Luz Flashlight is a Multi-purpose LED Light that Offers Premium Performance in Unsafe or Emergency Situations

If you are like millions of other consumers, you have probably encountered a situation where an all-purpose light would have provided additional environmental awareness or allowed others to more easily identify your position.  Whether you are merely a homeowner searching a darkened area or a motorist with a flat, the Luz Flashlight is the ideal lighting tool to make your activities easier and safer.  The is more than merely a compact, high power LED light; it has a multitude of functions like strobing, extendable tripod, and hanging fixture which enable it to function as a lamp, spotlight, or warning beacon.

Designed by father and son, Ka-Fai Fred Chu, the Luz Flashlight offers sturdy, aluminum construction that houses two CREE Xpe Q5 LED emitters.  These powerful light sources may be set with a simple touch of a button to High Bright (which can supply up to ten hours of lighting), Half Bright (which can supply up to 16 hours of lighting), or Strobe (which can supply up to ten hours of lighting).  The emitters are powered by two rechargeable 3.6V Li-Ion batteries which may be recharged via a standard mobile charger with a micro USB plug, a USB cable, or any power bank. 

The real appeal of the Luz Flashlight  lies in its all-purpose design.  In just seconds, this product can be converted into a standing light source on a rigid tripod (Luzpod), a hanging lamp with an integrated hook and drop line (Luzhook), or a LED strobe light that clips to a backpack or bike. 

With a patent pending, the Luz Flashlight will soon be a must-have for homeowners, motorists, outdoorsmen or cyclists.  However, the Luz Flashlight can only become available if it is properly funded.  To raise the needed $10,000, Ka-Fai Fred Chu has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on FundRazr.  In return for supporting this important project, you can receive perks like the Luz Flashlight, Luzpod, Luzhook, or entire Luz Flashlight package.

For more information about the Luz Flashlight or to make a financial pledge, please visit

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Hayley Hines, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Featured on Influencers Radio

Hayley Hines, corporate wellness consultant, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. She discussed how she helps companies implement strategically designed wellness programs to save lives and money.

A twenty-year veteran in the industry, Hines, certified in many disciplines of health and nutrition, as well as having advanced degrees in health management, discussed the intricacies and benefits of having a well-designed wellness program in a company.

Hines shared, “Wellness programs have changed and evolved over the last several years. They have gotten more sophisticated and comprehensive, requiring that everyone be on board from the senior leadership all throughout an organization. All of the policies and decisions need to be in alignment, with a focus to create a healthy culture.

We help identify what those elements are within an organization and help them create sustainable behavior change, including offering screenings and assessments, weight and stress management programs, health coaching and activity tracking, all the way to changing the food that they order for meetings, as well.”

Hines focuses on making healthy choices available, rather than imposing restrictions on the employees. Many of these choices could be simple ones, such as adding healthy foods in the cafeteria or making sure employees have access to a stairwell or fitness center.

She pointed out that mental well-being can be as important, if not more important, as physical well-being. As an example, she shared data that indicated higher cost implications associated with stress related health issues, than weight control issues.

Armed with years of data from insurance companies and industry research, as well as her professional experiences, Hines shares pertinent examples with companies of the negative impact on their financial bottom line when a good wellness program is not put in place, in addition to the potential lives that could be lost.

According to Hines, “Now that there’s more research and data available, employers are getting a little more aggressive. They’re getting more interested in these types of programs, and are highly incentivizing their population to participate and stay engaged in them.

We are able to show that even moderate exercise, moderate activity in a population can potentially save an employer up to 20% in annual healthcare costs on those employees, compared to employees that don’t exercise. It only takes 5,000 steps a day to see those kinds of savings.

So it’s a very significant opportunity for employers to save not only on their healthcare spend, but also when it comes to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and increased morale. The healthcare cost is one part of it, but that’s only about 25% of the total opportunity for savings. And there are a lot of different things that are impacted when employees feel great and take care of themselves.

So it’s a really exciting opportunity for employers to really dive in and be aggressive and create a comprehensive opportunity for their population to create a healthier lifestyle.”

In this interview, Hayley Hines showed how her expertise in health management programs can impact not only the bottom line for companies, but can save lives, as well.

Listen to the full interview at:

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Bitcoin Merchant Payment Gateway AsMoney Launches Offering Free Cryptocurrency Transactions And Web Wallets For Anyone Worldwide

U.K based Bitcoin payment gateway AsMoney is pleased to announce their official launch; with zero fees, mass payments, auto conversion to USD and Euro, online crypto wallets, and multiple cryptocurrencies available.

Six months after starting the beta version of their service, British Bitcoin startup AsMoney has just launched their official cryptocurrency payment processing platform offering zero fees on cryptocurrency transactions. AsMoney allows anyoe online to transfer money in cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and Darkcoin; these can all be accepted online via AsMoney’s payment gateway.

The in-house developed AsMoney payment gateway is designed so flexible that it allows merchants to accept a specified coin such as Bitcoin and convert customers payments with live rates into their preferred local currency such as USD or Euros. AsMoney takes no fees for cryptocurrency transactions, a 0.5% fee for transfer of local currencies between accounts and a 1% fee for withdraw making it a price competitive payment option.

Due to the price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies, some merchants prefer not to accept cryptocurrencies, while merchants using with live rates whenever they need. AsMoney takes on board the risk of cryptocurrency price changes, so merchants can reduce their exposure to cryptocurrency exchange rate risk.

On the other hand, due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, when Bitcoin prices go up network fees goes up too, hence AsMoney’s free cryptocurrency transactions make it an appropriate choice for micro-payments. AsMoney supports multiple currencies and allows people to send money based on location and their local currency; as well as ‘mass payments’ to multiple receivers – a service that could be helpful for companies of any scale.

Gintatus Vileita, the founder of AsMoney states, “Initially, our plan was to create a Bitcoin payment gateway, but after a while, we came to the conclusion that users needed a comprehensive solution so as to have access to a set of various cryptocurrencies. A Merchant is in need of more hardware resources and more development expenses for adding new Coins, but AsMoney creates a situation in which all popular Coins can be accepted through one payment gateway.”

AsMoney strives to make Bitcoin more user-friendly for the not so tech-savvy user, and is a simple way to send and receive crypto payments. The platform also provides a web-based ewallet for sending, receiving, and storing Bitcoin without the need to download software. AsMoney also provides a secure payment gateway for anyone selling product or services online. The Bitcoin gateway provides a secure API for concurrent mass payments, instant cryptocurrency payments with no transaction costs, exchange possibilities for BTC and LTC to other currencies, and supports multi-currency transactions.

After six months of analysis, market research, and software testing the experienced AsMoney team can now introduce the final version of the site. During this period AsMoney has added five popular cryptocurrencies and their range now includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and increasingly popular Darkcoin. AsMoney is planning to potentially add more cryptocurrencies in the future and has due to popular demand chosen to offer their services in Russian.

AsMoney offers industry-standard encryption for the transmitting of all sensitive information, regular backups, a highly secured data center for storing user information with approximately 90% of customer funds in cold storage to prevent theft or loss. AsMoney also has 24/7 account and transaction monitoring both by computer systems and by live security agents, all employees must pass criminal background checks and are required to encrypt their hard drives, utilize strong passwords and enable screen locking. Further in-client side security is also supported; AsMoney has creative pincode structure and supports 2-step authentication to prevent malware stealing clients account information.

After 18 months in development, AsMoney might very well become a popular crypto payment platform for online merchants and cryptocurrency users alike.

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Brand Masters Taps Local Gurus for Atlanta Tour Stop

ATL Branding Pros Selected as Panelists on US Small Business Revitalization Tour March 14th

ATLANTA, GA – MARCH 2, 2015 — The 2015 BRAND MASTERS TOUR is a business building event taking place across the United States. Led by celebrated entrepreneurs, PR and branding gurus, the 12-city tour successfully kicked off in Houston, TX last month. The one of a kind super-sized seminar will move on to Atlanta, GA on March 14th at Brand Factory (2135 Defoor Hills Rd NW) from 1pm-6pm. Organizers are extending a $100 early bird ticket until March 10th at

Brand Masters Tour Atlanta will feature experts including; Yvette Caslin, Sr. VP of Steed Media Group/Executive Editor ofRolling Out Magazine; Nicci Gilbert-Daniels, television producer (R&B Divas) two-time Grammy nominee (Brownstone)/CEO of Curvato Clothing; Darren Coleman, marketing strategist and CEO of Daco Group LLC; Loma Jamil, brand organization specialist/CEO of Elle Jay Lifestyle & Consulting Company and national featured Brand Masters; Trea Davenport, celebrity publicist/reputation management maven/CEO of Trea Day Management & Publicity and Velma Trayham, branding and PR wizard/CEO of ThinkZILLA PR & Consulting Group. Alex Green, writer and photographer for Rolling Out/CEO of Alex Green Media will serve as facilitator.

The Brand Masters Tour will bring Atlanta business owners and aspiring professionals together with top thought leaders who will share inspirational approaches to brand building, awareness and sustainability in a strained economy. Brand Masters on Tour and its supporters believe that the re-Energizing of America’s struggling entrepreneurs is critical to revamping our country’s distressed economy.

David Levine, President and CEO of the American Sustainable Business Council, describe small businesses as the lifeblood of the American free enterprise system. Entrepreneurship is the pathway that many choose, leading to nearly 70% of new jobs being created by small businesses. That’s why the federal government and so many others believe it is important for them to succeed.

“The Brand Masters on Tour couldn’t agree more!” proclaimed Trea Davenport of Trea Day Management & Publicity. “Our experts will discuss pitfalls, setbacks and common mistakes of business owners, secrets of generating free publicity and proven “how to” methods for seizing brand awareness.”

Atlanta’s panelists will reveal how they navigate through an ever changing marketplace and introduce tools to engage customers and grow their businesses. Attendees will have the opportunity to network and walk away with actionable tips to take back to their organizations.

Video Link:

Upcoming Brand Masters event cities including; Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Charlotte, Memphis, Dallas, Miami, Baltimore, St. Louis,  New York and Los Angeles.

Sponsorship and vendor opportunities are available at or [email protected] 

Media inquiries contact [email protected]

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New Orleans Plastic Surgeon Restores Youth With Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Pippin emphasizes the importance of the initial consultation, which helps him determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate.

As the U.S. population ages, numerous men and women, both young and old, face an important decision; whether or not to undergo cosmetic enhancement procedures. Dr. Gregory Pippin, a leading provider of cosmetic surgery New Orleans, says that he understands the importance of the decision and offers a range of customized solutions to meet patients’ needs. Every patient who elects to undergo a cosmetic procedure, whether it’s cosmetic enhancement, facial rejuvenation, balloon sinuplasty, or breast augmentation, has a unique need, which is why the clinic undergoes intense consultation before making a recommendation.

“It’s not surprising that the elderly citizens are prime candidates for cosmetic surgery. The skin covering the face and neck loses elasticity as one ages. The muscles underlying these areas lose their tone, leading to the appearance of wrinkles. Weight loss, sun exposure, gravity and chronic stress only exacerbate the problem and adds decades to patients’ age. But while older patients benefit greatly from plastic surgery New Orleans, there’s an increasing demand for procedures among the younger population to maintain their youthful appearance,” says Dr. Pippin. “When a young, beautiful woman walks into my clinic, I ask a lot of questions and make alternative recommendations to extensive surgery. Technology has done a lot to reduce the complications of cosmetic procedures, but I always explain the risks to ensure patients make informed decisions.”

With the increasing demands for cosmetic surgical procedures, in spite of a shaky economy, The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, continues to do a lot to ensure patient safety. One of their key recommendations is the use of board certified plastic surgeons. Dr. Pippin is board certified and has numerous testimonials from satisfied clients.

Lori, from Metairie, Louisiana, says she needed more than credentials on paper to make a decision, “I was so nervous about my decision to do surgery. I went back and forth for months before I decided to go ahead. From my very first consultation, Dr. Pippin put me at ease. He listened to my concerns and offered solutions, so I felt in complete control. I’m overly-satisfied with the results. Now, I’m confident and ready to take on the world.”

Breast augmentation surgery New Orleans remains one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures in the state and worldwide. Dr. Pippin emphasizes the importance of the initial consultation, which helps him determine whether the patient is a suitable candidate.

Visit the website to find out more about plastic surgery New Orleans.

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FCC Vote and The Real Truth About the Internet

The Internet was invented by an African- American Retired Science Teacher . Prior “Internetting Projects ” based on the ARPANET which was the Internet before 1990 was shut down by 1989 and parked as the NSFNET . The following ideas by the Inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman were used by the National Science Foundation in 1990-1991 to transform the NSFNET structure into today’s Internet or Internet 2.

The economy is failing, the environment changing, and wars abound – but the worse thing will be the demise of the Internet.  The worse mistake that can be made regarding the Internet is the so called Net Neutrality being imposed by way of a government controlled utility which will be a lumbering imposition on freedom. Social networking is good in its place but some people need to wake up and ‘smell the coffee’ as to what is going on around them.  The government already controls the Internet indirectly. The Internet works fine the way it is except that more regulation regarding abuse by various entities needs to be put into place.  There should be Commissions convened to really look into feasible ways of making the Internet better – not making it another huge appendage of the federal government which will impose additional taxes, additional fees, and more lack of freedoms to the population.

“What the public does not realize,” says Inventor Dorothy Hartman, “is that this is all a move from the internet insiders  big money and big government to so call keep the Internet Inventor’s rights under violation or the so called motto to keep the Internet OPEN and FREE. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has already prevented a patent and I allege that its actions are fraudulent. Both the Appellate Court and the U.S. Supreme Court have refused to review the documents in the case leaving the Patent Office Decision to remain intact. A copy of the Appellate’s Court Decision can be found here 2013 Opinion by Appellate Court Evidence regarding the fraud allegations by the Patent Office have never been examined.

“No Court has yet looked at the actual documents or called any witnesses in connection to the case. I have no desire to rule over an invention as great as the Internet. I am only a human being. However that does not dismiss me as its inventor. Today’s internet is not the same as that which existed before 1990. I deserve credit for its invention as my writings to the SBA, BFTC, PaDOC, and ultimately the National Science Foundation (NSF) served as the template for the creation of the Information Superhighway later called by only one name the Internet.  It is not the Arpanet or Internetting projects but the Internet which has a different functions and structure.

The public need not run away from me. This entire debate on Net Neutrality and FREE and OPEN Internet is a ruse by the government to hide what has been going on in Court regarding the Internet and the rights of a black inventor who has not been compensated a dime while the Internet has been taken over by corporations getting rich off it and the government having grown very powerful because of it.  I am one of the good guys or in this case, a good woman. I am the one who encouraged the development of an Internet involving ordinary consumers and businesses – not the altruism of the government. They saw the money making possibilities and the power in the ideas which is why the ideas were kept and used while I and my request for $35,000 to start my own business were quickly shown the door. The following are links to a short exerpt from my writings on commercializing telecommunications and the effect(s) that it would have on the way the world does business.  You may find the patent application on the website under Application Number 11003123.  Here you will find what some of the fuss has been about for the last few years since the government already has control of the internet. By making you pay, it can increase taxation on the already working poor while continuing to allow those who do not want to pay their fair share to continue to do just that.”

Once again the success and development of the country which has depended on the contributions of an African-American (who is only one of millions that have contributed to the successful development of this country) but yet are never recognized for their contributions nor treated to fairness and justice under the law.

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BrokerMasters Binary Options Affiliate Program Releases Highly Successful CityBroker Trading Platform

A new binary options platform is creating quite a buzz with its strong offerings and wide-ranging features

The BrokerMasters Binary Options Affiliate Program has recently launched a trading platform called CityBroker that is offering clients an incredible base to significantly increase their profits. Citybroker traders receive payouts of up to 85% on each and every investment.

The platform’s web-based services are able to accommodate both professional and novice investors. CityBroker provides clients with the latest technologies and most profitable options in the industry, including a continuously expanding asset index. The binary options trading platform was designed with user-friendly navigational tools, offering clients an understandable and simple way to invest.

CityBroker strives to assist their clients and to make the trading process as successful and profitable for them as possible. With a focus on the GCC markets, CityBroker offers an extensive selection of binary option educational resources including videos, e-books, and trader manuals in both Arabic and English. These resources are free of charge and are solely there for our clients’ benefit.

It also should be highlighted, Muslim clients benefit from CityBroker’s exclusive Islamic account, which caters to those who abide by Sharia law. In addition, they have a top-notch, multilingual customer support staff ready to help their clients make the most profitable investment choices.

By joining CityBroker, investors receive unmatchable benefits:

• An all-inclusive, web-based platform
• A diverse product range
• User-friendly navigational tools
• Extensive library of binary option educational resources
Safe – clear risk/profit ratios stated in option
• Quick and easy deposits/withdrawals
Extra incentives – 10% of investment returned, even for out-of-the-money options

Trading should always be an enjoyable and profitable experience. This is why CityBroker puts emphasis on offering support for our clients 24/7. Every client is assigned a personal account manager, who is available to answer any questions concerning their account and to help them make the most strategic investment choices as possible.

The CityBroker team of professional Forex brokers, experts in derivatives and risk management, and payment processors gives them the ability to cover all aspects of binary options trading. They have a knowledgeable team to assist their traders to earn maximum profits.

CityBroker understands the need for a selection of reputable payment methods to be conducted in a variety of currencies, so clients are able to easily withdraw or deposit funds using a variety of credit/debit cards or wire transfers.

Traders interested in learning more about the platform or to sign up, should go to 

About BrokerMasters

BrokerMasters is a leading binary options affiliate program offering top-notch and profitable binary option trading platforms. BrokerMasters is dedicated to providing customers with competitive commission plans, excellent customer support, high-converting marketing materials, and user-friendly trading platforms for promotion. 

Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work either against or for you. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and, therefore, you should not invest money you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and seek advice from an independent financial adviser if you have any doubts.


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The economy grew 2.2% in the fourth quarter

The economy slowed substantially in the fourth quarter after a torrid six-month stretch, leaving gains for the year roughly in line with the recovery so far. Gross domestic product. which measures all the goods and services produced in the U.S., expanded at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 2.2% in the three months ended Dec. 31, below the 2.6% first estimated. That beat economists’ forecasts of a revision to 2%.635605755604663179-AP-Economy-GDP

The main culprit: Businesses replenished stocks more slowly than initially thought, adding less to economic growth. On a positive note, that means an even sharper pullback in restocking that was expected to subtract from growth in the first quarter won’t be as dramatic, says economist Paul Ashworth of Capital Economics. Overall, however, the economy is accelerating after expanding just above 2% annually throughout the 5 ½ year-old recovery. Growth averaged 4.8% in the second and third quarters of last year, the best six-month stretch since 2003, and many economists expect output to rise by 3% this year.

For all of 2014, gross domestic product increased 2.4%, up from 2.2% in 2013, after harsh winter weather early in the year caused the economy to shrink in the first quarter. Another encouraging sign last quarter is that business investment increased 4.8%, more than the 1.9% first estimated. Business capital spending still cooled toward the end of the year as a strong dollar hampered exports and the plunge in oil prices dampened energy company investments.

Consumers, however, splurged as falling gasoline prices left them more discretionary cash. Consumer spending rose 4.2%, just slightly below the initial 4.3% estimate and its strongest showing in four years.. And while exports grew 3.2%, more rapidly than initially thought, imports jumped far more dramatically at 10.1%, leaving a slightly wider trade deficit than first estimated and shaving a bit more off growth. The strong dollar bolstered imports by making them cheaper for U.S. consumers.

Stocks fell Friday but have best month since October 2011

Stocks fell Friday as the Nasdaq failed to hit the 5000 mark again, but markets still managed to post strong gains for the month. The Dow Jones industrial average fell 81.72 points, or 0.5%, to close at 18,132.70, and the Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 6.24 points, or 0.3%, to 2104.50.GTY 459378734 A FIN MAX USA NY

The Nasdaq composite index dropped 24.36 points, or 0.5%, to 4963.53. The Nasdaq has topped 5000 at the closing bell on only two occasions — March 9 and 10, 2000. Its all-time closing high came on that second day, when it hit 5,048.62. Friday’s drop did little to dent gains for the month as the S&P 500 rose 5.5% in February. That was its best monthly performance since October 2011, when the index jumped 10.8%. The Dow gained 5.6% for the month and the Nasdaq surged 7.1%.

Crude oil rose but remains below $50 a barrel as benchmark U.S. crude gained $1.59 to $49.76 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note slipped to 2% from 2.03% late Thursday. Gross domestic product expanded at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 2.2% in the three months ended Dec. 31, below the 2.6% first estimated. Economists expected a revision to 2% growth. For all of 2014, the economy grew 2.4%, up from 2.2% in 2013, after harsh winter weather early in the year caused the economy to shrink in the first quarter.

Greece’s bailout blues are increasingly at the back of investors’ minds — at least for a while — as Germany’s Parliament approved a four-month extension of a rescue plan targeting the country’s crushing debt. In Europe, Britain’s FTSE — which broke its 15-year-old previous closing high this week — ended down fractionally, dropping 0.04% to 6946.66. France’s CAC 40 closed up 0.8% to 4951.48 and Germany’s DAX ended 0.7% higher at 11,401.66. In Asia, Japan’s Nikkei 225 gained 0.1% to 18,797.94, while the Hong Kong Hang Seng dropped 0.3% to 24,823.29.

McDonald’s: This dividend aristocrat is in trouble

So-called “dividend aristocrats” hold a special place in the hearts (and portfolios) of income investors. These companies represent an elite group — comprising about 10% of the S&P 500 — that have increased their dividends every year for at least 25 years.McDonalds

McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) is one of the most prominent dividend aristocrats. The company also has one of the highest dividend yields of the group: about 3.6% based on the recent stock price. However, this high dividend yield, combined with weak operating results, may endanger its long-term membership in the club.

McDonald’s performed very well during the Great Recession, as consumers traded down to cheaper options for dining out. This allowed the company to maintain a streak of solid earnings growth despite the weak global economy. McDonald’s sales growth and earnings momentum began to slow during 2012, and the weakness continued in 2013. One cause of these financial woes was its U.S. menu, which had become overly complicated, slowing service times and driving some customers away.

Things came to a head in 2014. Operating margin declined significantly last year as beef prices have skyrocketed, and U.S. consumers have increasingly turned toward healthier options. To make matters worse, a variety of food quality scandals in Asia led to a sharp drop in sales and profitability in a region that was previously McDonald’s main source of growth. The net result was that EPS declined 13% to $4.82 in 2014. McDonald’s attributed some of the decline to special items, but any way you slice it, EPS was down year-over-year. Tough market conditions are expected to continue at least through the first half of 2015.