Lightning Ant Market – Time Trading Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

Recently, Blockchain technology attracts variety of investors to get involve in this area because of its well-known characters, namely decentralization, openness, anonymity, falsification etc.

Seeing this god-given opportunity, Lightning Ant Market seizes the opportunity, combining Blockchain with time trading, it creates the first Dapp on the basis of decentralized trading platform by using tokens worldwide. Once this app releases, it will create quite a buzz in the business and investment circle.

Then why Lightning Ant Market can come out on top in such a short period, let’s see. 


1. What is Lightning Ant Market

2. Analysis of Lightning Ant Market

3. Token Economy and Business Model

4. Team Member

5. Conclusion

What is Lightning Ant Market

Lightning Ant Market is a point to point decentralized time trading platform based on Blockchain technology and characterized by social media and operation. It can Blockchain all users’ time and conduct trading on the Blockchain. And it also can provide time transaction services for enterprises, meet the demand of B2C time transaction, it can Blockchain all the time “commodities”.


On Lightning Ant Market, uses can carry out B2C and C2C decentralized commodity transaction by using digital currency. It is a completely decentralized Blockchain e-business platform, enterprises do not need to pay any fees for the third party or to others. In the future, it will involve Blockchain traceability industry and provide a trustworthy shopping experience for customers. And all transactions are paid in digital currency.

QBAO has participated in the investment of this program. QBT can be used in public fund raising. 

Such problems make users scratch their heads. On these issues, the Lightning Ant Team offers a solution which combines with Blockchain technology – a decentralized time transaction app based on Beidou Chain.

Beidou Chain is a third party chain based on transaction engine a s well as a enterprise- level platform.

Beidou Chain combines local currency with Token, upgrades intelligence assets, authority-controlled engine, geological information engine as well as comparability with KYC and AML agreement. All these assure the safety of the Lightning Ant Market and prevent it from malicious transaction. Real-name authentication engine interface realizes the “front-end anonymous anonymity, back-end real name” function.

1. Credit System

Lightning Ant Market adopts various method as user’s credit index: users can upload pictures, videos and audios, remarks will be evidence recorded on the Blockchain. Users can give their scores for seller’ services, the scores can also be recorded on the Blockchain.

If stored data on the Blockchain be falsified, the data will be invalid, thus it can guarantee the transparency and reliability of the system.

2. Users’ Privacy

Most users are now very concerned about their privacy issues, basically they do not want to leak own personal information, for those actions like verifying the phone number, ID number, photos are even more exclusive, because users worry that their personal information and transaction information are misappropriated by the platform.

In order to dispel users’ worries, Beidou Chain, the transaction engine-based third-generation blockchain technology used by the Lightning Ant Market, ensures user’s privacy.

3. Point to Point Encrypted Conversation

Lightning Ant Market pay high attention to uses’ privacy. In order to avoid information leakage or sharing, the lightning Ant Market uses point to point encrypted communication mechanism, that is to say, the information will not be on the Blockchain and will not be analyzed!

Lightning Ant Market applies a asymmetric cryptographic algorithm, namely Elliptic Curve Cryptography which is faster and securer. All dialogues on the platform will need specific private keys to see the content, so it protect users chat information to the largest extent.


In other words, only speakers know the content, others can not supervise them. It is even more safer than a face to face talk in private. 

4. Safety Factor

Wallet protection mechanism: Lightning Ant Market will encrypt users’ wallet information and store them locally. Lightning Ant cloud doesn’t preserve users’ wallets. Thus, even if the server is under attack which results in the exposure of the accounts and passwords, attackers still cannot transfer any users’ funds.


Multi-signature(Multisig) verification: multisig is used for the transaction of the two sides, the Lightning Ant Market uses a 2 of 3 approach (including both sides of the transaction and a middleman). When the buyer clicks on the purchase button, LAP does not directly enter the seller’s account or the guaranteed account of the Lightning Ant Market, but transfer to a randomly generated multisig account, which requires two signatures of the private key to transfer the asset, and any individual signatures will be rejected by the Blockchain.

Data isolation: Lightning Ant Cloud can isolate the central data from the program data and can fully upgrade the account system. Even if the server and the database are under attack, the attacker cannot steal user information and data from the Lightning Ant Cloud server. 

5.  On the Basis of Geographical Location

Transactions in the Lightning Ant Market has a high standard for geographical location, because Beidou Chain contains geographical information. Lightning Ant Market will provide location services on the basis of Blockchain technology. Transactions happened among a particular span can be regarded as successful and it also can guarantee the safety of the transaction. 

What-if Scenario:

Eva is a jogger, but recently moves to a new house, she is unfamiliar with the surroundings and needs a man to jog with her, so she issues a purchase message on Lightning Ant Market: March 1, 2018, a woman who is familiar with the surroundings is needed, jogging with me for 1 hour.
When browsing the information on the Lightning Ant Market, Joanna finds her location is quite near Eva, and fortunately, she is familiar with the environment and enjoys jogging. So she contacts with Eva and sets time and order.

So how does the platform verify to this deal? One of the necessary factors is whether Eva and Joanna’s geographical locations coincide or not at the agreed time, in order to avoid default during the transaction and optimize the experience and interests of consumers. 

6. Product Traceability

At present, mainstream systems have information islands in the entire product supply chain. Usually, there are multiple information systems which are difficult to interact with each other in the whole supply chain. As a result, the information check process is complicated and the data exchange is unbalanced. As a result, too many offline checks and double checks are required to make up for the multiple system interaction problems.

The decentralized trust system of the Blockchain itself guarantees its authenticity and does not require the involvement of an external trusted endorsement. In order to solve the trust issue at the e-commerce business level, the Lightning Ant Market will provide B2C and B2B services in the future, communicate with manufacturers and businesses, build a decentralized Blockchain traceability node service, and offer consumers a true trustworthy and decentralized shopping experience.


For example, using the unique treasibility code of the handbag, customer will know the production place of the handbag, manufacture’s information, production date, quality control report, transportation time, sampling reports, etc. The delivery information can also be checked, so illegal transactions and fraud have no place to hide.

Token Economy and Business Model

Lightning Ant Market is a time transaction platform based on social contact and professional skills. Its corresponding token – Lightning Ant Pay (LAP) is the voucher of transactions.

LAP has the characteristics of consumption circulation, pledge and exchange, users can conduct transactions in the Lightning Ant Market, or choose to lock positions in exchange for mining rights. The Lightning Ant Market will draw a certain percentage of LAP of the transaction fee as a service fee. Half of the service fee will be permanently locked.


In the Lightning Ant Chain, the role of miners is to verify transactions and store data, they don’t have the right to mint. Miner rewards come from the salary paid by the Lightning Ant Market. Annual fixed salary assures the stability of token circulation. Fair mining rewards guarantee the active participation of miners. 

With the gradual increase of registered users and time trading volume, token price is sure to increase which forms a virtuous circle.

Team Member

Outstanding member makes a successful team.

Lixiao Zhou, founder of Lightning Ant Market, micro economist. He is  specially specialized in western economics and finance, researcher and implementer of Blockchain theory, One of the most experienced experts in domestic capital operation and business model design. All these guarantee a promising future for the Lightning Ant Market.

Lei Zhang, with more than 20 years of experience in technical development management, he has worked in IT structural design and IT consulting for years. With the engagement of Yantao Wang, former senior R & D manager of HUAWEI, all these make the Beidou Chain play a leading role in the Blockchain industry. 


Lightning Ant Market has a huge user group and market potential in the field of e-commerce and time trading. It will be well known and recognized by the the public soon in the future.

The founding team plays a positive role in promoting research and development of the project. At the same time, the token ecosystem is very normative, there is plenty of space for the increase of tokens value.

The Lightning Ant Market is based on the Beidou Chain which provides users with safe transactions, privacy protection and financial security. As a result, it meets the market demand under the current situation and has great development potential.

Overall, Lightning Ant Market will certain to make a buzz cause in the entire Internet industry.


Twitter: Lightning Ant Market

Facebook: Lightning Ant Market

We Chat:(Account:SYSC818)

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CEO and Founder of TRACY NEGOSHIAN launches unique in-home boutique business for women.


CLEARWATER, FL – Jan 15, 2018 – Using the trademark TRACY NEGOSHIAN bold prints and colors, women entrepreneurs everywhere now have the opportunity to launch an in-home fashion business that has over 10 years of brand recognition and a proven product line. The in-home boutique business offers flexibility, as well as a great income potential, with little overhead. “After interviewing many women who were looking for this kind of an opportunity, I feel we’ve created an exciting and rewarding fashion business that is far and above what any of our competitors can offer. Because I know, first hand, what it takes to balance work and family, I specifically created a business platform that extensively supports our TN Stylists so they can build the business and income they want and deserve while being present for all those Little Red Wagon Moments”.

After experiencing the NCAA National Championship football game in 2007, Tracy Negoshian became aware of the opportunity to design collegiate fashions for game days around the country. It was at this moment she began what would evolve, 10 years later, into a bright, colorful, trendy American brand that offers women unique designer fashions at an affordable price point. As Tracy’s business and family life evolved, she realized she wanted to shift time spent traveling and in the office to more time spent with her growing family. She wanted more of those “Little Red Wagon Moments” that make life rich and rewarding. Understanding that this priority was a driving force for most women, she began creating a new business that would allow for the same freedoms and flexibilities she had carved out for herself. She thought, why not create this opportunity for the everyday woman who wants the same things? So, in late 2015 Tracy and her team began to put together the TN Stylist program; a fun, flexible and rewarding fashion business that can be run right from home. Tracy focused on creating a business model that allowed other women to design a lifestyle at a pace they were comfortable with growing.

“Whether looking to earn a little extra for those dance lessons, stashing funds away for summer vacations or deciding to pivot altogether and run a full-time fashion business, I want women to have the choice to design their lifestyle on their terms, and we’ve created the tools and support to do that”.  

You can find out more about Tracy Negoshian and her new in-home boutique business by visiting her website at

About Tracy Negoshian: 

Tracy is married to David Phillips and they have two children, Cooper and Ellery. Family life is very important to her and she’s learned how to balance the demands of her very busy business schedule with that of her home life. This passion to be able to enjoy family life was one of the leading factors in deciding to offer the in-home boutique experience to women everywhere.

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Re. Occupational Health – Digital Health & Literacy in education & workplace / Accessibility

I wonder how many more would get a First if, the 72% who suffer Asthenopia had better “access to digital text” ???

Fact: Asthenopia or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a Global Pandemic in in education and the workplace…

Screen Fatigue, as it is known in the UK, affects the majority of Display Screen user operators starting in education and continuing into the workplace limiting access to on-screen digital text by an average of 20%, lost productivity, calculated in UK workplaces to cost employers £30bn in presenteeism and double that in social costs.

This has always been preventable or at least potentially mitigated for the majority of DSE operators simply by adapting or customising their DSE interface ergonomics / optimising sub-optimal screen settings thereby, reducing visual stress and improving “accessibility to digital text”!

Although, recognised as an industrial disease by the WHO International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) for some reason, employers and the UK Gov / HSE have refused to acknowledge it for the last 25 years dismissing it as a, sort of, temporary anomaly although, far from temporary lasting for three hours or more after coming off-screen every day.

Of course, I suppose it is always easier to blame the user operator by suggesting it is their failure in compliance and their lack of resilience to a known and significantly debilitating workplace stressor.

There have been various intuitive / subjective methods for optimising screen ergonomics / accessibility for 30 years and for the last 10 years an “OBJECTIVE” and measurable DSE Risk Assessment has been available in education although, not adopted in the workplace.

But, and it’s a big but, like any disability if, you measure it you have to do something about it and they do not like that at all.

That would mean that they would have to “screen everyone” in education and the workplace for Dyslexia & Asthenopia !!!!

One in four degrees is first-class. Official figures show a sharp rise since 2012 in the share of graduates getting a first.

In case you wish to contact Nigel and don’t have annotations turned on, please contact the number below: +44-7746719377

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Mroads launches Kickstarter Campaign for its Revolutionary Hiring Platform Panna!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, Panna is an Intuitive Online Recruitment Solution for Everyone!

Mroads has proudly announced that they have developed a revolutionary online recruitment solution called Paññã that will redefine the way companies hire talent in the modern day world. Paññã is an Artificial Intelligence based video conference interview platform for hiring and the US based company has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and support for Paññã on Kickstarter.

“We are building a live interview platform to connect talent with employer quickly thereby saving time and cost of hiring,” said the spokesperson of Mroads, while introducing Paññã to the Kickstarter community. “The manual recruitment process was becoming quite hectic and tiresome for our recruiters so we have made everything easier than ever before for them,” he added.

According to Mroads, the company’s goal with this crowdfunding campaign is to raise funds for taking this solution to the market and all funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will help Mroads in raising a sales team that will take Paññã to the marketplace. More details regarding this remarkable hiring solution are available on its website Paññã.us.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can back this project by making generous pledges and donations. The goal of this fundraising campaign is to raise a sum of $175,000 and for a pledge of only $25, supporters will be able to get free product usage that is actually worth $100 a year. More details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.

About Paññã

Paññã is a revolutionary AI based talent hiring solution that is designed to help companies save time and money while hiring new employees. The platform uses sophisticated AI tools and video conferencing along with a well-though/well-researched technology that will ultimately help companies in saving millions of dollars while hiring.

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Enjoy the eye-opening story on the delicate situations of couples in marriages.

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA – 5th January, 2018 – Marriage is very complex, a lot of people get married with so much love and happiness yet end up cheating in the course of a marriage, Chris Dawson’s book “The Unexpected” is a classic example of this.

This wonderful book tells us that it is clear that most women marry for love and may still love their husband but for a variety of reasons she finds herself unexpectedly seduced or otherwise seeks sexual gratification or stimulation from other than the man she married.  The reasons a wife chooses to start an affair or is seduced into an affair are many, varied and may surprise all who have either been curious or who have lived this experience.  For sure, do not discount the frequency of this phenomena. The objective of the author is to inform and open the eyes to the reality of life as a couple in a very competitive world.

This book is filled with a lot of imaginative illustrations written in well-structured and simple English. It is guaranteed to wow its readers and keep them on the edge of their seats in agitation as they pace through from page to page.

To get this amazing book please visit:

About the author

Chris Dawson, Ph.D. has been a writer of various subjects for more than 20 years. Due to some advanced education and training in the psychological field, he became aware of a significant number of ladies who for one reason or another unexpectedly stepped out of their marriage and had affairs.  They sought adventure, extra romance, or stimulation outside of the bounds of an otherwise happy marriage.

He also saw many husbands who had wives who they knew, feared, or suspected of having affairs. The reasons were many and out of this background, his scientific and actively fertile mind started writing fiction with bits and pieces of real life fact in the background.

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Luvfully: The Ultimate Relationship App launches Kickstarter Campaign!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, Luvfully is the Magic Ingredient Relationship App for a Happy Future!

Lisa Bettner is a seasoned entrepreneur and a renowned relationship expert, who has created a remarkable application called ‘Luvfully App’. The app is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and it will be released just in time for this year’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone in a relationship is always in the pursuit of the ultimate happiness and this simple yet astonishing mobile application will help people get there faster than ever before.

“We have developed luvfully as a simple tool to creating your best relationship in as little as 15 minutes a week.” Said Lisa Bettner, while introducing the app to the Kickstarter community. After years of research, struggles, two divorces and many ups and downs, Lisa discovered the secrets of love and she is now sharing her secrets with the world through this amazing app.

In addition, luvfully app gives simple instructions to its users on how to add that magic to their relationships in as little as 15 minutes a week. Moreover, the relationship app also tells them what to do and gives them the tools to love fully and effectively. Furthermore, this remarkable app is packed with many other amazing features and Lisa is welcoming everyone to support this inspiring initiative by backing her Kickstarter campaign.

The KickstarterCampaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can back this project by making generous pledges and donations. Lisa’s goal is to raise a sum of $10,000 with this crowdfunding campaign and she is offering several great rewards for those who will pledge. More details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.

About Luvfully

Luvfully is not only an effective and simple relationship application but it is also a helping hand and a guiding resource for having a healthy as well as happy relationship. Created by a seasoned entrepreneur Lisa Bettner, the app takes only fifteen minutes per week of its user time and offers the ultimate happiness in return.

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Enjoy Ikechi Ahamefule Nwogu’s enlightening story on the ants as a source of strength and growth.

PORT HARCOURT, RIVERS STATE, NIGERIA – 15th January, 2018 – Ants are tiny, but a bunch of them can take on quite the project if they work together. Ants can lift up to 20 times their body weight. They can build an anthill in the span of just days. Some of the ants within a colony are actually called “soldier ants” and spend their lives defending the colony, gathering and killing food. IKECHI AHAMEFULE NWOGU’sThe Way of the Ant: The Way to Absolute National Transformation” connects the ways of the ant as a solution to the nation’s transformation.

This incredible book tells us that the ant is a busy little creature; fragile in frame, yet is able to command our attention with its unusual wits and productive wisdom. The commonsense of the ant perfectly applied, will earn each one of us a rich life of liberty, forthrightness and unending wealth & increase. A new sense of diligence will open us up to a new life beyond personal comfort; one that will inspire us onto self-leadership for economic change and unending increase.

The WAY OF THE ANT, a book on National Transformation secrets and values is a marked definition of economics for leadership performance, which will inspire productivity across all levels of individual, organizational, communal, national and global life, destined to eradicate endemic poverty and create lasting prosperity. This is prosperity that will be engaging and self-driven for greater sustainability. Prosperity within this context shall not be seen as a state of being born into a background of already established wealth, but rather as a function of vision, industry and personal responsibility. This will plainly expose various pathways to individuals and communities for which they can institute self-help dimensions to engage nature’s rich provisions within their environment with personal ambitions and hard work to determine what they want for their lives.

Our underlying secret throughout this book shall be to study the industrious nature of the ant as a paradigm for success and growth beyond assumed levels that we could only once imagine and admire.

This book is filled with a lot of imaginative illustrations written in well structured and simple English. It is guaranteed to wow its readers and keep them on the edge of their seats in agitation as they pace through from page to page.

To get this amazing book please visit:

About the author

Sir Ikechi Ahamefule Nwogu is a man of many parts. He is a performance strategist, an economic emancipator, an educational consultant and a life coach. He is passionate about leadership grooming, youth empowerment and business growth & development and can best be described as the ‘business coach of the next generation.’  His teachings have motivated, encouraged and spurred on loads of people (young and old) within and outside the shores of Nigeria to start or advance their businesses. He is a mentor and role model to many young men and women and a regular guest at several radio and television programmes focused on ways to advance education, politics, leadership and the economy. He has also delivered public lectures at various platforms and as well as in several universities around Nigeria.

Sir Ikechi is happily married to Lady Chinyerum Ikechi-Nwogu and they are blessed with four lovely children, Blossom, Bliss, Heritage and Hero. His hobbies include reading, travelling, counselling and making people happy.

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Wearone launches Kickstarter Campaign for its Artistic Yoga Pants & Mats!

Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, Wearone is a Fashion & Lifestyle Brand started by a Canadian Couple!

Wearonehas proudly announced that it is bringing its all new and inspiring artistic yoga pants and yoga mats to the fitness enthusiasts and fashion lovers worldwide. The brand has been started by a Canadian couple and they have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds and support for this project.

The primary inspiration behind this new brand is to express art in form of fashion and enable people to wear truly artistic and unique yoga pants. Yoga mats and yoga pants are all about fitness, health, peace and meditation, and unique art takes these yoga experiences to the next level.

Following are some of the key features of these amazing yoga pants launched by Wearone:

  • Breathable,

  • Anti-Bacterial

  • Four-Sided Elasticity

  • Enhanced Muscle Support

  • Non See-through

  • Waterproof & Wind Resistant

  • UV Protection up to UPF 50%

With these amazing features and many benefits, Jason Murray and his girlfriend Claudia Alvarez are taking great pride in introducing these amazing yoga pants and mats on Kickstarter and they are welcoming everyone to generously back their project by contributing to the campaign.

The KickstarterCampaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can pledge from CA$ 10 to CA$ 999, and each pledge offers a great reward with worldwide shipping. More details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.

About Wearone

Wearone is a fashion and lifestyle brand started by a Canadian couple and its mission is to bring art, fitness and fashion together by creating exceptional yoga pants and yoga mats. The brand is now seeking support via Kickstarter and the couple is welcoming everyone for support. 

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Rockville, Maryland – January 15, 2018 – Santos, Postal & Company, P.C., Certified Public Accountants and multiple year awardee of the Best Accounting Firms to Work For, promoted the following individuals:

  • Ningwen Mi, CPA to Principal
  • Shawn Donovan, CPA to Principal
  • Adam Freedenberg, CPA, CFE, CVA to Senior Manager
  • Josh Harris, CPA to Senior Manager
  • Ryan Paul to Manager
  • Hannah Moore, EA to Manager
  • David Christopher, CPA to Manager

Charles B. Postal, CPA and Managing Partner, stated “we are thrilled to announce these promotions.  This group exemplifies our core values and provides the firm with the technical and leadership skills required so that we can continue to serve our clients as cherished advisors.”

Additionally, the firm has hired John Ure, JD, as a Tax Consultant.  Prior to joining Santos, Postal & Company John had been affiliated with a CPA firm in Norfolk, Virginia.  He provides analysis on a large variety of matters relating to federal and state tax laws and regulations for small to mid-sized businesses, ranging from start-up issues to growth and planning solutions, to exit planning and sales. He is also heavily involved in estate planning matters for business owners and their families.

About Santos, Postal & Company, P.C.

Santos, Postal & Company, P.C., founded in 1971, is a leading full service certified public accounting and consulting firm located in Rockville, Maryland.  Santos, Postal provides expert assurance services, accounting, strategic advisory services, estate and trust accounting, business valuations, tax planning and preparation, corporate advisory and restructuring services, and forensic and fraud auditing services, among others.

For additional information on SantosPostal contact Bob Greenfest, Principal, at 240-499-2075, via email at [email protected], or visit us online at

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Game Time “The Leader in Licensed Sports Watches” Launches its Breakthrough Smart Watch at the Sports Licensing Show in Vegas.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/503755134/original/GTLogo2016.png

TARRYTOWN, New York – January 15, 2018 – Game Time launches their new NFL Smart Watch at the Sports Licensing and Tailgate tradeshow in Vegas, which is scheduled to hold at the LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER from the 23rd  – 25th of January, 2018. Game Time will have a presence at the trade show as an exhibitor and will be located at booth #8034.  Attendees are encouraged to visit their booth and enter for a chance to win the first and only officially licensed NFL Smart Watch exclusively by Game Time. One winner will be chosen at random on the last day of the conference.

The new NFL Smart Watch has a suggested retail price of $179.95 and comes with all 32 NFL teams pre-loaded so the consumer can choose their favorite to display on their wrist. The sleek device supports IOS and Android – without skimping on the state-of-the-art functions such as Bluetooth syncing for phone calls, text messages, music and contacts. Fans can train like the pros and track their stats with a heart-rate monitor and pedometer, using the watch to count calories as well.

Adam Pennington, Game Time President, says: “We’re excited that we are able to offer retailers a smart watch that is one SKU for all 32 teams. It will help the retailers manage inventory as well as giving their customers an opportunity to purchase a quality smart watch at a very reasonable price.” Pennington expects to have MLB and NHL smart watches available by June 1st.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/503746509/original/GT_logo_1_180110065621.jpeg

About Game Time

Adam Pennington founded Game Time in 1997, launching with the revolutionary “Schedule Watch,” which allowed its users to see at a glance who their favorite team was playing and the time of the game. Just prior to the start of the game, the watch would play the National Anthem, reminding the wearer that it was “Game Time.” The New York-based company now makes more than 15 different styles of licensed sports watches for professional teams in the NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, PBR, and FIFA.

Visit for more information.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/503755124/original/GT_Logo_01.png

About Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show

Held annually in Las Vegas, the Sports Licensing, and Tailgate Show is the premier event for brand owners, licensors, licensees and retailers interested in sports licensed products. Home to over 380 exhibits and thousands of retailers, this is the only show of its kind to target the sports and tailgating market. Exhibiting companies hold the licenses for professional, collegiate and all other sports teams and represent all product categories.

Visit for more information.


Julian Pennington
Artinian, LLC
Director of Sales
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[email protected]

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