Local Company Offers Springtime Pest Control Tips

Ottawa, ON – Now that Spring is arriving, it’s time to get a handle on pest control once again. Even the smallest of pesky flies can have harmful effects upon human health as well as property, so pest control is no joke. From bedbugs and roaches to rodents and birds, once they’re in your home it’s hard to get them to leave. It’s impossible to prevent any and all entry, but a little time and a little knowledge can make things easier on you and a lot harder on those pesky pests.

“If you haven’t already, you’re going to want to start your pest control now, before the season is in full swing,” recommends David Matthis, a spokesman for Pest Patrol out of Ottawa. “With the right precautions in place, year-round pest control is a lot easier than you would think, especially considering how much your quality of life can improve.” 

An owner-operated company, Pest Patrol brings a personal touch to their eco-friendly full service pest management. It’s not hard to fathom their five star rating and shining customer reviews once you see the attention to detail and the complete customer satisfaction being brought to the table. Providing service to residential homes and apartments as well as commercial buildings, all with 24/7 and within the hour emergency services available, Pest Patrol could be changing the game for pest control in Ottawa.

“Pest control is important, but safety is just as high a priority when it comes to the environment and our customers,” Matthis continues. “We rely on in depth training, expertise, and sophisticated techniques in order to provide a higher quality of pest management in an environmentally friendly nature.” 

At the first sign of an infestation, most people will go grabbing for some type of pesticide, not taking into consideration the longterm effects these toxic chemicals can have on themselves or their pets. But pests in the home can be just as harmful as those pesticides, given that the smallest bite or sting can come laden with disease. Bugs can even find their way into furniture, food, bedding and clothing, where they can set up a home and begin ushering other unwanted pests into the home. That’s where Pest Patrol comes in with their eco-friendly methods.

“It’s really just home maintenance; keeping your home clean, dry, and well sealed,” remarks Matthis. “If heavy snow or ice has damaged your home in any way, that’s the first thing you want to take care of in the Spring, because you can bet that’s where bugs and rodents are going to be getting in. The goal isn’t just to keep pests out, it’s to make your home unwelcoming for those that do get in.”

Pest Patrol knows that the proper treatment of pests plays a major role in any community, allowing residents to live healthy and comfortable lives without threat of disease or the unpleasantness of bugs. This Spring, remember that a consistent check of your home’s structure-a well as some eco-friendly ammunition on hand-will keep out mosquitoes, roaches, ants and termites. You can even have bedbugs thinking twice about turning your home into their own. But even if all else fails, you can rest easy knowing that Pest Patrol is there for you, day or night.

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About Company:

Pest Patrol is an Ottawa Pest Control company, located at 444 Tremblay Road, Ottawa, ON K1G 0C9.

You can reach them any time from their office number: (613) 316-6649 or their website: http://pestpatrolottawa.ca/

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Luxury Rehab Facility Streamlines Admission Process with Free Verification of Benefits

When you’re searching for a substance abuse treatment center, insurance is inevitably something you are going to have to consider. In the midst of the challenges that addiction brings, especially during such a time, the last thing you want to be doing is sifting through your insurance information and being on the phone with treatment center after treatment center only for them all to tell you that your insurance isn’t a good fit.

Wouldn’t it be so much nicer if you simply knew right away? What if you could save yourself hours of research and time spent on the phone? With the simple and free verification of benefits for drug addiction treatment form offered by The Discovery House, a luxury rehab facility in Southern California, your path to recovery is that much closer.

The Discovery House staff understands what it takes to pick up the phone and reach out for help, it’s never easy. That’s why they sought out to create their verification of benefits form, to streamline the process of getting those seeking an alcohol or drug abuse treatment center into a program as soon as it’s needed, not days or weeks later.

There are links and buttons located all over their website that lead to the verification of benefits form aimed to help those seeking inpatient substance abuse treatment find the treatment they need quickly. It is free to use and very easy to get started. You begin by filling out all the required fields, complete with your name and contact information, as well as your insurance provider and policy holder name. Within 10 to 15 minutes an addiction specialist will contact you to do a short assessment while our team verifies your insurance benefits. The whole process in its entirety takes about 30-60 minutes.

The Discovery House offers the best drug treatment program and they take all steps necessary to meet or exceed the requirements demanded of long-term treatment centers for addiction. When you enter substance abuse treatment at The Discovery House, you can rest assured that you will receive the best care possible at their professional facility.

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, or if you have questions about their treatment facilities, call today at 1 (855) 203-7930 and the treatment specialists at The Discovery House will help you to begin your path to long-term recovery and sobriety.

About The Discovery House

The Discovery House is a Joint Commission-accredited, high quality drug alcohol treatment center located in Southern California. At The Discovery House, we treat the whole individual, mind, body and spirit with our addiction treatment programs. We provide our residents with a specialized treatment plan designed to meet their individual needs, choices and concerns.

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Vehicle History Offering Service To Educate Consumers About Ford Cars And Trucks

“Customers can come to a single page and click on the year and model of Ford they are thinking about buying,” Hernandez said. “Once they do so, they’ll find out if there are known issues with that type of vehicle, such as whether it has ever been subject to a recall. This will help our customers compare and contrast different types of Fords.”

Vehicle History, a company created to help people educate themselves before buying vehicles, is introducing a service dedicated to Ford cars and trucks, it was announced yesterday. The new service will provide customer reviews, discuss common problems and document Ford recalls.

“Some people want information about a specific car they are thinking about buying,” said Vanessa Hernandez, a spokeswoman for Vehicle History. “But others simply want to shop around first and figure out what make, model and year they want before they look at specific vehicles. This new service will help those people who are at the start of the vehicle shopping process.”

Vehicle History recently launched a similar service for people looking at Toyotas. The success of that experiment has led them to start testing similar information about Fords, she said. 

“Customers can come to a single page and click on the year and model of Ford they are thinking about buying,” she said. “Once they do so, they’ll find out if there are known issues with that Ford, such as whether it has ever been subject to a recall. This will help our customers compare and contrast different types of Fords.”

The page will also contain reviews of given makes and models of Fords, she said.

“Moving forward, we will encourage people to send us their personal reviews of Fords they have owned,” she said. “As we receive them, they will be added to our database of information. We feel that hearing from real people about what it’s really like to own a Ford is a valuable service.”

There is no charge to use the new service, which, at the moment, has information on Ford makes and models dating back to the year 2000.

“If this proves popular, we may expand to other car brands in the near future,” said Hernandez. “And, as always, this will be a free service.”

About VehicleHistory.com:

VehicleHistory.com was created to serve the needs of public records clients across North America. With thousands of requests processed each day, VehicleHistory.com continues to grow as a reputable customer service resource.

Visit the secure website at VehicleHistory.com for a free VIN lookup, call 1-855-730-5194, or use our contact form to email us with any questions or concerns.

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Airwheel C3, The Good News For Courier

With the development of online shopping, the express industry is increasingly prosperous nowadays, so the couriers are very busy, which has brought serious safety problems for them since they often get calls on the way riding. Considering such a phenomenon, Airwheel produces a new model, Airwheel C3 to enhance riding safety.

Unlike other models, Airwheel C3 actually is an intelligent helmet which is multifunctional. It can communicate, take photos and video and record data. The courier can wear the smart helmet which can protect the eyes and head greatly. This can guarantee the individual safety of couriers.

Some couriers do not like the design, thinking the helmet is inconvenient and useless. The fact is that Airwheel C3 is a multifunctional helmet. The helmet can connect the cell phone via blue tooth, which enables riders to get the call automatically during the process of riding. Couriers do not need to hold the handle by a single hand which is quite dangerous and likely to cause accidents any more. What they need to do is get through the call, then they can still hold the handle by hands as normal and talk with others through the smart helmet. This can enhance the safety not only for the courier, but for people riding around them.


What attracts the courier is the function of taking photo and video, since the courier has to deliver goods to the consignee and ask them for the receipt to ensure that the right person receives the correct goods. However, sometimes there are still complaints or suggestions that they have not received the goods. The video can be the evidence to prove that the consignee does receive the goods. The function of taking photo and video can help the courier avoid being involved in trouble and complaints. Wearing the best motorcycle helmet to protect the couriers themselves and avoiding complaints and troubles are the best of both worlds.

Finally, the helmet can protect the courier away from dust, rocks and flying insects, which may lead to sudden accidents since riders will close their eyes once the dust or insects gets into their eyes. Equipped with goggles, the cool street bike helmet can protect the eyes of the courier effectively.

Couriers should not hesitate any more. Just wear Airwheel C3 to protect yourself.

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Gathering of Airwheel S series-two wheel self-balancing electric scooters

It is known that all S series models are designed in such a way that anyone can ride them virtually in a matter of seconds, thanks to the platforms, which provide incredible stability and extreme natural Airwheel ride ability. Up to now, there are six members in S series, namely S3, S3T, S5, S6, S8 and S9.

Up to now, there are six members in S series, namely S3, S3T, S5, S6, S8 and S9. These products are more than a continuation of Airwheel’s original product line, but they belong to smart wearable devices. It is worth mentioning that Airwheel officially launches its first service robot S9 on CeBIT. As many enterprises have taken robot as an idea or concept, Airwheel’s wheeled robot takes the lead and conforms to the theme of CeBIT “quickly reach the digital future.”

For Airwheel S3, S3T and S5, the platform makes you feel stable and secure, as the handlebar makes your balance more natural during movements, and the LED lights illuminate the night. While, the Airwheel S6 mini electric scooter solves the problem of choosing standing or sitting to ride. Airwheel S6 sitting posture self-balancing scooter is the first vehicle of its kind that can be ridden in two different ways: either sitting on its comfortable and ergonomically designed adjustable saddle, or in a standing position, with your feet firmly on the platform.


Followed by S6, Airwheel S8 double-wheels electric scooter is equipped with adjustable operating rod to meet different stature people’s demands with only several simple steps. However, the C shaped design of operating rod is the highlight, as it makes Airwheel S8 two wheel saddle-equipped scooter have better load capacity as well as better control experience in standing posture.

Through years’ development and growth, Airwheel has completed the base design and industrialization of the Airwheel S9 wheeled robot. It is reported that Airwheel not only brings new products, but also actively carry out R&D cooperation with global Research Units and talents by the ways of capital input or project cooperation and so on. The above gathering of Airwheel S series—two wheel self-balancing electric scooters will present you a better understanding of every member.

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Ride With Airwheel C5 in the Nature Safely and Enjoyably

Riding is increasingly popular among the young since they want to be close to nature and keep healthy by exercising. Some people feel pity that they cannot take the photo or video on the way of riding. Airwheel C5 can protect riders and record what they see at the same time.

Nowadays, a group of young people love to ride in the countryside together to enjoy nature at weekends. They are shocked when they on the way riding coming across some beautiful natural scenes or wonders and they want to take records immediately. The smart anti-shock camera of Airwheel C5 can take video and photos as riders wish. The wide-angle glass camera enables the riders to look around every moment on the way of riding which enables the smart helmet to be more humanized.

Apart from the basic function of a helmet, Airwheel C5 is also inserted blue tooth which can be connected with the cell phone. Riders can get through the call on the way of riding without holding the cell phone by hand which is dangerous for them. The built-in microphone can make the voice clearer. With the blue tooth helmet, riders will talk with friends freely and ride carefully. To ensure the comfortableness of riding, Airwheel C5 can also play music for the riders. When they are worn out, the music can excite them or encourage them to insist.


Sometimes riders have a rest on the half way, they want to see what Airwheel C5 has taken. The 2.4 inch screen on the custom motorcycle helmets can provide video and photo for riders to check and enjoy. This is appreciated by the young riders since they love to take interesting video and cool photos. If they find the photos are not satisfactory, they can take them again.

The riding may last for the whole day, rider may go back home when it is dark. The breath lights in the back of Airwheel C5 can alarm vehicles and pedestrians when riding in the dark and at night. For riders, safety is the primary and for the intelligent helmets, guaranteeing the safety of its users is the final goal.

Due to its humanized and comfortable design, an increasing number of riders prefer wearing Airwheel C5 to riding in nature.

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NEXBOX N9 TV Box Available On Hot Sites Like TOMTOP, Amazon, NewEgg, etc.

TOMTOP, Amazon, NewEgg, etc. are very popular among worldwide electronics consumers. NEXBOX company has recently introduced that its new TV Box model, NEXBOX N9, which now is available on the hot sites above. Click: NEXBOX N9 Smart Android TV Box RK3229 Quad-core 64 Bits 1G/8G

Tomtop, Amazon, NewEgg, etc. are the best places for good products. As TOMTOP website stated, it is one of the top global online shopping sites, providing a variety of high quality RC models, Cellphones,Cameras & accessories, Outdoor & sports, Car accessories, etc. TOMTOP group has always been dedicated to offer you very reasonable price and fast global shipment, on account of our US, UK, Germany, France as well as Spain warehouses.

According to the marketing manager of NEXBOX, the global e-commerce sales are forecast to increase by more than 20 percent every year, surpassing $1.5 trillion in 2015. Even more significant is the growth predicted in the Asia-Pacific, which in 2016 is set to topple the United States as the largest market in the world by sales revenue.

Moreover, NEXBOX N9 TV Box has received massive positive comments for its innovative designs and features at many review sites. This model is powered by a Rockchip RK3229 Quad-core Cortex A7 1.5GHz 64bit chipset, and it includes a penta-core HD graphics. It comes with Android 4.4 OS which is the most stable Android OS and allows the user to freely install desired apps like YouTube and Facebook.

The manager states, “Our N9 TV Box can change your traditional TV & LCD Monitor into a intelligent platform via WiFi & LAN. This device also allows you to watch lots of free videos, movies and play popular games without monthly bills and restrictions. Customers across the world can purchase NEXBOX N9 Android TV box through Tomtop, Amazon, NewEgg or other online retailers and enjoy free shipping service.”

About iNEXBOX.com

iNEXBOX.com specializes in manufacturing and developing popular consumer electronics for global users. The business’ brand is NEXBOX which is well-known for stable premium quality at affordable prices. From hot styles of TV Boxes and Mini PCs, customers are sure to find their own must-have models at iNEXBOX.com

More details can be found at http://www.inexbox.com/

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Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters appear in Sicily Carnival

“It seems you have never been to Italy, if you do not go to Sicily,“ said Goethe. “Sicily is Italy’s source of beauty.” On 17th, March (local time), to celebrate the Italy’s Independence Day, Sicily held a Carnival. It was a great honour for Airwheel to attend the significant event.

With the scorching sun in Mediterranean, Sicily is an increasingly multicultural society. A host of visitors come here every year to find the scene happened between the chief actress and bike boy in Malena and to find the church in The Godfather. On 17th, March (local time), to celebrate the Italy’s Independence Day, Sicily held a Carnival. It was a great honour for Airwheel to attend the significant event. Airwheel sets its foot on the enchanted land and attend the significant event in Sicily, which provides the securities on the spot with self-balancing electric scooters.

Labour-saving and flexible, Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter is more advantageous than others in the aspects of transiting information, giving warning to the visitors and maintaining the order on the scene. Sicily Carnival proved a natural arena for Airwheel intelligent electric scooters’ skills. The securities on Airwheel 2 wheel electric scooters are able to get through the crowded easily, by virtue of compact size and agile performance.


In addition to such kind of celebration, Airwheel is always seen for the residents and travellers. Palermo, the prefecture where the Sicily capital is located, has a number of one-way streets and the roads tend to be narrower and narrower. Under such circumstance, the cars are not welcomed. For travellers, the old and mottled stone buildings on the road sides are intriguing. Walking to enjoy every detail is amusing and tiring as well. Airwheel intelligent electric scooters, powered by electricity will be the great assistant for travellers to wander about the streets.

“It seems you have never been to Italy, if you do not go to Sicily,” said Goethe. “Sicily is Italy’s source of beauty.” In Sicily, we are easily fascinated by it, like the kaleidoscope, in Palazzo dei Normanni full of Moresque, in baroque Cathedral or Ancient Greece Valle dei Templi. Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters, filled with individuality are capable of getting through streets silently and in harmony with the local atmosphere to enjoy the wave sounds and seabird singing.

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Angry parrot and Naughty elk bottle opener surpasses its fundraising goal on Kickstarter

The multipurpose bottle openers that also work as Carabiners and key holders launched on Kickstarter has exceeded their fundraising goal of raising £999. Backers all over the world have given a great response to the product and supported the campaign with great enthusiasm. The campaign ends on 17th April and it is expected to raise good funding in the last few weeks.

Angry Parrot and Naughty elk are multipurpose bottle openers that also work as carabiners, key holders, hex bit holder, mini pry bar, can pull tab lifter and box opener. They are made of aerospace Titanium GR5, which is known for its strength and durability.

The carabiners are cut from 5 mm Titanium plate and sandblasted for a smooth finish and increased strength. The product is designed in such a way that one product serves multiple functions. It comes in three variations which are named according to their designs that are Angry Parrot, Naughty Elk, and Crocobiner.

The unique and innovative design of the product can also be used for opening cans or opening a box by cutting the tape or carton through its pointed edges while the ‘beak’ of the Angry parrot can be used to remove nails from a surface.

The product is designed to combine all these small everyday functions in one tool which is easy to be carried around anywhere. It can be worn on the jeans or trousers and also be used as a key holder so that the user always have a solution to everyday situations such as opening a bottle, can etc.

The amount raised from the campaign will be utilized to acquire the material so that the makers can put the product into mass production. After the raw material is gathered, cutting and processing the order will be done. The Kickstarter campaign also offers several rewards to the backers and a chance to order the carabiners at an early bird price.

The £19 rewards offering the Angry Parrot and Naughty Elk carabiner is already gone due to huge demand from the backers. Now, the users can pledge for £23 and get the Naughty Elk or Angry Parrot carabiner with free shipping. If the user wants to order both, they can pledge for £35. By pledging for £65, the backers can order all three carabiners including the Naughty Elk, Angry Parrot, and Crocobiner.

More information about the campaign is available at Kickstarter.com

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MooMoo Chalk Markers Helping Parents Tackle Dyslexia

When someone helping you gets frustrated, don’t let them. Take a step back, because you can’t learn anything under pressure. And don’t worry about the label [dyslexia]!
~ Erin Brockovich, lawyer and advocate
Parents with children diagnosed with dyslexia now have an ally in the newly launched MooMoo Creative Liquid Chalk Markers.

There is something about using colors that makes learning fun and easier. In fact, studies have shown that poor colored text is one of the key problems encountered by those with dyslexia.

With 8 brilliant colors, the MooMoo Creative Chalk Pen Sets feature reversible tips- taking the learning process to a whole new level.  They are quite versatile and can be used on a range of surfaces including, glass, windows, chalk boards, metal plastic and most non-porous surfaces. Moreover, these liquid chalk markers 100 % non toxic and super easy to clean up.

Already, parents have been discovering the learning benefits of the MooMoo Liquid Chalk Markers. Mother of 3, Jane A, summed up the overall effectiveness of the chalk markers. She said: “MooMoo Creative liquid chalk markers have been a blessing. We have found them to be the most effective way to teach our dyslexic son to write and spell. He had great fun writing on the windows and we love how easy it is to wipe off. His teachers were delighted with his achievement in class but most of all our son is much more confident with all the progress he has been making.”

Teachers at Preschool, Kindergarten, High School and Colleges all love MooMoo Chalk Pens as they are VERY Opaque and use just like Dry Erase Markers, the reversible 6mm tip gives you the option of fine tip markers for detail work or broad chisel tip markers for when big bold lines are needed. The bright neon colors make for great visible explanations and keeping student attention.

The MooMoo Liquid Chalk Markers are affordably priced at $14.95 and comes with a bonus of 8 chalkboard labels to boost the learning process and encourage your child to label and have fun.

For further details or to purchase a pack of these liquid chalk markers, please visit: Amazon USA

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