Elite Marketer ‘Settles The Debate’ Surrounding The Quick Start Challenge 2.0 Turbo Coaching In His Latest Video Review

If you are hoping to build your online business, there is overwhelming researching proving that one of the absolute best ways to do so is with the help of quality direct mail campaigns in 2014. Direct mailing is a great way to bring all sorts of prospects to your website. However, when you are able to bring this marketing tool into full swing with a combination of an online presence and a quality mailing, you are going to see that there is nothing that will stand in your way of an incredible reach to all of your potential customers. For more information, one can read the WarriorForum.com – Quick Start Challenge 2.0 Turbo Review thread.

There are a number of top companies that use the reach of a direct mailing campaign to get their message out. When these mailers are sent out right to potential customer’s homes or offices, there is an incredible ability of reaching a whole new audience. This promotion style works and it works well for anyone who is willing to get in on the overall effectiveness of direct mail campaigns in 2014. More information can be seen on the Facebook.com – Quick Start Challenge 2.0 Turbo Review fanpage.

For the most part, you are going to find that people often put a greater level of trust on any information that they get in their mailbox. They like to read physical mail that has lasting power above and beyond that of a simple email that can be deleted prior to it even being read. When you are able to marry these two methods of promotion, you truly do have a force to be reckoned with. Also, you can watch the YouTube.com – Quick Start Challenge 2.0 Turbo Review Video for more insights.

It is all a matter of picking out the best message and the right type of direct mailer to get you the audience that you desire. With a little bit of work and a great list to mail all of your information out to, you are going to see tremendous results in 2014.

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Scientists succeed in mapping the Genome of the Garden Gnome but is it too late for the Gnome colonies?

“Gnomore Deaths” Gnomes protest at lack of action over fungal disease which threatens to wipe out Gnome Colonies
Scientists have announced that, after years of research, they have managed to decode the Genome of the common Garden Gnome.

The warning about fungal infection comes after latest research from GAFFI (The Global Action Fund for Fungal Infections www.gaffi.org ) shows garden gnomes around the country have suddenly, and mysteriously, become infected by fungal disease and are dropping like flies.

Editor’s note: Warning — contains distressing pictures.

Video: Vimeo and Youtube: https://vimeo.com/90014251http://youtu.be/S11jhR5qr58

Stills: Flickr.com and Dropbox: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157643203711413/https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sd6y7ibbl3gt237/sNVSBB97vj

Scientists have announced that, after years of research, they have managed to decode the Genome of the common Garden Gnome. The announcement coincides with a warning that a deadly fungus which lurks in compost heaps and flourishes in damp conditions could wipe out this entire endangered species by 2020 unless governments act to stem the tide of destruction.

The gnome genome contains nearly as many genes as its closest relative, the human, and its most remarkable feature is a growth hormone deficiency.

This major piece of research may come to nothing. The warning about fungal infection comes after latest research from GAFFI (The Global Action Fund for Fungal Infections www.gaffi.org) shows garden gnomes around the country have suddenly, and mysteriously, become infected by fungal disease and are dropping like flies.

Normally shy and reticent, these generally resilient, stony-faced characters have been sighted in gardens all over the UK with pained expressions carved into their little features.

At a secret location, in a suburban garden in the UK, an entire colony has been wiped out by the fungus which causes a condition known as Aspergillosis. GAFFI has obtained exclusive footage of the latest outbreak. It’s available on the GAFFI website (www.gaffi.org)

GAFFI President Dr. David Denning, who is Professor of Fungal Medicine at the University of Manchester, says that fungal disease is known to affect almost 300 million humans across the globe but this is the first time Aspergillosis has been diagnosed in gnomes. He wants people who discover diseased gnomes to report it on the GAFFI website. (www.gaffi.org)

He explained: “Few people realise that these unlikely and endangered creatures are our oldest genetic cousins so we want to see if the unravelling of the human genome can provide a link to garden gnomes before it’s too late for them and us. We are particularly concerned about the gnomes of Zurich, many of whom were badly affected by the financial crisis in 2008 and their immune systems are still at a very low ebb.”

It is rumoured that the world-famous forensic detective, Sherlock Gnomes, has been asked to look into the case.

For more information and exclusive photos and video footage of the now extinct, gnome  colony contact Susan Osborne, Director of Communications at The Goodwork Organisation on 07836 229208 or email [email protected] Professor David Denning is available for down the line or studio interviews.


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Address:Chiswick Old Town Hall, Turnham Green
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.thisisgoodwork.org

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DAE Global First To Sponsor GNEX 2015

Perspective Group announces that DAE has confirmed participation in its fifth consecutive Global Networking Expo (GNEX Conference).

DAE, the largest privately owned timeshare exchange provider in the world has supported the GNEX Conference platform since its inception in 2011.

Now, as preparations for the fifth Annual event get underway, not only has DAE confirmed Platinum Sponsorship again just weeks after the hugely successful GNEX 2014 event in Sarasota, Florida, the company has also committed to take full control of one of the popular nightly social events, which in contribution terms, is equivalent to two Platinum Sponsorships.

“This year’s GNEX Conference in Sarasota, Florida was a relaxed and enjoyable affair, with inspiring content and fantastic networking,” said Francis Taylor, CEO of DAE.  “For DAE, it was an opportunity to interact with so many new entrants into the market – both to share our input with them and also to see what new ideas and ventures they are bringing to the industry.”

DAE also picked up several Perspective Magazine Awards, which are presented during the GNEX Conference each year, including Best Overall Company (under 250 employees), Best Consumer Product for its free worldwide exchange membership, and Best Customer Service; an accolade they have won four times now in consecutive years.

“We were extremely honoured to win such significant awards at this prestigious event, and to have our hard work and dedication to the very best customer service recognised by the industry. Now, we are again thrilled to be sponsoring this event and look forward to 2015 in San Diego as another opportunity to come together with friends and colleagues, sharing a common goal in moving this great industry forward.”

GNEX Conferences are held in different luxurious destinations each year. Previous events have included Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas in 2011, followed by Ritz Carlton Cancun in Mexico, Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California and Ritz Carlton Sarasota in Florida.

“DAE has supported GNEX from the beginning and we are delighted that they continue to increase their involvement year after year, which is testament to the value of our conferences,” said Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, Perspective Group.

GNEX 2015 moves the event to San Diego, California and will be held at the magnificent Manchester Grand Hyatt from 15-18 February 2015. GNEX Conferences attract senior level executives from more than 100 companies across 6 continents – and with nearly 50 registered delegates after just one week of making tickets available, this next event is heading for another record-breaking year.

About DAE (Dial An Exchange):

DAE has grown significantly since it first opened its doors in 1997.  A strong focus on quality customer service has led to their continued growth as over 50% of their new memberships have been the result of personal referrals.  Today, the company services over 1 million timeshare owners (including 500,000 direct members) at resorts and clubs through 12 offices worldwide, and is a truly viable option for all timeshare, points and fractional owners to exchange their weeks and points or credits products. DAE’s robust set of membership benefits makes it easy for owners to truly enjoy their vacation ownership experience. Their simple, flexible and innovative direct to consumer approach has evolved into a range of business development and support tools for their business partners such as resorts, management companies and Home Owners Associations who are looking for a competitive edge to support their rapid growth.

DAE offers a value added Gold Advantage benefits program along with low exchange fees, a 3-year credit for every banked week, 24/7 live access to exchange weeks, personalized customer service, worldwide vacation availability, discounted rental weeks in prime locations and informative monthly e-Newsletters providing travel tips, destination ideas and money saving promotions and offers. At DAE, the timeshare owners’ needs come first and foremost and quality of service is never compromised. For more information, please visit www.daelive.com

About GNEX Conference:

Hosted by Perspective Group, leading global PR & Multimedia Company for the timeshare industry, the Global Networking Expo is an annual event that brings together top executives from leading companies around the world together for a few days of networking and industry enrichment.

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Merlin Software For Vacation Ownership Set To Bring Cloud Computing To ARDA 2014

Merlin Software for Vacation Ownership, the leading provider of cloud-based software-as-a-service to the resort industry, will once again be participating at the upcoming ARDA World 2014. The event takes place from April 6-10 at the Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On April 9 from 9am Merlin’s Mike Ashton will be joining the ARDA IT Smorgasbord panel considering how much of this function should be kept in house and how much to hand off to third party specialists.

In the convention’s exhibition hall, the Merlin team will be demonstrating the software directly from the company’s booth (#936).

“Anyone with an interest in cloud computing can pop by and we’ll show how easy it is to run your entire resort operation in the cloud – and the cost and operational benefits of this form of technology,” explained Mike Ashton.

One of the most important elements of Merlin today is Merlin Member Interactive which is functionality that allows owners to transact online directly from a resort’s website – with Merlin capturing all the data to a single database for resort staff to access.

With a Merlin Member Interactive page, members can:

  • Login to their personal account
  • Change their personal details
  • View their ownerships
  • Check availability
  • Make and amend reservations
  • Bank/deposit and rent their weeks
  • Order additional services
  • Update their travel arrangements
  • Pay management fees

New for 2014 is Merlin’s web services programme with an advanced application-programming interface (API) that allows greater integration with third-party systems.

This enables companies with skilled IT departments to build custom applications and employ Merlin technology to gain greater control of the construction and optimisation of their websites.

“We’ve built a supercar and we know it works. Now we’re giving resorts access to all its parts, so they can build their own according to their specifications,” added Mike Ashton.

Merlin Software for Vacation Ownership, is the leading provider of cloud-based enterprise software for the vacation ownership industry.

Developed as state of the art business application software, Merlin is the only complete enterprise timeshare software system to be cloud-based and served over the Internet on demand using the SaaS model (Software as a Service). Users access their Merlin accounts securely via a web browser anywhere with an Internet connection.

Merlin’s front to back functionality includes marketing, sales, front office, property management and back office modules and website integration for members and prospects. This form of software as a service (SaaS) helps businesses become more efficient and productive and makes bringing new products and services to market faster and easier.

The technology platform for Merlin consists of a Microsoft SQL Server database back end with the front end built using Active Server Pages (Browser Front End). As Merlin is served over the Internet there is no requirement for any expensive communication links or hardware and can be accessed from wherever there is an Internet connection.

For more information on Merlin Software contact Mike Ashton at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 7753 910788.

You can also find further news and information at Quickmerlin.com or by joining us at facebook.com/MerlinSoftware

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National Timeshare Owners Ramps Up Outreach Efforts Through New Helpline

The National Timeshare Owners Association (http://www.nationaltimeshareownersassoc.com) today announced a new toll-free consumer helpline (1-844-ASK-NTOA) which, along with their existing Feedback Page will allow consumers to access the Association for assistance with timeshare related issues and provide feedback on great experiences.

“The timeshare industry touches thousands of people each and every day. Those combined touch points are incredibly valuable to the NTOA as we strive to shine a light on some of the great aspects of the industry as well as identify potential areas of concern to owners”, says Greg Crist, President and CEO.

The association is seeking input on the following areas:  Fraudulent Resale Activity, Transfer and Donation Scams, Usage / Booking Issues, Sales and Marketing, Exchange, HOA, and other General ownership matters. Consumers need not be current NTOA members and may remain anonymous if they wish.  This data will be compiled and used to steer future NTOA activities and strategies including awarding of the association’s annual Consumer Protection and Exceptional Customer Service awards which in 2013 went to the Washington State attorney General’s Office and Summer Bay Resorts, respectively.

“Our association is the largest of its kind in North America and we want our members and community to know that we are listening and working on issues that are of paramount importance to them, not on what we deem important”, concluded Crist.

The helpline number is 1-844-ASK-NTOA (1-844-275-6862) and the feedback page can be accessed at http://www.nationaltimeshareownersassoc.com/contact-us/share-your-thoughts/

About NTOA

For nearly 20 years, the National Timeshare Owners Association has worked to foster a better understanding of the benefits, value and usage of timeshare ownership through information and educational programs. We are dedicated to working with consumers and the timeshare community to encourage timeshare usage, educate the public on the benefits and responsibilities of timeshare ownership and insure a better timeshare experience for everyone. For more information visit http://www.nationaltimeshareownersassoc.com/



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Zixiutangbeepollen.org Offers High Quality Products of Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Diet Pills

Bee Pollen products show effects within 7 to 15 days

One of the most popular slimming products all around the world is Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Pills provided by Zixiutangbeepollen.org. 130mg of bee pollen helps digest 3 pounds of food.

Consumption of Zi Xiu Tang bee pollen pills at the right dosage helps to lose fat, gain muscle and they are healthy.

These diet pills supply the right amount of nutrients to the body to ensure health and fitness and to make the user healthy and attractive

Bee pollen pills are a natural way to improve metabolism and weight loss. Bee pollen diet pills supposedly speeds the process of converting sugar into energy providing oxygen that fat can use to speed their conversion into energy. Lecithin is another component of bee pollen that supposedly speeds the rate at which calories are burned. It also aids in the digestive process and assimilation of nutrients. Bee pollen also has diuretic qualities and is said to reduce cravings and hunger.

One of the most popular slimming products in current US market is Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Pills. People are getting amazing results from it. More and more weight losers are taking and recommending it. Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen speeds up the fat consumption, stopping the body absorbing fat and accelerating the fat breaking up.

Weight losers reshape bodies in a short period of time; people love it as this is a 100% natural slimming product made from Chinese traditional herbs.

The Top Quality Effective Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Diet Pills will bring visible results in just 7-15 days.

We recommend visiting the shop http://www.zixiutangbeepollen.org; they are always on top to provide high quality Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen to let weight losers gain good effects.

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Contact Person: Joel Bowman
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Phone: 207 498 8080
Address:426 Martin Way East # D
City: Sunderland
State: Maine
Country: United States
Website: http://www.zixiutangbeepollen.org

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AnastasiaDate to Participate in their First-Ever Gumball 3000 Rally This Summer

AnastasiaDate signs up to the popular GumBall 3000 Rally to take its message of love on the road from Miami to Ibiza.

This year’s GumBall 3000 Rally will see the faces of beautiful and exciting women from AnastasiaDate at the wheel of one of the raciest entries ever. The popular and globally celebrated online international dating service has just confirmed its participation in the 3,000-mile road rally that will travel from Miami to Ibiza. This is a first-time participation for the dating site, which believes that it can take its message of love and romance across the miles and into the hearts of all those involved. As part of the activity, AnastasiaDate will host a sweepstake for the chance to meet the lady drivers en route.

“AnastasiaDate has entered its first ever Gumball 3000 Rally with the added attraction of hot prizes for men and lady members of the website,” says Lawrence Cervantes, the Chief Communications Officer for AnastasiaDate. “In addition to the excitement of following our progress, we are offering exciting prizes to members who enter Anastasia’s Gumball Rally sweepstake. They can even win a trip to see the famous Gumball 3000 Rally in action and meet the ladies.” 

AnastasiaDate will give several beautiful Russian ladies on their portal the honor of driving the company’s car at this year’s rally. These smart and stunning ladies are sure to add to the glitz, glamour and intrigue of the highly entertaining road adventure. Members will choose a gorgeous duo of drivers in a thrilling vote that will take place on the run-up to the event via social media. 

AnastasiaDate’s commitment to its lady members is reflected yet again in the gesture of allowing several of the beautiful Russian women members take control of the wheel in this year’s Gumball 3000 Rally. Women have always been a driving force behind the site and participation in the Gumball 3000 Rally will bring even more attention to their beauty and intelligence.

Gumball 3000 is the brainchild of ex-racing driver, designer, and British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper. The event gave shape to Cooper’s vision of combining cars, music, fashion, and entertainment to create a pop culture lifestyle brand of the future. Over the years, the popularity of the rally has skyrocketed and evolved into a weeklong festival that includes spectacular car shows, music concerts, action sport demos, and lots more. 

AnastasiaDate members will have the unique opportunity to enjoy two of their greatest passions in one place – fast cars and women who look as good as Russian models. For the chance to win top prize of meeting the ladies during the rally, members just have to follow the simple entry rules of having at least three photos and a verified phone number in their dating profile.

AnastasiaDate’s entry into the Gumball 3000 Rally is expected to bring even more excitement to gentlemen members, who already have the chance to chat with beautiful women in HD using CamShare or connect using the portal’s mobile app.

About AnastasiaDate:

AnastasiaDate is the leading international dating website that facilitates exciting and romantic companionship online with beautiful and interesting women from all over the world. Founded in 1993 by a Russian-American couple, AnastasiaDate has over 4 million international users and more than 100 million online visitors annually. Additionally, over 1.5 million conversations are exchanged onsite daily. AnastasiaDate is committed to member safety, customer satisfaction, and the ongoing pursuit of innovation and with offices in Moscow and New York, AnastasiaDate users are able to communicate across a variety of top-notch multimedia platforms, including video chat and a mobile app for Android devices available in the Google Play store.

Media Contact
Company Name: Anastasia Date
Contact Person: Lawrence Cervantes
Email: Send Email
Phone: +1 (800) 356-3130
Country: United States
Website: http://www.anastasiadate.com

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ECVV Making Ripples with Quality & Affordable CCTV Security Cameras

ECVV has recently streamlined its security camera online sales wing and many new products are added with very attractive prices. More than 275 Dome security cameras and quite lot of other CCTV Security Cameras are displayed on ECVV portal.

SHENZHEN, China – March 31, 2014: Quality security cameras with advanced features are essential to maintain a perfect surveillance system. ECVV has listed its new range of CCTV Security Camera and other supporting surveillance systems which are making ripples in the security product market as the products are attractively priced!

Closed – circuit television, CCTV, is mainly used to monitor the internal activities of a building or premises and its surroundings. Video cameras are used to transmit video signals of the object to the monitors kept in the display rooms or controls rooms. Different types of cameras, such as CCTV Dome Camera and CCTV Security Camera are used to record the signals and transmit the signals to the monitors. ECVV has recently streamlined its security camera online sales wing and many new products are added with very attractive prices. More than 275 Dome security cameras and quite lot of other CCTV Security Cameras are displayed on ECVV portal.

ECVV’s market presence and its growth are beyond the prediction of any market watchdogs. Company CEO Mr. Steven Chen said, “We have put lot of efforts to emulate our company with the leaders of the B2B players. Now, I can say confidently that the company has surpassed the struggle of establishing its dominance in the market”. He was ecstatic in saying that, “We are the best in security product sellers in the online market, in terms of price, quality and reliability”. He further said, “We are planning everything well in advance and we are even prepared to participate in the China Sourcing Fair, which shall be conducting at Hong Kong in April, 2014”.The sourcing fair has a long a way to go, but this shows the company’s dedication to understand the growing trends of security market. The much needed stimulus required to solidify the presence of ECVV in the global online market can be reinforced by having close observation of the latest development in the security industry.

ECVV and Security products

In CC TV Security Camera, one can have wide range of choices from CCTV Ptz Camera, CCTV CCD Security Camera, CCTV Dome Camera, CCTV Digital Camera, Dome CCTV Camera and CCTV Infrared Camera from the online product list of ECVV. All these cameras are being supplied by reputed manufacturers. All offered security cameras are supported with manufacturers guarantee. Professionally managed customer care service is all equipped to serve the clients grievances. These unequivocal services are set to make the company different from its peers!

Why security products are important

Growing competition, terrorist activities invited to step up the security services all over the world. The security market hit the radar after the World Trade Centre attack by the terrorist in 2011 and as result the global security market experienced unprecedented demand. Aftermath of the WTC incident, government security agencies are insisting to install surveillance system in all public places, high rise building, factories, railway stations, crowded cities etc. The main image capturing devices are the cameras such as CCTV Security Camera and CCTV Dome Camera. The higher the resolution, the images captured by the camera will be having better clarity.

Installation of security camera will help to record continuously the events happening in the targeted area and that will help the authorities to play back and find out the details, if required. The camera is connected with the computers and video information is saved in the computers. There are high tech security cameras, with features to record the images in a micro of chip of the camera. CCTV is really helpful to create a sense of security for the common people.

Media Contact
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Contact Person: ECVV Online Marketplace for Wholesale
Email: Send Email
Phone: +86 731 89824048
Address:Rm.407, Software Bldg., No.662 Lugu Road
City: Changsha
State: Hunan Province
Country: China
Website: http://www.ecvv.com

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Tax Season Creates Higher Demand for Factoring Services

Henry Wozow, CEO of Universal Funding says, “We usually see an increase in inquiries at the end of Q1 due to companies needing invoice factoring to meet their tax obligations. This year the trend seems to be escalating.”

Every spring businesses face tax time and they must prepare their information for taxes. Many business owners put off the timely task because they think they will owe. In some instances they put it off by filing extensions until the money is available.

Factoring helps business owners so they do not have to file an extension or gain interest on an outstanding balance. Factoring can free up funds so that an unpaid tax balance can be paid off to prevent liens from affecting future cash flow. Universal Funding, one of the country’s leading invoice factoring companies, reports that the 2014 tax season is creating a much bigger demand for factoring than any previous year.

Henry Wozow, CEO of Universal Funding says, “We usually see an increase in inquires at the end of Q1 due to companies needing invoice factoring to free up funds to meet their tax obligations. This year this trend seems to be escalating. I believe it’s an indication that business owners are more aware of invoice factoring and not necessarily an indicator of changes in the economy.”

Twenty years ago most business owners didn’t know about invoice factoring as a financing option. Today, most business owners recognize the value of invoice factoring for meeting payroll, making their bills, and now meeting their tax obligations. Tax time can be a stressful time of year for most businesses, but being able to pay off taxes in one quick transaction rather than delaying the inevitable is one benefit of factoring with Universal Funding.

About Universal Funding:

Universal Funding Corporation is a direct funding source providing companies with working capital to stabilize cash flow and foster growth. Since 1998, Universal Funding has been factoring receivables and developing personalized solutions by looking at an individual business, the climate of their industry, and the strength of their customers. Universal Funding is committed to its clients and are able to offer scalable programs that grow as their customer’s business grows. Universal Funding assembled a dynamic team of specialists who strive to provide excellent service so that their customers know that Universal values the quality of its business relationship far more than the quantity of business that they do together. Universal Funding, an invoice factoring company based in Spokane, Washington, provides factoring services for companies throughout the United States.

Media Contact
Company Name: Universal Funding Corporation
Contact Person: Heather Burford, Marketing Manager
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-405-6035
Address:16201 East Indiana Avenue, Suite 2600
City: Spokane
State: WA
Country: United States
Website: http://UniversalFunding.com

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Men & Women Disagree Again — They Won’t Watch the Same Movies

Everyone loves to watch movies these days and the best part is that individuals are given a wide range of thousands of movies to choose from as a massive number of movies are released very year. Cineman.ch is one of the most well-known and exclusive Swiss movie portals online with a member base of 200,000 people worldwide. Most of the members at the movie portal are from Germany, France and Switzerland.

Over the recent years, the online movie platform has managed to grab the attention of millions of people worldwide and also has attained both local and international recognition. Basically, the movie portal features one of the most awaited movies of 2014 for the utmost convenience of all the members. Apart from the movies, the site is also known to offer other news and updates about the latest programs to their members who are interested.

The categories of ‘new cinema’ and ‘playing movies’ is featured on the main page of the website in order to help people to know all the latest movies that are being anticipated or being played currently in different parts of the world. Basically, the members at cineman.ch tend to vote for all the moves which they have watched over a long period of time and reveal the many latest movies they are awaiting in the long run.

The most anticipated movies of 2014 have now been featured on the website for people to see and watch as soon as they are released officially. Since the website needs to learn from the general public, which are their members, about which movies they are anticipating the most in 2014, votes are casted for the purpose. As men and women do not agree on watching the same movies, conflicts arise, which is exactly why the list of awaited movies includes a wide range of different movies which are going to be released soon.

The watchlist and box office charts are also provided on the website for the convenience of all the thousands of members that use cinema.ch in order to see the best and the most awaited films 2014. Moreover, the trailers which have been reviewed the most as well as a lot of new movie reviews are also available. In order to acquire all the new movie information and the benefits of the websites, individuals are recommended to register to it.

About Us:

Cinaman.ch is a highly reputable and widely recognized Swiss portal that reveals the most anticipated and currently playing movies all over the world.

For more information, please visit: http://sn.im/cineman.chfr

Media Contact
Company Name: Cinaman.ch
Contact Person: Shashank Tripathi
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Country: United States
Website: http://sn.im/cineman.chfr

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