Kickstarter Campaign Launches for Touch – Part One of a Mystery Crime Comic Series

Freiburg, Germany – On March 12 2017, HOK launched a Kickstarter campaign for Touch #1, the first installment in a mystery crime comic series about a female cop who can see other people’s emotions. The comic’s creator, HOK, is a comic maniac who authored and penciled Touch.

“My main interest is to entertain people. Suck them in at the first panel, let them have a good time and spill them out relaxed and happy at the last panel,” he says, “In this comic there are the good guys, the bad guys and the true hero, who’s suffering a lot for the greater good. I love this classic approach, and it works very well, even without planet-smashing super powers.”

Other members of the Touch team are inkers, Ruben Gonzalez and Veronica Gontz (Ant-Man Season 1, Scarlet Spider, Batgirl, Dr. Who) and colorist, Liezl Buenaventura (Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Wonderland, the Heavy Metal Magazine). 

Touch is the story of Jona Maza, a cop who has a special ability. When she touches something with her bare skin, she can see the emotions of others who touched it before. Touch is designed as an ongoing series with self-contained short stories, connected by an overall story arc.

The printed version of Touch #1 will have 28 full-color pages and be available in English and German. There will be two editions with different prices and covers, but the same content. One is the “community edition” only available via the creator’s Kickstarter campaign, homepage, or ComicCon table, and the “trade edition” available via Amazon and other third-party sellers.

“Personally, I don’t like these ‘your name will appear in the special thanks section’ or ‘buy me a Ferrari and I’ll make the main character look like you’ kind of Kickstarter benefits,” the creator explains, “So, I came up with a solution. That solution makes the supporters a real part of the cover artwork, even for very small contributions.”

In exchange for pledging to the project, backers can gain access to a variety of rewards including a printed copy of Touch #1 with their name on the back cover for €5, two copies (one “community edition” and one “trade edition”) of the book with their name on the front cover for €11, and more. Backers can also pledge €15 for the Fan Package, which contains two books with the backer’s name on the front cover, a poster, and a button or €25 for the Premium Fan Package, which also includes a signed and numbered art print. All rewards come with a “don’t Touch” sticker.

“The comic is complete. It’s ready to print,” says HOK, “Everything’s set to post out copies worldwide. 
There is only one big question left: Do YOU want to read it?”

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page here or contact the creator below.

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Company Name: HOK (Heinz Olaf Klöppel)
Contact Person: Media Relations
Email:  [email protected]
Phone: +49 176 / 55 54 22 09
Country: Germany

It’s Here, White Gloved Maid Introduces a 7-day Cleaning Service

DENVER, CO – 31 Mar, 2017 – White Gloved Maid, the newly launched premier house cleaning service in Denver is making giant leaps again. They are excited to release new business hours that will help Denver Metro Area citizens get their cleaning needs met any day of the week. 

Introducing new hours to be open 7 days a week they feel they can better serve their customers on their schedules. The new hours took effect on March 10, 2017. This continues branding them as an industry innovator. After first introducing Denver to an easy on-line quoting and booking system that took the pain away from the tedious quote process used by many maid services, White Gloved Maid again shows innovation with the new hours. 

Most of us know that trying to get everything done during the Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm schedule can be a tall order especially if you have a family. The new hours offer the flexibility that people need and what an on the demand society has come to expect. You don’t have to be a genius to see the value in this when it comes to entertaining guest. The ability to schedule a cleaner in the morning and entertain in the evening is exciting and provides a richer lifestyle.

About White Gloved Maid

Denver’s premium home cleaners. The company pioneered a cleaning service that offers four distinct areas of value for homeowners that look for the best in the business: simple to use online service; a safe service that includes, background checks, insurance, bonded; high quality cleaning; and world class customer support.

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Gold Rope Chain Limited Time Sale from Lifetime Jewelry® Arrives in a Flash

LOS ANGELES, CA – 31 Mar, 2017 – Searching for high-end gold jewelry that looks impressive but doesn’t cost an impressive amount? Lifetime Jewelry has just announced an exclusive deal available for a limited time only. One of America’s most respected jewelry retailers, this company is reducing the price a customer favorite: a 2mm wide 24K gold filled Rope Chain. These classic chains are gender neutral and attract women and men who love premium quality handcrafted jewelry, but without the expensive price tag.

In an interview with Mr. Alex King of Lifetime Jewelry, he highlighted some of the features of this design which make it so popular: “This is a beautiful Gold Chain and a popular gift item. We are very proud of this necklace and the attention to detail delivered by our expert jewelers. This design is full of depth and character; it looks amazing with any outfit. The twisted rope captures and reflects the light from all different angles which makes this gold chain dynamic and eye-catching.”

The 2mm wide 24K gold rope Necklace is hand crafted in a variety of lengths from 18 to 36 inches. These gold necklaces feature a very thick coating of pure 24K gold bonded to a heart of semi-precious metals. All jewelry from this company is hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant.

“We believe that there is no substitute for quality, especially when it comes to jewelry. All jewelry should be exquisite and crafted with care. This is our philosophy and we have stood by this since our business started in 1978. We are pleased to be able to offer this lightning deal and help our customers save further on this high-class design”, added Mr. King.

The special offer on the 2mm thick gold rope chain is only available for a very limited time and customers will have to act quickly to avoid missing out on this deal. For more information about Lifetime Jewelry and their products, customers can visit the company’s website or their storefront. Priority shipping is available and this chain may be one of the most meaningful Easter gift ideas for 2017.

About Lifetime Jewelry

Lifetime Jewelry specializes in gold and white gold filled jewelry handcrafted in America. Their wide selection gold filled rope chain designs are available in range in thicknesses from 1mm through to 7mm. The company also has a collection of 24K gold earrings, bracelets, Figaro chains, Cuban link necklaces, pendants and religious inspired-jewelry. All products by Lifetime Jewelry are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee against any damage or wear.

Video Link:

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IRVING, TX – 31 Mar, 2017 – Karma Mobility, the technology that let’s you take Wifi everywhere at a better cost than conventional WiFi providers, announced the launch of DRIFT, a best priced pay as you go service.  At $3 per month and $10 per GB used.  DRIFT bests the pay as you go market by $17 per month.

“This is unprecedented with the closest pay as you go service charging $20 per month + $10/GB used,” noted Todd Wallace, Karma Mobility CEO.  “We are here to disrupt pay as you go WiFi so that everyone can have affordable access whenever and wherever they need it.”

DRIFT customers also get a credit back for any unused portion of data at the end of each month

Karma reports account set up is simple and easy and takes only a few minutes.  Additionally DRIFT customers who share their connection get free data while sharing and earn a $1 credit for every guest that connects

Customers can manage their account and data on their phone and via the web with the ability to change their plan at any time.  Drift requires no contracts, has no hidden fees and customers can cancel at any time.

Drift can be used across the US in over 460 cities.  It uses a 4G LTE connection and falls back to CDMA 3G in the most remote areas where 4G LTE coverage is not available. 

Users with a 4G LTE connection can download 6-8Mbps with peaks up to 25Mbps and upload 2-3Mbps. CDMA 3G speeds provide Download .6-1.4Mbps with peaks up to 3.1Mbps and Uploads of .35-5Mbps.

Laptops, tablets and phones can all connect within 100 feet of the Karma Go device which is small, sleek and portable weighing just 2.3 ounces and has a battery life up to 6 hours and 220 hours of standby time.

To learn more visit

Karma Mobility began in 2012 with one simple idea: everyone should be able to get online, everywhere they go. Karma introduced the first peer-to-peer WiFi device that allows users to pay-as-they-go, with no contracts, and is made for sharing. Today Karma is the choice for people on the go who travel for work and leisure, or need an extra connection as a back up or for special circumstances.  Karma continues to disrupt the WiFi with innovations like the best in market priced DRIFT pay as you go plan. 

Visit for more information.

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Phone: 6825513797
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Market Spotlights Entrepreneurs Making Things In Brooklyn and Beyond

NEW YORK – 31 Mar, 2017 – Join us from noon to 7pm on April 1st & 2nd as we host the spring edition of the Brooklyn Makers Market – a showcase of locally-made art, goods and food – all inside one of Brooklyn’s architectural gems. The Williamsburgh Savings Bank building, at 175 Broadway in Williamsburg, was built in 1875 and has since undergone an immaculate restoration, which any fan of classic architecture will surely appreciate.

Enter the lower level, check your coat, and grab a drink at the bar and enjoy music from a variety of DJs, while filling up with a tasty meal. Browse arousing art from some of the borough’s emerging artists, then head past the birdcage elevator, up the stairs and warm up with a sample of Brooklyn-made spirits from Standard Wormwood Distillery (

Now that you’re nice and warm, enter the main floor and catch a glimpse of the magnificent Oculous Dome in all of it’s glory. Stroll amongst a variety of clothing, jewelry, food, home decor and more, as you take in the view.

Don’t miss out our special feature – Make it with the Makers! – a series of exclusive DIY workshops hosted in partnership with Keenobby.

For the full program and registration, click here:


*Please feel free to RSVP here:

Who: Shwick

What: Brooklyn Makers Market (

When: April 1&2 from noon to 7pm

Where: 175 Broadway, Brooklyn (between Bedford and Driggs – across from Peter Luger Steakhouse)

Why: Support Small Business!!!

Media Contact
Company Name: Shwick
Contact Person: Chris Carew
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 212.804.8576
Country: United States