21st Century Television Focuses on the Big Data Analytics Intelligent Software Solutions Offered by Atigeo

Compassionate Technology Company Featured on Award Winning Show

Boca Raton FL, May 30, 2014 – Big data is a popular buzz word in the business world today, but how are companies storing and processing that data? In an in-depth interview with Michael Sandoval, Founder and CEO of  Atigeo, 21st Century Television reveals the process and importance of intelligent big data processing.  The Atigeo feature story will air on the Fox Business Network (as pd. prog) on May 31, 2014 at 4:30pm EST.

Atigeo, refers to itself as  “a compassionate technology company turning science into products and services for a wiser world”. Their innovation and key differentiator is xPatterns, an intelligent big data platform that was created to lower the barrier to working with big data in real time, no matter how diverse and voluminous it may be. The unique way xPatterns rapidly associates concepts in even the most complex, disparate data volumes produces actionable intelligence, revealing unforeseen connections and insights for any industry.

“Today’s businesses store more data in a few days than all the data stored in the last century,” says Sandoval. “Rather than have hundreds of employee hours spend in data compilation, entry and analytics, the Atigeo software is designed to change the business logging traditions of the past few decades to streamline the process.”

As the first to offer a 360×360 degree platform, Atigeo software analyzes all data and generates an optimal solution without human interaction, finding patterns throughout the data.

“So many companies are still using an old 20th century system for gathering, entering and storing data,” notes J.L. Haber, Vice President of Programming for 21st Century Television. “There is just too much information that needs to be stored and readily available to continue in this outdated approach and we see Atigeo forging a clear path to the software solutions of the future.”

To learn more about Atigeo’s xPatterns technology tune in to Fox Business Network (as pd. prog) on May 31, 2014 at 4:30pm EST

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Google lauches privacy page for EU

Google has launched its Rights to Be Forgotten page on Friday, where the residents of the European Union can request that the links to information displayed about them be removed from search results.Google, Motorola

The web page has been launched by the search engine giants just 18 days after Europe’s high court ruled that under the European privacy laws, the individuals have the right to request search engines to remove links to information about them that is “inadequater, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or exessive in relation to the purposes for which they were processed.”

The experts have said that Google’s response was “impressively promt and practical.” The web form allows Europeans to submit requests that information about them can be de-indexed from Google’s search listings.

The form is so user friendly that the experts think that it might be overloaded with those wishing to be forgotten or wanting to stop information that is not relevant to be displayed. The experts have said page might face a tough time withstanding the pressure of the number of applicants and hits it will receive.

Google processes an estimated 90% of searches in Europe. It said it would assess each request and attempt to balance “the privacy rights of the individual with the public’s right to know and distribute information.”


IDC predicts tablet sales will fall in 2014

The rise fo the phone/tablet hybrids and the consumer’s willingness to continue using their current devices has had a negative impact on the tablet market and the research firm IDC has said that the market is expected to slow down in 2014.Tablet_Group_test_206PCA_206_Photoshoot-212

The forecasts for the global tablet shipments in 2014 has dropped to 245.4 million, as compared to the expected forecast of 260.9 million. The overall tablet shipment are expected to jump 12% for the year which is much lower than the 51% year over year surge the tablet market saw in 2013.

“The rise of phablets are causing many people to second-guess tablet purchases as the larger screens on these phones are often adequate for tasks once reserved for tablets,” IDC analyst Tom Mainelli. Mainelli says that the new smartphones with larger screens are playing major role in the tablet slowdown. “The shift back toward larger screens will mark a welcome sea change for most vendors as the average selling price for these devices will remain roughly 50 percent higher than the average sub-8-inch device.”

The consumers are also willing to hang on to older tablets a lot longer than the market experts had anticipated. According to the experts when those consumer do upgrade, they pass off their older devices to potential new tablet buyers.

L.A. sues JPMorgan Chase over foreclosures

Los Angeles has filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase and the city has said the it will be suing JPMorgan for mortgage discrimination that the city says led to a wave of foreclosures that negatively impacted neighborhoods, reduced the property taxes and increased the need for costly city services.100423_jpmorgan_reuters_328

The city attoney’s lawsuit, which was filed on Friday in the Federal court, states that the bank gave black and Latino money borrowers’ predatory home loans that the individuals could not afford. The lending of such high amounts lead to foreclosures when the housing bubble burst and the individuals who were involved in the lending were denied any refinancing.

JPMorgan has said that the bank is disappointed that the city attorney is taking, in what the bank calls “adversarial approach” to the problems that were caused by an economic slowdown and the circumstances and the situation was not under the banks control.

The city attorney had also filed a similar lawsuit in December against the Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup. All the banks that are involved in the lawsuit have denied the allegations against the banks and have stated that the situation of the economic crisis was not under their control and could not have done anything to avoid it.

Musk roll out space-taxi: Dragon V2 Capsule

Musk has just rolled out SpaceX’s new Dragon V2 capsule, which has a capacity of seven passengers and up to four tons of cargo. The company released their latest space taxi and experts have said that the interior of the capsule is both sleek and practical.dragon_alone_on_stage

The capsule has a control console with four flat touchscreens that are adapted for used from the oversize infotainment system screen that is also found in Tesla’s Model S electric car.

The new incorporation of the techonology shows that the two companies are looking for ways to work together, especially when it comes to development of SpaceX’s “space tax.” Musk has said that the Dragon V2 capsule should begin its manned test mission as early as 2016.

SpaceX has already shown that the company can deliver supplies to the International Space Station with it unmanned spaceship, which is under contract to NASA. The company has spent $2.5 billion with NASA since 2008. The company has said that they are now looking to take passengers to the space station on a regular basis. The firm, which is based out of Los Angeles suburb of Hawthorne, has said that their space taxis can go for up to 10 missions before the heatshield needs to be refurbished.

NASA has been facing a tough time sending their astronauts to the space station, as all of their shuttles are now retired and the agency has to pay up to $70 million per astronaut. Musk has said that the company will cut the cost to about $20 million. The new capsule will be more advanced.


Consumer spending dropped in April

The United States consumers spending dropped for the first time in April in a year. The economists saw this as an unexpected pause after a big jump in the consumer spending in the previous month. Despite the low figures the economists still feel that they wont derail the expected spring rebound of the economy.shopping-bags-retail-sales

The consumer spending, which credits to almost 70% of the overall economic activity, had fallen 0.1% in the month of April, the reports released by Commerce Department stated on Friday. The drop was the first time the consumer spending saw a decline in the past 12 months. The drop followed a 1% surge in spending in March, which marked the biggest increase in consumer spending in more than four years.

“It is obvious that after an unseasonably colder January and February consumers came out with a vengeance in March,” Chris Christopher, an economist at IHS Global Insight, said in a note to clients. “So, April’s poor showing on the spending front is payback for a strong March.”

The report released by the Commerce Department also show that the income rose 0.3% for the month of April after the income increased by 0.5% in March. That market the fourth consecutive monthly climb in income. The economy has been generating jobs at a good pace in past months, which included a gain 288,000 jobs in Aprl.


FBI, SEC probe Icahn, Mickelson and Walters

The Federal investigators have launched what is now being called “a major insider-trading probe involvinf finance, gambling and sports” that revolves around the trading of activist investor Carl Icahn, pro golfer Phil Mickelson and Las Vegas bettor Willam “Billy” Walters.Icahn-Enterprises-Nasdaq

According to the reports released on late Friday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Securities Exchange Commission are investigating whether Mickelson and Walters were involved in illegally trading on non-public information that the two had allegedly obtained from Icahn about the investments in public companies.

The feds have said that they are investigating whether the past three year Icahn had illegally provided Walters, who is well known in Las Vegas for his sports betting abilities, about some potentially market-moving investments that were to be made by Icahn’s company, Icahn Enterprises.

All three men under investigation have said that they do not possess any knowledge of the probe and are declining to comment on the case. “We do not know of any investigation,” Mr. Icahn told the Journal Friday. “We are always very careful to observe all legal requirements in all of our activities.” The suggestion that he was involved in improper trading, he said, was “inflammatory and speculative.”

Microsoft introducing smartwatch, Apple enters smart home business

The recent announcement by the tech giants have shown that there will be more competition in the smartwatch market as Microsoft plans to take a step towards the tech and Apple has said that they will introducing new smart home programming in the latest iPhones.Microsoft-Building

Microsoft, the tech giant, is the latest company that has reportedly started working on a smartwatch. According to the reports, the watch will feature mutiple sensors for measuring heart rate and work across iOS, Android and Windows devices. The competition in the smartwatch space has already been tough as Samsung and Google are close to launching their smartwatches in the market and reports have also come up that Apple is also currently working on its own device.

Apart from working on their launch of iPhone 6, the smartwach that company expects to launch soon and the take over of Beats Electronics, the company has said that they will be revealing their smart home featuring devices at the Worldwide Developers Conference that will be kicking off on Monday in San Francisco. The features of these smart home products would include Wi-Fi connectivity and support for voice controls through bluetooth.

Stocks climb as Dow and S&P 500 hit new closing highs

The bad shape of the economy seems to be improving by the week as the stock market rallied over the past week and Standard & Poor’s 500 and the Dow Jones industrial average both closed at new record highs on Friday.nasdaq-stock-market

The month of May has closed with a strong performance from the stock market as the stock went against the popular saying of “sell in May and go away.” For the month the Standard & Poor’s 500 index has gained 2.1% and the Dow Jones industrial average has gained 0.8%, Nasdaq also saw a good month as the tech-heavy index gained 3.1% for the month.

The Dow Jones industrial average ended 0.1% to its new closing record of 16,717.17. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index saw a jump of 0.2% and closed at yet another new record high of 1923.57. Nasdaq was the only loser of the day as the tech-heavy index dropped 0.1% and settled at 4,242.62.

Asian markets were mixed. Japan’s Nikkei 225 declined 0.3% to 14,632.38 and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index rose 0.3% to 23,081.65. European bourses were mostly lower. London’s FTSE 100 index fell 0.4% to 6844.51 and France’s CAC 40 index dropped 0.2% to 4519.57.


Valeant post new bid for Allegran for $53 billion

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International have come forward with a new bid for their acquisition of Allegran for the second time this week. The company has said that they are now willing to offer $72 and portion of its stock for each Allegran share.0528valeant

The company made the announcement on Friday after they had previously increased their bidding price on Wednesday, when the pharmaceutical company said that they are willing to pay $58.30 for Allegran.

The latest bid has been estimated to be worth $53 billion, based on Thursday’s closing price for the United States traded shares of Valeant. The company has said that they are contingent on Allegran engaging in a prompt, good-faith negotiation of a merger agreement.

After the news was announced the shares of Allegran, based out of Irvine, California, increase 6% in the afternoon trading on Friday. Valeant also saw a boost in their share prices as the company reported a 1.6% price increase in their share value.

Allegran had rejected an offer of nearly $46 billion from Valeant earlier this month, saying that the bid was undervalued. On Wednesday, Valeant increased the intial bid to $25 per share and now this is the third offer that the company has made for the drugmaker.