New Blog Reveals Little Known Benefits of Massage Chairs

Nickerson, Kan. – To bring the benefits of massage chairs to light, Darren Anderson has launched, a blog that reviews the most popular chairs currently on the market. Through his new blog, Anderson hopes to educate others about what a regular massage can do for their health as well as help them find the best massage chair for their needs.

Stress is often underplayed in the modern workplace, but research has shown that prolonged exposure to stress poses a risk to a person’s physical and mental health. People are often praised for working long hours and pushing themselves to the limit to finish project after project, but the toll that type of work has on the human body is ignored until it’s too late.

Based on research and his own personal experiences, Anderson believes massage chairs can combat workplace stress and prevent serious injury down the road. The reviews of various massage chairs and their benefits presented on the blog are intended to arm shoppers with the facts so that they can make an informed purchase decision.

While he acknowledges that they can be expensive, Anderson is passionate about conducting massage chair research and reviews because he can relate to those who’ve suffered a work-related injury and are looking for noninvasive relief from the pain.

“I suffered from chronic backaches for years due to my job operating machines,” Anderson says. “I can’t explain how much the machines I have worked in had affected my joints and mostly, my back. As the years past, I realized the impact was extremely devastating and I got to the point where I could not sleep properly due to the pain.”

Anderson decided to start the blog after receiving a massage chair as a gift and experiencing the benefits firsthand. The idea to start doing reviews came when Anderson tried to search for information about massage chairs and was bombarded with options – hundreds of brands and models claimed to be the best massage chair, and no one was trying to verify those claims, so Anderson took it upon himself.

The launch of adds a valuable online resource for those suffering from workplace stress. Through the information and reviews presented on the site, Anderson hopes that both those looking to treat their chronic pain and those looking to prevent it will be able to find the best massage chair for their body and budget.

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Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company Is A Reliable Choice For Movers

Atlanta, GA – While Atlanta is one of the largest cities in the United States, there is a large and continuous amount of people moving in and out. Not only does Atlanta attract families, new couples, and young adults, but the working class as well. The city is always welcoming large amounts of new residents each year, and with that said, a reliable moving company is in desperate need. Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company are the top Atlanta movers that stand as the clear choice for a professional and reliable moving service.  

Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company holds its reputation for always aiming for one hundred percent customer satisfaction with the most affordable pricing. It is truly an unbeatable combination, because moving is never affordable! Their team of movers only consists of highly trained professionals with excellent workers compensation who have pleasant mannerisms. Their reliable service performs household moving, office moving, commercial moving, and packing help, unloading, and crating and shipping. When customers choose the best mover Atlanta, they get more than just moving assistance, they get a stress free move, one that they can enjoy.

Making a move into or out of a city is always going to be immensely stressful and require a lot of hard work. In addition, trying to do all that work without any extra help is not a good idea. Lifting heavy boxes or furniture can be quite the dangerous task that should be handled by professionals with the right tools. Many people avoid investing in a moving service because moving itself is costly, however, they are missing the fact that with moving assistance they are saving large amounts of time and energy. A reliable moving company like the Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company, not only saves a lot of time for customers but money as well with their unbeatable prices.

Locally operated in the Georgia area, Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company is here to help anyone who needs to move out or move in. Moving assistance isn’t their only specialty, their professional-grade company offers storage spaces as well for customers with different needs. Also, what is moving without plenty of boxes and packing supplies? Their moving company truly has it all. The company’s purpose is to help make their customers’ moves easy, smooth, and convenient.

Atlanta Furniture Taxi Moving Company proves to be the best Atlanta Mover for everyone.

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Shred-Tech® Accelerates Growth with Opening of New Office in Raleigh


Raleigh, NC – May 31, 2017 – Shred-Tech®, a leading manufacturer of high-performance shredding and recycling systems, recently announced plans to expand to a new factory location in Raleigh, NC to meet its increasing customer demands.

The new 20,000 square-foot facility supports the company’s strategic plan to centralize its used truck and truck refurbishing business in Raleigh while consolidating the existing parts and service business currently based in Apex, NC. This expansion will give Shred-Tech the capacity and resources needed to achieve its growth objectives while improving customer service in the region.

The site is located at 4701 Trademark Drive, Raleigh, NC. Shred-Tech will host a Grand Opening event on June 7th from noon until 5:00 PM.

For more information please contact:

Smita Challu, Marketing Analyst, Shred-Tech Corp. [email protected]

Visit: 1-800-465-3214 | 1-519-621-3560

About Shred-Tech:

Established in 1980, Shred-Tech® is a world leader in designing and manufacturing mobile and stationary shredding and recycling systems. Shred-Tech® has installed more than 5,000 shredding and recycling systems worldwide and is recognized globally for its commitment to engineering innovation and quality. Shred-Tech® is headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario Canada and has operations in Apex, NC, USA, Bedford- England and Thailand as well as distributors in the UK, Australia and Japan.

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Mitusoft Offers Top of the Line File Recovery Systems for Windows 7 and Android OS

Mitusoft is a highly reputed developer of advanced file recovery systems.

May 31, 2017 – Mitusoft is a well-known manufacturer of top end data recovery software systems that are regularly used by private and commercial users in all parts of the world. With their help, one can easily recover deleted files in Windows 7 and get on with their regular work. As a firm that has been developing solutions to recover permanently deleted files Windows 7 for a long time, Mitusoft has successfully developed a strong market name for itself.

Their extensive experience in this industry allows them to come up with state of the art products that help their clients to recover overwritten files promptly. Numerous companies have already benefited by using their products and this has helped them to create a strong market reputation. Their programs can also help customers with the process of shift delete recovery

As the manufacturer and developer of the Aidfile Recovery software, Mitusoft has time and again helped commercial customers to restore deleted files recycle bin and carry on with their business activities in an undisturbed manner.The products that are offered by Mitusoft can also help users to undelete Android and use their devices normally as before.

The best part of using their products for the purpose of overwritten file recovery is that they are quite easy to install and use and does not require one to be truly computer savvy. Their extensive range of products can also be purchased at the most affordable rates. It is due to factors such as these that anyone wondering about how to recover permanently deleted files from PC always prefers to use the products that are offered by Mitusoft.

About Mitusoft:

Mitusoft is a leading manufacturer of high end file recovery systems such as Aidfile recovery software which are used by clients in all parts of the world.

To know more about Mitusoft, please visit:

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Mitusoft Offers the Finest Quality File Recover Systems for Windows 8

Mitusoft is a top ranking developer of file recovery software systems. They have come up with a range of file recovery programs that can be used with Windows 8.

May 31, 2017 – When it comes to file recovery software products, there is one name that can always be relied on and that is Mitusoft. A well known developer and manufacturer of high end data recovery software programs, Mitusoft is known for providing the global market with state of the art systems that can retrieve all kinds of data within a very short period of time.

Their folder recovery software programs are regularly used by various small and large commercial firms as well as private and users on a regular basis. Whether one is looking to obtain reliable Windows 8 data recovery facilities or work with the Windows 10 OS, the programs that are offered Mitusoft offer reliable performance each and every time. It is therefore no wonder that the Windows 8 data recovery software programs offered by Mitusoft enjoy such massive demand all over the world.

The professionals working with Mitusoft have been researching on recovering deleted files for a long time and this has made it possible for them to come up with high quality products. One can easily get their data recovery software free download full version from their site and enjoy the benefits of complete data retrieval and protection.

The Windows 8 file recovery systems that have been released so far by Mitusoft are quite easy to use and have been reported to deliver 100% efficiency each and every time. Due to this reason, their folder recovery systems are regularly used by offices and business houses in every country.  

About Mitusoft:

Mitusoft is a top ranking developer of software programs that can be used for recovering deleted files and folders with ease. Their products work perfectly well with different versions of Windows operating systems. 

To know more about Mitusoft, visit:

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Many European Leaders Gathered in Amsterdam, What International Conference Was Held?

In the morning of May 29th, global selected sojourn platform Tango left the starting point of “B&R” for the destination Holland, strategic press conference entering the Europe was held in prestigious Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw, Tango was honored to invite heavy weight class guests like Former Premier in Holland, Kok, Former President in Serbia, Tadic, fomer Prime Minister of Ireland, Cowen, special representative of former Prime Minister of Austria, Faymann, attended the activities, they also witnessed Tango to sign off strategic cooperation agreement with four countries and reach strategic consensus with business development in Europe, and placed great expectation on trade and investment cooperation for Sino-Europe, simultaeneously spoke highly of Tango to create a newly platform for win-win Sino-Europe tourism industrial cooperation.

In addition, Chairman of Sino-Holland Friendship Association, Henk Kool, municipal government representative of Hague, municipal government representative of Amsterdam, principals of various travel organizations in Holland, principals of characteristics hotel alliance in Europe, Skyteam and pricipals of various airlines, tourism talets and famous medium and more than 20 powerful entrepreneurs from mainland etc. witnessed Tango to start big screen in Europe, gave full play to present wonderful tourism market development space and confrim Tango mode in various countries of Europe.

Press conference was held by Co-president of Tianjiu Xingfu Group, famous host Han Wei, and famous ethnic Chinese writer Wang Lulu. Tango CEO, Jin Dongzhe, presented huge success and potentialities in the past over one year to people from all walks of life in the conference, so far Tango has accumulated over 3.5 million registered users, housing resource surpassed 130,000 rooms, at present, it has spreaded over 218 cities, and more than 20 countries and regions like Thailand, Singapore, France, Germany, Holland, USA, Britain, Italy, Russia, Canada, Hong Kong, Sydney, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, and Serbia etc.

Besides holding high-standard press conference, Tango also set up its office of Holland company in administrative capital of Holland, Hague, in the afternoon on May 29th, grand unveiling ceremony of the office was held, it manifested great ambitions should be realized in Holland and Europe. Former Premier in Holland, Kok, former Vice Premier in Holland, Brinkhorst, Former President in Serbia, Tadic, fomer Prime Minister of Ireland, Cowen, special representative of former Prime Minister of Austria, Faymann, attended opening ceremony, Director of Enterprise Bureau in Economy Department of Holland, Bas Pullas addressed the speech, Holland National Investment Bureau, West Holland Foreign Fund Investment Bureau, Zuid-Holland Innovation Center, president of top 3 business trip group BCD etc. made personal appearance and congratulated.

“B&R” tourism territory expanded towards the west and further enhanced China-Euro cultural and educational exchanges

It coincides with 45 anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between China and Holland as well as 42 anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between China and Europe this year, “B&R” international cooperation summit forum just ended up in Beijing not long ago, “B&R” is important channel connecting Asia and Europe, aims to promote the cooperation among various economic entities and strengthens the contact among various countries, this also raises up new round openness in China, and further opens China to the world.

No matter Europe or China requires pay attention to the power of internet in further development. At present, China owns largest population of netizens in the world, netizens amount are far more than other countries, China’s enterpises depend on internet, rapidly enters international market, becomes research and learning object of westerns, China is far ahead of Europe in internet application to daily life of citizens. As outstanding performer, Tango combines online and offline “B&R” tourism territory by means of internet tendency, further promotes cultural exchange and mutual comprehension between China and Europe from humanity tourism.

Keeping a foothold on innovation mode of overseas market

Tango features the core philosophy “ not only sightseeing, but also live like the local”, and takes vigorous and powerful global middle class high-level intellectual as the main (middle class in China who reach the standard is the largest group in the world, at present, it is 122 million and it might surpass 200 million in 2020). Tango takes non-standard accommodation as entry point, and offer one-stop tourism service, including routine planning, pick-up service, car rental, local service, booking tickets, landmark ticket and hotel, overseas private bodyguard etc., as well as personal customized service.

Tango overseas business takes outbound tourism + homestay as the main, its economy sharing philosophy and social contact property linking persons are business core of Tango. Tango utilizes personal unused housing and articles, bases on good transaction environment and credit system in Europe, and offers good resource market related to accommodation during the travelling for numerous global tourism lovers. Meanwhile, Tango also manages relative holiday commodities like local entertainment etc. besides sharing accommodation market, further integrates free walker market, and constructs holiday ecological pattern. Tango is trying to create on future scene capable of changing trip choices.

New opportunities brought to Europe

Beside strong kinetic energy was accumulated in tourist industry by itself, Tango gives full play to share the advantages of economic differentiation in overseas accomodation, it not only improves profit space sharing of accomodation earning, but also actively develops and compacts surrounding product service business, on basis of local service staff, it expands coverage of surrounding product service and increases the diversity of the service, so as to promote high growth of corresponding business volume. In the aspects of the service offered by local people, Tango also interviewed and selected a group of part-time tour guides and organized unified training, and paid according to their service content and time. Tango plans to create considerable employment positions within 5 years and further consolidates European market.

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Leading El Paso DWI Attorney Offers Free Initial Face To Face Consultations

El Paso, TX – Monique Velarde Reyes, one of the leading DWI attorneys in Texas, is delighted to announce that she offers a free initial consultation, for people dealing with DWI issues.

Being charged with a DWI offense is a serious matter. Even if it is your first offense, the consequences can be severe, and it is critical that anyone facing these charges ensures that they have top legal representation to defend their rights.

DWI arrests can be very complicated, with a wide range of penalties depending on a significant number of different factors. For many people, the loss of their license could also mean the end of their career, which is why Monique Velarde Reyes offers a free initial consultation.

By contacting her offices and arranging your free consultation, clients will immediately obtain access to one of the best DWI attorneys in El Paso

The Law Office of Monique Velarde Reyes deals with many different types or criminal matters including domestic abuse, traffic law, and EPPD DWI  arrests. As the owner of the business, Monique Velarde Reyes is passionate and focused on ensuring that her clients receive the best legal representation available.

“Being arrested for DWI can be one of the most stressful situations for anyone,” said Monique Velarde Reyes. As well as receiving a criminal record, there is also a very real chance of losing your driving license, which can then affect your employability options. The implications can be far reaching for you and your family, and the fear of the unknown can exacerbate the situation. That is why I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Then I work out a strategy to defend your rights, and try to obtain the best possible outcome for the situation you find yourself in.”

Monique Velarde Reyes is an attorney with over ten years of experience in defending clients. Dedicated, committed and determined to achieve the best outcome for every client, if you need an attorney that will fight for your rights, then visit her website today at

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New Service Review Trust Launches Enabling Customers To Research And Review Products Online With Confidence

Honolulu, HI – Review Trust is delighted to announce the launch of their new application, which is designed to provide potential buyers of a product with genuine and honest reviews, prior to purchase.

One of the biggest challenges when purchasing a product is trying to find genuine reviews, from people who have actually purchased and used the product for a significant period. Unfortunately, many reviews online can be fake reviews or written by people who were given the product free of charge in order to provide a review.

When someone has spent their own money on a product, they are much more likely to provide a genuine review, and that is the purpose of this new application. The first benefit of the application is that it will verify each purchase, before letting anyone write a review. This prevents fake reviews being left and ensures the validity of the remaining reviews.

As a business this process can be automated, ensuring that the new system provides all of the benefits without an increase in the use of resources. As customers gain faith in the process, they will also start to develop trust in the reviews, which in turn will make the buying decision easier.

“We have designed and developed Review Trust to be simple to install and operate on any website,” said RK Costello, a spokesperson for Review Trust. Once the system is installed, it is relatively automated, Review Trust follows up with the customer, and gets a written review of the purchase. The system then publishes these reviews automatically on the business website. The reaction so far has been phenomenal, and we are only just getting started.”

Review Trust is an online application development company that develops applications for E-commerce situations. Their launch product is an application designed to help customers and businesses alike develop trust in the online purchasing process.

For more information visit their website at

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