Around Town Entertainment Offers Complimentary Jazz Trio During Cocktail Hours

December is always a popular time for special events. People often find that the holidays make for a particularly festive time for weddings and company office parties. Around Town Entertainment offers complimentary jazz trio entertainment, provided that people book the agency’s service prior to the end of 2016.

Around Town Entertainment features four different but equally polished bands and maintains a repertoire of 1000 songs. Over the past 15 years, the performers have entertained a variety of client audiences in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

The right music guides party guests as they dance or simply relax and enjoy conversation Around Town Entertainment synergizes with the tone of your event and almost any theme. For events such as wedding receptions and office parties, there is nothing like a live band to get guests stoked and create a feeling of sophistication. By offering the complimentary Jazz Trio performance, Around Town Entertainment’s professional musicians raise the guests’ excitement to the ideal level for the specific phase of the party by simply altering the sound and speed of the live music.

Jazz trio entertainment typically involves a pianist, bassist and a drummer. The style has been popular since at least the 1930s, when Nat King Cole started such live performances. Around Town Entertainment performs a wide variety of live music and caters to an equally broad spectrum of musical tastes and thus it is only natural that it offers quality jazz trio performance.

In order to better serve increasingly tech-savvy clientele, Around Town Entertainment released a new website in August of this year. With the increased number of bookings and an ever-expanding spectrum of tastes, the bands needed the update to back the talent. 

Wedding planners, party organizers and others in need of live entertainment in the Tri-State area should review the new website at

Planning the music for an event is a challenge which is why Around Town Entertainment’s new website is the ideal medium to handle all decisions regarding live entertainment. The owner, Adam Michaels, stated “the purpose of the new website is to create a booking source which offers faster response times, greater mobile ready design and updated information.” The Around Town Live Music and Entertainment team knows that music is  vital to any event which is why the new website caters to making the event music selection process as simple as possible.

About Around Town Entertainment

Founded by band leader and music entertainer Adam Michaels, award winning Around Town Live Music and Entertainment is known for creating the music behind many of the area’s best Tri-State events. Top wedding planners, party organizers, promoters, designers and event professionals rely on Around Town Live Music and Entertainment for live band and music services.

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Suzhou Shining Announces Decorative Tiles & Panels with Sound Absorption, Fire Resistance & Heat Insulation Features

The Company brings acoustic ceiling tiles, mineral fiber ceiling panels and mineral fiber ceiling planks that are fire resistant and with better heat insulation and acoustic features.

Homes, offices and other buildings can now have better fire protection and sound absorption feature with the acoustic fiber mineral tiles introduced by China based Suzhou Shining Co. Ltd. With a higher percentage of mineral wools, the tiles have a negligible content of the inflammable organic additive that makes them fire resistant. The tiles are available in different dimensions for people to adorn their buildings and also achieve a better fire protection and heat and sound insulation.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have developed acoustic ceiling tiles that are perfect for sound absorption. Its improved acoustic feature helps in the noise reduction inside the building. The tiles are perfect for buildings where there is a heavy daily footfall on a daily basis, such as exhibition halls, cinemas, shopping malls and other places. Besides, these tiles are elegant and fashionable to help enhance the decorative value of a hall or a building.

The spokesperson reveals that mineral fiber ceiling panels are aesthetically appealing and a higher content of the mineral wool makes them more environments friendly. With a better thermal resistance, these panels reduce the chances of accidental fire break out. These high strength panels can be used for decorating ceilings of a building because of their innovative designs. Available in different sizes, the panels can fit into different ceiling dimensions and can transform the entire look and feel of a hall or a building.

The company is also offering mineral fiber ceiling planks that are damp proof and fire proof and have a superior fire resistant feature. These products are available in square edge, concealed edge and other designs. Customers can choose from different plank and tile thicknesses to meet their requirements. They have a wide variety of patterns, such as little star, pinhole, glacier, sand surface, blackboard and others.

These tiles, panels and planks have a wide range of applications, such as for the indoor decoration of various buildings of hotels, cinema halls, shopping malls, business lounges and others.

To know more about these products, one can visit the website

Suzhou Shining Co., Ltd

About Suzhou Shining Co., Ltd

Suzhou Shining is a Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles & Panels & Planks Manufacturer & Supplier & Exporter in China. The company is a professional Exporter & Manufacturer of heat insulation acoustic mineral fiber ceiling tiles, suspended ceiling tiles, Mineral Fiber Board, Acoustic ceiling tiles with more than 20 years experience in this field.

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J-Hen Continues His Success With New Single “On To The Next”!

J-Hen release new single “On To The Next”, and finds success on the brim of its release.

Topping Beat 100 and Internet Dj’s charts was not enough for the Dallas based artist. J-Hen went further and set the scene for a Grammy consideration, new deal with Sony’s The Orchard, and the release of a full album in early 2017. The artist has his work cut out for him and his team, but the fans will have great things to hear and see coming from the J-Hen camp!

His latest single “On To The Next”, features Yng Rell and was recorded in Birdman’s Hit Factory studios. As if that wasn’t enough, director Zach Ramelan delivered an amazing visual shot in Miami and parts of Canada for the already buzzing video. Reaching over seventy thousands plays on soundcloud and almost fifty thousand on youtube, its hard to deny J-Hen has grown as an artist an taken his career to the next level.

With an ode to moving on and breaking up the national Pop/R&B artist has done a good job to convince listeners, you can move on graciously and peacefully to find the perfect one for you. J-Hen also has two other singles dropping December 2, 2016 entitled, “Electric”, and “My Appreciation”. This year will prove to be his breakout year going into 2017 with a fresh start and a lot of backing.

Find out more on J-Hen by visiting:

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Youth Actress Nakia Tinker Chosen as Spokesperson for National Arts Campaign

Nakia Tinker will lead off the movement to celebrate innovation through the power of arts and music with launch dates to be announced.

Youth actress Nakia Tinker has been selected as the spokesperson for the 2016 Holiday National Arts campaign across America. Tinker will lead off the movement to celebrate innovation through the power of arts and music with launch dates to be announced. The campaign will include radio and online announcements designed to celebrate the power of creative expression with the goal to inspire kids and adults nationwide.

“Nakia Tinker is a young, bright talent with a passion for the arts. Her gifts in communications are what we believe can bring the message across clearly in terms of raising national awareness about the value of the arts,” says KC Amos, Grammy Nominated Director and Producer.

About Nakia Tinker

Nakia Tinker is a youth actress specializing in theater, television acting and voiceovers. Her passion for the arts became apparent at an early age when her voiceover skills were recognized by industry professionals. Nakia is known as a quick learner on the set who finds inspiration through being directed.

Nakia currently studies acting, theater and music in group study workshops. Her hobbies are art and fashion. Nakia finds inspiration through attending school, social interaction with her peers and creating concepts for ideas to make the world a better place for kids and families.

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Lintech Introduces New Range Of Card Readers That Are Safe & Feature Advanced Technologies

The new card reader range includes ATM self service motor card reader, USB magnetic swipe card reader and RS232 magnetic card reader that are automatic, full-function car readers, featuring the latest technology.

Lintech Enterprises Limited announces new card readers that have a variety of applications. These cards have advanced features and offer an enhanced safety mechanism to be used in ATM machines, POS terminals, Inquiry Systems and other places.

motor card reader

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have designed the motor card reader to be used in the ATM self-service machines. With several advanced features, these readers can be installed in self-service terminals, automatic vending machines, money rechargeable machines, electronic wallets etc. With a USB/RS232 interface, the card can easily detect magnetic signals. Made of the polyester material, the card enjoys a superior protection against over-voltage and excess temperature.

Video Link:

Another new product is the USB magnetic swipe card reader that offers bi-directional swipe car reading. It can be customized for the RS232/PS2/USB interface as per the requirement. It can function and withheld a significant voltage range and comes with an LED indicator to indicate a successful card swipe. The spokesperson reveals that it can work on different operating systems, such as Windows 98, XP, Vista, MAC and so on. The application of this card reader includes POS terminals, ID authentication, and Inquiry systems and so on.

Lintech has also brought a new RS232 magnetic card reader that offers hand swipe operated magnetic card reading. Due to its compact size, it can easily fit into a small space and is perfect for bi-directional card swipe reading. It can read up to 3 tracks of information and comes with an intelligent light to indicate successful reading of the data. With an excellent magnetic installation structure, the card reading is stable, reliable and safe. It can read various data formats and can also read worn and scratched cards.

The company brings a patented technology and maintains a quality standard, so that their card readers are acceptable across the industries and around the globe.

To know more about these card readers and their features, one can visit the website

About Lintech Enterprises Limited

LINTECH is a high technology corporation, dealing with different kinds of security products. These products can be used in banks, telecom, transport systems, underground parking lots and more. The main products are; Card Issuing/reclaiming reader, Automatic-reclaim card machine, Electric Card Reader, Automatic counting machine, Card issuing/ reclaiming reader and writer. The company focuses on researching market demand and client’s feedback to produce and Re-marketing/Distributing products.

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KW Coilovers and Suspension Outlet Now Available Online

KW Suspension, a company, which has set the bar high in manufacturing high performance automotive aftermarket suspension since the 80’s, has partnered with online performance parts distributor Revwerks to bring Canada and the west coast USA the highest quality suspension components at competitive prices. The new online marketplace is known as Customers in Canada, the US, and multiple destinations across the globe now have the opportunity to easily browse through KW’s countless coilover and suspension products from the comfort of their home.

While there are currently multiple websites, which offer KW products, such as the flagship KW V3 coilovers, these sites obtain KW products through large retail sources. This means that customers were forced to grossly over pay for the same products now available on the KW Coilovers Outlet. In addition, these sites can be deceptive with product quality, incorporate hidden shipping costs, and leave customers without a proper warranty or return policy.

If you are seeking high-quality coilovers (including v3 coilovers), or other suspension products, visit the KW Coilovers Outlet website. They carry coilovers products for 39 makes of vehicles. From American (Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge), to Japanese (Honda, Toyota, Nissan), to European (BMW, Volvo, FIAT), you will have no trouble finding a coilover for your specific vehicle. In addition, the interactive website ensures customers will find the correct product within minutes, not hours.

The KW Coilovers Outlet website is designed with the customer in mind, the goal and focused is centered on customer satisfaction and ease of access for your purchase. To make the payment process more effective, KW Coilovers Outlet is working in partnership with PayPal. PayPal accepts all major credit cards, making it easier for more customers to successfully make online purchases. Regarding delivery, KW Coilovers Outlet is proud to offer free shipping within the US, discounted shipping for Canada, and competitive rates for international delivery. All items in stock are guaranteed to begin shipping within minutes of a customer placing an order.

All KW products come with a limited warranty. If a customer finds themselves with a faulty coilover or suspension, KW has assured they will do everything within their power to replace the products free of charge. This type of consumer focus is just one of the reasons the new KW Coilovers Outlet is generating so much success.


Mike Willows
[email protected]

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Parkway Display Explains Why To Avoid The Foaming Technique In Acrylic Display Stands

Parkway Display is sharing the reasons why people should avoid the foaming technique which causes small bubbles in acrylic display stands and also in acrylic display cases & shelves. It is also sharing a number of ways to avoid the occurrence of bubbles in the stands when using the foaming technique.

The today’s world is a “look face” one. If you want to be loved by masses of people, you must look perfect! The same thing applies to acrylic display stands. If you want your acrylic stand to look beautiful and display items accordingly, you should ensure it does not have small bubbles which are formed in the glued parts.

Parkway Display is striving to develop a reliable remedy for this issue, and is first trying to understand why this circumstance appears. It proposes that using less glue can minimize this problem, but this solution has a limitation- it will lead to surfaces not getting completely covered! The company is also proposing for the avoidance of direct sunlight drying for a long time as this is one of the major reasons for the formation of air bubbles in acrylic display stands.

So how can we avoid the tiny bubbles in acrylic display stands? Well, the Parkway Display Factory is sharing a number of solutions.

To prevent the occurrence of bubbles in acrylic display stands:

1. We need to use the right adhesive on acrylic surfaces that have been affected by bonding agents of erosion. These affected surfaces have difficult-to-remove marks that can cause formation of bubbles after sticking poor adhesives.

2. We should use the right amount of binder and drying method. Using little glue means that all surfaces that need glued will not be completely covered. On the other hand, using a large amount of glue would aggravate the problem. Concerning the drying method, we should avoid methods that cause adhesive curing shrinkage and formation of bubbles.

3. We should ensure that the binding surfaces lack dust, grease particles or bubble holes as these things prevent even adhesive and cause formation of bubbles. We need to use the right cleaning methods to remove any particles on the surfaces that need to be glued.

4. We should not be in a hurry when making acrylic display stands. We should avoid quick processes which cause rapid evaporation on cross-sections triggering formation of bubbles.

5. Indoor temperature, humidity and other weather conditions can really affect creation of acrylic display stands and cause formation of bubbles, so we should pay much attention to them.

6. Using direct sunlight to cause acrylic board adhesive bonding and curing can cause development of bubbles and other undesirable things such as yellowing, so we should avoid direct sunlight, especially for a long time.

7. Acrylic board surfaces that are formed through cutting are usually under stress or in a degradable state, so we should avoid these surfaces as much as possible as they can lead to formation of bubbles in the glued parts.

Parkway Display Factory specializes in the production of acrylic display products. It is well known to produce reliable products that are of good quality and tailored to meet customer needs. It has a professional design team and uses the highly reliable 14-step manufacturing process to develop its products. Moreover, its customer service is an excellent one and the product prices are quite pocket-friendly.

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The New Hidden Audio – PA901 Series Panel Audio Systems from Panel audio Launched

Panel audio, a leading manufacturer of panel audio systems, recently launched their PA901 series audio systems.

Panel audio, a UK based manufacturer of lightweight and highly efficient audio systems, recently launched their PA901 series pane audio systems which are the latest in the list of hidden audio systems the company offers. The owners of Panel audio formally unveiled the latest audio systems at a trade fair.

Effective immediately, Panel audio will start selling and promoting the PA901 audio systems in the UK and worldwide. The owners added that they will now leverage their deep expertise in promoting and selling panel audio systems to raise awareness about this kind of audio systems to consumers worldwide.

The PA901 model has a frequency response of 60 Hz to 25 KHz and a continuous power rate of 100W RMS. The product has a peak power of 200W RMS. The owners recommended 150W amplification while explaining the features of the product at a trade fair. The product has a sensitivity of 90dB and a nominal impedance of 1 DML, 8ohm and both horizontal and vertical coverage of 165° each. The owners of Panel audio said that they may add more variants to the standard PA901 model in the future.

Panel audio’s audio systems are known for their lightweight nature as the products are thin, reducing transportation and rigging costs. Also, the panel audio systems produced by the company have very low room integration, almost eliminating the need for room treatment. The audio systems manufactured by Panel audio are also wide bandwidth devices, which makes them different from traditional audio systems.

According to the owners, they use a very different technology in their hidden audio speaker, which is called Distribution Mode Loudspeaker or DML technology. They added that the technology they use is non-pistonic and they also use a modal behaviour, which helps the panels to reproduce sound. They claimed that the technology they use is groundbreaking in many different ways.

“Before the PA901, we also launched PA501, PA601, PA602 and PA801 series panel audio systems. These systems have revolutionized the way we used to listen to music and other types of audio. Since we have our sales team on both sides of the Atlantic and distribution partners across the world, we can deliver PA901 and other products easily to any part of the world”, said the CEO of Panel audio.

About the Company

Panel audio is an audio system manufacturing company based in Glamorgan, UK.

To know more, visit

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Pack and Move Provides Comprehensive Service to Residential and Business Clients

Pack and Move provide full packing and moving service for clients throughout Arkansas to ensure their relocation is as stress-free as possible. The company offers a wide range of services including residential and commercial moves, both local and long distance.

Pack and Move provides a full packing and moving service for clients throughout Arkansas to ensure their relocation is as stress-free as possible. The company offers a wide range of services including residential and commercial moves, both local and long distance.

The main strength of Pack and Move are the skills and experience of their professional moving team. This has made the company familiar with all aspects of the relocation process, and the stress, which customers experience throughout that process. Thus, Pack and Move have developed a service, which incorporates every element of the moving process for their residential and commercial clients.

Pack and Move also places a lot of emphasis on exemplary service through clear communication with their clients, planning, preparation, and organization to make the relocation process as smooth as possible. The company also visits the client’s home or business location to provide them with an affordable and accurate quote for the move.

For residential clients, the moving company provides packing supplies and expertise. These include high-quality materials in the form of boxes, blankets, and carrying straps so clients’ valuable belongings such as breakables, pictures, and appliances are protected. Pack and Move also help with the planning, which includes a master list of all belongings that are being relocated, and the clear labeling of boxes and crates, with the specific rooms where the items need to be located to help the moving team with loading and unloading.

Clients who own businesses are offered moving services outside normal working hours and at off-peak times. Pack and Move also provide clear labeling and packing of office furniture such as desks and filing cabinets, and electronic equipment such as computers and fax machines. The company also packs and handles unusual items such as artwork and statues.

Pack and Move have received many positive reviews. For example, Donna says, “David [owner] is awesome. They got my job done in less than 2 hours. He [David] made sure to load everything properly for safe travels. He was very polite and knowledgeable! I couldn’t have asked for better movers.”

Pack and Move have over 30 years’ experience in relocation and operates throughout Arkansas including areas such as Little Rock, Benton, and Hot Springs.

Prospective customers can find out more at

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Thrive15 Founder Shares His Views At The Order Of The Golden Rule Annual Conference

Eminent business coach, speaker, and founder of Thrive15 speaks to Order of the Golden Rule.

The founder of Thrive15, renowned business coach and distinguished speaker, Clay Clark shared his thoughts, experiences and vision while addressing the attendees of the Order of the Golden Rule (OGR). The occasion was the Annual Conference of the OGR, which is an association of independently-owned funeral homes across North America. The conference was held in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Tropicana Hotel on April 28, 2016.

“By changing your mindset and the daily action steps you take, you can make nearly any business thrive,” says Clay Clark. “When starting a business or growing your existing business, it is important to understand that marketing is very important. At the end of the day, businesses should exist to provide profits for their team to share as a result of solving problems for their customers.”

Clay Clark shared best practice systems and strategies about how to stop Surviving and start Thriving. The former U.S. S.B.A. Entrepreneur of the Year provides businesses with the input, information and tools needed to build a successful business and maintain the booming growth.

The OGR was founded in 1928 with the mission of making independent funeral homes distinct and special. This is achieved by building and supporting interaction among members and exchange of information. ORG also offers support for professional-level business development by organizing a number of programs and services. The business practices and philosophy of members are guided by Standards of Ethical Conduct of OGR. This practice allows members to provide the ultimate care to families ‘by the Golden Rule.’

Thrive15 is acclaimed as the best business school. Here, experts and mentors who have achieved huge success in their respective areas of business, teach entrepreneurs and students how to build a booming business. Thrive15 offers thousands of online courses, best-practice business tools, templates and resources to members. Workshops are also conducted where participants are free to ask any business-related question.

Entrepreneurs as well as ‘in-trepreneurs’ which means entrepreneurial-minded people who work within an organization get invaluable information and input on how to start a business, make it grow and drive it to success from Thrive15. They can learn everything they want to about building a successful business from the gamified library where business millionaires share their success stories through short 15-minute training courses.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can get answers to any questions from the mentorship team at Thrive15. They can attend the famed Thrive15 workshops to interact with the team and learn the best way to take their business to the next level.

To schedule an interview with founder Clay Clark call 800-594-4457.

For more information, visit

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