Intelligent Electric Self-balancing Scooter Airwheel X3, the Most Classic Choice Until Now

Although these years witnessed the dramatic improvement of products of Airwheel, like the emergence of A3 and S5, X-series. As the pioneer of electric self-balancing scooter, Airwheel X3 is always regarded as the most classic one among Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter family. Then, someone may ask why this single-wheeled scooter has not been replaced by its updates?  Today, the news editor of Airwheel will guide customers to explore it.

1. Lighter, space-saving and more portable. Airwheel X3 scooter is able to ease people’s worries efficiently for those who like riding but easy to get tired,. Also, the small size and easy portability  makes it the best opt for scooter fans. The rider can put it into his trunk or carry it when go on a bus easily. 

2. 130Wh / 170Wh Japan-made battery core. Airwheel X3 is internally designed to be as space-saving as possible but for large capacity battery. Mounted with 130Wh battery core and optimized by CPU power-saving design, Airwheel X3 delivers sufficient battery range. 

3. Latest intelligent system chip. Build-in intelligent balancing chip of X3 helps maintain balance successfully, which will help escort the rider way with fuzzy algorithm and aviation attitude control technique. 

4. Aviation aluminum pedal. With exclusive pedal, the rider’s feet will be suited and protected very well. In addition, the high-tech strength and widening design will enhance the user’s experience. 

5. Hi-tech LED panel. Concise and modern build-in LED will indicate more concisely for the rider to operate this electric unicycle better.

6. Four-fold protections. Airwheel electric intelligent unicycle X3 chooses to adopt speed limit protection, low battery protection, tilting protection and battery protection, which will safeguard the rider during journey. 

Thanks to the efforts of Airwheel designers, the customer nowadays can enjoy this new kind of green traveling. Still, there are also years of study concerning how to improve the quality of the most classic product X3. The rider who is the true scooter fan will never miss this product which is regarded as the pioneer in electric unicycle events.

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How Selling a House Online Can Help Homeowners get a Better Price

E-commerce, online shopping as well as virtual wallets are becoming increasingly popular today. And the best part is… it can be applied to any industry or product allowing one to get the best return on what is being sold.
Wondering whether to sell a house or not? Contemplating between the best sources of selling the house? Worried about bargaining customers or payment procedures? The answers are all here, spare a few minutes and read ahead!

Today, e-commerce, online shopping as well as virtual wallets are becoming increasingly popular. And the best part is… it can be applied to any industry or product allowing one to get the best return on what is being sold.


Customers Pay Upfront

In the online world, customers pay for a product upfront. So, there’s no need to fear about customers not paying or backing out in the last minute. This will give the seller security.

Prices are set, forget about customer bargaining

Most client’s performing transactions on online sites, are accustomed to fixed prices. Forbes Magazine reveals that less than 1% of customers buying online will try negotiating with the buyer. It is very uncommon to see someone negotiate a price on a product with the buyer. So a seller can be certain, once a price is put on a product, he or she will receive that price only, nothing less!

A Global Customer Reach

The internet has no boundaries, it can reach a wider customer base than any other platform. Customers from across the states to across the continents have access to these sites. So there is absolutely no better place than to sell online because of increased level of exposure.


Most online e-commerce sites allow structured deeper searches, thereby allowing a sellers the ability to reach their specific target markets as well as allowing buyers to find a product in their search range. This again will increase the ability of finding the correct client faster and more accurately.

24/7 Service

Time differences are not a problem when it comes to e-commerce sites. The buyers of a product can shop whenever, wherever and whatever time they want to. The seller of the product could be sleeping in bed, and still have orders coming in.

Higher Conversion

So why choose online marketing over traditional marketing? The beauty is in online marketing where it can be optimized and measured accordingly. This is in light of the facts that ads can be scaled exactly to target markets. Steps for customers are provided along with ability to track customers from the second they clicked on an ad to the instant they placed an order. Thus, no more guesswork.


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