“Beautiful China, more than China” Global Panda Fans’ Tour Around Sichuan

On the morning of Dec. 15th, the departure ceremony of “Beautiful China, more than China” Global Panda Fans’ Tour Around Sichuan was grandly held in Kuanzhai Xiangzi (China Lane). Fans of panda from all over the world started their journey in Sichuan from here.

The news of recruiting fan of “Beautiful China, more than pandas” once released and has instantly received a large number of registrations from all over the globe. After rounds of selections, 25 fans of panda from the US, Italy, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Mexico, the UK, Hong Kong (China) and Taiwan region have been chosen and attended the ceremony today.

In the next incoming Sichuan activities, panda fans will enjoy an unforgettable journey. They will visit Sichuan Cuisine Museum to learn and taste the famous [8.jpg] Sichuan dishes and watch tea ceremony performance and Sichuan opera. They will go to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and learn about the habits of a giant panda. They will also see the live streaming room of Panda.tv which turns giant pandas into online celebrities.

Fans will see many adorable pandas from live streaming and experience the work as a director. Have a bite of Wotou, the favorite snack of panda and enjoy the treat of the national treasure. Learn a few Tai-chi moves in Mount Qingcheng as well as the culture of Taoism. Appreciate the magnificence of the world biggest stone-carved Buddha sculpture in Leshan.

Go to the Mount Emei Scenic Area and witness the five features of Emei: the magnificence, the beauty, the uniqueness, the treacherousness and the tranquility. Finally, panda fans will share their stories during the trip and post them on their webpages so that more people will get to know Sichuan and fall in love with it, too.

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UK Specialist Claims Original Features Add To House Prices

It’s one of the best ways to increase property values

United Kingdom – Estimates suggest that thousands of UK homeowners will sell their properties this year. Many of them won’t get the full value of their homes because they didn’t think ahead. Experts from London Box Sash Windows Ltd say it’s easy to increase asking prices if people make the right moves. Original features are all the rage these days, and they don’t cost as much as sellers expect. Indeed, going back to basics before listing a home on the market is often the best option on the table. Sometimes people will have to make an investment for the optimum outcomes. However, that spending should pay for itself.

London Box Sash Windows Ltd is a family-run company that places emphasis on customer satisfaction. Instead of just selling windows, the team works with clients to ensure they always select the perfect products. With more than thirty years experience in the industry, it’s hard to find better-informed specialists elsewhere. That is why the company has gone from strength to strength since first opening its doors. More than 85% of all work undertaken by the firm has come from word of mouth recommendations. That should tell people something important about the quality and care provided. There are also some reviews and testimonials online that all new customers should read.

Sash and casement windows were often original features on homes in and around London. During the last twenty years, many of them were replaced with modern alternatives. The issue is that the latest products leave a lot to be desired. Most of the designers didn’t have aesthetics in mind. That is why buyers are always willing to pay more for a house with original features. The team at London Box Sash Windows Ltd can help anyone turn back the clock.

Some of the most popular products available right now include:

• Sash Windows

• Casement Windows

• French Doors

However, the people behind this company are always pushing their business forward in search of new concepts. They can even provide an instant quote via the website for anyone who needs to assess the costs involved. People with questions or concerns just need to contact the customer service team.

There is always someone on hand during working hours to deal with issues and correspondence. The representative will discuss requirements before making suggestions and recommendations. The clients can then use that information to ensure they leave no stone unturned. Homeowners are advised to take a look at the “portfolio” page if they want to judge appearances before making contact with the team.

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On the footsteps of Bottura Emilia delizia introduces the foodie’s delight tour

For people visiting Bottura, you can now enjoy the ‘Foodie’s Delight Tour’ which is full of delicious food and interesting information. This is a full inclusive food tour with transport, tasting, and an English speaking guide so that you can enjoy your tour to the fullest and really get the most out of it. The tour is available 7 days a week, most days of the year; all you need to do is contact or use the website to ensure you can get your booking.

What’s Included in The Foodie’s Delight Tour?

There are 3 stops included in the Foodie’s Delight Tour. You will get Parmesan production visits with generous tasting, meet with a Balsamic vinegar producer, and enjoy salami and parma ham tasting too. The cured meat tasting at the end of the tour is included as part of the price.

You also get the possibility to buy food at bargain prices if you like what you see.

Who Can Enjoy The Foodie’s Delight Tour?

This is a tour for small groups only, as no large coaches are available.

Optional Extra Add Ons

To make your tour even better for you and more personalized, you can get optional extra add ons. This includes brunch and a cooking class, a truffle hunt experience, and even a stay at the Organic Farm with the option to combine other gourmet activities.

If you would rather, there’s also the option to drive your own car rather than get picked up by the team from Emilia Delizia. If you need to be picked up from Bologna, the team can arrange that for you too. You can pay a deposit and the rest on the day, or all at once if you’re booking more than 7 days in advance.  

If you love food and you want to enjoy the delights that Bottura has to offer, taking the Foodie’s Delight Tour with Emilia Delizia is a great activity for you. You and your foodie friends will enjoy the food you taste and the interesting things you learn. Definitely a great experience and something to remember!

You can learn more about the Foodie’s Delight Tour by visiting the website. Alternatively, you can find more information below.

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Workforce Management Specialists Offer Amazing HR Scholarship

And students can apply right now!

United States – One lucky student in the US will get to benefit from a HR scholarship this year thanks to Advance Systems Inc. The program is designed to ensure the next generation of talent gets the best opportunities possible. The company is a leader in providing profitable, innovative, and efficient workforce solutions.

They understand the importance of effective HR, and that is why they’re making an investment in this service. With over twenty years experience in the industry, the team wants to ensure their success continues. Applications are open right now, and anyone can apply if they meet eligibility requirements.

Students applying for the $2000 scholarship just need to have selected Human Resources as their chosen career path. They also have to meet the following criteria:

• Applicants must be registered with and attending an accredited online or physical university in the US.

• Applicants must be studying for an HR degree program or other HR related discipline.

• Undergraduates should have completed a minimum of 1 HR course as well as attained a cumulative 2.5 GPA or more out of 4.

• Graduates need to be enrolled in or have already completed a minimum of 1 HR course, and have a cumulative GPA of 3 or more out of 4.

• Applicants need to write an article on any topic related to HR to be considered for the scholarship.

The only people unable to apply are those involved in the scholarship selection process and their families. Everyone else has until September 30th, 2017 to submit their applications. Full details of the process are available on the Advance Systems website for students to read. It’s sensible to check the information to ensure eligibility before sending an application. The successful candidate will receive notification by October 15th, 2017.

Anyone who wants to learn more about the opportunity just needs to get in touch with the Advance Systems team. There is always someone around during office hours to provide information and advice. The company wants to make sure all students have the same chance of success. So, they are more than willing to answer questions and set the record straight. A HR scholarship could give a young person the support they require to excel. So, it’s an exciting prospect for anyone with interests in the industry. Completing a program of that nature is guaranteed to make the individual more employable. That means it could contribute towards better salaries and roles in later life.

Opportunities of that nature don’t come along every day. So, it’s wise to take full advantage and send applications as soon as possible.

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E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Deals In Standard Quality LED Lights And Fittings To National And International Clients

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a company based in China, headquartered in Hong Kong. They mainly deal in providing their clientele with standard quality LED light fittings and related products. The offer their services and products to their customers directly through their online portal, thereby enabling the company to reach to the global market with ease.

With the rise in the global temperatures, and other environment related concerns, people are now looking forward to the alternative lighting sources for their commercial as well as domestic spaces. The modern day scientific advancements made the advent of the LED in the lighting sector. This proved to be a blessing for the planet as the LED lighting products don’t need much electricity to operate properly thereby minimizing the consumption of electricity of every household and industrial space. This in turn allows the electrical stations to consume less fossil fuels for the production of electricity.

China is one of the leading countries that has excelled in the manufacturing and developing of LED lighting fixtures and also providing the same to the clients in a pocket friendly price. Among the numerous companies involved in manufacturing and supplying of the LED lights, E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is in the lead. The company has formed their own R&D team and incorporates the highest standards in their manufacturing unit. The products offered from them are strictly scrutinized for faults and manufacturer’s damage. The innovative designs, the state of the art technology and features incorporated in their products all enabled them to stay ahead of their competitors.

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited Deals In Standard Quality LED Lights And Fittings To National And International Clients

With the expanding business they formed a team that is dedicated in maintaining the foreign trade relations with their clients across the world. The company has entered into a number of partnerships with different marketing and retail giants all through their life time and continues to do so even today. The turning point of the company was the year when the same was recognized as a member of the KOMPASS in the year 2015, followed by the entry into the UK market. Various retail giants, shopping malls and hotel chains from all across the globe have partnered up with E-Top (HK) Technology Limited and continue to include their products in their establishments and estates. Hotel giants like Fairmont, Hyat, etc are some of the clients that are with the company from its early days.

For business or for simple queries related to the LED lamps, one can opt for the contact us option in the company’s official website. Their questions will be promptly answered by the dedicated team of their customer service representatives. To stay updated with the company’s advancements and latest product launches, one is advised to go through the news section of the website on regular intervals.

About E-Top (HK) Technology Limited

E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is a LED lighting fixtures manufacturing company based in China. They offer their products and services to their national and international clientele. For further details please refer to the official website of the company stated above.

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Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd Launches their Competitive Range of Modified PVC Granules In 2017

Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of different types of modified PVC granules and all kinds of high quality PVC Pellets. The company has been in this industry for the past 20 years.

PVC compounds and granules are used as a primary raw material for manufacturing a wide range of products for both industrial and commercial usage. There are a number of companies that are in the business of manufacturing and supplying modified PVC granules and PVC pellets. China is among the leading suppliers of such products and has a long list of established suppliers. One company that has been in this business for manufacturing and export of PV granules is Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd The company specializes in manufacture of rigid PVC compound that are mostly used for manufacturing pipes, fittings, window frames, door frames and other extrusion or injection manufacturing processes.

They are equipped with the latest tools and machinery that aides them to manufacture customized PVC granule formula based on customer preferences. These modified PVCs come in good impact strengths and heat stability that is quite strong to absorb UV rays as well. It has been over 2 decades since the company has been involved in production of PVC products and has a team of high skilled professionals involved in R&D. Other products that the company specializes in include Soft PVC compound, Clear PVC compound, UPVC compound, etc. The company has grown in popularity due to their high quality and competitive pricing structures that meets global quality standards.

rigid PVC compound

Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd also specializes in manufacture of virgin PVC granules that are used at different extrusion and injection industries. These include the industries for plastic building materials, shoes, toys, decoration materials, car accessories, etc. The company adopts an innovative approach for working close with their customers to refine their ideas and overcome several challenges by further enhancing the kind of products featured. The company’s manufacturing unit that spreads over 6000 square meters is based in Chrysanthimum city of Tongxiang.

Backed by experienced staffs and years of experience, their facility is equipped with the latest machinery that extends to leverage on the PVC technology by using diverse range of materials for creating dynamic and complex virgin PVC compound. All their products and services have been listed on their website and customers can get in touch with their queries using the contact options. Moreover, the latest news and developments within the company can be accessed from their dedicated News section on the website.

About Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd

Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd is a company based in China that is involved in production of different kinds of PVC granules and related products. The company had been established in the year 1996 and has been service custom needs of clients from across the world. To know more in details, please visit their website. 

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State: Zhejiang
Country: China
Website: http://www.lcpvc.com

Westboro Spine and Holistic Health Center Announces New Health Program For Local Residents

Westborough, Massachusetts The internet has tons of advertisements about pills and supplements which promise weight loss in no time. People seem to like that idea because about $33 billion annually is spent on slimming products alone. Others claim that trimming extra fats is simply done by restricting calorie intake. However, this produces more harm than good by causing nutrient imbalance and liver damage to the body. Westboro Spine and Holistic Health Center offers an alternative and an all-natural way to trim weight without the harmful side effects.

“We have a customized approach in order to create the perfect plan for you. However, our programs work under a common mechanism for molding your nutrition and reaching your weight goals,” says the company spokesperson, Veronica Ramos. Westboro Spine and Holistic Health Center thinks that a plant-based diet is the key to a successful weight loss program. This also includes a dose of multivitamins in their plan, since nutritional assessments must be done regularly to ensure holistic weight loss. “Burning excess fat takes a toll on your body by consuming more nutrients. We make sure you get the necessary minerals so you lose weight in the natural way,” she added.

Westboro Spine and Holistic Health Center argues that people take too much protein in the standard American diet. While they see that it is not inherently bad, most foods that are rich in protein also have high calories. Hence, their plant-based program has substitutes where people can still take this nutrient without gaining extra pounds. At the same time, this is partnered with intake of multivitamins to retain one’s wellness. They believe that a well-nourished body will dispose the fat by itself and settle with a healthy figure. Learn about their nutritional assessment.

The company does not advise extreme calorie restriction for those who are under a weight loss program. It might work in burning fats at first, but the body will stop shedding them later and assume that the system is starving. Cutting too many calories also causes malnourishment and other side effects such as fatigue and mood swings. Westboro Spine and Holistic Health Center is confident that its weight loss program in Westboro, coupled with exercise, is a potent program.

For those who are interested in the Westboro Spine and Holistic Health Center’s weight loss program, they are located at 20 South Street, Westborough, Massachusetts. They can be reached by phone at (508) 366-6630 or through their email address at [email protected] For more information, visit their website at www.westborospinehhc.com.

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Company Name: Westboro Spine and Holistic Health Center
Contact Person: Veronica Ramos
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (508) 366-6630
Address:20 South Street
City: Westborough
State: MA
Country: United States
Website: http://www.westborospinehhc.com/