The Small Thing Makes The Big Impression

User friendly accessories to make work or amusement with devices such as phone, tablet and camera much easier and more convenient.

Skilled with tech devices and more interested in them than in people, a tech geek live with various devices such as phones, tablets, cameras, and laptops. With technologies developing at full speed, there comes increasing accessories to consummate functions of tech devices. Let’s look at the following 10 useful accessories to help geeks do better or make things easier when they work or play with various devices. 

1. Epic Laser Keyboard: Small Epic projects a fixed keyboard pattern onto any flat and opaque surface in a safe form of laser. Typing is almost effortless.Added mouse feature tracks your natural movements and may reduce stress on your hands. Adapted for computers, tablets and phones.

2. Smart Power Bank: With smart technology, it can automatically identify the type of device and output the perfect electric current for your device. So the charging performance of power bank is just like the original power adapter. Keep phones and MacBook powerful in a better way and protect devices wisely.

3. Military Grade USB Drive: Keep your files secret with this password protected USB. The virtually impenetrable USB drive comes in sizes 4, 8, 16, and 32 GB, and requires no software or drivers for use. It is both dust and water resistant inside its aluminum housing, and functions on Windows, Mac, Linux, and embedded systems platforms.

4. Metal Spacebar: Desktop organizer, keyboard storage, and USB Hub in one. Supports up to 20 lbs of weight on top and 6 USB ports provided.Using space wisely and keeping USB options open.

5. GoPro Camera CHDOH-002 HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition:A great camera that can be taken to all the trips that you are going to make. It has a container that comes along with it where you can wear it so that you do not have to touch it. It will just record all the amazing things that you see and the best part is that it is waterproof.

6. iPad Scanner: Quick and simple way to scan documents to JPEG files. Saves photos and important documents directly to your iPad tablet. Adjustable feeder adjusts 2″ to 8½” wide to fit many sizes, from small photos to full-size documents. 

7. Bluetooth Speaker: Designed with the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, whether answering calls or controlling your music, a press on the button, that is done. What you’ll have to do is to indulge in the music world.

8. Metal Cordies: Keep desk organized. We can never deny the influence from surroundings.

9. Neewer shutter release for Canon DSLRs:Timer remote cord allows the camera shutter to be released from a distance and prevents the camera from shaking.

10. Pen Scanner: The device has 1 GB of built-in flash memory that holds up to 1,000 scanned pictures in JPEG format and the pen also captures voice memos in WAV format with the integrated microphone. USB in it is suitable for different kinds of devices to identify.

These accessories will help your phone, computer, and camera work better. Hope you will like it them.

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What is the suitable Power Bank capacity for one day use

A power bank allows you to keep connected with the rest of the world. What’s the suitable Power Bank capacity for one day use?

If you’re going to be out of home or office for one day or a few days or your tablet/smartphone won’t keep power for a whole day then you need a power bank. A power bank allows you to keep connected with the rest of the world. What’s the suitable Power Bank capacity for one day use?

I don’t know if it’s just me but I get a small satisfaction whenever I have a fully charged phone. I’m sure it’s happened to everyone before especially for those who travel often. A solution for this is to have a portable power bank on hand.

So what’s the suitable Power Bank capacity for one day use? Now considering my personal needs, I work every day about 8 hours, sometimes I join some party with friends, I also go camping with family and friends about once a month, I should also have business travel about once every two weeks. So I do need to double the battery life of my smartphone and tablet every day.

Just like me, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what situations you are going to find yourself using these chargers. You may just need a little charge to your phone to get through the day but someone else may need a full charge for both their iPad and iPhone while traveling.

At this point it just becomes a math problem that how much power you need? Power in a portable battery charger is typically measured in milliamps (mAh), and these devices will typically be described with a number telling how its battery capacity. The true output rate may be lower at times. Usually the conversion rate of a good power bank is about 90%, so now we just have worked out a not so difficult math problem. Let’s suppose that the conversion rate is about 90%, how many times different devices can be charged with different power banks?




How many charging times





iPhone 6





iPhone 6 plus





Samsung S6





Galaxy S6 Edge





HTC One M9






iPad Air 2





iPad mini





Samsung Tab A 9.7





Smartphone + Tablet

iPhone 6 plus
+ iPad Air 2





Smartphone + Smartphone

Galaxy S6 Edge
+ Samsung Tab A 9.7





If you just want keep your smartphone double the battery life, you’d need a pack with a capacity of at least 5000 mAh.

But If you wanted a power bank that could double the battery life of your and your friend’s smartphones or double the battery life of your smartphone and your tablet, you’d need a pack with a capacity of at least 10000 mAh.

If you only care about keeping your iPad going during your flight and you’d have your phone turned off, then you could stick with a battery pack that had around the 10000 mAh capacity of the iPad to double its life.

They come in all shapes and sizes with different price tags. You may want something light and easily transportable, or you many want something bigger that can charge all your devices.

Here I want to introduce a 10000mAh Power Bank from EasyAcc: PB10000CF 2. Gen Smart Power Bank (

It is 10000mAh with 2 smart ports from 0.2-2.4 amp. What is wonderful is that this EasyAcc power bank can identify the type of device and output the suitable electric current. It means that it won’t damage your smartphone but can give fast charging just like the original charger.

After the math problem, I already have the answer about this question before. A 10000mAh EasyAcc Power Bank can at least double the battery life of my smartphone and tablet.

How about you?

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Kids in the House Shares Back-to-School Tips

Well it’s time of year again!  Summer vacation winding down, get those last beach days in while you can, because it’s time to go back to school!  New school supplies, new year, new classmates, new teachers, and a new set of concerns for children of all ages.

Experts say the key to a good school year is to get into good habits and establish them early in order to set the tone for the New Year.  Beverly Hills School clinical psychologist for more than 19 years & best-selling author, Lee Hausner, says there are four basics for academic success.  These are “designated study time, helping children get organized by having a daily planner and then having a long range planner where they have an assignment that may take several weeks.”

“Focus on process, not results… Being positive in terms of looking at things that the children are doing well in school vs. being critical of what they are not doing,” Hausner stresses. CEO and TV Host, Brooke Burke, knows that the back to school mania is just as hard on parents as it can be for kids.  Her tips for back-to-school basics are as follows:

• Book pediatric appointments early
• Make a family calendar
• Online shop
• Create a snack drawer
• Pack lunches the night before
• Create a homework box
• Generic toys in bulk
• Personalized gift stickers
• Washable labels for each kid’s clothes

On top of the academic stresses, there are also the social pressures that come with a new school year.  Just because the school year ended, doesn’t mean the feuds did.   Educational Activist, Jodi Wing, argues it might be harder for girls than boys.

“I call September ‘Mean Girl month’, which means that everyone has sort of taken a stand, they’re coming back in after God knows what happened in June,” says Wing.

She continues, “But you know as high as an anxiety level as they may have, they do have some innate strategies up their sleeve, which they’re ready and able to enact should something sort of arise.” 

Experts encourage staying on top of this and fostering open conversations with your children to avoid things getting out of hand.

So remember: prioritize organization, keep an open dialogue with your children, don’t sweat the small stuff, and you’ll cruise through the new year with no trouble at all!

About Kids in the House

Kids in the House is the world’s largest parenting video library with 9,000 videos from 500 experts including physicians, psychologists, researchers, educators, best-selling authors, and other celebrated cultural voices. The website hosts short-form video content that features parenting professionals from all areas sharing their tips for all parenting styles.

Kids in the House is a place where parents have the opportunity to hear and share different perspectives. Where there are questions, Kids In The House has the solutions from inquiries into pregnancy to getting into college. The library aims to help parents and caregivers better help their children through education, inspiration, and entertainment.  The videos are indexed and searchable by topic in the following categories: All Parents, Pregnancy, Adoption, Baby, Toddler, Preschool, Elementary, Teen, and Special Needs.

Leana Greene, founder and CEO of Kids in the House, is a parenting trends expert and one of the top female entrepreneurs in the United States. She aims for the website to be the most comprehensive parenting resource available – one that respects the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.


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Pest exterminators discover bed bugs in Hotel buildings, College dorms and home bed rooms

Adult bed bugs are about the shape and size of an apple seed and go through molt stages and shedding their skins. Which is an indicator of their presence. After feeding, the bed bugs return to their harboring place to hide. They eventually defecate in these areas, which appears as black to brown stains on porous surfaces or black to brown mounds on nonporous surfaces. Bites also may indicate bed bug activity by appearing as welts on human skin.
Bedbugs leave itchy, bloody welts on human skin. Adult bed bugs can live for several months without eating. Making extermination and removal of bed bugs difficult. Once inside a hotel or home bed bugs spread rapidly from room to room. Gaining access through pipes and infesting vacuum cleaners, clothing and luggage. In a hotel, bed bugs can even spread to neighboring rooms because guests may end up moving to another room.

Many news reports, in recent years, have focused on the discovery of bed bugs in upscale hotels. A number of lawsuits have been filed by guests in these fashionable hotels who awoke to find hundreds of bed bug bites covering their skin. Searching on TripAdvisor and other travel-review web sites regularly reveals information and even photos confirming the presence of bed bugs in numerous hotels. Bed bugs can arrive on the clothing or in the suitcases of guests from infested homes or other hotels harboring the pests. Therefore hotels can be an easy target for bed bug infestations.

How are bed bugs spread

Bed bugs live in furniture, clothing or bedding where eggs may also be present. They spread by crawling and may contaminate multiple rooms in a home, apartment buildings, hotels and even businesses. They may also be present in boxes, suitcases, or other goods.  which can be moved from residence to residence or from a hotel to a home. Bed bugs can live on clothing from infested homes and may be spread by a person who unknowingly is wearing infested clothing.

Are bedbugs just in beds?

Bedbugs are not just in beds. They can be in chair cushions, sofas, behind electrical outlets, cracks and crevices around baseboards, or even behind picture frames. Check the bottom of drapes as this is a favorite place for infestation. In other words, they can live pretty much anywhere.

How to control bedbugs

Any effective bedbug control strategy should start with a careful and thorough inspection by a pest control professional. A thorough inspection is needed for all known and suspected spots where there may be an infestation. This is not a pest that can be controlled effectiv do-it-yourself measures. Once the bed bugs are discovered, the pest control professional will develop a treatment and control strategy with the customer depending on the extent of the infestation.

Getting rid of bed bugs is not an easy process and in most cases bed bug infestation will require treatment by a pest-control expert. A variety of low-odor sprays, dusts, and aerosol insecticides can be used to eradicate bed bugs. These must be applied to all areas where the bugs are observed as well as spaces where they may crawl or hide. The pest-control company can help determine if the  mattress can be disinfected or if it must be discarded. Since beds cannot readily be treated with insecticides, it’s often necessary to discard infested mattresses and possibly beds.

The pest-control expert may recommend certain forms of deep-cleaning such as scrubbing the infested surfaces with a stiff brush to remove eggs. Dismantling bed frames and furniture. Filling cracks in floors, walls, and moldings or whatever other steps there may be to take. Also encasing mattresses within special plastic bags and using a powerful vacuum on cracks and crevices.

How to prepare for an exterminator‘s bed bug treatment service

1. Strip all beds and couches including comforters, sheets, mattress pads, pillow cases, blankets, etc. Launder bedding same day of service. This will eliminate any re-infestation to the home. Use commercial trash bags to store all items and to move laundry items for bed bug treatment. Bags must be sealed air tight and labelled as washed,dried or unwashable.

2. Bed and box spring must be stood up against a wall so the technician can treat each item thoroughly. All tufts, seams and buttons on the mattresses must be treated.

3. Bed frame including wood slat, tubing, L spade metal, etc. must be disassembled and stood up against a wall.

4. Remove everything from bedroom closets and place items in plastic bags and sealing bags. All clothing and linens must be laundered the same day and not returned until after service is completed. Use commercial trash bags to store all items and to move laundry items for bed bug treatment. Bags must be sealed air tight and labelled.

5. All couches must be vacuumed and placed on end in the middle of the room.

6. Vacuum all infested rooms. Pay special attention to the floors, mattresses, bedsprings, couches, chairs, closets and closet shelves, shoes, inside dressers and nightstand drawers. Vacuum bags are to be placed in a plastic bag and discarded immediately. Regular inspection of all areas mentioned is also recommended.

7. All clothing from dresser drawers must be removed and laundered the same day of service. DO NOT return clothing until after service. The empty dresser drawers must be pulled out of dresser and placed in the centre of the room. Use commercial trash bags to store all items and to move laundry items for bed bug treatment. Bags must be sealed air tight and labelled.

8. Remove all pictures, paintings, plaques, clocks, etc. bag them seal tight and label them.

9. Remove drapes, rugs, and floor mats and have them laundered, dry cleaned, or replaced. DO NOT return these items until service is completed. Use commercial trash bags to store all items and to move laundry items for bed bug treatment. Bags must be sealed air tight and laballed.

10. Remove all animals, birds, and fish. If your fish tank is too heavy to move outside, place wet towels over the top of the tank and disconnect the air pump for 4-6 hours, also wrap the air pump in plastic.


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Golden Technologies pride mobility Electric Self-balancing Scooter Airwheel X8-Premium Material and Premium Performance

Several years ago, Airwheel took a try on X3, which promoted other models of X-series, including X5 and X8 successfully. Debuted as Airwheel latest masterpiece, X8 underlines consistent premium quality and handles various terrain challenges. Almost all experienced users are passionate about X8 to display their distinguished riding skills.

These years witnessed the progress of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter, with the gradual incoming products like Q-series, S-series and even A-series. However, X-series has never been shamed by its upgrades and insists on its single-wheeled character. Then, what is the secret of the success of this electric unicycle? Now, let’s take a close look at it.

1. Carbon-fiber pattern. Highlighted by unique carbon fiber patterns, Airwheel electric unicycle X8 wins customer 200% rate of second glance.

2. Intelligent balancing chip. Build-in intelligent balancing chip helps maintain balance successfully, which will help escort the rider way with fuzzy algorithm and aviation attitude control technique.

3. Original Japan-made lithium battery inside. The battery features 1,800 recharge times, 3.8 times life expectancy and 2.9 times duration of ordinary lithium batteries. Just ride along without worrying about battery burning or explosion.

4. 16’ inches magnified wheel hub. Airwheel X8 is featured by 16’ inches magnified wheel hub, which minimizes roll angle and optimizes grip effect. This design better guarantees the safety and delivers a dynamic look.

5. Anytime, anywhere, and at will. Beating a tight schedule? Riding Airwheel X8, people will never miss any date nor deadline. With simple operation and sufficient battery range, the riders are free to enjoy portable and pleasant life!

To sum up, street skating is an entertainment to display the fancy skill of scooter fans. At first sight, Airwheel X8 seems difficult to master. Actually, X8 proves to be quite easy to learn. Riders can manipulate the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, and brake, etc. by leaning forward or backward. Any green hands are able to control this intelligent self-balancing unicycle in no time. Partly because of the charms of riding skating skills and partly because of the particular features, the number of Airwheel X8 fans still ascends dramatically in recent years and the long-time efforts of Airwheel designers finally are paid off.

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New Author Dawn DelVecchio Hits No. 1 in Women & Business Category on Amazon

Dawn DelVecchio, Marketing Consultant, Copywriter and Holistic Business Expert recently reached #1 on Amazon’s Best-Seller List with her book, “Spirit, Mind & Money.”

Needham Business Consulting congratulates Dawn DelVecchio, #1 best-selling author of “Spirit, Mind & Money: A New Conversation About Service and Success for the Holistic Business Owner,” which recently claimed Best Seller status in multiple categories on Amazon.

The booked reached #1 in the Women & Business category in books, as well as #1 in the Women & Business category on Kindle, moving top-ranked author Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” into #2 for two days. The book also garnered a #2 ranking for Business & Investing and appeared on four hot new release lists — #1 in Personal Success, Personal Finance, Women & Business, and Business & Investing.

DelVecchio, a long-time professional writer with a background in literary criticism, travel journalism, and copywriting, is a marketing consultant, business coach and holistically-oriented business owner. She knows first-hand the painful disconnect that often occurs when heart-centered service providers don’t address their own relationship to money.

The goal of the book is to support people who are called to have a greater impact with their work, but may be stymied by ineffective business behaviors, poor marketing strategies or subconscious money blocks. “Spirit, Mind & Money” shares DelVecchio’s story and the stories of others who have wrangled with these issues and found the path to success. “Spirit, Mind & Money” offers a solution for those who are trapped financially yet long to turn their work into a business that serves others and supports themselves abundantly.

DelVecchio is on a mission to bring the new conversation about the intersection of service and success, front and center. “Spirit, Mind & Money: A New Conversation About Service and Success for the Holistic Business Owner” is available on in both Kindle and paperback versions.

“… Dawn DelVecchio delivers some of the best wisdom for coaches and holistic practitioners anywhere… This book is a breath of fresh air, in great contrast to traditional marketing books that don’t often speak to the transformational market. It’s essential reading for the new (or stuck) practitioner!” – Pamela Bruner, Best Selling Author, 7-Figure Success Coach and Founder of Make Your Success Real Coaching

Learn more about the book here.

About Dawn DelVecchio

Dawn DelVecchio is the owner of Marketing with Heart, a marketing and consulting firm specializing in authentic marketing for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  She divides her time between Sedona, Arizona and travels in Southeast Asia. 

Get more information here.

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Winghouse Restaurants to Support Military Families in Need on 9/11

Winghouse Logo
Winghouse Restaurants to Support Military Families in Need on 9/11

On Friday, September 11th the popular Winghouse restaurants, known for its chicken wings and unique waitress uniforms, will donate $1 for every beverage purchased towards helping support military families in need during happy hour.

August 31st, 2015 – Tampa, FL – On September 11th the popular Winghouse restaurants, known for its chicken wings and unique waitress uniforms, will host a “Happy Hour for Heroes” event dedicated to helping support military families in need throughout the state of Florida. The regional restaurant chain has pledged to donate $1 for every beverage a customer purchases between 4PM to 8PM on Friday, September 11th.

The locally owned bar and grill started in Tampa, FL by former NFL and University of Florida football player, Crawford Ker, now has 24 locations with all locations participating in the “Happy Hour for Heroes” event on 9/11. With locations throughout the state including the Orlando, Tampa, Daytona Beach and Gainesville areas customers will have plenty of opportunities to join in on the event by purchasing a beverage of any kind, alcoholic or not.

Event organizer, Aaron Mighty, hopes the event will “give families an opportunity to come enjoy a great meal at a great restaurant while also helping support our military families. We want to encourage everyone to come out, especially our military, and see all the support their local community is giving them,” says Winghouse Director of Marketing, Arianna Marshall.

The goal of the event will be to raise $25,000 to help support post 9/11 military families in need throughout the state through the USA Cares non-profit organization. Social Media will play a big part in the event as patrons who post #HappyHourforHeroes or tweet @KersWinghouse or @USACaresOrg will also help raise money donated directly by local sponsors for every social media reach via tweet, hashtag, like or follow.

To learn more about USA Cares please visit:

To learn more about Winghouse Bar & Grill please visit:

For more information, contact:

Aaron Mighty
Event Organizer
USA Cares Central Florida Chair
[email protected]
(407) 914-7799

Arianna Marshall
Director of Marketing
Winghouse Headquarters
[email protected]
(727) 451-3483

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Pride mobility Electric Self-balancing Scooter Airwheel Q1, a Trendy Fashion Icon in Airwheel Family

Tired of the common bicycle or polluted fuel vehicle, young people tend to try new smart vehicle. Nowadays, the new technology brings them a new kind of electric self-balancing scooter called Airwheel Q1. Since the appearance of the last edition of Q-series two years ago, the Airwheel has roared up at unimaginable rates of growth. It opens up a new way of traveling and enhancing the fun of green eco-lifestyle. Now, let us take a close step to Q1.

The latest Airwheel Q1 is born to challenge and conquer. Inspired by timeless circle curve, Q1 features a groundbreaking design and as a new member of Q-series family, it is called the trendy fashion icon.  Some particular features cannot be ignored and the news editor of Airwheel will show some of the most remarkable features of it.

1. Design with aesthetics. The timeless perfect circle curve bestows Q1 fashionable definition. The  delicate design procedure includes cutting, resembling and merging, and after that, a perfect fluent Q1 shows its face into the public.

2. Intelligent balancing chip. Q1 adopts the aviation attitude control system, making sure the intelligent chip operating effectively.  Powered by the most advanced processor worldwide, the in-built chip is recognized at a global scale. Moreover, the top architecture and significant performance improvement optimize the users’ experience as well.

3. Intelligent mobility. Riders can control the vehicle to go forward, accelerate, decelerate, brake  etc. by leaning forward or backward, which is ultra-easy to learn.

4. Super Portability. Lighter, more portable and space-saving Q1 will be fitted easily into the rider’s trunk.

5. Solider and safer steering experience. Exclusive twin-wheeled scooter adopts the twin wheel hubs and ultra-widened contact plane. In addition, the optimal tire pressure ranges from 1.5 to 2.0kg/cm.

6. Hi-tech LED panel. Concise and modern build-in LED will indicate information more concisely

7. Better durability and quality guaranteed. Airwheel self-balancing scooter adopts the latest aviation aluminum pedal with better duration. In addition, it’s fabricated into frost brushed surface owing to the latest processing technique.

The new chapter of Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter has been uncovered. The unique Airwheel twin-wheeled Q1 will be the best option for the green and fashionable travelling vehicle in this new era.

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“The Market Leader Formula” by Authority Marketing Expert Patrick Dahdal Hits No. 1 in the Best-Sellers List

In his book “The Market Leader Formula,” Authority Marketing Expert Patrick Dahdal reveals his proven three-step market leader formula that will transform businesses from small to thriving in less than 14 minutes per day

With over fifteen years of experience as a marketing consultant, Patrick Dahdal continues to assist small entrepreneurs by shedding light to some of the excellent market leader positioning strategies in his recently released marketing book called “The Market Leader Formula: A Proven 3-Step System for Creating a Consistent Stream of Customers and a Stable Thriving Business in less than 14 Minutes Per Day.”

The Market Leader Formula features the author’s powerful three-step market leader formula for any business niche to attract quality customers with real lifetime value, and the process of effectively implementing it in the business in the best way possible that is entirely cost and time efficient.

Released mid August, Patrick Dahdal’s The Market Leader Formula quickly became the entrepreneurs’ favorite marketing book, and thus reached the best sellers list – hitting the highest, number 1 rank.

The common mistake of small entrepreneurs is that they never try putting their feet in their prospective customers’ shoes. Amid all the similarly established businesses in a particular business niche, every customer would certainly be confused in selecting the ideal company to trust that will 100% provide them with solutions to their needs. As a buyer that is wise, savvy and thinking ahead, any prospective customer will surely choose the business with best positioning; the market leader — the business that confidently shows knowledge about its niche and servicer or products, and the business that positions itself as the market leader.

That is exactly what author and marketing consultant Patrick Dahdal talks about in his newest book, “The Market Leader Formula.” He tackles the market leader formula, which he discovered himself throughout the fifteen years he spent working as a marketing consultant wherein he dealt with small businesses, helping them in transforming their business from small to thriving and that receives consistent stream of customers.

On bringing this book to life, author of “The Market Leader Formula” Patrick Dahdal, moreover, used one of the most fundamental tenants of NLP called ‘Modeling.’ It is the methodology that recreates a persons excellence in any field only by means of understanding the exact ‘recipe’ he/she uses to achieve such excellence. Patrick Dahdal believes that the Methodology of Modeling is the impactful concept behind the deep-rooted success of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Using the methodology of modeling, Patrick Dahdal circumnavigated the globe to study the greatest marketers and business-minded individuals, did extensive research, and finally understood the ‘recipe’ they used to achieve such excellence. He then translated that to a proven 3-step formula to become the market leader in any niche, and wrote it in his book “The Market Leader Formula” to be able to share it to up-and-coming entrepreneurs of today.

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Tune along the Journey, With an Airwheel Electric single wheel self-balancing scooter X5 Music

Music is one of the most significant form of entertainment. Today, music seems to be a necessity in people’s daily life. It is intrinsic to all cultures and can have surprising benefits not only for learning language, improving memory and focusing attention, but also for physical coordination and development. No wonder people always listen to music while driving, accompanied by this magic gift of god. Airwheel, always taking customer’s needs into consideration, brings scooter X5 Music expectedly. Today, the editor of Airwheel will introduce some particular features of X5 Music.

1. Enchanting music. The designer of Airwheel devotes to promoting the latest X5 Music, as a result, the riders can enjoy the tune during their journey with Hi-Fi sound.

2. Hi-Fi sound quality. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter X5 Music is stored with bass engine technology, stereo sound and inbound source, making sure the quality of music player.

3. Intelligent Bluetooth chip. The user-friendly design helps to educe energy consumption and improve smart voice prompt, guaranteeing the extensive compatibility. 

4. Range doubled. Range per charge is lifted to 18-23km.The battery is featured by 1,800 recharge times, 3.8 times life expectancy and 2.9 times duration of ordinary lithium batteries. Just ride along without worrying about safety or battery burning or explosion.

Airwheel electric self-balancing unicycle X5 Music, with its particular design and user friendly features, has earned an increasing number of electric scooter fans all over the world. When playing the most popular song like Moves like Jagger of Maroon 5 while riding, the rate of a second glance must be higher than just riding an electric unicycle. Young people are eager to personalize themselves nowadays, then X5 Music seems the best choice for those young fashionable lovers. Playing the riders favorite song, they deserve a wonderful journey.

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