Now put the seat down in an innovative way

It has never been enough to tell the men and young boys to put the seat down and make it convenient for the ladies. But no more now.

There is an innovative product made of vinyl decal that is made in the USA that would now make it easy to practice. The size is 7” X 3” that makes it perfect for placing it on any potty seat. The black letters along with the two hands will ensure that it is easily noticeable and hence followed by the young boys and men in the house.

Installing this product is quite easy. The backing has to be peeled off and then it is pasted on the underside of the potty seat. It will remain where it is for years to come or till it is decided to remove it. The vinyl decal ensures that it can be cleaned easily and keeps looking like new for a real long time. After all, this is not something that can be told to the young men in the house all the time. But put the seat down act as a gentle reminder to them each time the toilet seat is being used. In fact, this is like training for them and will ensure that the seat is put down each time after being used.

This is something that will be highly convenient for the ladies. In addition, it will make the toilet hygienic and ready for use any time by the ladies. It will teach the boys of the house to be considerate towards the ladies and build on their general etiquette. Thus it is not something that is just decorative in nature. It has a lot of value and must be an important part of each toilet in the household for all to learn from.

You can get more details at

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Beetle Bottoms Dolls Revolutionizing the World’s Perception

Realistic Fun Loving Dolls Will Be Positive Role Models for Children

Byron Bay, Australia – Feb 27, 2015 – Beetle Bottoms is a beloved children book series with educational games that many families have fallen in love with. The brand is branching out to create Beetle Bottoms dolls, which are healthy natural role models that will empower children to embrace their uniqueness. The company has turned to crowdfunding on IndieGoGo to raise money to manufacture and distribute the dolls. The campaign goal is to raise $8,000 by March 21, 2015.

On the market today, there are unrealistic dolls that encourage children to grow up too fast. They set unobtainable expectations of how the body should look. Beetle Bottoms wants to put a stop to this and bring out a toy that will be a great role model for children. Their realistic and healthy bodies will influence kids of today to have a healthy selfimage and enjoy their childhood. The Beetle Bottoms dolls also incorporate racial diversity so that everyone will be represented from around the world. 

“Children’s toys and dolls have a big societal and emotional impact, they set up societal ideals and expectations for children to emulate,” said Madison Holroyd, one of the founders of Beetle Bottoms. “The Beetle Bottoms dolls do not set unrealistic expectations for children and we make sure everyone is represented so no one is excluded.” 

There are four dolls – Petal, Pip, Hummer, and Pollen. Each one is unique and has a fun-loving personality that supports children as they grow up to celebrate their differences. The dolls are made of polyester fibers and are 31 cm from head to toe. They have passed strict New Zealand and Australian safety regulations for children ages 0 and up, which means it is safe for newborns to play with. This is the perfect companion for all ages to enjoy.

Now the passionate Beetle Bottoms team needs help manufacturing and distributing the dolls. To make a contribution, please visit their IndieGoGo campaign or click here. Backers can choose from a variety of attractive rewards such as Beetle Bottoms doll, books, games, and much more as thank you for the support! 

Those who love the idea and cannot make a donation can still help by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Spread the word of the Beetle Bottoms! The more awareness will get them closer to their campaign goal.

Together we can change the expectations of how everyone should look and install a passion for life in children, by showing them it is fantastic to be exactly who they are.

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Contact Person: Sarah Hill
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Susan Downing Helps to Raise Awareness for Jamaican Education Project

Susan Downing, CEO of Comprehensive Venture Consulting a Canadian educator and trainer, was recently profiled on Small Business Trendsetters about her efforts to raise donations for an upcoming program to help at-risk youth in Jamaica.

February 27, 2015 – With a background in educating and working with at-risk youth in her native Canada, Susan Downing knows what is needed to provide students with the necessary skills to become small business entrepreneurs. She was recently profiled on Small Business Trendsetters about her plans to start a training program in Jamaica this summer.

The Trendsetters piece covered Downing’s over thirty years of experience in teaching and working with at-risk youth in British Columbia. Her programs focus on providing essential business skills that teach students how to acquire experience that will help them find a career and earn money. Now she is taking that knowledge and using it to start an education project at Waterford Primary in Portmore, Jamaica. Current plans call for forming a group of about fourteen students whom she will teach and mentor during May and June.

Since the program is limited in time, she is hoping to impart as many marketable skills as quickly as possible. One area she will focus on is learning how to form a business that can print and sell T-shirts. Jamaica does not have a welfare system or any government programs currently available to teach these skills; many children lack formal training and simply fall through the cracks. For many children in Jamaica, having a marketable skill such as this could mean the difference between abject poverty and financial stability.

“I am thrilled to be able to start this program at Waterford Primary,” commented Downing. “Instead of waiting for the government or charitable organizations to fill their needs, I hope to be able to provide these students with skills that will help them take care of their own needs. This program is vitally important, so I’ll teach as many job and business skills as I can in the time available to give them the best shot at success.”

Downing has a varied background which she believes will come in useful when training the Jamaican students. In addition to industrial education, she has experience as an electrician and dental assistant, and possesses skills such as sewing and crafting which can be helpful for students who wish to pursue a variety of career paths.

If the training in May and June is successful, Downing hopes to expand it to other schools and provide a long-term center of education for at-risk youth. For this year’s trip, she is requesting donations of financial support and supplies such as plain t-shirts, transfer paper and printers for the program. Donations need to be received in time for the program’s start at the beginning of May.

To learn more about Susan Downing or the Waterford Primary Program for At-Risk Jamaican Youth please visit:

Further information may be obtained on: +1-778-863-8534, or sending an email to [email protected]

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PoppyTootToot Announces Their Debut Product Will Be A Car Kick Mat Protector

If you are a parent and have those little ones riding in the backseat of the family car, you have felt those feet pushing on your seat from behind. Charlie from PoppyTootToot have indicated that “These Car Kick Mat Protectors are just not another problem for moms and dads, because with the possibility of your kids having dirty shoes on, wouldn’t it be nice to know there is a way to protect the back of the seats from your kids shoes from scuff marks and dirty seats?”

It is PoppyTootToot solution to the rescue. Charlie from PoppyTootToot said their company is introducing its “Deluxe Back Seat Protector Kick Mats + Organizer” twin pack to the market. Each Kick Mat is 27 by 20 inches and mounts easily on the back of your front car seats. Charlie indicate ‘there simply won’t  be any mud, no scuff marks, no dirt, no boot tracks on the back of the seats with these kick mats!” These kick mat covers protect all kinds of scratches that potentially compromise any seat covers.

We all get the idea of seat protection, but PoppyTootToot goes the extra mile by adding a space organizer to the mix. There are two storage pockets built into each kick mat protector. This is a major boon for cars already stretched for storage space. These pocket storage options allow the little goodies we always bring along when we are hauling the kids around, anything from snacks to wet-wipes can be stored in these storage pockets. Yes, finally there is a place to put these accessories so the vehicle will not get messed up.

As ‘Most cars, vans and SUV’s come in multiple configurations, our back seat protector mat fit of  vehicles.” Yes! The mounting straps are designed to fit even larger back seats with top and bottom adjustable clips allowing customized fitting for 99% of all household vehicles. When kids get those feet up on the protector (unintentionally, of course), mud and soil hit a water resistant fabric which can be wiped clean. Mom or dad can clean that. And if that doesn’t work? Yes, Charlie says “these are washable when a little more parent attention is required.” Parents are assured with a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee on top of that.

PoppyTootToot is in the business of developing and producing innovative high quality products serving babies and children and their parents using the Amazon marketplace. For further information, please visit the company’s web page, or if you would like to purchase these child friendly Car seat kick mats then here is the link:

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Controversial Review of Profit Academy (Anik Singal) Published by IM Expert Hanif Quentino

A controversial review of Anik Singal’s Profit Academy has been published by internet marketing expert Hanif Quentino, who is best known for his expertise in driving targeted organic traffic, paid media campaigns and conversion rate optimization.

Anik Singal is the creator of Profit Academy, and he has successfully mentored many students over the past decade in becoming successful with their onlines businesses. However, a few years ago Anik suffered a series of setbacks and started to fail in many of his online businesses.

Anik reinvented his company and after last year’s successful launch of Inbox Blueprint, he has now released Profit Academy as a comprehensive training, coaching and support system for beginner/intermediate marketers.

Hanif Quentino has published an in-depth review of Profit Academy on a popular IM forum, which is gaining a lot of attention from the internet marketing community.

Profit Academy focuses on building a digital business and obtaining traffic from multiple sources including search engines and social media. The following social media news reveals of the many trends that Profit Academy members will be positioned to take advantage of.

Facebook recently released an interest targeting tool, which makes it easy for businesses to get their ads seen by the right audiences. The reality is that if business owners purchase interest targeted ads, they can make their marketing campaigns more effective.

When buisness owners start running ad campaigns that are targeted towards specific demographics of people, they should see conversion rates increase. Of course, knowing which demographics to target can be difficult. Many people like to experiment with small campaigns and scale up their advertising budgets once they have found audiences that response well to their advertisements.

The audience insights tool on Facebook’s ad platform can help to analyse trends and find new demographics to target.

Some people think that targeted advertising is too expensive, but this is mainly because such people have not personally witnessed the results of a targeted ad campaign. If they were to run untargeted campaigns, they are paying to have their ads seen by people who are just never going to buy their business’s products or services, no matter how good they may be.

It is important to remember that Facebook is not the only social media platform that is selling targeted ads. Twitter is another popular social media platform that businesses can use to distribute targeted ads. It is also possible to post targeted content to large audiences on Google+.

Large amounts of untargeted traffic is no longer very valuable to advertisers. In 2015, social interests and behavioral targeting are becoming essential parameters to consider for those wanting to run successful online marketing campaigns.

Hanif Quentino’s Profit Academy review and exclusive bonus offer has been published and can be viewed by the public. 

Video Link:

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ACC Basketball Tournament Tickets: is Discounting ACC Basketball Tournament Basketball Tickets at Greensboro Coliseum March 10-14, 2015 with Promo Code

Discounted ACC Mens Basketball Tournament Tickets at is releasing discounted ACC Basketball Tournament tickets. The ACC Basketball Tournament will be held at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC March 10-14, 2015. Use promo code CITY5 to save 5% on all orders online.

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Dave Schuster Real Estate launches a new tool to help home owners know exactly the worth of their homes

Dave Schuster Real Estate is one of the elite realtors in Arizona with years of experience in the local real estate sector. The provider helps people buy or sell properties and has grown to become one of the most respected real estate agents in the market.

Phoenix, AZ – One of the major realtors in Arizona Dave Schuster Real Estate has announced that it has launched a brand new tool that the provider says is designed to help homeowners easily establish the true worth of their homes without paying anything.

According to a statement released by the provider the new tool is ideal for homeowners who are planning to sell their properties and it gives an accurate estimate of how much such a home would be worth in the current market. Dave Schuster Real Estate notes that the idea of knowing how valuable a home is before selling will simply help the owner get the best deal in the market and as such there is growing confidence that the tool’s popularity will grow remarkably to new heights.

Dave Schuster Real Estate has also revealed that the tool is on offer for free and customers are welcomed to take full advantage of it on its website. Dave Schuster Real Estate says that the days people had to pay lots of money for property valuation are now gone and with the free tool, anyone in Arizona can be able to get an accurate estimate of their property value in a matter of minutes. Dave Schuster Real Estate is optimistic that the tool will be of great help to so many homeowners in the coming few years.

For the better part of a decade now Dave Schuster Real Estate has remained one of the most sought after real estate agents in Arizona. The firm has continued to deliver a variety of hot properties for all potential buyers and the launch of this new free home worth calculation tool is expected to go a long way in helping the provider maintain its position among some of the most respected realtors in Arizona.

Moving forward, Dave Schuster Real Estate is expected to continue such innovative and quality tools to help its customers sell or buy properties as easily as possible. The firm has urged all potential home buyers to make good use of the amazing variety of listings available on its site today. Buying or selling a property for the right price is now easier and possible thanks to this new tool.

For more information on how you can work with Dave Schuster Real Estate please visit

About Dave Schuster Real Estate

Dave Schuster Real Estate is one of the elite realtors in Arizona with years of experience in the local real estate sector. The provider helps people buy or sell properties and has grown to become one of the most respected real estate agents in the market.

For more information on it service please feel free to visit:

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Atom Slots – Get Free Bonuses on The Best Online Slots

USA – 27 Feb, 2015 – Atom slots serves as the best source for you to get hold of online slots at a free 1500$ bonus without any strings attached. The offer is a one time offer and it is available for a very limited period of time. Atom slots messages its users the bonus code of 1500$ for the casino they promote and users also receive information through emails regarding the clear and easy steps of activation.

Finding the very best online slots games is quite challenging these days and to make the best choice you need to narrow down results. It is also important that you get hold of the best online casino for the best slots. Atom slots is the one stop destination for you to get an insight into online slots and the best places where you can get hold of these slots. It works as a beneficial source for you to come face to face with the factors that should be taken into account when choosing the best slots. will also help you in finding the best online casino for playing your slot games. You get a detailed idea about the various types of slots that you can play such as classic slots, 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, video slots, fruit slots, 3D slots, mobile slots and progressive jackpot slots games.

It is impossible to find an individual unheard of online slots but if do not have any understanding of the best online slots, then atom slots is there to help you out. Everything important that you need to know regarding online slots is easy to find with atom slots. You get very definite information about the past of online slot machines and the different methods of playing online slots games for fetching real money. You also get to discover the benefits of getting hold of the best varieties of online slots. You not only get a brief overview of online slots but a complete the understanding of slots and their features. Discovering different and exclusive variants and types in online slots is what you get at atom slots. The whole experience is quite entertaining and you will come face to face with reality when you use this destination as your main source.

Coming to online pokies, atom slotsalso provide you with complete details of these popular varieties of online casino games. Here you will get detailed information about the Australian pokie machines and the method of making real money by making use of pokies for smart phones and iPhone. You can make yourself very comfortable and try browsing through the huge diversity of online pokies which are easily available online. You also get the option of downloading them and have a thrilling and fun experience using the pokies. So, what you ought not to do is waste your time on getting slots and pokies online without going through the details provided by atom slots. Your experience, using this source would be beneficial and will also help you both save and earn a huge amount of money.

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JB Goodwin Realtors to unveil a new website in the coming few weeks to serve customers better

JB Goodwin Realtors is looking to become a major online stop for people looking to buy or sell properties in Austin

Austin, TX – One of the top rated realtors in the market JB Goodwin Realtorshas announced that it will launch a brand new website in the coming few days in a move the provider says is designed to serve its customers better in the near and long term future.

According to a statement released by the provider the move is inspired by the need to leverage on modern technology to improve service delivery and as many players in the market note, there is no doubt the new site will indeed come handy in the provider’s efforts to deliverquality real estate to as many buyers as possible. The brand new site is expected to have a number of amazing features all of which will help clients find and buy an ideal property in Austin without really struggling.

JB Goodwin Realtors has remained confident that the new site will be up and running as planned and in fact, the provider has revealed that it has been doing everything within its power to ensure that this process is indeed expedited. Once the new site comes live online, the realtor has assured customers that it will announce and launch officially so that everyone can start to take full advantage of it the best way possible.

JB Goodwin Realtors is looking to become a major online stop for people looking to buy or sell properties in Austin and launching a new site is seen as a major start towards the achievement of that goal. The company believes that the new site is a major part of its future growth strategy but all the same, the firm has said it will continue to invest on its service with the sole aim of offering all customers the best experience when it comes to buying or selling real estate in Austin.

It is not yet clear when the new site will come live online but insiderswithin the company have revealed that it will indeed be very soon. The provider is optimistic that the new site will be a great plus in its commitment to deliver the best real estate for all clients and in fact, many analysts have termed the move as a great step forward in opening up the Austin real estate sector to as many customers as possible.

For more information please visit

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Contact Person: JC Armstrong
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Mike Domer Realty announces brand new properties in Paradise Valley for investors interested to tap into the booming Arizona property market

Mike Domer Realty is a leading realtor in Arizona that helps buyers find ideal properties and sellers get the right buyers at the right price.

Phoenix, AZ – One of the top rated realtors in Arizona Mike Domer Realty has announced listings for hot and amazing properties in Paradise valley that are geared towards investors keen on tapping into the booming and favorable property market in Arizona.

Mike Domer Realty notes that Paradise Valley has remained one of the major property spots in the state and as such the new listings will for sure come handy for property buyers. The company is also optimistic that the new listings will go a long way in opening up paradise valley to new and serious property buyers over the coming few years. The listings also feature a variety of amazing properties all of which come at different prices to suit different investors.

In addition to this, Mike Domer Realty has also announced that it will be unveiling brand new listings for other major priority spots including Dessert Highlands, SilverLeaf and DC Ranch.  Mike Domer Realty notes that the ultimate objective at the moment is to make it easy for property investors across the US to take advantage of the new and emerging real estate in Arizona and so far, it seems the realtor is making amazing headway in this regard.

The firm has also urged all Americans interested in buying properties in Arizona to take advantage of the new listings today. The realtor says that over the years the Arizona real estate sector has been diversifying remarkably and now more than ever before, people can get something for a price that is more realistic to them. The company agrees that with the proper information and the ideal property listings it is always easy for anyone to secure a great property.

Mike Domer Realty has assured all customers that it will continue to explore better and innovative strategies in the future to deliver great properties to investors across the US. The new listings in Paradise Valley are just the beginning and even in years to come, Mike Domer Realty is expected to remain one of the most sought after realtors in Arizona.  Experts have also commended the new listings saying they will play a very crucial role in promoting easy access to some of the major real estate in the city.

For more information please visit

About Mike Domer Realty

Mike Domer Realty is a leading realtor in Arizona that helps buyers find ideal properties and sellers get the right buyers at the right price. The firm has been in business for decades and its experience comes handy in delivering quality service to all clients.

For more information on how you can work with its team please visit

Media Contact
Company Name: The Mike Domer Group
Contact Person: Mike Domer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (480) 350-7771
Address:21803 N Scottsdale Rd #100
City: Scottsdale
State: AZ
Country: United States