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Celebrating Jaime Partners During National Hispanic Heritage Month

Alfredo Jaime and Rodolfo Farber are the forces behind top projects in San Diego

SAN DIEGO, CA – 30 Sep, 2015 – During National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th to October 15th) we recognize the contributions and important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans in the United States and celebrate their heritage and culture. Hispanics have had a positive influence on our country through their strong commitment to hard work and service, and enhancing our national character with centuries-old traditions.

One successful company whose founders originated in Mexico is Jaime Partners, a leading San Diego-based provider of building and construction management expertise for grand projects, including office, industrial, restaurant, retail and hospitality. The company has also branched out to include advisory and consulting work.

Originally from Ensenada, Mexico, Alfredo Jaime is a self-made man in the construction industry. He started as a project superintendent in 1996 and worked for a building construction company before forming Jaime Partners in 2011, where he is in charge of the day-to-day activities.

Rodolfo, originally from Mazatlán, Mexico, worked in the development of large public and private projects in San Diego County and Mexico regions including Cabo San Lucas and north of Baja. As a real estate developer, Rodolfo has worked on condo and income-producing properties; as an entrepreneur, he brings knowledge on business strategy and project management.

Together, Alfredo and Rodolfo have decades of combined experience in the development of hospitality and retail projects for some of the top general contractors on the West Coast. With Alfredo and Rodolfo at the helm, Jaime Partners has redefined the U.S.-Mexico border shopping experience. They managed the build-out of Duty Free City’s flagship San Diego location in San Ysidro; 14,000 square feet of high-end retail space that boasts 25 luxury stores and services along the U.S.-Mexico border. Jaime Partners is also responsible for the development and improvement of top buildings in San Diego, including the 4,800-square-foot Bracero Cocina de Raiz in the Little Italy neighborhood.

Their extensive project list also includes the development of Searsucker restaurant downtown and The Music Box, San Diego’s premier music venue featuring a restaurant, bar and views of the stage from anywhere in the 11,500-square-foot space. They are currently working on a new design-build restaurant bar project at the Otay Mesa crossing that connects the Tijuana airport with San Diego County.

“We expect nothing less than greatness in our team, our services, and our projects. Because of our desire to offer the best, we never settle for mediocrity or rest on our laurels. Our team excels above the crowd – it is simply ‘who we are.’”

For more information about Jaime Partners, visit www.jaimepartners.com

Full News Story: https://pressreleasejet.com/newsreleases/2015/celebrating-jaime-partners-during-national-hispanic-heritage-month/

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Affordable Service for Domestic and Foreign Vehicles by the Technicians at A-Team Transmissions

To receive first-rate transmission repair in Columbus, OH, that won’t break the bank, choose A-Team Transmissions. Their ASE-certified technicians provide solutions for all makes and models of domestic and foreign cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles.

Backed by decades of experience repairing and rebuilding transmissions, the talented staff at A-Team Transmissions completes the transmission repairs or rebuilds needed to get customers back behind the wheel as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment with the friendly staff at this transmission repair shop in Columbus, OH, which isrecognized in the Columbus area for professionalism, honesty, and integrity.

Customers should contact A-Team Transmissions once they notice their transmission is not responding the way that it should, to have it fixed reliably and at an affordable rate. The skilled technicians hook the customer’s vehicle up to their ALLDATA™ Support System, a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that is highly accurate, finding the exact source of the transmission problems.

Once they locate the source of the problem, they repair the transmission with the top-of-the-line tools and equipment necessary to produce quality results. From fixing a manual transmission in a foreign car to rebuilding an automatic transmission in a truck made in the United States, the skilled technicians at A-Team Transmissions can take care of any transmission repair needs, including:

• Transmission Diagnostics

• Transmission Imports

• Transmission Rebuilds

• Transmission Repair & Replacements

• CV Joint, Drive Shaft & Clutch Repairs

To schedule an appointment with the qualified team at A-Team Transmissions, call (614) 636-5072 or visit their dedicated transmission repair shop today!

To learn more about their comprehensive list of services, visit www.transmissions-columbus.com/

A-Team Transmissions serves customers throughout Clintonville, Delaware, Dublin, Grove City, Hilliard, Lewis Center, New Albany, Pataskala, Powell, Reynoldsburg, Upper Arlington, and Westerville, Ohio.

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The Vilas Fund, LP Generates Significant Market-Beating Results

Release of 5-Year Annualized Return Number & Release of BarclayHedge Award Information

30 Sep, 2015 – The Vilas Fund, LP (the “Fund”), is pleased to announce that it was the top performing fund in the BarclayHedge Equity Long Bias category for the three years ended June 30, 2015.  Further, the Fund was ranked #6 out of 2,972 funds in the entire BarclayHedge database, including all fund-of-funds and traditional hedge funds, that post continuous results over the three years ended July 31, 2015.

John C. Thompson, CFA, Founder and CIO of Vilas Capital Management, LLC (www.vilascapital.com), commented that “we are extremely gratified that our focus on value equities has led to results that have exceeded our peers over these time periods.  However, we are most concerned with producing attractive future returns for our Partners.”

On August 31, 2015, the Fund had its five year anniversary and has posted annualized returns, net of fees, of 23.47% vs 15.87% for the S&P 500 Index, including dividends.  Mr. Thompson commented that “we believe that performance records over longer time periods begin to remove luck from the equation and are, again, pleased that our Fund has been able to generate market beating results.”

He continued that “given the market downdraft and the Fund’s under-performance of the equity indices and peers from June 30th through late-September, the valuation of our long positions has fallen to roughly 0.70 times book value and 8.0 times 2016 earnings estimates.  These valuation metrics are extremely attractive and resemble the levels our Fund reached at the end of prior draw downs.  Also, the speculative sectors of the market continue to drastically outperform, creating negative results from our short positions, though this showed signs of reversing late in the quarter.  These positions currently trade at 27.9 times stated book value and 103 times 2016 non-GAAP earnings estimates.  The market uses non-GAAP to value these companies because they are either earning little or are losing money using GAAP accounting.  These valuations are reminiscent of the late 1990’s,” Mr. Thompson commented.

Mr. Thompson concluded that “having managed an equity mutual fund during the late 1990’s tech boom, we believe that the market is acting in a similar, though not as pervasive, manner to that time period, after which one of the great reversals between growth and value strategies occurred.  We are firm believers in the value strategy, despite its worsening market under-performance over the last 1, 3, 5 and 10 years, and believe that cheap stocks will once again outperform expensive.”

To view:

1. September 28, 2015 Full Press Release (click here)

2. BarclayHedge Equity Long Bias Report  – 2Q 2015 – Only (click here)

3. BarclayHedge 3-Year Ranking Report – July 31, 2015 – Only (click here)

Note:  The press release and reports may also be found here:  http://www.vilascapital.com/2015-press.php


Performance data referenced represents past performance and does not guarantee future results. Performance includes the reinvestment of dividends and other earnings.  Net performance is net of all fees and is based upon the current investors’ fee structure.  Future performance will vary depending upon each investor’s capital account and fee structure.  The current performance may be higher or lower than the performance data provided herein.  Current fund information including performance data, can be obtained by visiting www.vilascapital.com.  

BarclayHedge is an alternative investment database of hedge funds, fund of funds and managed futures (CTAs).  The database contains information on monthly returns, holdings, performance, assets, and fees for reporting funds.  BarclayHedge named The Vilas Fund, LP, as the top performing fund in the Equity Long Bias Category of their 2015, Barclay Managed Funds Report, 2nd Quarter Issue.  The Equity Long Bias category contains hedge funds that may employ short positions and leverage and have an average net long exposure of their portfolios greater than 30%.  The ranking was based on trailing 3 year compound annual performance returns (net of fees) through June 30, 2015.  The Vilas Fund, LP, ranked first in the category which consisted of 256 funds in total.  BarclayHedge independently produced this report and informed Vilas Capital Management, LLC, of the fund’s ranking.   A copy of the report can be obtained by calling (312) 702-1976.

Vilas Capital Management, LLC, further requested that BarclayHedge compare the Vilas Fund, LP’s, performance to all funds in the BarclayHedge database for the three year time period ending July 31, 2015.  The Vilas Fund, LP, ranked 6 out of 2,972 funds in total across all categories including fund of funds.

The Vilas Fund, LP’s, 5 year annualized return as of 8/31/2015 was 23.47% compared to the S&P 500 Index of 15.87% for the same time period.  The S&P 500 Index represents 500 of the United States’ largest stocks from a broad variety of industries and includes reinvested dividends.  The index is widely used as a comparison to the broader market.  The Vilas Fund, LP’s, performance may not be directly comparable to the performance of indices or other private or registered funds.  The Vilas Fund, LP’s, results were obtained by using a highly concentrated value strategy which includes short positions.  The Fund may also use leverage.

The Vilas Fund, LP, is a private fund and the securities are offered in reliance on an exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act and are not subject to the protections of the Investment Company Act.  The Securities and Exchange Commission has not reviewed the securities or the offering materials.  The Vilas Fund, LP’s, securities are subject to legal restrictions on transfer and resale and investors should not assume they would be able to resell them.  All information contained herein is subject to revision and completion.  Should there be a discrepancy between the offering materials and this document, the offering materials will control.  This document is not intended to be a complete description of the business engaged in by Vilas Capital Management, LLC, nor is it an offering or solicitation to invest.  Any such offer or solicitation may be made only by means of a confidential private offering memorandum.  No subscriptions will be received or accepted until subscription documents are completed and Vilas Capital Management, LLC, has approved the subscription agreement and an investor’s eligibility to invest.  Prospective investors must be accredited investors and meet certain minimum annual income or net worth thresholds in order to be eligible to invest.

Investment in the fund involves a high degree of risk.  An investor could lose all or a substantial portion of his or her investment.

Full News Story: https://pressreleasejet.com/newsreleases/2015/the-vilas-fund-lp-generates-significant-marketbeating-results/



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Congolese Pilot Project will Enable Residents to Produce Abundant Protein Crops

According to the United Nations, almost two billion people consume insects, in both cooked and raw forms. There are almost 1,900 species of bugs which can be eaten, and many are viable sources of protein that could supplement the diets of undernourished peoples. A young college student of Congolese heritage named Michael Kazadi has developed a program to raise the Brachytrupes membranaceus species of crickets as a food source. This pilot project would provide Congolese residents with a nourishing food product that could also provide much needed revenue to impoverished communities. Once successful, this agribusiness will be sold to local residents so that may reap the benefits of this sustainable enterprise.

The Brachytrupes membranaceus is found naturally in Congo and other African countries, where they are consumed as a delicacy. These crickets are currently priced at between $25 and $50 per kilogram, and are eaten by 70 percent of the nation’s 70 million inhabitants. Through this project, the crickets would no longer be gathered, but would instead be cultivated. This type of farming is much more efficient than other types of husbandry. Only 2 kilograms of feed and 8 liters of water could produce one kilogram of crickets, compared to 10 kg of feed and 8,000 liters of water for a similar amount of cattle protein.

In accordance with the recently passed UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, this project will allow Congolese communities to support themselves through sustainable farming practices. As mandated, this program is an agricultural research project that will help maintain the local ecosystem while also increasing food production capacity.

As a new type of agribusiness, this has enormous potential for local residents. Not only would it help preserve this important insect species, but also other plants which are destroyed in the traditional gathering process. It would also help create new types of farming of plants used to sustain cricket crops.

Michael is currently working with the University of Georgia’s Department of Entomology and the Institut Superieur Agroveterinaire de Kimwenza in design and implementation of this two year long program. He has also secured the assistance of a prominent international law firm in Atlanta to manage the project. He intends to invite American and African students to maintain the project.

The entire cost of the project is estimated to be $38,000 which will be used for equipment, researchers, travel costs, and administrative fees. To raise these funds, Michael and his team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. In return for supporting this historic project, backers can receive valuable perks like Thank You letters, T-shirts, Hopper Crunch Granola, bronze Cricket, or Framed Royal Tapestry.

To learn more about this project or to make a financial contribution, please visit http://bit.ly/1VgyCHS

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Attracted to the Dark Side: An Addicts Daily Challenges Through Recovery

For a patient to feel comfortable in the recovery environment, and to remain attracted to the concept of sober living, there is a need for the staff to be encouraging, caring and understanding.
The concept of attraction is very profound when it comes to drug addiction recovery and alcohol treatment therapy.

The person who is brought to a recovery center, or who finds their own way, has probably spent a long time being deeply attracted to a particular means of escaping real life. The drug or alcohol addiction is attractive because it offers an escape, solace or a reason to be. When the patient finally brings himself to think seriously about drug rehab, there is an attraction to that idea because the behaviors, the costs and the risks associated with their drug and alcohol addiction no longer outweighs what the addict once paid dearly to escape. Changes in life circumstances, the demands of friends and family, requirements of coworkers, and any other outside pressures that might be thought to help an addict attain recovery, may actually do more harm than good. When the addict finally makes the choice to enter recovery, supporting the addict’s decision can be one of the greatest gifts an individual can give to another.

With the goal of creating a place where each patient can reach sobriety and achieve the skills needed to create a life that is healthy and fulfilling, a personalized addiction recovery program can help the addict to access the healing aspects of themselves. This can be accomplished through one-on-one counseling, cognitive therapy, experiential therapy, and family therapy. There are also applications which can be very beneficial that are drawn off of the twelve step programs that have helped many people to achieve sobriety with community support and involvement.

For a patient to feel comfortable in the recovery environment, and to remain attracted to the concept of sober living, there is a need for the staff to be encouraging, caring and understanding. There is also the need for the medical professionals and mental health experts providing treatment to demand the highest level of accountability and hard work from each recovering patient. The supportive and caring environment in a properly designed recovery program will help each person make the most of their opportunity to get sober; however, the hardest work of recovery is accomplished alone by each individual.

 Only with the commitment of internal resources on an everyday basis can the addict expect to maintain a recovery far into their life.  This includes investigating the personal motivations, processes, experiences and behaviors that have led the person to an unmanageable life dominated by addiction. The appropriate recovery center has the experience and resources to help.


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Dual Diagnosis Treatment at a Rehabilitation Facility

When a patient’s underlying mental health or medical concerns have led to a life dominated by addiction behavior and controlled by the need for a drug, there is little point in treating the addiction alone.

The opportunity for an addict to receive treatment for their addiction, at the same time that they are treated for underlying mental and physical health conditions, is not available at every drug rehab Utah. The drug and alcohol treatment programs which offer dual diagnosis treatment options are among the more advanced, reputable and best staffed organizations, and will offer the patient an excellent chance at a long-term and fully-realized recovery.

When a patient’s underlying mental health or medical concerns have led to a life dominated by addiction behavior and controlled by the need for a drug, there is little point in treating the addiction alone. It is critical that the patient receive treatment that will address all of their physical health and mental health concerns at once.  If not, an addiction therapy, however well designed and well delivered, will not be enough to stop the patient from re-engaging in addiction behavior down the road.

There may not be an immediate fall-back into addiction or substance abuse. In fact, many addicts who do not enjoy the benefits of dual diagnosis and treatment are able to maintain a sober lifestyle for a few years after they exit recovery; however, when the underlying issues are not treated and addressed and triggers begin to re-emerge in the addict’s life, eventually the avoidance and control skills they may have learned in therapy will not suffice. The addict’s mind will recreate an environment in which they must let go of sobriety in order to handle the pressures, stresses and judgments that may come from within, or from the world in which they find themselves. What can lead to isolation and a bad day for some, can lead to a return to drugs and drinking for others. The end game, which is sadly often fatal, is one in which the addict returns to a world they once knew, immersed in drugs or alcohol.

When a patient returns to their previous alcohol or drug driven behaviors after being clean for a time, their body is not accustomed to the reintroduction of the unhealthy substance. The chance of overdose is very high when a recovery patient returns, even for one night, to their previous using companions and recreational pursuits; therefore, preventing this from happening is one of the goals of a world-class alcohol recovery and drug treatment program. The skills taught in this kind of environment can truly save a life.

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What to Expect in Recovery

In concept, treatment is easy at an inpatient drug rehab facility.
When someone is considering entering treatment for drug addiction or alcoholism, there are a number of different fears and concerns that can become an inhibition to the progress of that good intention.

The mental image that many people may have is one of recovery programs as forced marches down a road of treatment, leading to the horrible life they have been working hard to escape. The traditional view of therapy as a long talk about problems that cannot be solved, or the perception that addiction is genetic and medical and; therefore, a disease that cannot be cured or treated, all stand in the way of some recovery opportunities. These are myths and should not be impediments to the opportunity that recovery treatment offers for a sober, healthy and fulfilling life.

In concept, treatment is easy at an inpatient drug rehab facility. There is a great staff surrounding the addict, and they are charged with making sure that sobriety is an option that the addict can attain. The accommodations in treatment are generally peaceful, and there are people surrounding the addict who genuinely care about and nurture the whole person who is recovering from addiction.

There are few responsibilities that are demanded of the addict, unlike those of day-to-day life – the need to pay bills, clean the house and take care of the children, much less show up at the office on time and sober.  All of these are removed from the addict’s shoulders which make them available to concentrate on their own healing and growth.

In reality, treatment is one of the hardest things anyone will have to encounter. The demands of intensive therapy, which investigates the addict’s most private and internal motivations, are extreme. The emotional energy expended just discovering what it is that has driven the addict to arrive at this place of recovery from a life out of control is a task that many do not want to face.

There is the need to adopt physical exercise and a proper nutritional program, in order to sustain the addict’s physical body during the stress and trauma that are part of recovering from drug abuse. There is the need to recreate or rehabilitate a life that has been damaged by addiction behaviors.

Only with the most talented and dedicated support professionals and medical staff can an addict reach for the stability that a sober and enriched life can offer.

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Converting Visitors to Paying Customers

The business’s LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Google analytics should all be viewed through a single pane of glass in software that makes responding quickly and effectively second nature.
A business website is an unpaid sales person in the field, working to collect customers for the company. Just like any sales person, the website works hard to turn contacts into paying customers.

Without the tools to make that conversion, brand awareness may be great, but sales may not reflect the number of visitors that the website is bringing in. In order to convert visitors to a company’s website into closing deals, the website has to be built on a platform that offers the right support.

Getting to the top of the list with major search engines is still important for businesses, but it is no longer the most important thing. A top entry on the wrong search is less than worthless. Getting to the top of the right search, in front of the right audience is what makes a business’s online presence successful. A professionally developed SERP package offered by an expert company like eBrandit can bring a company to the right eyes, and form the foundation for a marketing campaign that is both productive and profitable. Trusting a marketing company to deliver results without taking a close look at how they operate on behalf of a company is dangerous to a company’s brand. eBrandit offers a transparent and easy to use web portal that allows every customer to track their marketing efforts in real time.

Linking social media to the base web marketing for a company is not only smart, it’s a requirement of today’s analytics. The business’s LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Google analytics should all be viewed through a single pane of glass in software that makes responding quickly and effectively second nature. Business people who want to take advantage of the web often think they are too busy to make it happen, but in truth they just need better tools.

Marketing and SEO firms that attempt to convince a business owner they can’t master the web are in it for the wrong reasons. eBrandit takes a different approach, offering businesses monitoring of their choice of three key words, and the ability to schedule future posts or responses when it’s convenient. Tracking the competition’s impact on the web is easy with eBrandit. The SERP system allows a business person to track up to ten competitors, and will allow anyone to optimize their web site’s performance using state of the art tools. The insight that eBrandit offers is worth its weight in gold, as it enables the business person to make a significant impact on their industry using technology.

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Understanding Domestic Violence Arrests and Prosecutions

What happens after you have been charged with domestic violence?
You and your wife have not been getting along lately and you’re beginning to question your relationship.

This evening the two of you went to a party and consumed alcohol. Upon returning home, the arguing started, but this time it became physical.

Someone called the police and you were arrested for Domestic Violence and taken to jail.

Your wife bails you out, but what’s going to happen to you next? What is the District Attorney going to do?

1) They look at photographs

Obtaining photographs increases the likelihood of prosecution by 58 to 62 percent. Photos show the appearance of suspects and victims when police arrived, which may differ from how they look in court. Pictures also illustrate the individual’s emotional state and whether they were intoxicated.

Pictures of broken items, such as cell phones that have been thrown or smashed and furniture that has been overturned; and the layout and condition of the scene. Photographs may record things that an officer fails to describe in the written report.

2) They look for independent witnesses

The likelihood of prosecution improves by between 66 and 70 percent when an officer lists more than one witness on a domestic violence report. It is difficult to determine who is telling the truth when the defendant and victim are the only individuals interviewed.

Witnesses can indicate which party is more truthful or provide missing information or evidence that suspects or victims may withhold – such as a car scratched with a key by an angry partner. Children may describe other domestic violence incidents.

3) They consider protective orders

Obtaining an emergency protective order (EPO) can increase the likelihood of prosecution by 85 to 89 percent and conviction rates by 100 percent. The method and form used for seeking a protective order differs by state. EPOs may influence prosecution and conviction because of the trend they set.

Even before an officer’s written report reaches the reviewing prosecutor, the case has been reviewed by a judge who concluded that sufficient facts exist to warrant a protective order. This may encourage the prosecutor to file cases that might otherwise be rejected.

4) They consider arrests at the scene

A 92 to 96 percent increase in the likelihood of prosecution and a 76 to 80 percent rise in conviction rates result from the arrest of a domestic violence suspect. Case-filing rates double when a suspect is arrested.

5) They consider whether the defendant was charged with multiple crimes

When a police officer’s report indicates that more than one crime occurred, the prosecution likelihood improves by between 260 and 300 percent, while the conviction likelihood grows by 140 to 150 percent. Eighty percent of domestic violence cases are filed as misdemeanors and between 93 and 98 percent of all criminal cases are resolved through a plea bargain.

Like all criminal matters, not all allegations of Domestic Violence are true or exactly as stated. A Defendant should consider hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney to act as their advocate in court and with the District Attorney.

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