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Meet Bjorn Leafner

German millionaire entrepreneur Bjorn Lefnaer just added another invention to his fast growing empire. In addition to his family owned company Allplastik GmbH that makes plastic strips, lighting and cable ties, he created and patented a Lefnaerbinder, a device widely used in the world of manufacturing of quick fasteners and cable ties, shipping, strapping goods, rods and assembled cables and wires. Just to name a few.

After living in New York City for some time, Mr. Lefnaer moved back to Germany and took over his father Otto Lefnaer’s company the Württemberg Allplastik and completely restructured it. Today company has three offices in Germany, USA, Italy and services 20,000 customers worldwide.

Mr. Lefnaer is an ardent art and luxury watches collector. He has luxury homes and villas in Germany, Palm Beach, and South of France where he keeps a fancy collection of expensive cars, including five Lamborghinis. He has been a patron and a supporter of the Red Cross Foundation and Children for Peace ONLUS organization. Currently VOX TV, which is one of the biggest television companies in Germany, is producing a series of programs that includes documenting Mr.Lefnaer’s life, travels to exotic locations and his circle of VIP friends.


Edgar Mitchell (Left) and Bjorn Leafner (Right) in Palm Bech, Florida, U.S.A.
Edgar Mitchell is the legendary American astronaut who was the 6th person in the world to walk on the moon.

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Rick “Wheels” Bieluwka & Rollin’ Vengeance Ride the Wave at the Miami Boat Show & Will Compete in the 2014 Super Boat International Race Circuit.

With speeds in the Super Stock Class exceeding a jaw breaking 110 mph on choppy water, SBI racers must recalibrate every second of the course. This results in a hair-raising experience for audiences and participants alike. “That’s a lot of horse power when you are negotiating an obstacle course while maneuvering a mere 50 feet offshore,” states Bieluwka.
Rick “Wheels” Bieluwka’s and his Rollin’ V Race Team will compete in the 2014 Super Boat International Race Circuit was announced this Valentine’s Day at the 73rd Miami Int’l Boat Show. “Wheels has competed for a decade in the SuperBoat Stock Class with countless first place & podium wins. He modestly confirms, “Our Superboat Stock Class can be likened to the warm up band. The more than a million spectators come out for the ‘rush’ but Miss Geico and the Spirit of Qatar are the real draw”.

Miami, Florida 2/23/2014   Rick “Wheels” Bieluwka’s and his Rollin’ Vengeance Race Team will compete in the 2014 Super Boat International Race Circuit was announced at the 73rd Annual- Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show, February 13-17, 2014.   

Having competed for over a decade in the SuperBoat Stock Class on the SBI Race Circuit (, Rick ‘Wheels’ Bieluwka and his team have garnered countless first place and podium wins. “Playing to an audience of more than a million spectators, we are a motley crew of diehard offshore powerboat race enthusiasts and the size of the winning purse is second to our collective enthusiasm.”   Rollin’ Vengeance’s driver, Captain Mike, confirms,  “SBI has eight categories with  Superboat Unlimited on the top rung and Production 4 on the lower. Our’s ranks  5th in the pecking order”.       

ABnewswire caught up with Rodrick Cox, Director of Marketing for SBI on the closing day of the Miami Int’l Boat Show.  According to Cox,  “SBI is emphatically spectator friendly.  With an 8 city  circuit that spans the Eastern Seaboard from  Charlotte Harbor 4/13, Cocoa Beach 5/16-18, Sarasota July 2-6, Michigan City August 1-3, Orange Beach August 22, Pensacola August 22-24, New York Sept 5-7, Clearwater September 28 and the World Championships in Key West November 2-9. This sport has captivated the attention of a new thrill seeking, tech savvy generation. Offshore power boat racing has morphed into a family fun adventure with a big tent atmosphere.”

The SBI of today has come long way from the 80’s, big coked up Cigarette, Magnum, Donzi and Formula speed boats designed by the late Don Aronow.  Those races were 50 miles off shore with audiences consisting of a few high flying seagulls, pelicans and Blue Thunder catamarans favored by the US Custom Service.     

“We estimate there will be over a million beachside and online spectators watching SBI live this year.  Combine this with the pleasure boats anchored off shore and countless live streams,  local television coverage and online social media fans watching SBI, the number of impressions are incalculable; with sponsor brands and fans the beneficiaries”,  says Cox.   

Along with appreciative audiences; brand ambassadors and corporate marketers have come on board to support the sport.  

Big brands like Best Western, Ron Jon Surf Shops, Snow Mountain Brewery and Geico, among many others, see an association with Superboat International as a proxy for quality and brand visibility.  Bieluwka confirms even in his class, the Sovereign Miccosukee Tribe, Homewood Suites and Castronovo  Wines were past season sponsors.   

The full spectrum of boat enthusiasts cross all socio- economic demographics.  This was evidenced at last week’s Miami Boat and Brokerage Show. “If it is on the water you will find it  here,” according to Bieluwka, whose Transport by Wheels delivered many of the Formula, Intrepid and the world launch of the 42ft Powerplay luxury version of an open fisherman to their exhibit locations.      

Aptly called ‘Riding a Wave of Optimism’, the Miami Boat Show threw out a wide net with three locations; the Miami Beach Convention Center, the New Yacht & Power Boat Show at Sea Isle Marina and Strictly Sail® at Miamarina at Bayside where industry meetings, new product introductions, and robust sales took place.

Opening night, February 13 featured the up- market crowd at Ferretti’s Gala Opening with la crème of the global aristocracy.  Among the invited guests were Paul Lister, Founder of the European Nature Trust, former BBC and Travel Channel host Charles Ottley, whoproduced the critically acclaimed documentary Wild Carpathia (featuring HRH the Prince of Wales and HRH Princess Margarita).  The alluring fashion designers Piluca Bayarri with her Ibiza based couture label, Marcela Acosta’s fashion arbiter of  The Boutique and French designer Muriel of Blanc du Nil were decked to the ‘nines’ with plans to present at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in July.

The over two hundred, by-invitation-only guests were seen imbibing Spirits of the Tsars Premium Vodka with the always suave Chris Nolan hosting the tasting bar.  Nolan is a partner in the marketing company, “Straight Up Imports, LLC”.   Vogue Champagne bubbled over, Diamond jewelry was on display by DeGrisogono, and guests were treated to the gourmet tastes of Chef Remi Catering.   According to Ferretti Yachts representative Gary Goldman, there were several discreet emissaries from the Middle East, seen assessing the suppleness of the hand stitched leather throughout, customized appointments, large hullside windows and huge fold down teak benches, which are standard to the Ferretti brands.  

And for those who had not budgeted roughly 12.5 million dollars for a 100’ Ferretti Custom Line Yacht on their Valentine’s wish list, Bayside and the Miami Beach Convention Center was where over 100,000 marine enthusiasts were having a field day.  With 3000 boats and 2000 exhibitors there was something that would pique the interest of anyone residing on this planet.  From the brightly colored ‘Broodle’, a swim noodle with a magnetically detachable drink holder made in the USA by Broodle Brands to Aloe Infusion’s ™ line of breakthrough skin care products fashioned from natural ingredients extracted in Clearwater, Florida where the SBI National Championship will take place.   

Another Florida natural was the crowd pleasing Papa’s Pilar Aged Rum mojitos compliments of Brand Ambassador, Pam Obando.  Named after Ernest Hemmingway’s famed fishing trawler, Pam confirmed, “the Hemingway family donate their royalties to Florida Reef Restoration”. 

Unlike the Burble for the ultimate pool buzz the century old Revere Supply Company has gear for the “ultimate survival”.   According to Director of  Liferaft Technologies, Tom Mastrella, “Our gear is used to save lives.  If only we had been stocked on the Titantic”,  he mused.  “At $1800 a unit; our survival system rafts are perfect for the budget conscious.  What’s a life worth any way?”    

There were purveyors of exotic travel destination all within reach by sea and as far afield as Casa Viejo Lodge in Guatemala’s virgin rain forests,  Alaska King Salmon and Whale rider ventures for sun weary Floridians and a company touting affordable, fully accredited medical care and tourism to Costa Rica’s first rate hospitals.

For many, the highlight of the Convention floor was The Officer Snook Water Pollution Program.   Officer Snook is a leader in Environmental Education and grand master of the department’s popular and educational brain teaser. The game tests the length of time it takes debris and garbage to disintegrate in our water ways. Diapers, plastic, cola cans and glass shards return to our eco system in a few weeks to up to 500 years.      

Is it any wonder that Mikael Gorbechev predicated with the founding in 1982 of Green Cross International and the USA chapter Global Green, “that water sustainability would be the biggest crisis facing the survival of ours and other species in the 21st century?”  According to Officer Scott Sevin, Assistant Director of the Coast Guard funded program, “with the continuous fouling of our waters the danger to all living things is incalculable”.   Brad Kleinsassar, of eco friendly New Nautical Coatings and Sea Hawk Premium Yacht Finishes stresses the importance of everyone doing their bit to protect our seas from pollutants.

With a fair share of celebrities in the mix there were plenty of opportunities for bloggers, publishers of Guy Harvey Magazine, photographers Shara Crystal and Abraham Marquez and film makes at Freeze Frame Video to make a splash in the social media pop charts.   According to Freeze Frame’s, Jeff Gerardi, who has been filming Rick “Wheels” Bieluwka since his first SBI Race, “For those wanting to continue the Miami Boat Show experience, the Super Boat International Circuit is a best bet”.  For a complete calendar of upcoming SBI events and highlights visit, or  

As the adage goes, “If you are not spending half your time in the water, you are not a true Floridian”.

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Multimedia Presentation Maker Makes It Easy to Present Like a Professional

Focusky Presentation Maker is not just a PowerPoint alternative; it is a completely different canvas to make elegant and easy-to-follow presentations with. Now creating electronic presentations are easy with Focusky since this unique software was made with the user in mind.

Making stunning and informative presentations can be difficult without buying expensive software.  Especially during a long presentation, it can be helpful to be able to make presentations captivating so audiences do not become distracted or bored.  Now a software company hosted in China has created and released a new presentation software that is a great alternative to those who do not want to purchase PowerPoint called Focusky Presentation Maker.

This free PowerPoint alternative is great for those that do not want to purchase the normal expensive software while receiving great features with the software they do have.  Users can add animation, video, text, photos, shapes, and Flash to their presentation easily. 

This software features a variety of effects to keep the audience engaged including a zoom and pan effect that allows users to focus from one object to another along with a rotating pan effect.  Another great feature is the path of discovery feature that helps the audience follow a user’s thought process.  The third major feature is a free scaling digital whiteboard that allows users to insert a variety of objects to express ideas outside of a finite area.

Focusky Presentation Maker allows users to present both offline and online by publishing the presentation to an HTML or EXE format if desired.  This software is simple yet effective by keeping thought processes clear and precise for those creating presentations.  The software also is easy to edit and does not have complicated and confusing tools that are hard to understand.

A free trial is available on the software’s website and is available for purchase for only $99.00.  Focusky Presentation Maker can be used with Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP and users are given a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with no reasoning required.

Now useful, elegant, and informative presentations are easy to create without a high cost with Focusky Presentation Maker.  During the free trial, users will see how much more beautiful presentations can be with Focusky Presentation Maker instead of PowerPoint. 

For more information on this software or to download today, visit

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Tips from AnastasiaDate’s Celebrity Dating Specialist Point the Way to Life Changing Success

AnastasiaDate’s celebrity dating wingman, Antonio Sabato, Jr., offers dating tips from life experiences.

AnastasiaDate, a globally popular and leading international online dating site, is releasing more tips from their celebrity dating wingman, Antonio Sabato, Jr. The international sex symbol and Hollywood heartthrob is without doubt the best person to offer dating tips due to his stunning track record of success in dating and romance. Many singles from across the globe believe that using tips from the proven dating expert can help them find a compatible Russian woman faster.

“It is the season for romance and our members are excited because they believe they will be able to find true love on AnastasiaDate,” says Lawrence Cervantes, the Chief Communications Officer for the dating portal. “Our hugely popular celebrity dating guide, Antonio Sabato, Jr., is sharing some of the most invaluable tips from his own life experiences to help our members find the perfect date. This will prepare them better when they set off to woo the most beautiful Ukrainian women this romantic season.”

AnastasiaDate members were hoping that the unparalleled dating experience of Antonio Sabato, Jr. and his compelling dating tips would help them conquer the hearts of women in the Ukraine over Valentine’s.

Dating online is an art that must be continuously refined and tweaked to get the best results, according to the dating superstar. The celebrity dater who has been romantically associated with some of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood is revealing the blueprint to success in online dating. These tips are expected to deliver results quickly, as they are tried and tested methods that have delivered much love for the idolized romantic star.

Singles looking to finally put an end to their loneliness can learn from the skills that Antonio Sabato, Jr. is sharing with his audience on dating Russian women and how to develop a meaningful and lasting relationship with some of the most beautiful and charming ladies online. The dating portal is striving to make the job easier for their members by offering them a technologically-advanced dating platform and features that can help them connect with ladies across the globe effortlessly. 

Dating tips from Antonio Sabato, Jr. are eagerly awaited by single men who are keen to find their lady love from AnastasiaDate’s large database of fascinating beauties

About AnastasiaDate

AnastasiaDate is the leading international dating website that facilitates exciting and romantic companionship online with beautiful and interesting women from all over the world. Founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple, AnastasiaDate has over 4 million international users and more than 100 million online visitors annually. Additionally, over 1.5 million conversations are exchanged onsite daily. AnastasiaDate is committed to member safety, customer satisfaction, and the ongoing pursuit of innovation and with offices in Moscow and New York, AnastasiaDate users are able to communicate across a variety of top-notch multimedia platforms, including video chat and a mobile app for Android devices available in the Google Play store.

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Which Is the Best Cryptocurrency for Fun and Profit: Examining the Dogecoin, a Reasonably New Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have been a subject of interest to many people recently, with some hype and disappointments revolving around the more popular types of Cryptocurrencies, people are shifting toward the other types of digital currencies, among which the Dogecoin is indicated to be a solid contender as the best Cryptocurrency for both profit and fun.

It is important to first fully grasp the idea of what Cryptocurrency is and why it has secured a place of great importance in today world of internet and e-commerce as this will be helpful for readers who may not be familiar with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is actually a form of virtual currency, for all intent and purpose it is a digital medium of exchange.

Cryptocurrencies are a new way of transferring money around the Internet. This type of currency relies on cryptography not only to ensure anonymity but also to provide a secure peer-to-peer network for the transfer. With more and more people engaging in business online, Crypto currencies have become the new FOREX.

In fact trading in this new type of currency has made many people millionaires every day with crypto currency. Crypto currency is yielding some of the most unlikely gains ever seen, allowing traders to make an astounding 40% gain in single day with just one cryptocurrency. There are plenty of different cryptocurrencies to choose from today, however, for an individual planning to become an enthusiastic crypto currency trader; it is being advised that they should consider the relatively new currency called Dogecoin for the most gains.

Dogecoin was conceived to serve as virtual money tips in exchange for particular piece of information for example: When a blog owner writes an informative and useful post for their readers, in exchange the readers left the writer a tip of Dogecoins. There are several websites where people can earn free Dogecoins for taking some sort of action.

Recently a philanthropic act was carried out by the Dogecoin community; they managed pool to their coins to raise a handsome sum of $30,000 worth of Dogecoins, which enabled the Jamaican national bobsled team to participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Any individual can mine for the free coins from a normal PC also some avid collectors of cryptocurrencies have taken digital currency mining so seriously that they have built powerful machines to collect cryptocurrency, these often sell on eBay for anything between $1000 to $4000.

Having read through this information, readers may well be thinking that it is time to get in the game; therefore they should not hesitate because he who dares wins.

Read more from the following link

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Columbia, SC  – Black Frog Technologies, a technology company that specializes in marketing for local businesses, is proud to announce that they are one of just a handful of companies that has recently acquired the rights to an exciting new development in online marketing.

The company will be using a new “social media focused” WI-FI router that will allow small businesses to offer their customers a free WI-FI connection that can be accessed by logging in through various social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook or Google+, to name a few. The WI-FI connection is 256bit protected, which means that users don’t have to be worried about data or identity theft.

This new social media based WI-FI network creates a mutually beneficial relationship for both the business and the customer. The customer gets free access to the Internet, while the business benefits by gaining more exposure and collecting demographic and social media account data on potential customers. Any users who sign on to the network are willingly giving that business. at the very least, their email address and one of their social media account pages. Both of these could then later be used to reach out to potential customers.

Every company is interested in generating revenue. But Black Frog Technologies is a company that is interested in more than just making the largest profit possible each month. Company founder Michael Allman served his country as a member of the US Navy and has pledged to hire out-of-work veterans for open positions through the “Hiring our Heroes” program. Allman has also stated a desire to make sure that the money earned by Black Frog Technologies is invested back into the local community instead of leaving Columbia.

As previously mentioned, Black Frog Technologies is one of a few companies that currently have the rights to this brand-new technology. While the company has been successful so far, it is still very young. Black Frog Technologies started operations in 2012 and while they now have technology that they can use for marketing on a global level, they currently are trying to secure the funding to reach that stage. 

In their attempt to acquire the necessary funding, Black Frog Technologies has created a page on Indiegogo, a popular international crowd funding website. To learn more about Black Frog Technologies, or to see how you can help in their expansion goals, please visit their page at

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March 2014 Online & Mobile Microgaming Casino Bonus Promotions Discusses The 2014 March Microgaming bonus promotions that Online & Mobile Casinos are offering.

Microgaming casinos are having excellent bonus promotions for March 2014.  Residents of The United States of America should take a look at Las Vegas USA online & mobile casino bonus promotion, as Microgaming casinos do not accept players from The United States of America. When residents of The United States of America sign up for Las Vegas USA online & mobile casino through, they will get a 150% welcome bonus that is good up to $3,000.

Grand Mondial online & mobile casino is offering an impeccable free play bonus. When slot players sign up through and mention that we referred them, Grand Mondial will give them a twenty five hundred dollar free play bonus that is good up to one hour. This bonus can be used in any currency such as British Pounds, Euros, and Canadian Dollars.

Grand Mondial has the latest Microgaming releases such as Microgaming Releases Avalon II: The Quest for the Grail, Loose Cannons, and Untamed Crowned Eagle.

Players Palace is a Microgaming casino that is mobile phone compatible. Slot players can use their Android devices, and iOS devices including Iphone’s, IPad’s, Ipad Minis, and their ITouch. Players Palace is having a bonus promotion for the online slot machine Prime Property. The promotion begins on March 1, 2014 and ends on March 6, 2014.  Five players will be selected at random daily and rewarded $100 when they sign up through and mention that we referred them.

Ramesses Riches Microgaming Slot Bonus Promotion

Players Palace is having a bonus promotion throughout March for The Ramesses Riches Microgaming slot machine. Ramesses Riches is a five reel, twenty-payline slot machine with an Egyptian Empire theme. Ten lucky players will be selected at random and awarded $100 when they sign up through This promotion begins on March 1, 2014 and ends on March 31, 2014.

Make sure you stay updated on events, sports, and online casino promotions with,,, and The video that is below guides people through the sign up process.

Video Link:

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Source: Enlightens Marketers on How to Bank Money with Clickbank Affiliates PPC Marketing

Banking money with Clickbank PPC Advertising and is a great money making opportunity which website owners with an established audience should avail if they wish to earn up to 90% of profits through Pay per Click advertising. This is a good way of further capitalizing on hard work website owners have put in towards generating greater traffic to their website and have an established online audience who is interested in buying or learning about other products and services.

SupportingAds uses the same concept of PPC CLICKBANK Marketing for affiliates to give website owners a chance to monetize their website on whole new level by offering almost 90% of profits through PPC Affiliates Marketing.

SupportingAds team has been able to successfully develop and run various complicated algorithms which offer better PPC marketing conversion rates by cultivating contextual ads that are attractive to the customers thus creating more value to the targeted audience and the affiliate. These algorithms have been developed after many years of research and testing to provide the best optimization of PPC ads on a publisher’s website.

The process of obtaining an added source of income through PPC advertising is simple, people with established website audience can sign up for a free account, after which they can choose among the various products to advertise on their website, this step allows website owners to select products in context to their website and what it’s all about weeding away any unwanted irrelevant PPC ads on their website. SupportingAds helps website with a more established online audience find the most profitable PPC ads to display on the affiliate’s website.

The PPC ads can be put on a website in a few simple steps, and the process is no more complex than a copy paste job taking only a few minutes to be up and running. The simple and easy to follow instructions remove any difficulties an affiliate might face when setting up the PPC ad on their website, furthermore for the easy of affiliates SupportingAds representatives are available 24/7 for the email / chat support to quickly and effectively solve any issue affiliate might have with the contact page. Questions, queries or suggestions are encouraged. The accumulated publisher profits are paid securely at the end of each month.

It makes a lot of sense to bank on the hard work website owners put in in to establishing their website among online audience. Websites such as CLICKBANK and SupportingAds serve as a bridge between advertisers and sellers of products and publishers with website to advertise products to their established online audience.

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Top Property Shop – Glendale Arizona Rental Property Management

Top Property Shop, a Glendale Arizona Rental Property Management firm introduces their professional Residential Property Management services for an incomparable below market price with the most comprehensive list of property management benefits. After understanding the needs of today’s property owners and landlords, Top Property Shop have designed a real property management package which will make being a landlord easy.

This property management company recognizes that being a landlord does not simply mean owning properties, collecting rents and looking after the maintenance of the properties, a landlord has to wear many hats at once. They play the roles of a persistent debt collector, an skilled negotiator, a supervisor, a  capable manager, a  determined salesperson and much more. Top Property Shop management services of residential properties will take the weight off the shoulders of residential property lender by delivering professional residential property management services characterized by transparent communication.

The management services offered are for both single property owners and real estate investment firms with single family homes, or condos/townhomes. Top Property Shop has partnered with a list of approved vendors who can deal with all property maintenance issues, TPS will coordinate all maintenance work and perform 3 property inspections over a period of 12 months.

Top Property Shop will manage not only the rent collection and send the financials to the owners by the 15th but also deal with all communication with tenants, provide clear monthly and annual financial statements, communicate with the landlord clients at all times, oversee all resident legal issues. For no extra fee the TPS will also handling market and leasing aspect of the properties, and market surveys & analysis will be performed to gain a better outlook of the current market trends, providing them the right knowledge that will help in adjusting rents and fees in accordance to the prevailing market standards such as interest rate fluctuation.

Being the most affordable real estate management company in a Glendale Arizona TPS does not charge a flat service fee because the firm believes that TPS and their clients need to work together to achieve success and therefore charges 8% of the rent collected per month, other than that there are no set up fees, no management fee is charged while a property is vacant, no early cancellation fee and no marketing and advertising fee which all help save landlords money.

Top Property Shop is a full service real estate brokerage in Glendale Arizona 18001 N 79th Ave Ste A4 Glendale Arizona, 85308. Their Residential Property Management service areas include Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, Anthem, Surprise, Goodyear, Avondale, Litchfield Park and the surrounding areas.

For more information please visit TPS rental property management page:

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Personal Injury Attorney Provides in Home Sign-up in Bronx, and Queens

The Law Offices of Kevin Gratt Now Signs Up Bronx and Queens Personal Injury Clients in Their Homes.

Kevin Gratt of the Law Offices of Kevin D. Gratt has continued his reputation with his clients  as a hands on personal injury lawyer with strong communication skills.

Gratt has continued to extend his excellent service to his clients by signing clients in their homes. His main office is located in Brooklyn and it can be a struggle for seriously injured clients to travel from the Bronx or Queens to come to his office. The best thing to do is to accommodate the client as much as humanly possible. Between going to doctors appointments and recovering from their injuries the last thing a client wants to do is travel to an attorney’s office. Especially if their car is wrecked and they have no other means of transportation.

In New York City the personal injury field is very competitive. There are numerous law firms with money to spend on high advertising budgets ,who out shine the rest of the pack. To make matters worse, these law firms only care about big money cases and tend to put the average client on the back burner. “I receive many calls from people who are dissatisfied with their attorneys lack of communication skills,” says Kenneth Toby, spokesperson for NYACCIDENTS.INFO. “Kevin keeps in contact with many clients on a daily basis,” Toby continues. “Kevin will treat you like a million dollar client whether you have a case or not. He will take the time and explain to you all the important parameters of your case.”

New Yorkers searching for a Bronx personal injury attorney or a Queens personal injury attorney will do well to choose Kevin D. Gratt as their attorney. He specializes in car accidents, wrongful death, slip and fall, truck accidents, bus accidents, medical malpractice and other types of personal injury cases. To schedule a free consultation please call 646-457-6279.

About Kevin D. Gratt

Kevin D. Gratt has been practicing law for over 15 years. His office is located in Flatbush, Brooklyn where he has been serving the community.

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