Smartcash saves foreign students in China

Sofi has developed in the US for nearly 30 years, but in China, these companies are now gradually rising with the development of financial technology, starting much and later which will develop rapidly in the near future. In China, the short loan business is targeted to foreign students, the middle and low-income users etc.

SmartCash( is an online network financial service company located in Beijing, China. It was founded in 2016. Its founder studied and now living in China for the past 5 years, and a graduate student from the top Chinese law university. In the beginning, the main business was to provide financial support for international students in China, and this business is gradually expanding its horizons into supporting other businesses and workers living in china financially.

SmartCash CEO Mr. Kels, Photo credit at Beijing office

The development model of SmartCash:

A. To select potential business people as the loan object, Kels, founder and CEO said: “To open the door to lending to foreigners in China, to achieve a fair and open” true at the same time and to designed an industry for University students with which require sand must go through very strict selection processes.

B. Makes full use of the pricing strategy of interest rate marketization. Before the establishment and development of SmartCash, China’s services of loan support to overseas students were almost zero, foreign exchange policies continued to tighten and Chinese banks strictly control lending to foreign students, resulting in almost no student’s access to the financial service successfully. For SmartCash, how to manage and serve the vertical population of foreign students is the core competitiveness is our goal. SmartCash insists that students with higher credit levels get lower interest rates, and students with lower credit levels should get higher interest rates. According to the student’s school, professional background, family background, social relations in China, consumption records etc., we also provide students with the loan quota, interest rate level, reimbursement period and amount.

C. Reloan to reduce repayment pressure. The applicant only needs to apply, and SmartCash will decide the loan interest rate within 24 hours.

D. Improve the wind control measures to ensure the ability of the students to repay the credit system and to describe consumers letter / character and ability to pay the index, then the index is divided into several grades and each grade score, and then calculate the weighted of each index, and finally get the total score of consumers.

SmartCash is the one and only to provide loans to foreign students in Colleges and universities, and now it is beginning to provide rent/housing loans for foreign nationals. Now it is the largest company in China for foreign consumer loans.

The SmartCash customer group deals with people who are with fixed income or salary in China and is not rich yet and have a bright, highly educational ambitions now or in the future according to their social relationships, school performance, job performance refining market, high credit, low default rate can get low interest loans, different credit, unified pricing model to break the traditional financial institutions, will give rewards to high credit users. To connect all colleges and universities, the reputation of the student will be may ask their guarantors for help or to apply for an extension.

SmartCash helps students expand their connections. That is to say, SmartCash first talks about money with you, then talks about relationships and feelings, and then talks about future careers, forming a very stable regional community relationship.

In the future, SmartCash will continue to provide more services to foreign students in China. Most students can apply for loans in addition to life loans, including student and business loans.

The CEO Mr. Kels still believes that the loan business still plays a major role in the financial sector in China and is on a prepared A round of funding recently.

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The Dating Company Anticipate Upcoming New Year 2018 and Valentine’s Day

Certified Matchmakers Help Singles Hook Up

With the New Year 2018 and Valentine’s Day just around the corner, The Dating Co, a Malaysia-based matchmaking agency, is gearing up to help people find love.  The team of experienced and certified date coaches and certified matchmakers are standing by to assist those who desire to form lasting relationships.

“We take great pride in being an elite matchmaking agency that helps individuals meet someone amazing they can share their life with,” said Kim, Head Matchmaker of The Dating Co.  “As New Year approaches, many lonely people are reminded that yet another year has gone by without finding “the one”.  We are here to help.  Our certified matchmakers and date coaches assist individuals in sparking up a relationship that can last forever.”

The Dating Co is an agency that strives to provide excellence in helping individuals start up meaningful, long lasting relationships. Their intent is to provide an personalized service for sophisticated people who wish to find a partner, discreetly.  The staff actually gets to know the applicant.  Then, they get to know prospects the applicant might like to date.  Once narrowed down, the applicant is introduced to the matches.

The agency also hosts nights of introductions in the city.  Singles are invited to get together to laugh, eat and hang out.  Mini-icebreaking games are often played so those in attendance can relax and feel more comfortable with the others who are there. 

“Our agency is unique in the way we operate and our clients love it,” said Kim.  “The relationships that spring from our agency tend to be long lasting and real.”

The date coaches and relationship experts are dedicated to the service they provide.  They understand how difficult dating can be and offer a viable alternative for those who want to find a different way to find love.  Their approach is quite comforting and encouraging for those who have had a rough time in relationships or in the dating scene.

Those who would like to join in the matchmaking service are asked to fill out an application on the website.  A profiling session will be arranged so the dating experts on the staff can find the best eligible singles to introduce to the applicant. 

To find out more about The Dating Co or to check out the matchmaking service, visit the company website at

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Sunrise Pest Control gets five star rating and reviews from its customers

December 31st, 2018 – Sunrise Pest Control is grateful to its customers for their faith in the company. While appreciating the reviews the company has received from its customers, the company CEO said that the company has received five star rating and reviews for the exemplary services they have been giving. “We will continue giving our customer services that meet their needs, helping them eliminate pests in their environment,” said the company CEO while adding that they have always aimed at offering their customers services that are result oriented.

Most of the reviews talked of the excellent services that customer were accorded by the professional staff at Sunrise Pest Control. Customers were happy with the quick response, attention to detail and the professionalism that the technicians exhibited all throughout the engagement. A number of customers who were reviewing the company two months after the pest control services also mentioned that they have not experienced the problem again. “The pest problem was eliminated completely, I am very grateful for the services given by the Sunrise Pest Control,” said one elated customer.

Sunrise Pest Control is a Melbourne, Victoria based local pest control service provider. The company specializes in advanced pest control services for commercial, residential and industrial customers. According to the company representative, the company offers solution to all types of pest infestations while keeping people and pets safe. With its team of highly experienced and trained technicians, the company guarantees results that every customer will be satisfied with, where they use advanced technology which ensures elimination of the pests while maintaining high safety measures. The company is officially licensed and registered under the Victorian Department of Health. It is also highly compliant with the Public Health and Wellbeing Act (2008), the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations (2009), the Agriculture and Veterinary Chemicals Act (1992) and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004).

For more information and to grab our pest control service visit:

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Address:9 Mapleton Way 3029
City: Tarneit
State: Victoria
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Fredrick Mendez launches fundraiser to support people in Ethiopia suffering from the food shortage and lack of resources

Traveling minister and philanthropist Fredrick Mendez has launched a crowdfunding campaign on for the people of Ethiopia who are in need of food and resources. Fredrick along with Apostle Guillermo Maldonado will be ministering from King Jesus Ministry to take a trip to Ethiopia in February 2018 to spread the word of God. The funds raised from the campaign will also cover the cost of traveling and related expenses.

Fredrick and Apostle will be traveling to Ethiopia to bring healing and deliverance to the people as well as provide a hand of support to those in need. Apostle has previously delivered his speeches in Ethiopia and millions of people joined the gathering. Through his channel, The Supernatural Now, he covered the entire event which showed how the people who attended the sessions experienced healing, deliverance, supernatural encounters and miracles in their lives. The idea to take the word of God to Ethiopia was born in Miami, Florida where the leadership of King Jesus Ministry planned to deliver the healing power of Jesus to the entire community in Ethiopia. A team of experts strategically designed a state of the art sound system that would allow millions of people to listen to the conferences clearly.

The previous event in Ethiopia witnessed 1.3 million people who joined and listened to the word of God along with 370 documented testimonies, 650,000 salvations and 1 million people baptized in the Holy Spirit. Now it’s time again for people in Ethiopia to witness the same miracles again in the February of 2018. Fredrick and Apostle expect more number of people joining the event to gain unlimited advantages from it. The ministry invites generous individuals, pastors and leaders from around the globe to contribute to the campaign and enable the two along with the ministry team to go to Ethiopia and offer healing and deliverance to the people. The contributors will be investing in millions of souls that will give their lives to Christ.

Ethiopia has been struggling with the yoke of bondage for many years and the ministry now provides them the opportunity to be freed from the shackles and live their lives in a better way. The event is aimed to bring them peace, powerful teachings, and healing that will transform their lives.

More information about the campaign and a video of the supernatural encounter by people is available on

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Technavio’s research results on global sports nutrition market likely to inspire more players to jump in the industry

Technavio, the leading global technology research, and advisory company has conducted the latest research on global sports nutrition market that predicted a CAGR of around 9% during the period of 2017-2021. The research results are likely to inspire many companies to launch their products in the sports nutrition industry and take advantage of the increasing demand in the market. The research findings may bring much delight to the existing players in the market and provide a chance to the newbies to enter the market and explore the potentially increasing customer base.

The report provides an insight into the major factors influencing the market including trends, drivers, and industry-specific challenges. One of the major market drivers was increasing demand from the non-traditional users due to increasing interest in sports and awareness about health. Earlier, the sports nutrition products were only used by athletes and bodybuilders but today the scenario has changed and these products are high in demand among regular gym goers and even the mainstream customers.

According to the report, occupying almost 65% of the share, the sports protein powder segment dominated the market in 2016. While some of the leading players in the market such as Atlantic Multipower UK, CLIF Bar & Company, and ProAction continue to rule the market the emerging companies such as NowProtein are changing the face of the rapidly growing industry.

Most of the sports nutrition brands in the market specialize in selling protein shakes, creatine, amino acids and weight gainers/reducers. The customers nowadays have a great variety to choose from based on their requirements such as vegan, aged customers, daily health and more. The report predicts high growth for the global sports nutrition market in America as more number of people are inclining towards healthy living, increasing a number of health clubs and rising demand for meal-replacement powders due to a fast-paced lifestyle.

A free sample report by Technavio is available here

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The Boulder Group Arranges Sale of Single Tenant Net Lease Family Dollar

Randy Blankstein and Jimmy Goodman of The Boulder Group represented the seller in the transaction; a Midwest based real estate development group

The Boulder Group, a net leased investment brokerage firm, has completed the sale of a single tenant Family Dollar located at 200 Bruner Road in La Fontaine, Indiana for $1,368,478.

The 8,320 square foot building is strategically located on a 1.2 acre parcel at the corner of Bruner Road and Indiana Route 15.  Indiana Route 15 is the primary thoroughfare in the area. Family Dollar serves as a primary convenience shopping destination for residents in the area with limited competition.

Randy Blankstein and Jimmy Goodman of The Boulder Group represented the seller in the transaction; a Midwest based real estate development group.  The purchaser was a Midwest based real estate investment group in 1031 exchange.

There are 15 years on the Family Dollar lease which expires March 31, 2032. The lease features a 10% rental escalation in year 11 and in each of the six 5-year renewal option periods. Family Dollar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dollar Tree, a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq Stock Market (Symbol: DLTR) and largest single-price-point retailer in North America. Dollar Tree, a Fortune 200 Company, operated more than 14,580 stores across 48 states and five Canadian provinces.

“Well located single tenant assets with solid real estate fundamentals continue to be in the greatest demand,” said Randy Blankstein, President of The Boulder Group.  Jimmy Goodman, President of The Boulder Group, added, “The market for net leased dollar stores remains active as the new construction stores typically have initial lease terms of 15 years.”

About The Boulder Group

The Boulder Group is a boutique investment real estate service firm specializing in single tenant net lease properties. The firm provides a full range of brokerage, advisory, and financing services nationwide to a substantial and diversified client base, which includes high net worth individuals, developers, REITs, partnerships and institutional investment funds. Founded in 1997, the firm has arranged the acquisition and disposition of over $4 billion of single tenant net lease real estate transactions. From 2010-2016, the firm was ranked in the top 10 companies in the nation for single tenant retail transactions by both Real Capital Analytics and CoStar. The Boulder Group is headquartered in suburban Chicago.

For more information, visit:

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Data recovery software 2018 free download

by Aid file recovery software

Data recovery software 2018 free download full version with crack by Aid file recovery software v3.675.

Happy new year 2018, We give you data recovery software free download full version with crack by Aid file recovery software v3.675 for Windows 10,Windows 7,Windows 8 PC.

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In some cases, data on a hard disk drive can be unreadable due to damage to the partition table or file system, or to (intermittent) media errors. In the majority of these cases, at least a portion of the original data can be recovered by repairing the damaged partition table or file system using specialized data recovery software. Sometimes, data present in the physical drives (Internal/External Hard disk, Pen Drive, etc.) gets lost, deleted and formatted due to circumstances like virus attack, accidental deletion or accidental use of SHIFT+DELETE. In these cases, data recovery software are used to recover formatted drive/restore the data files, even whole folder recovery, and in some cases overwritten file recovery is possible with high success rate.

After data loss:

Don’t rewrite any information to your storage devices.
Don’t do a disk check
Don’t format the hard drive partition again.
Don’t save data to your source hard drives directly.
Don’t repartition.
Don’t store new data into the partition that you are going to recover.
Don’t do re-array when the disk array lost.

2, Use Aidfile free data recovery software version 3.674, 2GB size file free recovery.

Most of the time, you just accidentally deleted some photos or office documents. The total amount of all files should not exceed 2GB. You can use the free version directly.

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To send an useful and smart gift on New Year’s Day – Airwheel H3S mobility aid

After the Christmas, the annual New Year Day is around the corner. You must have experienced the black Friday. Faced with millions of products, have you decided which one as your New Year present? If not, Airwheel H3S vehicle for disabilities will be recommended, as it will be an impressive New Year present for the old in the families.

Have interest and click the website to consult:

The New Year is around the corner and 2018 is coming. Faced with millions of products, have you decided which one as your New Year present? Presenting gifts shows your blessings to your friends and family members. However, if the gift is to his or her heart, you just give an added grace to what is already perfect. Airwheel H3S smart chair will achieve such effect, as it is intensely brilliant both inward and outward.

Airwheel h3S health care products

Airwheel H3S power and manual wheelchair is a combination of tradition and modern, featuring two ride modes—electric mode and manual mode. In the manual mode, riders can enjoy the company of friends and families. The electric mode gives riders an effortless ride and allows riders to stop and chat freely. It is super easy to ride with the intelligent joystick controller. Small and comfortable, it accords with ergonomics. To go forward, backward and turn directions, riders just push the controller to the corresponding directions. When the hand does not touch the controller, it will automatically brake.


Another highlight is the automatic folding function, which makes H3S Electric Wheelchair different from others. When arriving the destination, riders just press the “fold” button in the controller to fold it automatically and the manageable size allows riders to store it easily and conveniently. Additionally, Airwheel H3S can be connected to the mobile phones as long as there is an exclusive App on the phones. In addition to learning the riding data, its app lets riders control it remotely. It will come to you by remote control and three remote controls are available.  

Airwheel H3S Rollators

To conclude, it is more than a means of transport, it is also an advanced gadget full of intelligent and fashionable elements. Overall, Airwheel H3S motorized wheelchair will be definitely an impressive present.

Video Link:

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Masters of Crypto announces bitcoin forum for all things cryptocurrency

Members get exclusive information and knowledge to learn about cryptocurrency trading

Masters of Crypto is proud to announce their bitcoin forum that provides information for people who want to get into cryptocurrency. The platform offers information on the major cryptocurrencies making waves in the market like Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Dash, Ethereum, Monero, etc. New members can sign up and access the beginner’s guide or take part in the discussions within the forum. There is also a section for the latest news and information on reputable platforms to carry out exchanges.

Sign up today and be a part of the cryptocurrency revolution by visiting the beginner’s boot camp section

“Just like the internet, cryptocurrency is here to stay. It offers everyone the power to take charge of their financial life and become whatever they want to be. Masters of Crypto offer everyone all the knowledge they need to get into cryptocurrency. Once you join us, your eyes will be opened, and you will never remain the same again. We have everything you require, no need looking elsewhere,” said Lorenzo, a representative of Masters Of Crypto.

How To Use Masters Of Crypto

Using masters of crypto is very easy. After signing up, which takes a few minutes, the user can introduce themselves and dig in. The beginner’s guide section is flooded with helpful information for newcomers. There are also the expert guide, intermediate guide, and announcements, so users can choose where they will start from, based on their knowledge level. The latest reply section shows all the most recent replies sent on the platform.

“I have been on the MoC platform since they began about a year ago and I can tell I have benefited so much from them. My best part is the latest news they offer, which I never miss to read every single day. It offers all the new information in the crypto world, giving you the power to make wise investment decisions on time,” said Rick D, a member.

Why Join Masters Of Crypto

Masters of Crypto offer everyone the opportunity to control their finance, exchange cryptocurrencies, and get knowledge about the latest trends. It is a community of people who share ideas and are always ready to help one another to succeed. Also, users get real-time information about the exchange rates of more than ten major cryptocurrencies in the market.

About Masters of Crypto

Masters of Crypto is a helpful bitcoin community dedicated to providing information, knowledge, and resources on cryptocurrencies. With just over a year of existence, the site has thousands of members who help one another to become successful cryptocurrency traders and users.

For more information, please contact (949) 555-2861, [email protected], or visit  

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Testin Consolidates The Rules For Mobile Market Before 2017 Appbase Best 50 China Release

2017 is a year when China’s mobile Internet industry won the global leader. Mobile app has been fully integrated into people’s daily work, living and studying, more and more industrial apps have effectively promoted the development of “Internet + Advanced Manufacturing Industry”. The future of the industry lies in software. The core feature of Internet + is mobile Internet, which is driven by the innovations of the developers.

In order to continuously promoting the values ​​of openness, innovation, competition, health, safety and honesty of developers, promote the healthy development of society, culture and economy, the “50 Best Apps of 2017” in 20 categories of China will come out after the checking of AppBase data and five factors of user experience as a whole.

Through the coverage of more than 3 million mobile applications of 14 dimensions of market, operation, product and R&D data, with 2017’s whole year tracking test, data screening and due diligence, the list of “The 50 Best Apps of 2017 of China”will generate a total of 1,000 leading apps in 20 categories of the 5 major future trends of Consume Escalation, New Demographic Dividend, Commercial Merge, Fintech and Industrial application.

AppBase is the comprehensive strength of mobile APP

The AppBase Synergy Quadrant helps analyze the 14 dimensions of the two key attributes of mobile app marketplace operations and product development, providing people with a simplified app marketplace, operations, products, and research and development enhancements (App Synergy Factors Decision Tools), so as to accurately find the most puzzling problems of the development of strategic issues for the app developers. Based on objective assessment of an app relative to its vertical field of the same type’s app’s overall strength, so as to set a development strategy of product development and market balanced operation, and use it to judge the overall impact on the input-output, the static comparison and dynamic trend of invest – return and finally establish a long-term and sustained strength. At the same time, provide a basis of judging the potential for the app’s synergy for investors and people in the industry.

Testin AppBase has the world’s largest App Market, Operations, Products, R&D Integrated Benchmarking Database. Testin’s customers, partners, and invited industry experts and investors can all receive Testin AppBase Synergy Report for specific objects generated by the AppBase database anonymously.

  • Developer: mastering the competition status and development trends
  • Expert & Media: understanding the whole picture
  • Investors: getting neutral & visible information, detecting genius App in early stage

App developers, especially with the support of capital, often do not hesitate to work hard on online promotion, advertising, pushing, activities, and even bad things like brushing lists. However, the acquired users must effectively convert and retain after they experience the product. Once the product has a problem or negative evaluation, they did not actively improve the product, enhance the experience. Rather, they find ways to delete posts, delete bad comments, ‘addressing the symptoms, not the cause’. If the product development did not get sufficient attention, even if more money is spent or more of the “water army” (paid posters) is hired, still they cannot control the users. As long as your app is not the market’s only (monopoly) service or resource, there must be other apps with similar features, services. The users will not hesitate to go to them when they appear.

The app is essentially governed by two independent but mutually interacting variables – “products” and “markets.” As shown in the picture, the effect resulting from the input of mobile application products and development expertise is taken as the x-axis. The effects resulting from inputs of markets, operations are taken as the y-axis. They form a two-dimensional quadrant. With axes of 5 respectively scale divisions, with 60% of the 3 points as centerline, is divided into unbalanced 4 quadrants. X-axis and y-axis scale with the size of number, and summarizing the comprehensive strength effect between various apps at the same time and conditions.

  • Synergy: App with a relative advantage of 60% in both market operations and product development is attributed to Synergy, such as [App①] in the picture above. Leaders should maintain their competitive edge while paying close attention to rivals (such as App ⑤ in the picture above) who also are in the leader’s quadrant. And ready for challenges at all times. On the other hand, once the market drivers and product drivers work on deficiencies, it will also create a competitive threat to the leader quadrant app.
  • Market Driver: An app whose market performance is 60% and product development is less than 60% is categorized as Market Driver, such as [App②] in the picture above. Market drivers already have the operational advantages of market quadrant leader. But the key of whether it can sustain depends on the improvement efficiency of product development.
  • Product Strengthener: App with less than 60% market performance and 60% product development advantage is attributed to Product Strengthener, such as [App③] in the picture above. Product Strengtheners are relatively more focused on products and development and user experience. As long as the funds and resources can coordinate, after increasing investment in market operation, they will have the opportunity to enter the leader quadrant.
  • Entrant: App with less than 60% market operation and product development is categorized as Entrants, such as [App③] in the figure below. Entrants do not have the advantage in both market operations and product development. But if forming vertical differentiation in the subdivision field, achieving breakthrough on single point, there will be great opportunity for subverting the existing market structure. And this is what people in venture capital and VC is more concern about.

AppBase growth rate

  • QGR @ mrq (Qtrly Growth Rate of Most Recent Quarter) is used to describe the relative growth rate (%) of app in the most recent quarter (3 months).
  • YGR @ ttm (Yearly Growth Rate of Trailing Twelve Months) is used to describe the relative growth rate (%) of app over the past 12 months.

Adjust your growth strategy with AppBase Synergy Factors

The 14 latitude data of Testin AppBase is obtained through Testin platform’s data accumulation and open channel. The work done by App Developers at all latitudes will have an impact on the market performance and the external performance of product development, which will affect AppBase’s data. Testin Lab calculates the average conditions of all application data in the AppBase library, and obtains the relative AppBase values ​​of each app.

Testin AppBase app samples were taken from Android, iOS version in the open market. Becoming Testin’s enterprise customers directly and get related services can not directly change the AppBase indicators. But with the help of Testin’s developer services, developers are able to spot problems, improve quality, and iterate over updates. These could affect AppBase’s various factors particularly technical specifications related to product development.

Marketing & Operation

The market operation dimension mainly reflects the market effect in two ways. One is by three user factor data – downloading, installing and activating, they also reflect user operation effects. The other is the social network, media reflects the market effect, especially mobile media. Among them, the coverage effect of iOS version is found in the mainstream of AppStore and the country’s major third-party stores, channels; Android version is found in the mainstream of more than 50 stores and download channels. The global effect of the version synchronous release on AppStore, GooglePlay, Amazon Store and other third-party is also concluded.

1) The user factor, the relative coefficient of app user actual download, installation, active data. Used to evaluate the actual effect of app market operations

  • Download Factors
  • Installations Factors
  • Active Factors

2) The influence coefficient, which reflects the relative coefficient of app’s external influence and the actual effect of word-of-mouth

  • Search Factors
  • Apple App Store, GooglePlay, and reviews in major App stores
  • Media Influence Media, domestic search engines and Bing, Google News Search related news volume
  • Social Influence, the factors influencing social network mainly include the following: a) WeChat index, the number of fans in the WeChat Official Account, the total number of article readings in the last month, article likes, and WeChat search in Article which can hit the “app”; b) Weibo index, the number of fans in the Official Account, the number of interaction in microblogging Official Account in recent months, including the number of forwarding, commenting, likes, Weibo search which can hit [App name]; c) Baidu Tieba/Baidu Zhidao/Baidu Encyclopedia index, [App name] Tieba fans, the number of posts, the number of Zhidao articles, entry reading of encyclopedia d)Zhihu, Douban index, data of data.

3) The distribution coefficient – the relative coefficient reflecting the effectiveness of App release, promotion

  • Distribution
  • Global coverage

Product & Development

The product development dimension reflects the overall strength of app developer’s product development in several ways. They are the realization of the app function; the user experience; the app compatibility and comprehensive performance on the Top terminal; the actual performance and stability after the release of the app tested by the users; evaluations on the download shop and mobile social media by the users; whether it regular iterates update and release of new versions; the continuity of the app development.

1) The quality factor reflects the relative coefficient of app function realization, quality performance, user experience and evaluation.

  • Functionality
  • User Experience
  • App Quality
  • Using Performance
  • Security Factors

2) Iterations, which reflects the relative coefficient of the app periodically modifying, updating and upgrading the iteration, objectively reflects the execution ability of the R & D team and the completion of the management system.

3) Sustainability, which reflects the relative coefficient of app Dev Team’s duration and experience.

The User Experience factors

In order to solve the current user experience conflicts in the mobile application software industry, China Mobile Computing Alliance (CMCA) Application Experience Professional Committee has put forward the “Mobile Application Software User Experience Benchmark”. Through continuous testing and data analysis of mobile application software, provide a reference basis for Sub-area mobile application software developers, providing users reference of choosing and using mobile applications.

User Experience (UX) is a subjective experience created by a user using a product. The ISO 9241-210 standard defines the user experience as “people’s perceptions and responses to products, systems or services that are used or expected to be used.” For mobile applications, the user experience can be measured by the function of the app, startup response time, FPS, objective indicators such as CPU, memory and GPU occupancy. The app with a user experience coefficient greater than 60 is deemed as a user experience benchmark app.

  • Startup time: When people interact with each other, both parties will respond. They will do it either through speech, body movements or eyes. The same is true in the digital world. Software must express its current state in some form. The response time of a product is directly related to the user’s level of control, and it forms an interactive communication with the user. Jakob Nielsens APP Standard: 0.1 Seconds – Application UI Interface Responsive to User Actions, Users Will Have Direct Control Feelings; 1 Second – Users’ Ideas Will Not Be Interrupted, There Will Be No Waiting Feelings; 10 Seconds – to reach such a waiting time, the user will not play again. In reality, users will also do “rampant comparison”. If an app took 3 seconds to open, and the other app with same function only took 0.3 seconds, people will not hesitate to turn to a faster app. The most important thing is to compare the response speed with a competing app.
  • FPS: Frame Percent Seconds refers to the number of frames views updated per second, which is the UI fluency index. The more the app running frames per second are, the more fluid the UI will show, people will feel the app running faster and smoother. Conversely, if the app’s runtime frame rate is less than 16, you will feel a clear sense of lapping.
  • CPU, GPU, memory: CPU, GPU, RAM Memory app runs indispensable hardware resources. The same performance experience is better for users with less running hardware resources

Testin has continuously focused on the innovation and development of China mobile internet research and test since establishment, and now is honor to watch the birth to the 1,000 Best Apps of 2017 of China with the users, developers, professionals, investment institutions and industry entities. Testin will also witness Chinese app developers’ attitudes to the global mobile Internet development, from learning and participating to leading.

About Testin

Testin is the global leader in One-Stop-Application cloud testing services for applications such as web, mobile web, Html5, native and lite APP, mobile game, VR/AR, AI, smart wearable, smart home, smart driving, IoT and industrial APP developers to provide the necessary testing services and quality assurance. Testin is the disruptor of the traditional software testing service mode, combine AI automated real device SaaS testing, crowdsourcing testing, full stack security testing and continuous big data analysis, succeeded not only in capturing the domestic market of China but also in sett its foot of the global arena, has now continued to serve more than 800,000 developers with their 2.3+ million APPs, branding clients including most tier 1 internet entities like McDonald’s, Nestle, Starbucks, Daimler, BMW, Philips and Kabam, etc. Testin has been certified by ISO9000, ISO27001, ISO20000, ISO17025, CMMI3 and CNAS, aim to help developers build confidence in their applications and ensure a good user experience. Testin has secured US$84.9 million in 3 rounds of IDG, Banyan, Haiyin, and CEL. Testin has been recognized as 2015 and 2016 Deloitte High-Tech & Growth Top 50 China, Red Herring Finalist 2014 Asia 100, 2015 Global 100 and 2017 Red Herring Global 100 Winner.

For more information about Testin please visit, or contact +852-2392-6880 (Asia) or +1 (760) 582-5577 (U.S.)

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