LUCESCU REALTY Announces Financing of Huntington Oaks Center in Monrovia (Los Angeles), California for $71 Million

Bed Bath & Beyond at Huntington Oaks Shopping Center in the City of Monrovia (Los Angeles), California.
LUCESCU REALTY announced today the financing of Huntington Oaks Shopping Center in the City of Monrovia (Los Angeles), California, for $71.0 million. LUCESCU REALTY exclusively represented the interests of the borrower, Huntington Oaks Delaware Partners, LLC and procured the lender, Bank of America, N.A. The financing package included a $60.5 million senior mortgage and a $10.5 million mezzanine loan.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIF. – Mark Lucescu, President of LUCESCU REALTY, a market leading investment real estate services firm, announced today the financing of Huntington Oaks Shopping Center in the City of Monrovia (Los Angeles), California, for $71.0 million. LUCESCU REALTY exclusively represented the interests of the borrower, Huntington Oaks Delaware Partners, LLC and procured the lender, Bank of America, N.A. The financing package included a $60.5 million senior mortgage and a $10.5 million mezzanine loan; that together replaced a $51 million mortgage from Wachovia Bank.

Huntington Oaks Center is a 328,711-square-foot community shopping center, anchored by Kohl’s, Trader Joe’s, Toys ‘R’ Us, Marshalls and Bed Bath & Beyond. The five major tenants occupied 197,852 square feet. The blue-chip tenant roster also included Petco, Party City, Black Angus, LensCrafters, Mimi’s Café, Chili’s, Kirklands, Chase Bank, Applebees, Panera Bread, Chipotle, Chuck E Cheese, Rubio’s, Panda Express, Smashburger, GNC, Menchies, Sally Beauty and Wells Fargo Bank.  

“It’s an institutional quality piece of real estate, built in an affluent residential community in Los Angeles,” noted Lucescu. “The borrower developed the property 28 years ago and it has maintained its market dominance since completion.”

Built in 1986, Huntington Oaks Center is situated on a 26.1-acre parcel, at the southeast quadrant of Interstate 210 and Huntington Drive. The property, which enjoys 1,400 feet of highway frontage along Interstate 210, is currently 98.0% leased with 91.3% regional and national tenants in the leased gross leasable area. Monrovia is well-positioned within the Pasadena/Arcadia/Monrovia submarket, which leads the Los Angeles market in lease rates and occupancy levels. The average household income within a 3-mile radius is $100,823.

According to Lucescu in discussing the latest market trends, “We expect core and core plus offerings to continue to garner very high lender demand due to the dearth of available inventory and the surplus of capital pursuing these types of offerings. In addition we anticipate the major MSAs along the west coast to continue to receive the greatest demand from the capital markets.”

LUCESCU REALTY is a market leading investment real estate services firm that uniquely combines major capital markets expertise with a complete and thorough understanding of real estate fundamentals to execute a wide range of services on behalf of its clients. Scope of services include sale transactions, advisory/consulting, debt/equity placement, market research and financial services. LUCESCU REALTY specializes in individual property and portfolio transactions, on behalf of public and private companies worldwide, involving neighborhood, community, power, and lifestyle centers, regional malls, and suburban and central business district office buildings. The hallmark of LUCESCU REALTY is its ability to maximize value through its exclusive focus on sale transactions, access to the full spectrum of both public and private investors, intimate local market knowledge through its in-house group of market analysts, tailored marketing strategies, and depth of capital market experience. LUCESCU REALTY is annually recognized as one of the most active brokerage firms in the United States. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, LUCESCU REALTY has regional offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada and plans to open an office in San Francisco later this year. For more information, please visit

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Essential iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak/Unlock iPhone 5, 6, 5s, 4S, 5c and Capable for iOS 8 Untethered Continuity

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Following the release of the Evasi0n jailbreak tool — the first such tool for the iPhone 5,5S/5C iPad Air, iPad Mini, and fifth-generation iPod touch — there’s been a resurgence of interest in jailbreaking and what it has to offer the iDevice owner. While jailbreaking is not be compatible with BYOD, for those who use their devices for personal use, it is a great way to add new features to a device. While many of you already know of the benefits of jailbreaking, others are curious as to what jailbreaking has to offer. Perfect Professional iOS 7.1.3./7.1.2./8 Jailbreak iPhone 5S,5,5C,4S,4,3Gs and Unlock available for all iDevices.

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‘Modeltrainfigures’ Emerges As A Preferred Provider Of Scale Model Figures and Model Trees

‘Modeltrainfigures’ a renowned company when it comes to providing scale model figures has emerged as the preferred alternative for the same in the recent past. The company is providing several types of model figures for any kind of project for customers across the globe.

‘ModelTrainFigures’ a well-known company related to providing model train trees and scale model figures has emerged as the preferred provider of the same. The company has been into the business for many years and provides several types of scale model figures such as toy trains figures, scale model trees, model railroad figures, model railways figures, printed z scale model figures and many more. The company is known for providing high quality figures at affordable prices.

‘ModelTrainFigures’ has also opened a Yahoo group for serving the international customers. The company is providing wide verities of scale model trees as well such as townershape trees, model palm trees and many more. The company is also offering shipping services for customers all over the world.

Speaking to the media, a representative of the company said, “We are really very happy on becoming a preferred provider of scale model figures. We are providing the high quality products to customers across the world. Our products are very helpful in raising the level of customer’s project. We have wide varieties of models figures that would suits any kind of project. We also provide the scale model trees figures.” He further added, “We are highly thankful to our customers for their great responses and would definitely add some more scale models figures in our products lists.”

If experts of the field are to be believed, the reason behind this huge popularity are the quality products, wide collection, different size options, affordable prices and shipping services among others. The new offers and discounts of company are also attracting more customers towards it.

Customers can buy the products directly from the company’s website. The company accepts payments through PayPal.

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Java ‘The New Biz Coach’ Presents Entrepreneurial Seminar on Friday, October 17, 2014 Arlington, Virginia

Java ‘The New Biz Coach’ will be presenting and hosting an entrepreneurial seminar titled “It’s My Time…My Passion…My Purpose! – Entrepreneur Empowerment Seminar” the event is schedules to be held on Friday, October 17, 2014: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EDT) Arlington, Virginia. Three other noted celebrity speakers will also be a part of the seminar. The theme of the seminar has been tailored to help business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs learn important and particle information that are considered to be critical to being an entrepreneur and will help them grow their business. The event’s website states: “In this MUST-SEE one-day seminar you’re going to hear from some of the most powerful female speakers in business to help you either boost your current profits and success, or to help you get your own business off the ground from START to FINISH!”

The Seminar will feature the following topics:

Knowing How To Find The Right Target Market That Can Lead You To Success!

Understanding How to Identify the Right Profitable Niche within That Market!

And Lastly, Knowing How To Properly Use Marketing To Boost Sales and Profits!

These topics are mainly rooted in the field of Marketing, basic knowledge of marketing is one of the most important tools of running a business today. It teaches entrepreneurs how to identify, attract and maintain profitable customers that are imperative for the growth of any business. The 4 main speakers that will be talking about entrepreneurship and success during this seminar are:

Java ‘The New Biz Coach’: Java Tillman has been a business coach to numerous companies belonging to different industries helping them with her exemplary skills and extensive knowledge and experience of running a successful business.

Nene Leakes: Nene is a successful American actress, television personality, producer, author and fashion designer.

Kellie Williams: Kellie is an American actress best known for her role as Laura Winslow on the ABC/CBS television series Family Matters.

Ashley Harris: ( Daughter of 1996 Washington , D.C. murdered victim , “Shaquita Bell”) Ashley is an At Risk Youth Mentor and Youth Mentor for those of Murdered Parents .

More expert guest speakers are planned to be added. The “It’s My Time…My Passion…My Purpose! – Entrepreneur Empowerment Seminar” will be a rare opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn important knowledge which will assist them in boarding their horizons and see new profitable opportunities to make their business successful.

About Entrepreneur Empowerment Seminar: Entrepreneur Empowerment Seminar” will be held on Friday, October 17, 2014: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EDT) Arlington, Virginia, Java ‘The new Biz Coach will be hosting the event. The Charity Partners of this event will be Bread for the City and Capital Area Food Bank. Tickets are available for $57 Limited Time Special Price. For more information please visit:

Media Contact: [email protected], 703-659-0855

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Sydney SEO Experts Announce Launch of New Partnership : Sydney SEO Partners

Sydney SEO experts are coming together to launch a new partnership : Sydney SEO Partners. The directors of Sydney based companies Ztue Marketing, Safe SEO and Wyserly Digital Agency that make up the new partnership are excited about the synergies and economies of scale achieved by this joining of forces.

This syndicate of SEO businesses have been working together for some time collaborating on client projects and it was a logical move to commence a more formalised arrangement and hence Sydney SEO Partners was borne. These companies have a wealth of combined experience in ranking websites and YouTube videos, as well as lead generation for local and offshore business owners.

Interested parties can view the new partnership website here:

Significant Sydney SEO companies coming together in this new partnership include Ztue Marketing, Safe SEO and Wyserly Digital Agency. The directors of these companies making up the new partnership are excited about the synergies and economies of scale achieved by joining forces in the new venture.

Tony Adams, founding partner of Sydney SEO Partners said ” clients will achieve significant benefits in the bringing together of the teams in this new partnership of Ztue  Marketing, Safe SEO and Wyserly Digital Agency. All have different strengths and client specific expertise including search engine optimisation for website ranking, YouTube video ranking and social media marketing can now be all accessed under the one roof.”

The founding directors of Sydney SEO Partners bring over 30 years of combined experience to this new partnership.  Ztue Marketing with specific local marketing expertise, Safe SEO with extensive global and local SEO expertise and Wyserly Digital Agency having specialised knowledge in local and international social media.

Members of the new partnership have concluded that the rapidly changing landscape of compliance with Google’s algorithms has meant a sharing of expertise was inevitable. Regardless of the medium used clients will now be able to access cutting edge optimization strategies from the respective partnership experts.

Those interested in learning more about Sydney SEO Partners and what they can do for them can visit the website:

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Telugu Movie “Govindhudu AndariVaadele” Creating Huge Buzz A Week Prior To Its Release

Govindhudu AndariVaadele Telugu Movie Review
“Govindhudu AndariVaadele” an upcoming Telugu movie has created a wonderful buzz before its release. The expectations are high and a number of different factors support the same.

“Govindhudu AndariVaadele” a Telugu movie set to be released this weekend has already gained huge popularity among the fans across the nation. The box office prediction about the movie are very high. The movie has a star cast, renowned movie directors and the release during the long weekend that simply confirms that the movie is likely to be a huge hit. Iqlikmovies, a Tollywood film news portal today announced the release of a page for Govindhudu AndariVaadele review. In the review, viewers would be able to get all the desired information about the movie such as news, special reviews, rich stars gallery and box office collection details among others.

Speaking to the media, a representative of the movie said, “We are really very amazed by seeing the huge popularity of our upcoming movie that would be released on October 1, 2014.Censor board has passed our movie and so there will be no more delay in the release. We have casted Ram Charan in Govindhudu AndariVaadele along with Kajal Aggarwal. It is a wholesome entertainer.” He further added, “We are sure about its huge success, and we know that our audience will appreciate the story and songs.”

According to the sources, Ram Charan’s presence in the movie along with the Kajal Aggarwal is one of the greatest reasons for the viewers to be excited. The pair came together earlier in the superhit Magadheera, that garnered a cult classic fan following and the magic is expected to be repeated in this movie as well. “Yuvan Shankar Raja” has given the wonderful music and songs that are already attracting the attention of millions in the country.

The film director Krishna Vamsi has also casted Srikanth, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Prakash Raj, and Jayasudha among others. Jaay, one of the trade expert said, “You can say that Govindhudu AndariVaadele Review will be superb as you know media loves Ram Charan, and it is his cinema. Also, the mouth publicity could be awesome, and it would be a secure trended film.”

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Buy Targeted Website Traffic From ‘BuyTargetedVisits’

‘BuyTargetedVisits’ a well-known online marketing company is allowing users to buy targeted website traffic at affordable prices. The service assist in increasing the number of views, Google ranking, sales as well as revenue of the clients.

‘BuyTargetedVisits,’ a United Kingdom based company is helping customers from all over the world by providing targeted web traffic. The same results in better exposure and growth of the business. The traffic can be bought at affordable prices. The company has a big network of websites and online applications for reaching out to potential customers as per the requirement of their clients.

The company sets up the traffic campaigns in less than 24 hours after receiving an order. The login details of the related dashboard are sent to the clients from where they can pause, stop, and change their website traffic. The company is offering different packages for customers to view and choose from including Targeted traffic, Alexa traffic and Adult traffic. The prices related to each are mentioned on the website of the company and depends on the category as well as the number of unique visitors required.

Speaking to the media, a representative of the company said, “Yes we are offering the targeted traffic services that would assist clients in getting more unique visitors to their website resulting in increase in Google ranking as well as sales. We are providing the services at affordable prices and that ensures that there is no pressure on your bank account and you can focus on the core business.” He further added, “We aim to become the preferred alternative in providing website traffic services at affordable prices.”

The company is providing several useful services such as directory submission, press release submission to across 250 news sites and aggressive white hat SEO services. The strategies used by the website helps in improving the search engine visibility. The company provides 100 percent manual link building service for desired results.

The company is allowing customers to buy website traffic services directly from the site by filling a simple form. The company’s website is also has a blog section in which the customers would get the useful tips related to buying traffic for their website.

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Attentive Healthcare Website matches Clients with Trusted and Compassionate Senior Care Professionals

Website has recently launched an online service that has been designed to match clients with trained and trusted senior care professionals in there are across US. A trained professional in elder care management is able to meet the long term care needs of seniors appropriately, such professionals may need working knowledge of health and psychology which they acquire through training, and therefore it is important to be matched to trusted professionals who have applicable training and knowledge.

The Attentive Healthcare website has been created by an internet marketing company which exclusively deals in matching and connecting clients with professionals and companies that provide services such as senior care and management. To match clients with trusted and compassionate Senior Care professionals uses a three step process through which clients can get in touch with trusted home service professionals in their area including Florida, South Carolina, Missouri and other areas within US. The three step process that finds the most targeted and perfect caregivers involves the following stages:

Tell us: In this phase clients will an online form about describing the project category that best matches their senior health care needs. The clients will answer a few questions which will brief The Attentive Healthcare team member about the details of the job and the right pros that are most suitable for the particular task. After this they will contact the senior health care professional in the client’s area to ensure the best match.

Get Matched: Using the Professionals Finder Technology shortlist upto 4 senior health professionals and caregivers locally and inform the client. These recommended professionals are available to provide the specific services needed and would accept the job right away.

Get Connected: As soon as the request of the clients is processed, the company will send their information to the recommended pros, after which the clients will be contacted directly by the pros to further discuss the project.  Clients will then be able to contact their preferred pro when they have time.

This quick and hassle free  method enables Attentive Care clients to find the most trusted and compassionate senior care professionals for the best price located in close proximity to the job site. The unique matching process uses technology which accurately matches professionals and clients using various metrics to find the best possible price, and most targeted job for areas including Michigan and other areas in United States.

About is a website designed by an Internet Marketing company which brings an extensive list of healthcare professionals. For more information, visit:

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Celebrating the Fine Artist within the Architect

Beneath the Surface – What Rests Inside an Architect?

Forré Fine Art Gallery, in conjunction with the Urban Land Institute (ULI), Tropic Magazine and ADEPT Public Relations, invites all interested in fine art and architecture to the “Beneath the Surface” – What Rests Inside an Architect? Architect/Artist exhibition. The group exhibit will showcase the artistic work of eight architects, Victor Alvarez, Steven Davis, Thorn Grafton, Jose Grinberg, Margi Nothard, Don Singer, Peter Stromberg and Nathan Van Deman. An Architect/Artist Reception will be held on Thursday, October 9, from 6 to 9:30 p.m. at the Forré Fine Art Gallery on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. The exhibition will remain on display through October 22.

When creating pieces of work, it’s clear that architects are artists. The group show will focus on capturing the continuity and process of an architectural project as well as the various media that architects/fine artists use to express themselves in their day-to-day lives and the studio. The exhibition will include photographs, renderings and models of architects’ final projects as well as fine art from each using various media such as clay, paint, water color, photography and sculpture.

Artist/Architects selected include Steven Davis, partner at Davis Brody Bond, a leading architectural practice founded in New York and known for developing innovative solutions to complex design challenges. Davis is currently the designer of the National September 11 Museum at the World Trade Center. Joining him at the exhibit will be locally known founder of Singer Architects, Don Singer, and third generation South Florida architect, Thorn Grafton, Director of Sustainability Initiatives and preservation architect for Zyscovich Architects. Additionally, the work of Margi Nothard, President and Design Director of Glavovic Studio, will feature a merging of art, architecture and urban design in an innovative sustainable contemporary practice.

Space is limited. RSVP is essential. Guests may register for the event by clicking here, visiting the Southeast Florida/Caribbean Urban Land Institute website at or by calling 1-800-321-5011.

Selected Artist/Architects:

  • Victor Alvarez – Saltz Michelson
  • Steven Davis – Davis Brody Bond Architects
  • Thorn Grafton – Zyscovich Architects
  • Jose Grinberg – Grinberg & Topelson Architects
  • Margi Nothard – Glavovic Studio
  • Don Singer – Singer Architects
  • Peter Stromberg – Garcia Stromberg Architects
  • Nathan Van Deman – TBG Partners

About Forré & Co. Fine Art Gallery

Forré & Co. Fine Art Gallery features a diverse representation of contemporary art and sculpture. Exhibitions of artwork specialize in pieces from internationally renowned artists as well as nineteenth and twentieth century masterwork. To learn more about Forré & Co. Fine Art Gallery and the works of its artists, please visit

About The Urban Land Institute

The Urban Land Institute is a non-profit research and education organization supported by its 32,000 members worldwide. Members represent the entire spectrum of land use and real estate development disciplines working in both private enterprise and public service. The ULI Southeast Florida/Caribbean District Council encompasses the seven counties along Florida east coast from Indian River through Monroe Counties, as well as the Caribbean.

About Tropic Magazine

Tropic Magazine is the voice of Florida’s architecture, interior design and art communities. A magazine featuring praiseworthy articles, spectacular photography and a publication that promises to be nothing less than a collector’s item each month! To view digital issues of the magazine, please visit


Dana Pollitt
ADEPT Strategy & Public Relations
[email protected]

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Beloved Family Music Group The SqueeGees Release Second Album “Veggie Soup”

As one of the most popular children’s music groups, the SqueeGees have long been a favorite of young kids and their parents. The Redondo Beach band has been producing upbeat, family friendly tunes for a number years.  Their first album “Meet the SqueeGees” was an enormous critical and commercial success, helping secure them a place in the homes of millions of families.  The SqueeGees have now prepared their second album for release, “Veggie Soup”, which is almost assured of being an even bigger hit.

“Veggie Soup” will be released through Pierre de Reeder’s company, Little Record company.  This album will feature some important topics like environmentalism, healthy eating, musical instruments, dancing, Spanish and staying clean. The underlying theme of this record is SHEER HAPPINESS, but there are important lessons for children about preserving the environment, exercise and health conscious meals, and multiculturalism. 

In order to make “Veggie Soup” the fan favorite and commercial success it promises to be, the SqueeGees are asking the public to help support them financially.  While they estimate it will cost $12,000 to produce the album, manufacture and distribute the CD’s, and promote the album, the SqueeGees are only asking its fans to provide $8,000 through their Kickstarter campaign.  Although this crowdfunding campaign is a departure from their independent financing model which they used on their first album, these funds will help the group produce the best possible album. If financial support is not possible at this time, please consider publicizing the Kickstarter campaign on Facebook, Twitter or other community platforms.  To learn more about the SqueeGees and “Veggie Soup” or to make a financial contribution, please visit

Distributed by GetMeCrowdfunded

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