Coolpeds’ Latest Electric Scooter Offers Amazing Features at Affordable Price

Coolpeds has been a leader in the scooter industry both in design and quality products, so it is no surprise that their latest 7.7 kg Coolpeds Air electric scooter is one of the most advanced and appealing models available. Not only is the Coolpeds Air the lightest electric scooter in the world, but it has some truly innovative features like a 40 km charge in just two hours, a USB phone charging port and only a $299 price tag (for Early Bird models).

Like their other electric scooters, the Coolpeds Air is collapsible for easy storage, has zero emissions and is made from lightweight aircraft aluminum.  The high strength frame has a low center of gravity for greater stability and maneuvering, and can support up to 200 pounds. The lithium ion battery can be rapidly recharged and powers a motor that can produce up to 20 miles per hour. The easy to use thumb throttle system makes the Coolpeds Air simple to control and immensely safe.  The Coolpeds Air also has an electric horn and an LED lighting system to ensure optimal safety.  Some models also have an LCD blue backlight and USB charge port.

Coolpeds has long had a reputation as one of the most reliable suppliers of quality scooters, thus enjoying enormous support from the alternative travel community. The company is now offering its fans the opportunity to get a Coolpeds Air before the rest of the public.  Coolpeds has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and is offering up to $59,000 in scooters to supporters. Consumers may obtain various models of the Coolpeds Air depending on the size of their campaign contribution.  Special models only available through Indiegogo may feature personalized number plates, phone chargers, or a super-sized 18 Ah battery.  To learn more about Coolpeds Air or to make a contribution, please visit

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Floortown in Paramus, NJ, Announces HGTV Home Flooring by Shaw

Floortown in Paramus, NJ, recently announced its HGTV Home Collection, which includes exclusive flooring by Shaw.  Floortown’s HGTV Home Collection features carpet, hardwood, and laminate flooring, as well as area rugs.

Teaming up with the prestigious Shaw brand and HGTV, the premier home design show, Floortown is poised to sell stylish and affordable selections of its new HGTV Home Collection by Shaw. Many hues, materials, sizes, and patterns are available in all of the following flooring collections:

  • Carpet – HGTV Home carpet will enhance the comfort and appeal of your home by offering a variety of elegant patterns and textures. Durable and stain-resistant, these carpets will withstand heavy foot traffic, and loads of children and pet mishaps.
  • Hardwood – Hardwood floors from the HGTV Home collection can add distinction to any room in your home. From luxurious dark browns to lighter, more neutral tones, these hardwood floors can create an atmosphere of timeless class and natural charm.
  • Laminate – HGTV Home’s laminate flooring is as stylish as it is low maintenance. Perfectly mimicking hardwood in appearance, these gorgeous laminate floors are an affordable and stylish solution that can hold up beautifully to the wear and tear of a busy family lifestyle.
  • Area Rugs – With an HGTV Home area rug, you can easily upgrade a room with elegance, comfort, and a stylish focal point. Choose from a variety of high-end colors, styles, and shapes to instantly transform your space.

To learn more about the HGTV Home Collection at Floortown in Paramus, NJ, contact Floortown professionals at (888) 538-3092 or check out the Floortown website at Complete the online contact form to learn more about great selections of flooring in Paramus. The store serves many customers throughout Paramus, Ridgewood, Paterson, Hackensack, and Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

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Kiki Orski, Founder of Peak Performance Consulting Featured on Influencers Radio

Kiki Orski was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. Her company, Peak Performance Consulting, helps hospitals improve the patient experience.

Kiki Orski, the founder of Peak Performance Consulting, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize discussing how she is helping hospitals evaluate their patient satisfaction efforts on a deeper level and then make improvements that can make a dramatic difference in the patient experience.

Patient satisfaction survey scores, HCAHPS, have become a determining factor for certain types of insurance reimbursement for hospitals; as a result, hospitals are now financially vested in raising these scores.

Though many might view the benchmark for success to be whether or not the patient got better from the treatment they received, this is not necessarily what is being asked of the patients.

According to Orski, “When a patient goes to a hospital, the medical care that we give, the nursing care, the clinical care, they can’t judge that. They’re not the experts. They don’t know about the IV we’re giving them. They don’t know about the x-rays. They have their trust in us that, as experts, we’re doing what’s best.

But what they can judge is how we make them feel, how we treat them and how we approach them and how we answer their questions. It’s the people side of the business that they are able to judge us on. That’s what they’re an expert on.”

Orski believes that change has to start with the top leadership level of an organization. She shares, “We need to start with the leadership, because it’s the culture of an organization that will determine a lot of how we move forward with patient satisfaction. We want the leaders of the hospital to be the role models of how all our employees should behave. So we expect the same kind of behaviors out of our leaders that we do out of our employees.”

The leadership of a hospital should also be involved in making sure the accountability piece is in place for any policies or changes that are deemed necessary. It’s often difficult for an organization to see within itself what is wrong or lacking in an objective way. Orski excels at assisting with this and making sure all positive changes are sustainable.

The strategies she employs when she is working with a hospital ensure that the hospital is getting accurate, meaningful information from the patients they currently have and how they view their hospital stay.

Furthermore, Orski creates and provides the hospital with an action plan that, if implemented, will ensure immediate improvement. Orski would like to see hospital administrators strive to achieve 100% in their patient satisfaction scores, rather than compare themselves to other hospitals and be satisfied with less.

Listen to the full interview at:

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Veteran-Turned-Entrepreneur Craig Cummings to Present at Washington, DC “Vetrepreneur” Event Semper Startup October 15

Army Veteran and RideScout Co-Founder Craig Cummings will share his passion and experience founding, growing and selling a company at Semper Startup on the campus of George Washington University, October 15, 2014.

Every entrepreneur – veteran or otherwise – dreams of someday cashing-in via an IPO, or an acquisition by a larger company. For one veteran-founded tech company, RideScout, that dream recently came true, and members of their team will be sharing their experience with scores of fellow “vetrepreneurs” next month in Washington, DC.

Craig Cummings and his co-founder Joseph Kopser, both Army veterans, recently announced that their tech startup has been acquired by Daimler AG for an undisclosed sum. Their story is sure to be both motivational and educational for their audience of former military personnel now running their own businesses.

“I could not be more pleased that Craig has found time in his schedule to join us,” said Michael Beirne, founder of Mission: Entrepreneur which is organizing the Semper Startup event. “Role-modeling is a powerful strategy for every entrepreneur. What better role could you model after than a former soldier who co-founded, built and sold his tech startup?”

“Veterans are uniquely positioned to become successful entrepreneurs – they have extensive leadership training and are accustomed to pivoting quickly,” said Cummings. “Creating a supportive community is a critical part of success and I’m proud to participate in Semper Startup, a fantastic educational event for veteran entrepreneurs.”

Semper Startup is an educational and networking event created by Mission: Entrepreneur to inspire, encourage, and support veteran entrepreneurs across the country. While related events will take place all week, the focal point will occur from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 on the campus of George Washington University where TED-style talks will be presented by thought leaders including Cummings, Scott Duffy, Kim Walsh-Phillips and Kaihan Krippendorf, and a Shark Tank-type competition will take place among teams from veteran-founded firms.

For more information:

To buy tickets to Semper Startup:

About RideScout
RideScout is a technology platform that aggregates public, private and social rideshare on its free iOS and Android apps, allowing people to search and compare ground transportation options on demand and in real time. RideScout shows users transit, taxi, ride share, car share, bike share, carpool, walking, biking, driving and parking in one view, with real-time transit arrivals and traffic integration. The company is based in Austin, Texas with satellite offices in Washington, DC, San Francisco and Chicago. Please visit for more information.

Rachel Charlesworth
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About Mission: Entrepreneur
Mission Entrepreneur is an organization built to turn warrior leaders into business owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. Our object is to inspire, encourage and support veterans in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

  • Inspire: Getting Vets to realize that Entrepreneurship is something attractive to them.
  • Encourage: Through contact with mentors, team building, educational resources, accelerators, etc.
  • Support: Providing the Network and community to support their journey.


Michael Beirne
Champion and Founder
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Brad Korn Shows Real Estate Agents How to Make the Phone Ring with New Business

Real Estate Agents no longer have to struggle or worry about where their next client is coming from thanks to the Make The Phone Ring Again program.

Contrary to what many consumers believe, Real Estate Agents do not get paid unless they make a sale. In fact, Real Estate Agents are self-employed and responsible for all of their own expenses such as marketing, advertising, and other costs associated with running a business. While the upside income potential can be quite substantial, every agent must be focused on making their phone ring with new clients.

“An agent’s number one priority each day is to find that next buyer or seller,” said Brad Korn, agent and business coach. “I know first hand the power of keeping, maintaining and nurturing a database, so creating this program for other agents to follow was a natural fit.”

Unlike other industries such as insurance and financial planning who receive on-going commissions from the sale of products to their clients, Real Estate Agents are only paid once at time of closing. On a typical transaction an agent normally earns 3% of the sales price, but they do not get to keep all of that money. They must pay some to the brokerage they represent, save some for taxes and use some for business expenses. All of these cost can eat into the agents earnings and leave very little left over for marketing.

“Most agents fail because of one reason…they make the mistake of not creating a client database,” said Brad Korn. He went on to add, “And for the one’s who do keep some type of database, they struggle with how to effectively communicate and create referrals.”

Brad’s coaching program “Make The Phone Ring Again” is a turnkey program designed to help agents gain more clients. Agents who take his course learn how to master the understanding of how and why a more consistent follow up plan will increase their business.

“The Make the Phones Ring Again program doesn’t just give the agent a road map to more business, it also shows them how to automate many of the processes to be working for them when they are doing other activities, including spending time with their families,” said Brad Korn

Agents who have attended the program have been singing Brad’s praises for helping them benefit from a system that generates referrals and not even feeling as if they have done any work.

More information about the program can be found at

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Abacus Pod Rack is the Ultimate Accessory for Espresso Lovers

The kitchen is usually a cluttered place for most families, but a new product from Feoart and Avooq can help make the kitchen a bit more organized and elegant.  The Abacus Pod Rack is a savvy kitchen accessory that holds and dispenses Nespresso Coffee Capsules.  With the Abacus Pod Rack, espresso lovers will always have quick access to their favorite beverage.  The slim, stylish design allows the Abacus Pod Rack to be placed on virtually any surface in the kitchen, thereby eliminating one more container on a crowded shelf or table.

Crafted from an aluminum composite material with a rigid plastic core, the Abacus Pod Rack is both lightweight and durable.  The powder coated aluminum exterior comes in Speckled Silver, Charcoal Grey, White, Deep Blue, or Cherry Red, so they can accent almost any kitchen.  The Abacus Pod Rack requires no drilling to install; strong adhesive strips will safely secure the rack to any wall, cabinet door or under hang. Once installed, the Abacus Pod Rack can hold up to 36 Nespresso Coffee Capsules.

The Abacus Pod Rack has already been designed and is ready for mass production.  To allow consumers to obtain an Abacus Pod Rack before they are distributed to retailers, Feoart and Avooq have sponsored a campaign on Kickstarter. Campaign supporters may receive one or more Abacus Pod Racks, as well as the opportunity to feature a personal design on the packaging for all Abacus Pod Racks.  To learn more about the Abacus Pod Rack or to make a purchase, please visit and

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Celebrated Tarot Expert and Author, Jim Larsen, Adds to Canon on Tarot with “Tarot for an Enlightened Life”

Tarot cards are, by and large, a mystery to most people, which is why it requires expert guidance to unlock the mystical power in using them.  As one of the country’s most knowledgeable about the use of Tarot cards to divine upcoming events or secrets about someone, Jim Larsen has shared his encyclopedic knowledge of the subject to enable newcomers to more fully embrace and appreciate this particular form of mysticism. Having authored “The Double Oh Fool Guide to Tarot Mastery” as well as two books in the “Knowing From the Silence” series on meditation, Jim has established himself as an expert in the field.

Jim Larsen’s latest book, “Tarot for an Enlightened Life” reveals how anyone can unlock the secrets of Tarot to help them gain insight into the universe and people around them as well as into themselves.  Not only does “Tarot for an Enlightened Life” provide additional guidance into traditional Tarot usage, but it also adds new wisdom to the canon of Tarot knowledge.  Jim offers readers new ways of using these mystical cards to help them find their place in the world, help them in their personal journey through life, and provide a glimpse at what their future is likely to hold.

The past commercial success of his earlier books promises that “Tarot for an Enlightened Life” will likely fly off of the bookshelves, but Jim is asking his fans and the general public to support his latest project on Kickstarter.  With the $3,000 he would raise from a successful campaign, Jim will produce a visually appealing and well-designed tome that could satisfy longtime users of Tarot as well as entice newcomers.  In return for contributions, donors may be eligible for perks like a Tarot reading, Celtic Cross reading, copies of “Tarot for an Enlightened Life”, or Tarot decks.  To learn more about “Tarot for an Enlightened Life” or to make a donation, please visit

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ZOLA Software Astounds The IT World With The Release of ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall

The ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall is a product that can create software uninstall packages based on a search criteria match from specific keywords.

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND, September 30, 2014, ZOLA Software has done it again. Their recent release of ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall cements their place at the top of the software development arena. The program will search the entire file and registry system to collect matched search results into a package that can be used to uninstall/remove softwares remotely from the network hosts in a silent operation and without any end user interaction.

ZOLA made sure that this software package was full of advanced features not found on other products. Users will find: Uninstallation can be set for specific operating systems and bits. It can also be set to only execute if specific software is installed or not available. All remote operations are silent and without any end user interaction. Operating system protection module for system files and registry. Locked files and registry will be removed on the next computer reboot. Complete removal of files and registry for specific software package selected.

The company reports that ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall has a built-in Search Criteria Wizard where users can create their keywords for specific software. Also has a full featured exclude manager where one can exclude specific keywords from the search. Enumeration of all computers in the network for fast management of remote host selection. Will fetch computers in the network from ‘Active Directory’ or ‘Computer Browser’ service. Load and save all enumeration results “to-and-from” a file.

ZOLA Software’s full suite of admin products includes: The ZOLA Repackage and Deployment, ZOLA Remote Software Uninstall, ZOLA Remote Screenshot Taker, ZOLA Remote File Search, and the ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter, which is a Free download. The ZOLA Connection Troubleshooter is an advanced troubleshooting tool, that can help to troubleshoot a remote connection to a host in the network. The troubleshooter tool also comes with a built-in remote connection fixer module that can fix/enable various Windows settings required to enable a remote access for operating systems running Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7, Windows 8, and all Windows Servers platforms.

For complete information, please visit:  ZOLA Software…….Advanced Admin Tools

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Major Flaws in Floods Post-situation Management Strategic Frameworks—Indicates UNESCO Ascribed DESPO Report on Post-floods Situation 2014

The first DESPO report indicates major flaws in post-disaster policy frameworks, particularly, the lack of provisional protocols for the marginalized groups, especially the disables, pregnant women and the older persons caught in the catastrophic havocs. Extraordinary focused target must be clinched for the displaced children. The UN agencies, local governments and disaster management bodies urged for serious considerations in regard of an integration in strategic frame-working.

The first situation report on ‘Post-Disaster’s Epidemiological Susceptibility & Pandemic Outbreaks (Post-DESPO) assessment has been prepared by UNESCO Adjoined Monitoring Cell of the UN Dag Hammarskjold Committee and SAIRI, Pakistan.

DESPO report entails the technical aspects of the aftermath consequences of the raging floods pandemic proneness, contagion predispositions and epidemiological vulnerabilities, and puts ‘high-spot’ emphasis with a necessitating focus on the analysis of water acclimatization and its septicity, after the pestilential contaminated fusions espoused through assimilation of flood water amalgamation with contagion remnants of flood ruined crops, soil, along with other mephitic remnants.
“It has been seen in the past that the floodwater carried along with it epidemics, that consequenced    hazardous ailments, therefore, the health institutions and other quarters of relevance are pressed to remain vigilant to save precious lives”, say the disaster management officials.
The Post-DESPO report has primarily identified major indicators of pandemic outbreaks and multiple epidemiological proneness, encircling the topics like diarrheal diseases offshoots directly linked to cell mediated immunity (CMI), mal-nutrition and mal-absorption.

Impaired absorption of water, electrolytes and minerals, which is often likely to be occurred in such disasters, causes impaired formation of Micelle + C complex, which in turn results in multiple mal-absorption, a complex mechanical abnormality. The presence of either both types of deficiencies, or any one of the above mentioned factors can seriously affect the C.M.I. (cell mediated immunity) leading to pathological complications in small babies, especially in those, below one year.
The report also indicates three hardest-hit ‘key marginalized’ ivories, that usually become more demoted and sidelined in emergency situations.
Special attention and considerate alertness must be paid to target the displaced children and the pregnant women, which if not demonstrated aptly, could lead towards grimly severe and far-reaching consequences, cautions the floods-2014’s first DESPO situation report.  
The disables, hit by the flood’s havoc, who have been displaced from their local vicinities, should be compassionately dealt with, and must be taken sympathetic care of.
DESPO points out that the directives sent by the authorities for the second phase of emergency response, dearth certain methodological facets on technical accounts, that are inevitable to accomplish the set targets, opines the post DESPO report. Coordinated efforts done by the local administration must be coupled with the technical inputs, in view of the emergency, suggests the report.
“Despite the footages that continuously portray the ‘adequate provisions’ of temporary shelters and tents, however, after nearly one month is going to pass, still there are areas struck by the raging floods, where no temporary shelters on tents have been provided”, says DESPO’s principal investigator.
Nonetheless the file-works show the ‘prompt provisions’ of tents, there remains a considerable number of families, especially the children, the older persons, and the pregnant women, who live in open air, along the road-sides—predisposed to consequential vulnerabilities, indicatingly points out the first Post-DESPO report. Refugees camps or other provisional settlements are the measures that should be taken promptly, and are among the ‘must to be prioritized’ during the first phase of emergency response, mentions further the report.
For disables, on account of already being marginalized segments of the society, considerated measures must be ensured, stresses the SAIRI’s principal investigator of DESPO assessments, Prof. Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi. Dr Aurangzeb Hafi, who had also served as the chief epidemiologist and prime investigatory research-analyst in Asian Tsunami 2004, and maintained technical liaisons with UN, its agencies and other local and international sectors of relevance, is now associated with several institutions in capacity of postdoc principal investigator, including SAARC-DUHS Hydro-toxicology chair and the UNESCO chair of watershed management at PU, which has joined the SAIRI’s DESPO project in a principal research-partnership. Prof. Hafi has also headed multiple disabilities risk-factors assessment and disability prevention projects in Sri Lanka and different parts of the world, especially in cataclysmic situations.
Dr. Shah Mahmood a medical emergency appointee from UC Bahlolpur, who reported the statistics of his area, also urged the national and international bodies to make prompt-prioritizations for the said indicators.
Dr. Khalida M. Khan, who holds presently the UNESCO chair of watershed management at P.U. extends strong recommendations to address the impeded set-back, by incorporating the DESPO indicators in the disaster management policy frame-working.
DESPO assessment report is aimed to identify the technical facets that have been neglected during the emergency response, and are must to be prioritized in the rehabilitation phase. The UNHCR, UNISDR, WHO, UNICEF and UNESCO and the local governments are amongst the principal stakeholders of the DESPO indicators.
In ramifications of the raging floods-2014, that ascended to break the records of several decades in reference to the Indo-Pak floods history, several coordinated efforts to rescue the losses continue to be on their determinative work-ramps, with technical inputs from international and local institutional platforms, including UN, UNICEF, WHO, UNHCR, UNESCO and several other agencies.
Most of the conventional situation reports and strategic plans on disaster management, cover many technical aspects but essentially lack the integration. DESPO parameters devised by SAIRI, however, follow the holistic approach and are explicitly designed to cover a wide range of topics–from pandemic proneness to contagion predispositions and epidemiological vulnerabilities drivers, and is therefore an important advance in disaster management policy making.
SAIRI holds an adept consummate expertise in Pre-DESPO as well as Post-DESPO phases.  The Post-DESPO assessment report has been prepared by SAIRI’s research collaboration with the UNESCO chair for watershed management, at PU.   
The flooding and landslides triggered by monsoon in India and adjoining areas of Pakistan, have already wreaked a high-scale havoc in several districts of Kashmir, Pakistan and India, and prospectively can take along potent hazardous forthcomings, cautions the DESPO.
Strategies should be devised to face the imminent consequential inevitabilities with a particular focus on the facets often neglected in conventional models of disaster management.

UNESCO Chair for Watershed Management, CIMR, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.

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Pablo Cuevas, DDS Successfully Attacks a Major Source of Economic Destruction in the Battle Against Illiteracy and Poverty

Pablo Cuevas, DDS and staff from Fairfield Smiles by Design gathered with other leading colleagues for the semi-annual MGE Benefit Dinner where funds were raised to provide hundreds of thousands of books to youth in a frontal assault on one of the major sources of economic destruction in America.

Fairfield, CT – Pablo Cuevas, DDS, and concerned leading Dentists from across the nation gathered at the MGE Management Experts Benefit Dinner May 30, in St. Petersburg, FL. Government officials and community leaders joined the Dentists to raise funds for the Improving Youth Literacy Campaign in support of the Boys and Girls Clubs and Youth Programs across America. The funds raised are providing hundreds of thousands of young people with books and audio books to directly tackle illiteracy and help to break the cycle of poverty.

Notables who attended supporting literacy were: Florida Congresswoman Corrine Brown, Jim Coats – former Pinellas County Sherriff and Board Member for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Suncoast, Susan L. Valdes – Vice Chair Hillsborough County Public School Board, Kim Sharpe – practicing Business and Commercial law with Johnson Pope Law Offices and running for Sixth Circuit Court Judge, Group 16, Amy Ronshausen – Deputy Director of both the Drug Free America Foundation, Inc. and Save Our Society From Drugs (S.O.S.), Lt. Col. Kirk Kumagai – U.S. Marine Corp (ret), Senior Marine Instructor of the Clearwater High School Marine Corp Junior Reserve Officers Training Corp, Reverend Alfreddie Johnson – Founder World Literacy Crusade and Imam Willmore Siddiq – Spiritual leader, educator, and leader of the program “Putting the Neighborhood back in the Hood.”

At an MGE conference in March, leading dentists and their executive staff met to analyze and take action against one of their major business issues – hiring qualified staff in these times of extraordinarily high unemployment numbers. They isolated illiteracy of applicants as a common denominator to the problem.

According to the Family Scholarly Culture and Educational Success research, access to books is key to reading skills. Studies confirm that the number of books in the home directly predicts reading achievement.

One study found that in middle-income neighborhoods, the ratio is 13 books per child; in low-income neighborhoods, the ratio is one book for every 300 children.* And, price is the #1 barrier to book ownership.

“Analysis of the most statistically accurate and comprehensive study of U.S. adult literacy ever conducted proves that 48.7 percent of U.S. adults are functionally illiterate, defined as being unable to hold an above-poverty-level-wage job. We believe illiteracy is a major source of economic destruction in this country and are determined to help fix the problem,” said Pablo Cuevas, DDS and Founder of Fairfield Smiles by Design

A highlight of the event was the entertainment provided by a phenomenal high-energy trio of brothers AKNU (A Kind Never Understood) who flew in from Los Angeles to help with the fund raising. With astonishing moves and incredible vocal talent they performed original material and popular hits putting the gathering in high spirits for the live auction. The group was featured on X Factor and has just released an EP independently on Amazon and iTunes titled “A Kind Never Understood”.

The hundreds of thousands of books raised during the event are going directly into the hands of young people in need through the Boys and Girls Clubs and the Young Adults Library Service Association.

MGE Management Experts, Inc. located in St. Petersburg, FL, offers business and marketing training to the owners of dental practices. The training is based on the administrative technology of L. Ron Hubbard that is used in more than 100,000 companies and organizations across the globe to their benefit and prosperity.

As a cosmetic and prosthodontic specialist, Dr. Cuevas wants patients to feel confident in knowing they have placed their dental needs in the gentle hands of a highly-trained and skilled clinician. Whether facing a complex oral health situation, requiring prosthodontic services or are enhancing your look through cosmetic dentistry, Fairfield dental office provides up-to-the-minute diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, as well as advanced materials providing a beautiful, long lasting smile. For more information visit website at: or call (203) 254-0545.

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