Chiropractors and Work-related Injury Therapy

A chiropractor-managed work-related injury therapy focuses on the repositioning or realignment of the spinal column so that spinal nerve irritation can be minimized if not fully eliminated.
Certain work environments are naturally more dangerous than others.

Some are filled with chemical and physical hazards that can significantly undermine one’s health and safety. Unfortunately, accidents do occur even in the safest workplaces. For example, sitting in front of your desktop computer for 8 straight hours with very minimal time for stretching can lead to a host of problems such as lower back pain, stiff neck, shoulder pain, and even whole body fatigue. While these problems do not occur at once, they nonetheless affect not only one’s health but also his work productivity. And while you may want to seek work-related injury therapy for these problems, maybe a chiropractor can help you.

The Purpose of a Chiropractor Specialist

Chiropractors specialize in the management of work-related injuries like lower back pain, stiff neck, and shoulder pain among other disease conditions of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular system of the spinal region. This makes them best suited for the planning, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring of work-related injury therapy. 

Chiropractors perform purposeful manipulation of the different tissues of the spinal column from the base of the head down to the tip of your coccyx, or your tailbone. You see, the problem with most employees working in desk jobs is that they are not able to maintain the appropriate alignment of their vertebrae in relation to the rest of their bodies. Majority slouch when seated while others tend to sit with an abnormal curvature of the spin. This creates a variety of problems that can lead to spinal nerve irritation. This results in pain and when it does, it will often be difficult to move and perform the things that are expected of your work.

A chiropractor-managed work-related injury therapy focuses on the repositioning or realignment of the spinal column so that spinal nerve irritation can be minimized if not fully eliminated. This brings about a general feeling of comfort and overall improved functionality. Additionally, work-related injury therapy that is managed by a chiropractor teaches the individual on the different non-pharmacologic management of pain, particularly the use of hot and cold applications. The chiropractor can teach the individual on how to effectively manage pain without necessarily popping a pill at the first symptom of pain.

Learning From Chiropractor Experts

Perhaps one of the most crucial things that a chiropractor will provide during a work-related injury therapy is the teaching of the individual on the need to maintain the correct alignment of the body. Observing the correct posture in all aspects of daily living can help mitigate future problems. Additionally, the chiropractor will help the individual make the correct choice of specific pieces of furniture that are ergonomically designed. These are important tools to make sure that the injured tissues will properly heal without any further complications. Ergonomic furniture will aid the individual in maintaining a healthier and more appropriate body posture.

Chiropractors are just one of the many healthcare professionals that can provide workplace-related injury therapy. The point that needs to be understood is that if the workplace-related injury is related to musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems that require manipulation of the spine, the establishment of correct body alignment, and the application of non-pharmacologic pain management techniques, then your best option will be a chiropractor.

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Popick & Rutman, Attorneys at Law, Ensure Justice is Delivered with Compassion for Personal Injury Claims

Flushing, New York, September 30, 2016 – There is always an accident waiting to happen. Personal injuries however should not be seen as the handiwork of fate or mere eventualities that could not be prevented. Claims and monetary compensation can always be claimed in case someone else was responsible for the event. POPICK & RUTMAN are Attorneys at Law with a record of successfully representing thousands of personal injury cases in Queens and throughout New York.

POPICK & RUTMAN ensure that their experience produces results. The law firm handles a wide range of accident cases related to construction, slip and fall, premises, motor vehicles, nursing homes, product liabilities, medical practices, and so on. Any client can start with a free, no-obligation consultation to receive a straightforward, honest opinion, even at off-hours. The firm charges fees only in the case of a successful recovery.

A typical case can often be resolved within six months, while cases with court lawsuits may take a year or two to resolve. Some of the precautions that clients can take to ensure a successful and speedy recovery is to document injuries, seek medical attention, take photographs, and track how daily activities are affected due to injuries. According to POPICK & RUTMAN, the greater the amount of evidence related to injuries, the more likely is the success of a settlement with compensation.

At POPICK & RUTMAN, every attorney carries over 30 years of experience dealing with cases of personal injury. The firm has helped recover millions of dollars for its clients while aggressively defending their rights. Their experience and know-how along with personalized attention to each case ensures justice is delivered with compassion.

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Law Office of Daniel M. Morrin Offers Highly Personalized Legal Services to Personal Injury Clients

Westbury, New York, September 30, 2016 – Injuries and accidents can cause lifelong disabilities or leave permanent consequences for the affected. Such cases need to be fought legally to claim fair compensation for the damages caused. Such cases require a highly personalized and experienced legal consultation. The Law Office of Daniel M. Morrin works closely with clients to stand up for the rights of the injured and disabled workers throughout New York.

Personal injuries, especially to workers, can threaten livelihood and adversely affect the quality of life. The injury and disability law firm works with clients from all walks of life, with the primary practice areas being social security disability and New York Workers’ Compensation. The legal areas of injury and disability require deep expertise, and this is amply demonstrated by Daniel M. Morrin, founding attorney, who has spent over 30 years tackling tough legal challenges.

The attorneys and legal team at the Law Office of Daniel M. Morrin work in niche and highly complicated legal areas, specially dealing with Social Security Disability law and New York Workers’ Compensation law. Customers thus enjoy personalized attention as well as gain from the entire team’s expertise. This genuine concern for the wellbeing of the clients reflects in the entire process from the very first meeting. The firm offers free consultation and does not charge any fee until the compensation has been obtained. The offices of the Law Office of Daniel M. Morrin are located in Westbury, New York, as well as Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The Law Office of Daniel M. Morrin  offers victims of personal injury and negligence consistent communication, hands-on guidance, the quality legal  service of a dedicated, small firm rather than a volume-based approach, and plenty of choices and explanations across every stage of the case until successful recovery.

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Studies Suggest Perceptions, Not Reality Drive Public Policy for Manufactured Home Communities

LAKELAND, FL – 9/30/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — I found no evidence that these communities are bastions of crime and disorder.”

— William P. McCarty, University of Illinois at Chicago

Despite evidence that disproved misconceptions … negative stereotypes continued to influence local governments to impose regulatory restrictions on this type of housing.”

— Lisa Tyler, Bethel University

Modern manufactured homes are widely thought to be a significant factor in solving the affordable housing crisis, yet developers who seek approval for new communities are facing growing opposition from local governments and community activists who say they don’t want “those homes” and “those people” in their neighborhoods.

For some 23 million Americans who live in manufactured homes — from low- and middle-income families, to frugal millionaires — the stigma is as baffling as it is enduring.

In many instances, it is a case of mistaken identity and an artifact of the past.

It’s the places that have been around for 50 or 60 years — those are the kind of places that reinforce the stigma,” says William McCarty, an assistant professor of criminology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

But mostly, according to one 2009 study, it comes down to bad press.

The inaccurate and negative media messages have represented manufactured homes as objectionable places and environments occupied by people with personal and cultural deficiencies.”

There has been little in the way of objective research to challenge these stereotypes, but the few studies that have tackled the basis for these perceptions have found the stigma does not match the reality.

McCarty is one of the few academics who has focused on one widely espoused objection to so-called “trailer parks” — the incidence of crime in proximity to manufactured home communities.

What he found: Crime rates were not significantly different from comparable neighborhoods, and any problems were confined to the parks, themselves.

Those folks who argue those issues are going to spill over into surrounding neighborhoods — we didn’t find any evidence of that.”

What he did discover was that good, onsite management, where rules were enforced and residents were properly screened had fewer problems than communities with lax management — similar to apartment complexes.

But unlike in apartment complexes, many residents of manufactured home communities own their homes — even if they lease the lot on which they are located.

Some had lower rates of crime than you would expect, because they had pride of ownership and the shared backgrounds of residents,” McCarty says.

With 3 percent of the population living in the nation’s more than 40,000 manufactured home communities, “Clearly this isn’t something that should have a stigma,” says McCarty.

And yet it does.

Lisa Tyler, an associate academic dean at Bethel University, completed a doctoral study last year on “Examining Community Attitudes Toward Manufactured Housing.”

She cites one 2010 study that notes laws restricting placement of manufactured homes have presented obstacles unique to the product, which date back to the travel trailer days.

NIMBY attitudes and consumer misconceptions influenced lawmakers that determined zoning regulations,” writes Tyler. They still do.

That research and more are part of the newest article on – Pride and Prejudice: The Truth About Manufactured Home Communities and Crime, with links to the full studies here.

(Photo caption – still from an MH Road Show video at New Durham Estates, Westville, IN.) and are the leading trade publications for consumers, manufactured homeowners, MH industry leaders, investors and public policy professionals who want up-to-date lifestyle and business news.

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MindStir Media author Bernie DiPasquale’s children’s book centers on finding God through sights and sounds of the world

With the assistance of MindStir Media, author Bernie DiPasquale has written and published his new children’s picture book.

What Does God Sound Like? by Bernie DiPasquale has been released to readers worldwide. The paperback and hardcover books are 32 pages and include beautiful illustrations to match an equally beautiful and poignant story about finding God in the sounds and sights of the world.

From the back cover: We tell our kids that God is everywhere. Pray and maybe He will answer. But if God is everywhere and has created all things, then He must be talking to us all the time. This is my short story to help my Grandchildren understand they can talk with God all day, every day, everywhere. 

“I decided to write the book to leave some of my thoughts behind,” said author Bernie DiPasquale. 

What Does God Sound Like? is available at, and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale orders can be placed through Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

About author Bernie DiPasquale: 

Bernie was born and raised in Baltimore, MD and now resides in Joppa, a small community just a bit north up the I-95 corridor. He has spent his entire professional career in Education and Financial Services. More importantly he is a Husband, Father, and Grandfather to a beautiful family. 

About MindStir Media: 

MindStir Media LLC offers a wide variety of self-publishing services such as custom cover design; interior layout; ISBN assignment; printing; ebook conversion; distribution; and marketing assistance. MindStir Media also provides one-on-one coaching from bestselling author J.J. Hebert, making its book publishing services completely unique and “Mind-Stirringly Easy,” as the company puts it. To learn more about publishing a book with MindStir Media, visit or call 800-767-0531. 

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Actress Tapped to Executive Produce ‘Inheritance Possession’ Series

ATLANTA, GA – 9/30/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — It was announced today that Actress Lunden De’Leon (“We’re The Millers”, “Fatal Attraction”) will executive produce the series “The Inheritance Possession” filming in South Carolina. The series is based around two estranged sisters traveling to the south to take possession of a house they have recently inherited. Car trouble along the way leads to revelations about their past. 

The series is set to air in 2017.  

Known for her role in the award-winning drama “Somebody’s Child”, fans recall first being introduced to De’Leon as Joanne Mbutu on the hit television series “Vital Signs”. Years later, she catapulted that breakout role into a successful acting career starring in over fifty movies and television shows like the 20th Century Fox Movie “The Ladies Room”, “12 Dog Days of Christmas”, “Surviving Paradise”, “Fury”, “Faux-Pas”, “Cryptz” and the HBO award-winning film “Kickin Chicken” to name a few.

De’Leon’s film company, Palmetto Film Studios, makes and distributes 5-7 films a year.


Barbara Bernstein

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C.N. Sky releases new novel Toxic Sphere: Volume 2: Liars and Defilers

With the assistance of MindStir Media, author C.N. Sky has published her novel to readers worldwide.

Toxic Sphere: Volume 2: Liars and Defilers by C.N. Sky has been launched. At 322 pages, the book (ISBN: 9780997357561) is concise but filled with thrills and adventures from cover to cover. 

Investigative journalist Bob Fullerby, leaders of the Back-to-Basics Club, and President Demnar Tarish of Domataland have one thing in common. They are searching for Leeha Ritsagin. She has what they want: the mysterious Guiding Light document.

The Guiding Light isn’t the only disruption to Leeha’s quiet life. A virulent illness strikes, and an unexpected friendship blossoms in the midst of tragedy.

The world beyond the walls of Leeha’s little apartment also roils in turmoil. Senator Bradley Seldortin postpones retirement and joins Bob Fullerby in a desperate attempt to save Cadona, the world’s mightiest nation, from falling into the hands of unscrupulous leaders. Bob, Bradley, and their allies fear the battle may already be lost. A bloody attack sets the Warm Sea ablaze, and an anxious world prepares for war.

The key to victory is the Guiding Light. 

Toxic Sphere: Volume 2: Liars and Defilers is available at, and other fine retailers worldwide. The suggested retail price is $15.99. Wholesale orders can be placed through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. 

About author C.N. Sky: 

C.N. Sky is a former US Army Military Intelligence officer with a degree in political science. Sky loves nature and is especially fond of flying squirrels. 

About MindStir Media: 

MindStir Media LLC offers a wide variety of self-publishing services such as custom cover design; interior layout; ISBN assignment; printing; ebook conversion; distribution; and marketing assistance. MindStir Media also provides one-on-one coaching from bestselling author J.J. Hebert, making its book publishing services completely unique and “Mind-Stirringly Easy,” as the company puts it. To learn more about publishing a book with MindStir Media, visit or call 800-767-0531. 

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TBR Music Group Introduces October Overload THE FLOOD

HOUSTON, TX – 9/30/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — 30 songs in 30 days, 14 corresponding music videos and a special release coming October 31!

TBR Music Group Introduces October Overload THE FLOOD

Houston’s very own TBR Music Group

is tuning up to bring you October Overload THE FLOOD, featuring 30 songs in 30 days beginning Saturday, Ocobter 1st, 2016 leading up to a special release on Monday, October 31st.

These songs will include original works from TBR hip hop artists Chain$moke and Spayc3, and will be released alongside 14 corresponding music videos. The artists, who have collectively performed on bills with Tech N9ne, Juicy J, Bun B, Jarren Benton, Plies, Rick Ross and Wu-Tang Clan, are undertaking this endeavor for intense music production. Their goal, according to Chain$moke member Mikey O.D., is to capture the attention of wider audiences by maintaining a steady and quick-paced musical output.

TBR will be releasing these works through their official website,, where songs and videos can be downloaded FREE from their main page.

Be sure to follow TBR Music Group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to receive the latest news for upcoming shows and events.

About the Artists

Chain$moke is a two-man hip hop duo made up of Kelly Indica and Mikey O.D., two of Houston’s finest ganja enthusiasts. Their works, laden with dark undertones, emits an out-of-mind and in-the-zone surrealism.

Solo artist Spayc3 takes an energized approach to his music, incorporating 808s and heavy bass to produce an amplified experience for his listeners. His charismatic vocals and lyrical change-ups awaken a contagious verve within his listeners.

Copyright © 2016 TBR Music Group, LLC All rights reserved.

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The Lumineers Tickets: is Slashing Their Prices on The Lumineers Concert Tickets for their 2017 “Cleopatra World Tour” Dates with Promo Code

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The Lumineers are a folk rock band, based in Denver, CO. The two founding members and songwriters of the Lumineers are Wesley Schultz (lead vocals, guitar) and Jeremiah Fraites (drums, percussion). Cellist and vocalist Neyla Pekarek joined the band in 2010. Pianist Stelth Ulvang and bassist Ben Wahamaki joined the band as full-time members in 2012.

The tour features Andrew Bird and Iceland’s Kaleo as direct support. Margaret Glaspy and Susto open on select dates.


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March 24 – Des Moines, Iowa, Wells Fargo Arena
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March 28 – Winnipeg, Manitoba, MTS Centre
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March 31 – Edmonton, Alberta, Rogers Place
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Local focus groups and opinion polls prove Trump to be winner of Monday’s Presidential debate

AUSTIN, TX – 9/30/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — This morning, the O’Leary Report released a number of spot polls that the national media ignores. The national polls clearly says that Hillary Clinton was a major winner. Spot polls tell a different story. Spot polls and focus groups are a little harder to analyze, but they tell a clear story – that Trump scored a decisive victory.

We can only find two media-related focus groups. One took place in Pennsylvania sponsored by the Pittsburgh Gazette. Clearly, Hillary Clinton lost ground among the independents and Democrats who were watching. The second focus group was in North Carolina sponsored by the Charlotte Observer. Unlike Pennsylvania, it did not show Trump gaining ground, but it showed Hillary Clinton losing ground. Governor Johnson was the winner with a couple of Clinton donors saying they were now supporting him.

Three polls that are indicative of Republican precincts are The Drudge Report, Washington Times and Breitbart. In The Drudge Report, readers chose Trump 81% to 18% for Clinton. In the Washington Times, the poll showed Trump won 71% to Clinton’s 22%, with 35,000 people responding. In Breitbart, with 168,000 people responding, Trump took 76% to Clinton’s 24%. Clearly, these three polls indicate that by election day, Trump is likely to have all the Republican votes he needs with the exception of philosophical whiners who can’t believe he’s not using their philosophy.

There are spot polls that, before the debate, no political pro would have guessed Trump could carry. The first one was Slate, the ultra-liberal news magazine that never met a Republican it couldn’t hate. They showed Trump carrying the debate 54% to Clinton’s 45%. 42,000 Slate readers took the poll.

In another Democratic precinct, CBS Manhattan TV, 41,000 people took a poll and declared Trump the winner with 59% in support to Clinton’s 41%. No Democratic consultant would have guessed that result. On Pix11, also in New York, Trump carried 55% to 42% for Hillary Clinton.

Spot polls from magazines are likely to tell us what independents might do. Time magazine, which leans to the left, had 409,000 votes on their online poll. 58% voted for Trump and 42% for Clinton. Fortune Magazine had 434,000 people voting in their poll. 51% voted for Trump versus 49% for Clinton, indicating that the thinking of Republican billionaires have not infected the overall business community.

Around the country, a few newspaper and television stations did try to poll the people. In addition to Pittsburgh Gazette and the Charlotte Observer, Cincinnati television station nine had almost 4,000 voters. 60% voted for Trump and 35% voted for Clinton. had 93,000 voters on their online poll, with 4,000 saying either neither or no one. With headline stories on the bridge closure, Trump carried the poll 53 to 42%. Channel two in Nashville, TN had 10,679 voters with Trump carrying it 63% to Hillary’s 36%.

On Michigan Live, which is a television station, Trump carried 52% to Clinton’s 47% with 22,000 people responding. In a highly Democratic area, Trump carried over Clinton 81% to 19% at the Las Vegas Sun. In the Denver Post’s online poll, Trump also carried the poll 55% to 45%. However, on the website, Clinton won the poll ^^% to 34%, but only 102 people voted.

In Pennsylvania, two local newspapers let polls of their own. The Johnstown Tribune-Democrat found that Trump won the debate 59% to 41% with 185 people responding. In Williamsburg’s Sun-Gazette, Trump won with 36% to Clinton’s 30%. In this poll, many people were undecided or felt neither won.

The individual polls of likely precincts are hard to come by, so if you can find any, send it to me at i[email protected] and we’ll run it in our daily blog

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