A&H Forensic Roofing, LLC Offers Free Forensic Roof Inspection

A&H Forensic Roofing, LLC offers free forensic roof inspection to help their clients determine which course of action is best for their roof. The forensic inspection includes a comprehensive description of the roof, including the roof composition, life expectancy, age and other issues. As trusted roofing contractors Raleigh NC, A&H Forensic Roofing strives to help clients determine the best route that will maximize the function and benefits of their roof. The company also created a YouTube channel to reach out to more clients and help them with their roofing needs.

Inspecting all parts of the home is the only way to protect an investment from getting damaged prematurely. Homeowners may not notice a problem with their roof and ignore this part of the house. People cannot be too safe when it comes to their roof. An occasional inspection is important to avoid a lot of hassles in the future.

Preventing damage is the most important benefit of a roof inspection. A&H Forensic Roofing analyzes all gutters, corners as well as shingles to determine the spots that can pose problems in the future. Stopping a problem before it happens is the safest way to protect an investment. Even the smallest tear on the roof can expand if the homeowner allows it. Gutters are particularly important to inspect because when these parts are damaged, the risk of flooding in the front lawn is very high.

Aside from preventing problems, roof inspections can also help fix the areas that require repair. A&H Forensic Roofing has a lot of experience and is an expert in differentiating major concerns from small issues. Some problems with the roof may be harmless and only affect its overall look. The necessary repairs can be done to maintain its look, but the roof inspectors at A&H Forensic Roofing are especially concerned with determining the areas that show signs of causing damage so that the necessary repairs can be done. They will determine the main source of problems to prevent recurring situations.

Aside from confirming that one is living in a safe structure, forensic roof inspection will also give homeowners peace of mind knowing that they don’t have to worry about their safety. When heavy storms blow, they can sleep comfortably knowing that their roof will not be blown away or leak. A&H Forensic Roofing has a team of experts who have been in the industry for years. They bring the necessary tools and equipment to conduct the roof inspection thoroughly and without disrupting the normal routine of their clients.

Established in 2011, A&H Forensic Roofing is family oriented company that aims to provide only the best service to their clients. The company offers preventative maintenance programs, replacements, repairs as well as restorations for industrial, residential and commercial properties. A&H Forensic Roofing provides value through hands-on, innovative services that follow scientific values. The company takes on every project utmost confidence and professionalism.

Visit their YouTube channel or blog for more roofing tips.

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Mortgage One Inc. Announces FHA Website for People Who are Looking for FHA Loan and FHA 203k Loan

If you need some assistance with your FHA loan needs, Mortgage 1 has officially launched their website to cater to the needs of their clients.

Mortgage One lives up to their name as they secure their position as the number one FHA and FHA 203k loan lender in the whole Michigan area. This is the reason why it is not a big surprise that hundreds of realtors now trust the company with the realtors’ own clients’ mortgages, with the numbers increasing by the day.

For those who require some help on home mortgage for purchasing a new home, those who like to refinance their home to a much lower rate or take out cash for paying off the high bills for their interest rate, Mortgage One is the name that you can trust.

Mortgage One takes great pride in their long and rich history of being the original 203k loan contractor in Michigan. For more than two decades, they have offered the residents of Michigan and now Ohio and Florida with mortgage refinancing and home purchase loans to help in fulfilling everyone’s American dream of owning a home.  

Considering a FHA 203k loan to renovate your home prior to moving in?  Mortgage One has relationships with some of the best 203k loan contractors who understand the complexities of working with FHA’s paper work and will renovate your new home to your high standards.

The FHA mortgages are among the easiest means of qualifying for a mortgage, particularly for the first time home buyers.

The official FHA website of Mortgage One can serve as your guide to knowing what it really takes to be qualified for mortgages, from mortgage insurance, debt to income ratios, FHA loan rates income and credit  The firm is always ready to answer the questions of everyone and help them in closing their loans in just a matter of weeks.

You might have heard that the process of securing a loan is harder compared to applying for the traditional mortgage. Greg Kitchen, Sales Manager says, “This is not really the case. The changes that have been implemented because of Dodd Frank laws have made the whole process sadly as hard for all kinds of loans.”

Mortgage One’s system is going to make things as easy for you as possible. Their main goal is to help the borrowers in getting to a home mortgage that will suit their needs and their budget. They always work hand in hand with the borrowers in order to lead them to the conventional mortgage if possible before recommending  an FHA mortgage.

Visit http://www.fhaloanmichigan.org for more information.

Mortgage One Is An Equal Opportunity Lender.

Greg Kitchen’s NMLS# is 166067

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Toothless UK Knows the Cause but Talk Is Pointless Without a Plan to Cut Sugar, Says Dr Ruhling

There is little hope for better health in society until parents own-up to their responsibility of rearing their children by restricting their ability to get sugary foods and drinks. If local government in the home won’t enforce better guidelines, big government efforts will prove a poor alternative, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, offering insights on sugar and health.

PRESCOTT, AZ – 29 Feb, 2016 – The leading cause of hospitalization for children, ages 5-9, in England where children and young people drink more sugary soft drinks than anywhere else in Europe, is for tooth extraction, a problem affecting tens of thousands of children. (Google News).

Richard Ruhling, MD, MPH is retired, but he offers his own dental insights. The first word he learned to spell as a child was c-a-n-d-y, as his parents spelled it out to avoid his attention, but he got the idea and the taste for sweets early in life. As a result, he had a mouthful of dental fillings before high school.

In 1960, Ruhling spent a summer in Columbia and Venezuela where he learned to pull teeth in a dental clinic. He pulled as many as 100 in a morning because Coca Cola was so successful at marketing their product to those poor ignorant people.

At Loma Linda University, Ruhling learned of dental research by Ralph Steinman, DDS who showed a fluid movement in canaliculi of the tooth that maintains the defense against tooth decay. Eating sugar stops the fluid movement and allows decay to occur.

Healthy rats on a standard laboratory chow, if given the option of sugar, will soon become addicted to it and lose their health. We should be smarter than to allow our children that option, says Ruhling, but he also decries the aspartame, sucralose and other chemical sweeteners that can have harmful effects on the body.

An exception seems to be Stevia, an herb that grows wild in S. America. Known as sweet leaf. It was banned by the FDA which has a history of approving things like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and prescription drugs that have become a leading cause of illness and death, but banning an herb used in Japan for decades, says Ruhling who sees big gov as sold out to big companies which have a primary purpose of making money and they don’t care about our health.

If we like sweet things and consume a rich, exciting diet, we lose our discipline for eating our vegetables and the less appealing but protective foods that build our bodies. We may wonder why diabetes or other chronic degenerative diseases are afflicting us, but from the womb to the tomb, what we consume is what consumes us.

Winners at dog shows or horse races understand this while the masses seem ignorant of how health habits can affect our destiny. It is not as easy as having a simple extraction. Let’s be true to our teeth, or they will be false to us, and so will be a lot of other things in life, says Ruhling.

Dr. Richard Ruhling is the author of Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor, available on Amazon. He offers more information on his website, http://RichardRuhling.com

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Service Experts Plumbing LLC Expands Its Service Territory

WATEFORD, MI – 29 Feb, 2016 – Service Experts Plumbing LLC of Waterford MI is now servicing customers in Bloomfield MI, Bloomfield Township MI, Bloomfield Hills MI, West Bloomfield MI, Orchard Lake MI, Pontiac MI, Clarkston MI, Rochester Hills MI, Troy MI, Sylvan Lake MI, Commerce MI, White Lake MI, Walled Lake MI, Keego Harbor MI, Auburn Hills MI and Highland MI.

As always our valued Waterford MI customers as well as our new customer located throughout our newly expanded service area can always reach us through our website xprtplumber.com or our 24 hour service line at 1-888-406-3630. Our experts are on call with fully equipped and stocked trucks ready to service your plumbing and emergency service needs.

Our existing customers already know that they can call on our team of plumbing experts 24 hours, 365 days a year and now we will be providing or services to all of our new customers located in the extended service area 24/7/365 as well. So whether it’s a broken, frozen or leaky pipe, clogged drain, malfunctioning water heater, or a running toilet you can count on the experts at Service Experts Plumbing to fix it quick and fix it right, guaranteed.

People around Waterford know that when you need a plumber, you need to call Service Experts Plumbing LLC. We are excited to provide our services to our new expanded service area and look forward to becoming the one to call for people located throughout these communities.

To learn more about our numerous services please visit our services page on our website. There you will learn about all of our areas of expertise including, sump pump replacement, water heater repair, water heater installation, investigation and repair of broken pipes located in walls and even under concrete floors, sewer snaking, and our remodeling and new construction plumbing services, as well as the many other services we offer.

Service Experts Plumbing LLC is both an authorized Rheem water heater repair company and an authorized Bradford White water heater repair company. Additionally we are the only Waterford MI (48328) authorized retailer of Bio-Clean the natural, safe and effective drain cleaner.

Full News Story: http://pressreleasejet.com/news/service-experts-plumbing-llc-expands-its-service-territory.html

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Zhongfa Industrial Company Introduces Different Range of Quality Products for Worldwide Industries

From a wide variety of antennas, suitcases to different capacity alkaline batteries, Zhongfa Industrial Co. Ltd. has various products that are available at affordable prices for the global companies to grow their business.

Zhongfa Industrial Company is based in China that produces a wide range of products for the global supply, including antennas, suitcases, luggage bags, alkaline batteries, transformers, PVC jackets and others. The company supplies quality products at cheap prices for the bulk importers.

The company supplies a great antenna range, comprising of telescopic antennas, phone antennas, car antennas, TV antennas, tool antennas, DVB-T antennas, and more. Besides antennas, companies can also procure a variety of accessories from Zhongfa Industrial Company that can be used in an easy installation of the antennas. One can choose from a variety of rods in different length and with a variety of designs for a custom-made requirement of installation of antennas.

Companies from around the world can glimpse through their amazing suitcase range that includes a diverse range of luggage bags and trolley bags to choose from. They also have soft side bags, laptop backpacks, school bags and other related items. The spokesperson of the company reveals that they endeavor to provide the complete set of luggage bags for an offshore company to sell products in the local market. Made of great quality materials and with attractive colors and designs, these bags can simply draw the attention of the customers around the world.


In the modern times, alkaline batteries have a wide range of applications. These batteries are durable and are remarkable for their long-lasting performance. Available in different sizes and capacities, a company can procure batteries from Zhongfa Industrial Company at pretty reasonable prices. The company supplies batteries in different quantities and they have different models of batteries to choose from. They even supply extra heavy duty 4.5V battery for heavy applications that can prove a contiguous or a reliable source of energy for running any application.

In order to choose a wide variety of products from Zhongfa Industrial Company’s inventory, one may visit their website www.zhongfa-cheng.com

About Zhongfa Industrial Company

Zhongfa Industrial produces all kinds of antenna, battery, illumination components in China. The privately owned company is producing all kinds of antennas, batteries, and illumination components such as ballasts, fluorescent tubes and various luggage bags, suitcases etc. The company is always ready to present first grade quality and reliable products to their customers around the world.

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Phone: 86 13093734123
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Flitejob.com Launches Jobsites With Integrated Pre-Screened Technical Knowledge

Flitejob.com release the official initial job search and job posting with integrated and smart filtering capabilities for employer and employees.

This integrated recruitment concept helped the organization improve their Human resources efficiency by having simplified and efficient solutions for their human resources selection and recruitment processes, from  classifying their human resource needs, identification and filtering the skill and knowledge and selection tools benchmarking processes.

The partnership with Principal office in Fort Lauderdale, USA is managed by Ludlow Beckford who is responsible for the US office, this in collaboration with Vision Concept in Dubai, UAE.  The marketing is also supported by Shawn Abdollahi in Toronto office for the Canadian market and Abbas Younis for Middle east market with its location in Cairo, Egypt.   Christian Schroeder handles the Europe and China market while Anaziaz and Baldi for the Asia market based in Jakarta under aerotekavia.com

The employment platform is custom tailored to meet customer needs, with the technical question screening module,  and which includes video resume recording capability that is being developed securely which will be the leading product that employer can filter and rank candidates scores to meet the right requirements.

There are many websites that offer identical recruitment platform, however they are missing the most important tools which is filtering, selection tools and profiling capabilities.

This will be the primary solution for employer that cover not only consider pilots  jobs but also extend to cabin crew jobs, engineers jobs from air operators, aircraft design organization, as well as maintenance organization or other aviation related jobs such as airports and Air Traffic control environment.

Flitejob.com  employment websites is free for job seekers and also for employer with the basic job posting, however it is also providing advance paid recruitment and selection tools.

Currently we see the a high demand for pilots who have just graduated from flying school and can not be readily absorbed by airlines, and so requires further training to maintain and improve their skill and knowledge said Beckford who is also Type Rating  Examiner who is also responsible to manage the training developments section.

About Company:

The partnership has over 50 years combined aviation experience, which was formalized in 2013 with 5 partners from various continent, US, Canada, Europe, Egypt and Indonesia.

US Office: 20th CT, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33323, United States
US office: 9549938935
Middle East office: 9715637063722
Twitter: @FlitejobInfo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flitejob

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Website: https://www.flitejob.com/

Winjit Receives an Overwhelming Response for its IOT – GDM Developer & Business Partners Program at Mobile World Congress 2016

The program intends to be the window of opportunity which would unveil the ground-breaking IOT possibilities. Winjit’s success stories across a plethora of industrial verticals came as a big motivation to jumpstart the Business & Developer Program at this global, through this program we intend to develop a global community of IOT proponents, Mr. Abhijit Junagade, Co-Founder, Winjit Technologies said.
The program includes training and handholding on expert integration with Winjit IOT GDM

Barcelona, Spain, Bengaluru, India – In order to advance IOT delivery model, Winjit Technologies unveiled their Winjit IoT GDM Developer & Business Partner Program at the prestigious Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.

The state of the art IOT gateway is a sensor-led solution, facilitating capturing of data at multiple levels, with smart management and secure IoT solutions through the cloud & offers the flexibility to innovate and transform business at an economical cost across multiple operating systems and protocols.

The IOT GDM Developer & Business Partners Program was one of the key highlights of Winjit’s third day engagements at the Mobile World Congress.

For the starters, the Registration Kit includes:

• Raspberry Pi-2
• Necessary cables
• Pre-configured Gateway
• User Manual
• Developer Manual

The Training schedule for Business Partners & Developers would be available on Winjit’s website. The developers can register here.

Commenting on their announcement for the Partner Development Program, Mr. Abhijit Junagade, Co-Founder, Winjit Technologies said, “The program intends to be the window of opportunity which would unveil the ground-breaking IOT possibilities. Winjit’s success stories across a plethora of industrial verticals came as a big motivation to jumpstart the Business & Developer Program at this global, through this program we intend to develop a global community of IOT proponents.”

Some of the Program highlights for the Business Partners are:

• Expert integrator for existing systems and application with Winjit IoT GDM

• Access to sandbox for compatibility check & open Source APIs

• Complete access to technical repository

• Quick Hands on Webinars, case studies & e-mail Support

• Pre configured starter kit & industry verticals templates for pilot projects

• Complimentary pilot consultancy

[email protected]

With over a decade of experience in enterprise mobility and cloud computing, Winjit is currently at the forefront in developing solutions for Internet of Things(IoT). Armed with expertise in hardware engineering & software development, company is all set to launch unique solution – Winjit IoT gateway. It will provide end to end solution for third party developers to develop easily deployable and scalable IoT application with its strong ecosystem of APIs, SDK. This will allow the developers to leverage capabilities of the modern cloud with high end security.

Meet the IOT experts at Hall 8.0 Stand 8.0D40.

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Company Name: Winjit Technologies
Contact Person: Akanksha Shetty
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 08 041700070
Address:Unit T03,04,05, Phoenix Crescent, Rest House Road
City: Bangalore
State: Karnataka
Country: India
Website: http://winjit.com/

Welcome Dialogue Launches New Language and Cultural Training for Individuals and Businesses

CHICAGO – Welcome Dialogue has launched an innovative and timely service, focusing on acculturation needs as well as diversity consulting. Welcome Dialogue helps non-native English speakers in the Chicagoland area with oral, social and professional skills. They offer college-age students and adults training in American grammar and idioms, and help them develop stronger relationships with American co-workers, friends and neighbors. The company empowers its clients with the knowledge of how to succeed in the American workplace and how to understand American behaviors and habits.

There is a great need in the business community to better navigate the challenges of workplace diversity, training hires from abroad in the company culture, employees having trouble understanding each other and tensions between staff of different backgrounds. Welcome Dialogue consults with companies to address these challenges and leverage the skills of their employees by improving communication and increasing productivity.

Welcome Dialogue partners with businesses to help English learners speak and understand American English better. Owner Regina Rodríguez-Martin explains, “I guide employees in the expectations and behaviors of your particular business. Whether your English learners need tutoring in grammar, training in meeting behavior, or guidance in the protocols of office friendship, I’ll focus on what it takes to make your team work smoothly.”

Employees gain confidence and ease as they build their language skills and find their place in an organization. “When people have a sense of belonging and security, they become more productive.” Speaking to new arrivals, and those struggling a bit with the English language, Rodríguez-Martin stresses, “If Americans sometimes confuse you, or if you feel nervous about saying the wrong thing or making the wrong move with your co-workers, friends or neighbors, we will coach you. No matter what your goals are, we will create an acculturation strategy to give you the skills and tools to reach those goals. With Welcome Dialogue, you will find your community in the Chicagoland area, gain a better understanding of American culture, improve your communications skills and make yourself a more valuable member of the American workforce.”

Rodríguez-Martin is an engaging and inspiring instructor who has taught ESL in the classroom and one-on-one. With a job history that covers six industries, she knows the American workplace and helps English learners thrive in their professional environments. She is also an expert in building friendships and personal communities and loves to share these skills with those who need more support in their lives. The granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, Rodríguez-Martin feels passionate about helping people learn American culture and feel comfortable in English.

Sessions are available for individuals and groups, in private or professional settings.

For more information go to http://www.welcomedialogue.com/

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Contact Person: Regina Rodríguez-Martin
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (773) 255-6282
Address:1224 W Farwell Ave, 3N
City: Chicago
State: IL
Country: United States
Website: http://www.welcomedialogue.com

“Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulin” – Continental Societies Inc., Dallas Chapter Takes Mardi Gras to a New Height

DALLAS, TX – 29 Feb, 2016 – Mardi Gras may be a reason to party for many, but for the members of the Dallas Chapter of Continental Societies, Inc., it’s more than a reason, it’s a cause.

Dallas Continentals’ annual Naw’lins Mardi Gras Jam, is set Saturday, March 12, 2016, at 7:00 P.M. Crowne Plaza Dallas Hotel, 14315 Midway Road, Addison, Texas 75001. Admission is $85 per person. The Naw’lins Mardi Gras Jam is a fundraiser benefitting the Dallas chapter’s Children’s Programs and Scholarship Fund. The evening will feature Dinner, Dancing, Mask Judging Contest, and a Silent Auction.

The Dallas Chapter is proud to announce the 2016 Naw’lins Mardi Gras Jam King Mr. La Troy Hawkins, Major League Baseball Pitcher and Queen is Anita Hawkins, Author, Model and Philanthropist.

The Honorary Chair for the evening will be Mr. Stacy Marshall, Executive Director, Southeast Fort Worth, Inc.

The purpose of Continental Societies, Inc. is to promote, foster and develop the welfare of children with special needs to improve their recreational facilities, advance their educational opportunities, and sponsor a climate of security and well-being in their environment.

To inquire about the reading program contact: Judith T. Nix, Dallas Chapter President, (214) 985-1809, [email protected]or Contact: Rita C. White, (972) 523-7046, [email protected]

For more information on the Dallas Chapter of Continental Societies, Inc., visit the web site at http://www.csidallaschapter.org

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