

SOS Rescue Tools’ Window Breaker Keychain is currently available exclusively on

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Launch Alert-SOS Rescue Tools launches 5 in 1 Auto Glass Breaker Car Safety Tool Kit

SOS Rescue Tools’ 5 in 1 Auto Safety Tool with 2 Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets
Launch Alert-SOS Rescue Tools launches 5 in 1 Auto Glass Breaker Car Safety Tool Kit. Includes 2 Emergency Blankets

Palm Springs, CA – SOS Rescue Tools, a global provider of Auto Safety Products, is pleased to announce the launch of their new 5 in 1 Auto Safety Tool which includes an auto glass breaker, an LED flashlight, a seatbelt cutter and emergency flashing beacon. The product also comes with a magnetic base allowing for hands free use. It also comes with two of their bestselling emergency blankets. SOS Rescue Tools newest in a line of survival gear is available exclusively on

“This product, the 5 in 1 Auto Safety Tool, is the most exciting addition to our line to date. With the population growing, and a seeming increase in natural disasters, it’s more important than ever to protect you and your family from events that put us in harm’s way every day” said William Douglas, SOS Rescue Tools Executive. “Our goal is to provide many options for people to protect themselves in disastrous situations.

So many people end up injured or dead every year simply because they were unprepared. With SOS, it’s easy to prepare. And with every product we introduce, it will be easier and easier. Our mission is to bring the best survival gear available to consumers at prices that make sense.”

Auto emergency tools are growing in popularity as powerful stories make the news on a seemingly daily basis. Lately, both Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer have had feature stories on the importants of such devices. Lives have been saved. And, as the auto safety space grows, SOS Rescue Tools finds itself at the forefront of the industry with cutting edge designs and superior functionality.

About The 5 in 1 Auto Safety Tool by SOS Rescue Tools

The design of the SOS Auto Safety Tool is unique to most auto glass breakers in that it is designed to function in emergencies as well as having practical uses. It makes sense that one would want a tool with a flashlight, beacon and hands free magnetic base outside of being able to escape in emergencies. Below are some of the ways in which SOS’ 5 in 1 Auto Safety Tool can help you:

  • Auto Glass Breaker – Safely and Easily Break Windows in Emergency Situations. The tools is designed to be head heavy in order to make this function easy for anyone.
  • Seatbelt Cutter Razor Blade – Quickly and Easily Cut Through Seatbelts for Fast Escape. This will cut through seatbelts in a fraction of a second.
  • Emergency Beacon with Powerful Magnetic Base – Red Light Flashing Beacon Flashes up to 96 Hours – Flashlight LED – Energy Saving LED Flashlight Shines Bright For 48 Hours
  • Includes 2 FREE Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets – Use to Reduce Chance of Hypothermia or Use to Retain 90% of Body Heat. These are a great add on by SOS. The should be standard in any survival kit.

SOS Rescue Tools was founded in early 2013 and is headquartered in Palm Springs, CA. The company is focused on providing top quality Auto Safety Tools at prices that make sense.

SOS Rescue Tools’ Window Breaker Keychain is currently available exclusively on

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A sound education is so important to the life of an individual. This being the case, Freedom Road College is concerned with the lack of success being delivered by the UK Educational System. To a large extent it is shrouded in a cloud of red tape which remains unknown to the population who have to pass through it.

A sound education is so important to the life of an individual. This being the case, Freedom Road College is concerned with the lack of success being delivered by the UK Educational System. To a large extent it is shrouded in a cloud of red tape which remains unknown to the population who have to pass through it.

Considering recent reported statistics:

Young adults in England have scored among the lowest results in the industrialised world in international literacy and numeracy tests.

A major study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) shows how England’s 16 to 24-year-olds are falling behind their Asian and European counterparts.

England is 22nd for literacy and 21st for numeracy out of 24 countries.

The OECD’s Andreas Schleicher warned of a shrinking pool of skilled workers.

Unlike other developed countries, the study also showed that young people in England are no better at these tests than older people, in the 55 to 65 age range.

When this is weighted with other factors, such as the socio-economic background of people taking the test, it shows that England is the only country in the survey where results are going backwards – with the older cohort better than the younger.


The study shows that there are 8.5 million adults in England and Northern Ireland with the numeracy levels of a 10-year-old.

“This shocking report shows England has some of the least literate and numerate young adults in the developed world,”

(Taken from BBC Online

This result is little to do with the quality of teaching or the leadership of the educational establishments. If you take away the tools of the trade, this is what happens.

As a leader in educational practice, best selling author Jacqueline Gold, CEO of Freedom Road College is appalled by this. She has quoted ‘It is not important as to where the problem began politically, it is important to make the necessary changes now to stop the rot. If we don’t make changes, we are condemning future generations to only accessing a part of the life that they can have and actually want.

Freedom Road College works with a program which builds the individual students from within. Students have a confidence in their abilities which is not seen in many institutions across the world. Staff are focussed on the individual needs of students and this is evident in the results which have been seen. There are no limits to our student’s successes. We believe that if they believe it is possible, they can work towards that goal easily and with less stress. Our students and parents know real freedom and how to get there.

In the last academic year, Rouse (a Chinese student with ESOL), achieved her full A Level Accounting with us at a grade C in 7 months! It’s a 2 year course. GCSE Students achieved 90% A*-C. We are very proud.’

In times of austerity, the problem of survival has overtaken the vision of the future for many families, now is the time for transformation, now is the time for improvement. Freedom Road hereby issues a challenge to the UK government to improve the vision for all of the population in the same way that we do. Freedom Road leads to life transforming opportunities for all.

For a free PDF Chapter of the first guide to making 2014 your year contact [email protected] or directly on 07592 119 049. Follow on twitter @freedomroad2013.

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Clear Braces in Ashburn & Woodbridge: Invisalign from Broadland Orthodontics

Free Invisalign Consultations Available from Broadland Orthodontics in Woodbridge and Ashburn. Call 703-661-9035 to set up a January appointment.

Northern Virginians who are interested in straight teeth without the encumbrance of metal braces are now in luck, as they can begin the new year with a set of new clear braces

Broadland Orthodontics, an orthodontics office with two Northern Virginia locations, offers free consultations for Invisalign in Woodbridge and Ashburn.

For those who want invisible braces in Woodbridge and Ashburn, there is no better time to try out Invisalign – America’s favorite brand of invisible braces. And the experts at Broadland Orthodontics can provide clear braces in Woodbridge and Ashburn at their offices.

Dr. Ron Hessamfar has been an orthodontist serving Northern Virginia for a long time, and he has affiliations with a variety of orthodontic and dental associations:

  • American Board of Orthodontics (ABO)
  • American Association of Orthodontists (AAO)
  • American Dental Association (ADA)
  • Virginia Dental Association (VDA)
  • Southern Association of Orthodontists (SAO)
  • Northern Virginia Dental Society (NVDS)
  • Virginia Association of Orthodontists (VAO)

The longtime Woodbridge and Ashburn orthdontist has seen it all when it comes to braces. With over a decade of experience in orthodontics, Dr. Hessamfar remembers a time when metal braces were state of the art.

Now, Invisalign clear braces in Ashburn and Woodbridge accomplish what metal braces once did – straightening the teeth of Northern Virginia children, adolescents, and adults.

Some prospective patients might have questions about how Invisalign works – they should not fret, as the process is simple.

When beginning the Invisalign process, Dr. Hessamfar plans the gradual course that the teeth will take as they are rearranged, becoming gradually more symmetrical and straighter over time.

Every two weeks, Broadland Orthodontics provides a new set of aligners to guide the teeth toward their desired position. And the best part of Invisalign is that no one knows they are on – except the patient and the dentist. Those who seek clear braces in Woodbridge, Ashburn, or nearby communities are in luck – Broadland Orthodontics and Invisalign are the names to know, and Dr. Hessamfar is one of Northern Virginia’s leading orthodontists, accepting new patients now, as 2014 begins

For those who have considered Invisalign clear braces in Ashburn and Woodbridge, there is no reason to delay. Broadlands Orthodontics accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and the Springstone Payment Plan. Special offers for new patient service are also available here: Appointments at both offices are available six days a week.

Find out more about Invisalign at

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Now, you can build your Fifa Ultimate Team with fifa 14 ultimate team coins being available at Fut14coinsbuy at the most affordable price. With your FIFA 14 coins, you can procure some fine good players while making your team in any categories including bronze, gold or silver. Buying fut 14 coins not only helps you win a match but the coins also make you achieve the cap of the all the tournaments. Fut14coinsbuy makes you derive the best services while shopping fifa 14 coins ps3. This is the store that has already possessed thirty-thousand more orders during the launching time of FIFA 13. The similar story is going on now. Take a halt at this most professional Fifa coins seller online and buy cheap fut 14 coins. With the coins you can make your dream FUT in FIFA 14 team. The players around the one hundred and fifty countries received coins from The customer service agents of this online store on FIFA 14 coins are available for twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year.

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Brief Introduction for Marine Outfitting Equipment
China quality marine and offshore supplier:

The shipping industry experienced a glorious period from 2000 to 2009 in China, but from 2010, due to the global economic recession, the shipping industry faced the most serious crisis. The situation forced the companies in the field to make the transformation and upgrading. Now the shipping industry is in the phase of transformation. But the all kinds of Marine Outfitting Equipment are in demand at any time. Jinbo Marine, based in China, exports the marine outfitting equipment to the whole world.

Marine outfitting equipment is a general name for many equipments in a vessel. Here we only introduce the simple equipment mainly for accommodation, including marine ladder, marine window, marine door and marine hatch cover. They are necessary parts in one vessel.

Marine ladder is used as the tool to go aboard or ashore, or up and down different deck. The most main products are accommodation ladder, aluminum wharf ladder, pilot ladder, embarkation rope ladder. The accommodation ladder can be manufactured by aluminum or steel. It is usually installed and collected on the shipside, when along with the gunwale released outboard tilted for marine personnel up and down the vessel. It includes ladder frame, upper platform, lower platform, turning device, post, electric or pneumatic winch, safety net and other accessories. The Lowering and hoisting of the ladder is controlled by the winch. Aluminum Wharf ladder also can be called as gangway. It is used as the ladder between the vessel and the dock. It is light, and the handrail is removable. Pilot ladder and embarkation ladder are both rope ladders. They are made of aluminum or hardwood steps and rope. The only difference is that the pilot ladder with anti-twist boards.

Marine window makes the light or the air into the cabins. It is mainly made by aluminum or steel, can be bolted or welded on the bulkhead. The window shape can be changed according to the installment position. According to the function of the window, the designer can decide the window is fixed or open. And the window also can be with electric heating or fireproof. The most widely used window is rectangular window & side scuttle. The rectangular window is used for wheel house, meeting room and deck houses, other superstructures above the freeboard deck. It is fixed or openable. The opening direction is varied. Side scuttle is also called as porthole, normally it includes three parts, the dealight (storm cover), the window frame, the window seat. It has many types according to the different material, opening direction & installment type. we have the detailed introduction for the window opening direction, material, types in our website.

Marine door is the entrance and exit on different cabin or room in the vessel. According the location, it is weathertight, watertight, fireproof, hydraulic sliding watertight door. The marine steel weathertight door is used for the superstructure above freeboard deck or deck house. It is opened and closed by dog clips. The marine steel watertight door is as the doorway in the room or house that has the watertight requirement. It is operated by hand wheel or single lever. Fireproof door has A0, A15, A30, A60, B15, B0 class, used for passage way of fireproof area. Hydraulic sliding watertight door is much complex than other doors, used below water line, normally for engine room. It has the hydraulic system, power system. It also can be made with A60 fire protection. Other marine doors also have aluminum door, gastight door, cabin hollow door…etc.

Marine cover is the opening instrument of, plays the role of seal, protection & supporting the platform partially. The simple hatch cover is opened by the butterfly clip, dog clip, or central hand wheel. It can be weathertight or wathertight, used on cargo deck. Manhole cover is also used widely, it is the entrance for the person to assemble or repair something under the deck. Normally the hatch cover is made by steel.

For all above mentioned outfitting equipments, ABS, LR, BV, GL, DNV, NK, RINA, KR, NK, RS and CCS can be provided, at the same time, we also supply all other accessories for these equipment. For more details, please visit our web

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New Technology of China Marine Electrical System
Golden Marine & Offshore

The ship building technology is improving day by day, which will make high requirement for high standards of marine electrical system. Marine Electrical System is one of most import system in the vessel, used for power supply, telecommunication and lightings, alarm system etc.

Marine Mooring System include marine cable, offshore cable, shore power cable, the cable is mainly used for power supply and telecommunication, the standard applied is IEC60092, JIS Marine Valve C3410, NEK606 and IEEE Standards. The minimum bending radius 8D for armoured cable and 6D for unarmoured cable(D: Cable Diameter), also the cable need to be take care to prevent damage to insulation or distortion during installation.

Except the marine cable, marine lighting fixtures also equipped with cables, we can classify the marine lighting fixtures as below:

Marine Navigation Signal Light
Marine Fluorescent Light
Incandescent Light
Sport Light Lights
Explosion-proof Light

Totally, there are about 900 types of lighting fixtures, the bulb also can supplied with lighting fixtures if required.

Marine Telecommunication System —–Marine Auto Telephone System, Marine Public Address System, Marine Batteryless Telephone system, General Emergency Alarm System, Fire Detection Alarm System, SG Alarm Indicator System, Emergency Main Engine Telegraph System, Marine Engineering Alarm System, Dead Man Alarm System, Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System, Broadcast & TV Antenna System.Hospital Call Alarm System, Refrigerator call system, Fog horn & Electric Horn Control System, Combustible Gas Alarm System, Marine Talk-Back System.

Jinbo Marine supply above system with high quality and fast delivery to you site, safety and quality is always the top priority. After years of development, Jinbo Marine earn the good reputation in the South Asia, Europe, Middle east and Africa Market with the quality and service.

Jinbo Marien would be your reliable partner.

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Main categories of the packages and bags sealing machine from most professional machine manufacturer

December 31, 2013-China-After the product entered into the packaging container, the sealing process is necessary for maintain product quality and avoid product loss. This operating process should be accomplished by the special sealing machine. In fact, there are many different materials which could be sued for producing the packaging container such as paper, plastics, glass, ceramics, metal, composites and others. Furthermore, the morphology and the physical properties of the packaging container are also not the same. In that case, the sealing methods and related equipments also have some difference.

Today, the engineer from famous sealing equipment manufacturer WENZHOU CHUNLAI PACKING MACHINERY ( will teach people mainly category of their excellent products.

Generally, the sealing equipment could be divided into following two categories based on the mechanical properties of packaging materials.
The first kind of sealing machine could be used for the sealing process of the flexible container made of the flexible materials such as paper, plastic films, laminated films and others. The sealing device for these materials packages should be the joint machine with the bag making and filling machine, which is rarely used independently. Due to the different materials, the sealing device in this category is also not the same.

Paper Bag packing machine

For paper-like material, it will be commonly brushed the adhesive and then subjected by the pressure from the mechanical parts.

Composite Film Bags and Plastic Film Bag Sealing Devices

Many plastic materials have good heating sealing properties. For the bags and packages which made of these materials, it could be directly subjected to heat and mechanical pressure on the seal parts.
The second main category of the Tray Sealer from should be the so called rigid container sealing device. The rigid containers could not be easy to be changed the shape after the molding process. The sealing objects for these containers are normally the metal caps

Cap Sealing Machine

For the caps, employers should firstly pre-process the internally screw thread which could be divided into single or multiple types. For example, the medicine bottle always use the single thread and the commonly cans bottles usually apply the multi-threaded caps. The sealing process of this cap is always through the rotating process and then the caps would be pressed to the container mouth.

After here, the main information about the categories about the commonly used sealing machine in the packaging industry has already been shown. However, with the development of the related market demand and technology, it will be created many new type of sealing devices in every year. If people want to get more information about this, please visit website


WENZHOU CHUNLAI PACKING MACHINERY produces CHUNLAI brand packing machinery and food machinery. Our company has complete equipment, powerful technology, strict management, and high efficiency. We produce special order and kinds of machineries such as vacuum packing machines, tube fill seal machine, fill seal machine, washing filling sealing machine, Stand-up Pouch Filling Capping Packaging Machine, bag sealing machines, strapping machines, automatic form-fill-sealing machines, hand and pedal impulse sealer, and shrinking machines.

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Let talented artist from Maple Painting Face tell people the advantages and disadvantages of their canvas printing

December 31, 2013-China-With the development of printing technology, the canvas printing has entered into the house of more and more people. The canvas printing has big difference with the traditional handmade oil painting reproduction. Recently, the professional artist from famous canvas printing supplier ( will teach people the advantages and disadvantages of the canvas printing.


The image on the canvas printing is cleaner than the traditional handmade oil painting flat. The flat effect and the coloring effect of the canvas prints should be much better than that of the traditional oil painting and there is no strange taste because of the special printing technology.

In addition to the above point, the canvas printing also has the advantages of short making time. It would be needless to say that the making process of the printing canvas is very easily and shortly. No matter how complex the original oil painting would be, the production time for them only take few minutes as long as the operation of inkjet printers. After few minutes, the beautiful oil painting printing could be shown in front of people.

The thirdly advantage of the canvas prints wholesale should be the low production cost. The price of one piece of printing oil painting is much lower than that of the traditional handmade oil painting. It can be said that one piece of canvas and a little amount of printed watercolor can help people produce the complex oil painting with low cost. That should be the main reason why most of people begin to purchase the cheap printing canvas. In order to avoid the wicked business in this area, consumers had better to choose


However, there are also many disadvantages of the printing canvas. The artist from maplepaintingface said that the screen of the canvas printing is very simply without the sense of hierarchy. This shortcoming is very deathful for the final effect of the printed oil painting. However, it proved that the effect from machine could never substitute the handmade.

The other big problem of the printed canvas should be its saving time. From the normal experience, the saving time of the canvas printing is very short and it would be easy to fade. In general, the save time of the normal printed canvas is not more than two years. On the other hand, the aging process of the canvas is also a little bit quickly.

However, whether it is the handmade oil painting or the printing canvas, either of them has their own features and advantages. People could purchase them depending on their own demand.

About Maple Painting Face

Maple Painting Face should be the most professional China canvas printing online supplier. Their high quality canvas printing products have already attracted more and more clients around the world.

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Engineer from OK LED Lighting will tell people the advantages of their LED HIGH BAY LIGHTS

December 31, 2013-China-LED High Bay Light is the important part of urban and industrial lighting. The traditional high bay lights often applied the 250W, 400W metal halide lamps which has great disadvantage of light loss caused huge waste of energy. Therefore, the development of LED High Bay with the advantages of high energy efficiency, energy saving, long service life, high color rendering index and environmentally should has a very important significance for the country’s energy-saving for urban and industrial lighting.

Insiders for Led high bay light must hear about the famous OK LED Lighting ( which is the leading China manufacturer for LED high bay lights. Their related products own many outstanding features that attracting more and more consumers. Now, their designing engineer will introduce with people all of these strong points for their high bay lights.

The LED lamp from uses the high strength die-cast aluminum which surface passed the anti-aging electrostatic spray treatment. This could let their high bay lighting products contain the high anti-corrosive performance.

The service of their LED High Bay Lights products could reach to 25,000 to 50,000 hours which should be 10 times comparing with the traditional light. This should be the truly low investment and high return.

Third, the LED high bay lights and other LED products from OK LED Lighting apply the cold light source design which has the features of pollution-free and non-thermal radiation, non-harm to eyes and skin. Furthermore, their LED lighting product does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements. That could be said the true sense of the green lighting products.

The humanized design makes the installation and maintenance of the LED lighting become easier. This could meet with the demand of a variety of applications.

Furthermore, the LED lighting products from also have good performance of color rendering and lighting stability, which could make the displaying for the physical color become more real. On the other hand, the color of LED light source could meet the needs of different environments in people’s daily life.

In addition to the high quality and performance, the decorative effect of the LED high bay light from is also very excellent. Their lighting products applied the special surface treatment process. All consumers could freely choose their favored color. The installation and disassembly for the LED lighting products are very simple.

All of these strong points could prove that the LED lighting products from OK LED Lighting Co., Ltd could be applied into widely range of people’s daily life. If you are interested in ordering their products, please contact with them through the above contact information.

About OK LED Lighting Co., Ltd

OK LED Lighting is the most professional manufacturer and supplier for all kinds of LED products such as high bay led lights and LED workshop lighting products which could range from 100W, 120W, 150W and 200W.

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