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31 Jul, 2017 –, the well known online hub dedicated towards creating stunning twitch overlays has announced that they have a wide variety of premium twitch overlays and free twitch graphics, which can help the people, feature their twitch streams effortlessly.

An interesting aspect about the Twitch community is that people are eager to connect with one another to have a remarkable time and with a perfect twitch overlay, it is easy to stay in touch. The premium twitch overlays that are offered by the hub, free twitch overlay are innovative ways to build several meaningful and stronger connections between the contacts of the twitch community. Their free twitch overlayis created in an interesting fashion and is studded with text fields, inputs and options to help the users customize it based on their requirements. To find more information about their twitch overlays, just click on the link at

While checking out the site of Free Twitch Overlay, one would be delighted to find that they have a wide selection of custom twitch overlays. These overlays have .PSD included to help the users customize each based on the stream fit needs after each download. The simple and minimalist design of the overlays are a great find for the users who wish to use a clean twitch overlay that is neat and well organized. The site does not offer the twitch overlays that are crowded with various options, as it can drive away the attention from the main content of the twitch that is streamed.  They ensure that every overlay at their site is very simple with a noticeable design to improve the quality of every twitch stream, as it helps in minimizing the distractions.

The site of free twitch overlay is highly compatible with all the social media platforms, as they are designed with some important inclusions like shout out to subscribers, request donations and the details of the sponsor of an event. The solid twitch overlays that the site offers have a bottom bar or top bar that can be incorporated with the overlay of a camera. They also offer custom twitch overlays to cater to the specific needs of the user’s streaming needs. The free graphics and premium twitch overlays offered by this site can be used on several streaming platforms like the One can find twitch overlays under different categories, such as green premium, battlegrounds, chrome stream package, hype cam overlay and so on. These layouts are fully customizable to help the users have good control over all the features right from the fonts, text messages and its texture.

About is a popular hub that offers free twitch overlays as well as premium twitch graphics that can be customized based on the twitch stream requirements and can be used across an array of streaming platforms like The twitch overlays are offered under various categories to help the users choose the best one that meets their stream’s nature. 

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New Book by Andrew Hackett Reveals the Secret of Living Free From Fear

Andrew Hackett, author, teacher and seminar leader, works with people to show them that fear is an illusion, that boundaries don’t exist, and that limitations are only what we decide they are.

Fear is pervasive in modern society. Extreme fear of certain people, places or things (phobias) is what usually comes to mind when people think of “fear.” Fortunately, only a small percentage of the population suffers from this kind of debilitating extreme fear. Most do not seek treatment, and of those who do, only 20% recover completely.

An even more prevalent expression of fear comes disguised as stress, general anxiety or depression. According to some estimates, over half the population suffers from undiagnosed fear masquerading as “ordinary” stress, anxiety or depression. Experts believe the actual number is much higher, as nearly everyone has come to accept growing levels of stress, anxiety, and fear as a normal part of their day-to-day lives.

Andrew Hackett is on a mission to change that. Hackett is an author, teacher, and seminar leader with more than 20 years of experience helping people think outside their limitations and move beyond their fears so they can accomplish amazing things in their life, business, and relationships.

Hackett’s success comes from focusing on subtle, overlooked fears that unconsciously hold people back. “I believe the biggest problem we have as a society is that we believe it’s normal that ‘fear’ is what life is all about,” Hackett said in a recent interview for Business Innovators Radio.  “The vast majority of the people in this world are suffering as a result of the fear mechanisms that are in their life – and it’s everyday stuff.”

In his new book, Free From Fear: Understanding Fear’s Control Over Your Life and Why Loving It Will Set You Free, Andrew Hackett argues that the root cause of all thoughts, feelings and experiences are associated to either Love or Fear. He also challenges the idea that fear is an unavoidable, normal part of life.

“Years ago I realized my life needed to change because fear controlled me. In fact, it paralyzed me almost every day,” Hackett says. “Fear controlled every aspect of who I was, how I acted and what I was to become. It scared the life out of me. Literally.”

As a result of his own awakening, and through applying the principles he outlines in his book, Hackett was able to make a radical shift in his perspective of fear, learning how to embrace it, rather than fight it.  “The sun set on an era in my life that was forever behind me, and after the best night’s sleep I have ever had, the sun rose brighter, warmer and clearer than ever before,” Hackett recalls in his book. “It was a new sun of possibility, potentiality and abundance. Never again was I alone in the dark, searching in the cold dark night with a dim flashlight, batteries failing.”

With his new book, part memoir and part guide, Hackett wants to equip readers with tools to help them understand their fears and be free from them. “My hope is that by practicing the techniques discussed in my book, you will not only conquer your fears, but you will also learn to understand the role your thoughts play in creating your everyday life experience,” Hackett says.

Free From Fear by Andrew Hackett is published by Holland House Publishing, New York. For more information, visit

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Coach and author Carol-Ann Hamilton launches new book and TV show on coping with Eldercare

Self-improvement teacher Carol-Ann Hamilton has launched a new book and a TV show targeted at people who are struggling to provide Eldercare for their parents.

Self-improvement teacher Carol-Ann Hamilton has launched a new book and a TV show targeted at people who are struggling to provide Eldercare for their parents.

Children providing Eldercare for their parents are 63% more likely to die than their peers who are not.  This indicates many people need additional support to cope with their daily realities as caregivers. With her new book, Hamilton is hoping to offer caregivers tools to deal with their situation in a constructive way.

The book, titled “Coping With Un-cope-able Parents & Systems: 10 Caregiver Survival Tips to Navigate The Eldercare Marathon”, builds on Hamilton’s personal experiences. In addition to the book, Hamilton has launched a TV show on the self-help channel Transformation TV, centered on the same topic.

On the 29th of April, Hamilton discussed the book with Patrick Dahdal on the Super Saturday Live-Stream on Transformation TV. She explained that many people of the so-called Sandwich Generation are currently struggling to care for their aging parents.

“This is a growing problem, too”, Hamilton commented. “Because Eldercare is exploding around the world – this is a global problem. And it’s only going to get worse.” Recognising this, her work is aimed at equipping Baby Boomers with the practical skills and attitudes to contend with this challenging chapter of life.

Patrick Dahdal, founder of the self-help channel Transformation TV, claims Hamilton is the leading figure in coaching people who struggle with providing Eldercare. In Hamilton’s own words, “I can count 250,000 hours of lived experience dealing with Un-cope-able Parents”.

On Transformation TV, Hamilton explained that core components of her teaching include self-care mechanisms and “Q-tip – Quit taking it personally”. She pointed out that as parents age, the roles between them and their children can essentially be reversed. Aging parents often become increasingly afraid of the unknown, which can lead to hurtful or unpredictable behaviour on their part. It is important for Eldercare providers to not take this personally.

Hamilton’s new book and TV show are aiming to help people cope with Un-cope-able Parents. As populations of most developed countries are aging quickly, it is becoming increasingly common for adults to provide care for their own parents. Hamilton is hoping her book will help these caregivers reconcile Eldercare with the rest of their lives.

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NewswireNEXT Named Best Press Release Distribution Company of 2017 on IBM

July 31, 2017 – Scottsdale, AZ, USA – NewswireNEXT has been recognized as the best press release distribution company of 2017 with maximum media pickup on IBM Blog. At a time when most of the press release services focus only on syndicated feeds, NewswireNEXT has gone a step further to guarantee organic placements too (Earned Media) on top-notch business publications and broadcast media websites.

Read full IBM article here.

It’s not too often that a new company finds mention in IBM, but then NewswireNEXT is no ordinary press release distribution firm. It’s an innovative press release company that has introduced new concepts and features that have revolutionized press release industry. With brand new features like Free White Label Press Release Distribution, Organic Top Tier Placements (MSNBC & PBS), Mobile Optimized Press Release (Google AMP, Apple News & Facebook Instant Articles) and Organic PR Outreach (Niche Blogs/Business Publications), NewswireNEXT is a firm that has succeeded in taking press release marketing to a whole new level.

Press releases have always been a crucial part of content marketing strategy. Without a press release it’s quite hard to get a media coverage. However, with NewswireNEXT, one can rest assured that his company news is syndicated and published on major online news and media sites on timely manner. Moreover, when compared to other top press release distribution services, it’s the only firm that delivers maximum media pickup, optimizes press release for mobile platforms, and guarantees organic placements.

According to AKSHAT THAPA, Founder & CEO of NewswireNEXT: “As a press release firm, our primary objective is to provide maximum publicity to our clients (online news sites, mobile platforms, news aggregators, blogs, search engines and social media), and help them get organically featured on reputable online business and media publications. We are a traditional press release company that implements modern PR strategies to ensure maximum ROI for clients.”

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About NewswireNEXT

NewswireNEXT is a press release distribution company that was founded on the principal of offering modern PR services at reasonable rates to businesses and agencies. 

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Dr. Scott Frank Becomes No. 1 Bestselling Author With His Book “A Reason To Smile”

“A Reason to Smile” with contributions by Dr. Scott Frank has become a bestseller in the United States, Canada, and the UK. This book is designed to help patients understand various facets of dental care and how to choose the right procedures for their needs.

Illinois top-rated oral surgeon Dr. Scott Frank has reached #1 on the Bestsellers List with his book “A Reason to Smile: Fixing Broken Confidence with Cosmetic Dentistry.” This book contains practical information on how to choose the right dental care for every need along with tips and tricks to help patients have a beautiful, healthy smile.

A Reason to Smile was created as a common-sense approach to allow readers to learn the facts about dental treatments from the experts. The book teaches patients what to look for in a dentist and oral surgeon, as well as how to spot problems and treat them proactively. Dental patients are given information on a wide range of topics including orthodontics, preventative care, and cosmetic dentistry.

The book has been hailed as a handbook for patient empowerment. By giving dental patients the information they need to make informed choices, Dr. Frank hopes to enhance their understanding of the benefits of choosing various procedures, particularly those labeled as “cosmetic.” In many cases, according to the author, cosmetic procedures are far more important than simply improving appearance; often, they can be the key to lifelong dental health and increased self-confidence.

“It is a great honor to receive positive critical acclaim for this book,” said Dr. Frank, “but it is even better to learn that patients are benefitting from this information. My purpose in writing was to help patients everywhere be aware of their dental care options and enable them to make right choices.”

During 27 years of service, Dr. Frank has become recognized for his expertise in dental implant surgery. In his chapter, “Replacing Your Teeth with Dental Implants,” Dr. Frank discusses an array of important facts about dental implants, as well as available implant options in the current market. He continues the discussion on how dental health and lifestyle can be significantly improved by selecting the appropriate use of this technique. He brings his years of experience with reconstructive surgery and treatment of dental disease to the chapter, allowing patients to easily understand complex treatments so that they are better informed about their dental options.

“A Reason to Smile” became a #1 Bestseller on Amazon in the United States and Canada after one week of the launch, and #2 in the UK. It can be found in both the Dentistry and Oral Health categories.

About Scott Frank, DDS:

A Chicago native, Dr. Scott Frank is a recognized expert in facial and dentoalveolar surgery who has been working with patients in Chicagoland areas for nearly 30 years.  Dr. Frank attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (College of Engineering) and Northwestern University Dental School, and also completed an externship at the University of Chicago Hospital in head and neck cancer treatment.  He then completed his Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency at Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C.  Dr. Frank’s focus on facial and dentoalveolar surgical procedures has made him a respected leader in the field of hard and soft tissue reconstructive surgery, as well as smile enhancement, using the latest surgical procedures and technologies.

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Element Funding Expands in the Charlotte and Lake Norman Region

Element Funding has added four new Loan Officers in the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas allowing the firm to serve more clients in the region.

Element Funding, a division of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (PRMI), has added four Loan Officers at the Charlotte and Lake Norman area offices in North Carolina. The new loan officers are Laura Lail, Brock Mumford, Jennifer Rakes, and Lydia Pyatt.

Linda Lail has joined the Charlotte office of Element Funding as a Loan Officer. With over 18 years of banking and lending experience, she has been a lending branch manager for many of the larger financial institutions in the greater Charlotte market. Lail has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Lenoir-Rhyne College.

Brock Mumford has joined the Charlotte office of Element Funding as a Loan Officer. He has nearly 20 years of consumer banking, brokerage, and money management experience. Mumford graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne College and also holds an MBA from Winthrop University.

Jennfer Rakes has joined the Davidson/Lake Norman office of Element Funding as a Loan Officer. She has a background in local banking including serving as branch manager and has been assisting clients with many aspects in the financial services sector.

Lydia Pyatt has joined the Charlotte office of Element Funding as a Loan Officer. Her background is in the local banking industry as a loan officer assisting clients through the mortgage process as well as in branch management.

Brad Roche, Loan Officer and Area Manager for the Carolinas for Element Funding, said, “At Element Funding our top priority is delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction. The addition of these four licensed Loan Officers allows us to expand to serve additional clients in the Charlotte and Lake Norman region of North Carolina.”

Element Funding’s Charlotte Office is located at 6100 Fairview Road, Suite 350, Charlotte, NC.

Element Funding’s Davidson/Lake Norman office is located at 200 N. Harbor Place, Suite E, Davidson, NC 28036.

Element Funding, a division of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. (PRMI), is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and provides residential mortgage financing primarily in the southeastern United States. Element Funding is a business made up of highly experienced sales and support staff from the mortgage banking industry whose mission statement reads, “To provide an exceptional level of service to our customers, employees, business partners and stakeholders.”

For more information visit

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GooBang Doo ABOX T22 LCD Mini Projector review and coupon code by TVBMA

Video projector has long been used as a presentation tool in business and commercial entertainment. TVBMA has recently updated its website and introduced GooBang Doo ABOX T22 LCD Mini Projector, 2000 Lumens LCD Mini Projector, so whether users are looking for the high resolution picture or something affordable and user-friendly, it is a projector for everyone.

Click for more:

This model is suitable for classrooms, offices, parties, and defeintley home! We use this projector multiple times each week and are pleased everytime with the results! Moreover, the models’ user interface is easy to use and provides a nice customization option, allowing users to add their favorite apps easily to the home screen.

Check its details here:

Power Supply: 100-240V, AC 50/60 Hz

Power: 50W,  Lumen: 2000

Lamp: LED,  Lamp Life: 50000 hours

Work Noise: =<15dB

Native Resolution: 800*480, compatible for 1920*1080p

Contrast Ratio: 2000:1

Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9

Image Format: JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF

Video Format: MPG, AVI, TS, MOV, DAT, MP4, VOB

Music Format: MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG

Support image zoom, 360 degrees flip and full screen.

Check for more:

Everything works great and fast. Easy to install. The product has gained a high reputation for small and elegant appearance and powerful functions among the users.”

“I am extremely happy with this projector, my entire family loves it and we have really been able to bring family movie night to a whole new level! it is also fun when we play certain games as well, I run my android box through this and I have unlimited possibilities. The build quality is impressive, every single piece is well contructed and made of strong durable parts. The unit has a sturdy feel to it and a nice amount of weight, not like some items that look decent then you pick it up and can tell theat every part in it is as cheap and budget cutting as possible, that is far from what this company aimed for.” A reviews from TVBMA says.


TVBMA (TV Box Manufacturer Association) involves the best TV Box manufacturers and brands from China. Here, people can connect with the industry and get access to the variety of products and services TVBMA has to offer — all designed to help people succeed.

About GooBang Doo

Founded by Mark who is from Princeton, GooBang Doo is a multinational team of techies. The business is firmly committed to providing global customers with reliable products. It hopes to approach every detail from a user’s perspective to improve the technology, raise the bar, and make life easier. That means starting with affordable, high-quality gear and ending with 100% user satisfaction.

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SCISHION V88 mini III review by TVBMA and coupon code from GearBest

RK3328 is a new CPU born in April 2017, which features USB 3.0 (10 times faster than USB 2.0), and is more cost-effective than RK3399. SCISHION company has recently released a model called SCISHION V88 mini III TV Box (RK3328, 1GB+8GB). This model’s coupon code has also unveiled by GearBest.

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SCISHION V88 has been a series in TV Box market. People can find the difference among the similiar models here:
SCISHION V88 mini (RK3229, 1+8GB, Android 6.0 OS, WIFI)                   
SCISHION V88 mini II (RK3229, 2+8GB, Android 6.0 OS, WIFI + Bluetooth)                      
SCISHION V88 mini III (RK3328, 1+8GB, Android 7.1 OS, WIFI)     

Check V88 Mini III details here:

Model: V88 Mini III
Type: TV Box
System: Android 7.1
CPU: RK3328
Core: 1.5GHz
GPU: Mali-450MP2
RAM Type: DDR3
Max. Extended Capacity: TF card up to 32GB (not included)

GearBest now has special coupon code for people who have interest:
Coupon code: GBV88III
Coupon price: $33.99 (Original price is $39.99, 100 units; expired time: 31th Sept.)

Click for more:

“We are happy to see such a new model with RK3328 CPU. This new model adopts the fast and powerful Android 7.1 operation system. The Android 7.1 has a better compatibility of software, games and application programs. Rapid, stable configuration coupled with the highly Android 7.1. You can say goodbye to the system freezing and buffering.” A review from TVBMA says.

Equipped with Rockchip 3328 quad-core CPU which is advanced in image processing and computing. Its high machine configuration gives users ultra-fast running speed and smooth image processing performance. With the HDMI 2.0 data output, it makes sure users can enjoy 4K even 3D HD movies. And USB 3.0 interface has up to 5GHz transmission speed.

Moreover, would say “thank you” to GearBest ( that has launched a mini PC promotion and given them the chance the hot mini PC models on its platform. Few days ago, the blog will introduce Beelink AP34 Mini PC and its coupon code (which you can use for a big discount when buy this model), Click for more:

About TVBMA and Top 10 TV Boxes

Top 10 TV Boxes ( is a technical blog under TVBMA about TV BOX products including other electronic gadgets (, tech knockoffs, and more. The team of Top 10 TV Boxes is the folks working hard to provide in-depth reporting, commentary and a daily dose of TV BOX and other electronics news for readers worldwide.  

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Beat the summer with BEELINK SALE online now at GearBest, Introduced by Top 10 TV Boxes

BEELINK is a popular brand in TV Box and mini PC. GearBest ( is a hot place where people can buy many hot consumer electroncis products. Today, this leading e-commerce shopping mall updates its website with its new promotion: BEELINK SALE.

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BEELINK SALE features many hot models from this brand, like Beelink AP34 mini PC, Beelink GT1 Ultimate Android TV Box, etc.  

Beelink AP34 mini PC gets more powerful hardware collocation with 8GB of RAM DDR3 and system disk Windows ( C: ) 57.5GB. It has not only metal material design-aluminum appearance, but also the best way of cooling with a motherboard made of aluminum in a large area. There is no noise. When this stability is exceeded, system automatically shuts down. Greatly upgraded!

Check for more:

This model’s details:

Brand: Beelink
Model: AP34
Type: Mini PC
System: Windows 10
Processor: Apollo Lake N3450
CPU: Apollo Lake N3450
Core: Quad Core
GPU: Intel HD Graphic
RAM Type: DDR3
ROM: 64G

Beelink GT1 Ultimate Android TV Box is also in promotion. This model is a square of 96mm (16mm thickness) like its predecessors, with the black diamond pattern as the only visible difference from the previous generation. No fancy colored stripe glowing, no time display, the minimalist design includes only a discrete LED at the front as unique sign of life. Besides special price, people can enjoy worldwide free shipping from GearBest.

The design is innovative and creative. Mr. John, spokesman for TVBMA, says that if they can select some satisfactory TV Box models for 2017, Beelink GT1 Ultimate must be one of them. Compared with other TV Box models with Amlogic S912 CPUs, The price of Beelink GT1 Ultimate is attractive enough. In addition, Gearbest has give buyers a coupon code for those who want to buy this models recently.  

It is worth mentioning that it is Beelink that makes the 3GB of DDR4 RAM and 32GB of internal storage (vs 2/16GB previously) as a main streaming setting for many high-end TV Boxes. The storage capacity for Beelink GT1 Ultimate can be extended up to 64GB via the Micro SD card slot.

Beelink GT1 Ultimate comes with support for apps like Netflix, Kodi, Mobdro, IPTV services, and a host of other apps and APKs. All in all, it is a very good TV BOX. Features also anything and has very good specs. 

About Top 10 TV Boxes

Top 10 TV Boxes ( a technical blog about TV BOX products including other electronic gadgets, tech knockoffs, and more. The team of Top 10 TV Boxes is the folks working hard to provide in-depth reporting, commentary and a daily dose of TV BOX and other electronics news for readers worldwide.

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Altered Reality Entertainment Acquires Naming Rights

Nationwide entertainment event company acquires rights to name local Colorado Springs convention facility.

Altered Reality Entertainment, the parent company of Colorado Springs Comic Con, Rhode Island Comic Con, ComiCONN, and Terror Con announced today the venue which hosts the highly popular Colorado Springs Comic Con, the Colorado Springs Event Center, now has a new name—the Altered Reality Event Center.

Earlier this year, Altered Reality announced its plan to move Colorado Springs Comic Con to the bigger venue, offering almost 100,000 square feet of space for more guests, vendors, and programming, taking the event to the next level for fans. The entertainment event management company is excited to add its name to the prominent venue.

From president and CEO of Altered Reality Entertainment, Steven Perry commented, “We at Altered Reality Entertainment are excited and honored to be part of the expansion of the newly named Altered Reality Event Center and to be part of the ever-growing community of Colorado Springs. We are dedicated to bringing family fun and exciting events to the area for a long time to come.”

Now in its second year, Colorado Springs Comic Con is scheduled for August 25th through the 27th.

Tickets are currently on sale through the Colorado Springs Comic Con website at Ticket prices start at $25 for adults and $10 for kids between the ages of six and twelve. VIP passes are also available.

The Altered Reality Event Center is located at 3960 Palmer Park Boulevard in Colorado Springs.

About Altered Reality Entertainment, LLC

Altered Reality Entertainment, LLC is an entertainment event company that produces multimedia, multi-genre events throughout the US, including their flagship event Rhode Island Comic Con, ComiCONN “A Show for the Fans by the Fans,” Colorado Springs Comic Con, and Terror Con. Altered Reality’s latest ventures include comic book publishing and preparing for future expansion.

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City: Colorado Springs
State: CO
Country: United States