Pirate Gold! Custom Poker Set by Melbourne Designers Jack Allwood and Kyle Jarratt.

Pirate Gold Poker Set! Coins, Gems, Cards and a Wooden Chest
> Limited Edition, Custom Poker Set
> Custom design by Melbourne designers, Jack Allwood and Kyle Jarratt
> 23g Chips Made from Solid Metal
> Ancient Gold Finish
> Crowd-funded project on pozible.com

Pirate Gold Poker Set!

Earlier this year, Jack Allwood and Kyle Jarratt asked themselves; “Why are ordinary poker sets so boring?… Why hasn’t anyone made something cooler?” This prompted them to take matters into their own hands and make a set that is truly unique; a custom, limited edition, solid metal Pirate Gold Poker Set!

These pirate coins are heavy, worn and ancient gold doubloons, guaranteed to make any poker night WAY more interesting!  There are various sets available, the largest of which feature 250 coins, 125 rubies, 125 diamonds, dealer chip, playing cards and an authentic wooden chest!

During the day, Jack and Kyle are product designers from a Melbourne based design consultancy called onepointsix and working together all day on their clients’ projects has really inspired them to design a product of their own. They are incredibly passionate about what they do and they’ve always wanted to design their own products. Hopefully this is the first of many for them!

If nothing else, these poker sets will be great excuse to have a pirate themed poker night complete with plenty of eye patches, wooden legs and rum!

As you can imagine, launching a product like this is very costly, not just for the poker sets themselves but all the design, tooling, shipping and other bits and pieces that go into making a successful product. To help fund this new product, Jack and Kyle have launched their project on pozible.com, a crowd-funding website where anyone who’s interested can help support this exciting new project, while at the same time pre-ordering a poker set for themselves for when they’re all ready to be shipped worldwide!

At the halfway mark of their 60 day campaign on pozible.com, Jack and Kyle had raised about 70% of their target so it looks like this project will definitely go ahead. Good news for pirate and poker fans alike.  To pledge toward this project and pre-order your very own custom pirate poker set, head to:


Email: Send Email
Phone: +61404178983
Country: Australia
Website: www.onepointsix.com.au

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Ink Link Marketing and the Armed Services YMCA® Celebrate One Year of Helping Military Families Together

Ink Link Marketing, a South Florida-based PR and marketing firm, was recently named “Partner of the Year 2012,” by the national Armed Services YMCA®. The recognition comes on the heels of the one-year anniversary of the partners’ combined efforts to support military families through the assistance of Buffets, Inc. – one the nation’s largest steak-buffet companies.

MIAMI, FL, USA (August 8, 2013) — Ink Link Marketing, a South Florida-based PR and marketing firm, was recently named “Partner of the Year 2012,” by the national Armed Services YMCA®. The recognition comes on the heels of the one-year anniversary of the partners’ combined efforts to support military families through the assistance of Buffets, Inc. – one the nation’s largest steak-buffet companies.

“Ink Link Marketing has been fortunate to support community organizations like the ASYMCA by leveraging the relationships and resources we have with our clients,” said Kim Miller, President of Ink Link Marketing. “We are honored to align with a reputable charity like the ASYMCA and to be the recipient of this very special award.”

The past year was filled with a number of shining moments including successful in-store music promotions at Buffets’ restaurants that resulted in a $25,000 grant to the ASYMCA for their camp program, $750,000 of in-kind support via a direct mail program with a circulation of 11 million, and a significant increase in traditional and social media awareness for the ASYMCA. Both organizations have their sights on bigger shared goals as they continue their partnership in the coming year.

Ink Link initiated the partnership for Buffets, Inc. with the ASYMCA in July 2012, when it launched the buffet company’s first in-store music promotion featuring country music duo Montgomery Gentry. Subsequent music programs included a holiday promotion with country music legend Charlie Daniels and the most recent promotion with popular country music singer, actor and writer Billy Ray Cyrus. Profits raised through in-store CD sales were dedicated to the ASYMCA Operation Outdoors, a camp program that helps children of military cope while their parents are deployed.

“Our partnership with Ink Link Marketing has far exceeded our expectations,” said Brittany Catton, Director of Marketing for the ASYMCA. “Not only have their efforts through clients like Buffets, Inc. impacted military children and our Operation Outdoors camp program, they have also brought unprecedented visibility to the ASYMCA as a whole with their creative outreach with celebrities.”

In addition, Ink Link Marketing and the ASYMCA are collaborating on other efforts to further increase awareness for the charitable partner. Ink Link is exploring new music promotions and other programs for assisting the ASYMCA and its constituents. The partners are also reviewing other ASYMCA initiatives in need of support like Operation Kid Comfort, a quilt program that offers free personalized quilts for children of deployed military.

For more information about programs offered by the ASYMCA, visit online at http://www.ASYMCA.org.

About Ink Link Marketing
Ink Link Marketing, LLC is a full-service PR and promotions agency that specializes in the restaurant and food service industry. Founded by seasoned marketing and public relations professional, Kimberly Miller, Ink Link is based in South Florida and has satellite offices in Los Angeles and Chicago. For more information about Ink Link Marketing, visit online at http://www.InkLinkMarketing.com.

About the Armed Services YMCA
The Armed Services YMCA® (ASYMCA) provides low and no-cost programs to make military life easier for over 500,000 active-duty enlisted military and their families annually. Innovative, direct programs and services are tailored to the needs of local military installations nationwide. The ASYMCA received its’ 7th consecutive 4-star rating (highest) from Charity Navigator in 2012, placing it in the top 2% of rated charities nationwide. Tax-deductible donations from supporters make a significant difference in the lives of young military service members and their families. Visit http://www.asymca.org to learn more.

Media Contacts:
Kim Miller
866-252-1750, x101
[email protected]

Kampi Chaleunsouk
866-252-1750, x102
[email protected]

Company Name: Ink Link Marketing
Contact Person: Kim Miller
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-252-1750, x101
City: Miami
State: Florida
Country: United States
Website: http://www.InkLinkMarketing.com

Create Flipbook with Dynamic News Banner by Using the eFlip Standard

PDF to flipbook created in eFlip Standard!
With eFlip Standard, users can now add a news scroll bar to the background or foreground of a flipping e-book.

PageFlipPDF.com, a digital software publishing company, has added the ability for users to include a news scroll bar to their flipbooks. The scroll bar can be set to appear in the background or foreground of the e-book, and can display a variety of different types of content. This functionality is in addition to the ability to add templates, themes, and scenes as well as videos, images, music, audio, Flash objects, and more.

The news scroll bar function allows users to do many different things. It can be set to display company news, for example, giving the reader insight into what the organization is doing or what products may soon be available. Links can also be displayed representing things such as new flipping books. The user can therefore introduce books related to the current one by clicking on the link in the scroll bar. In addition, these links can be to sources of more detailed information where it is necessary.

News scroll items can also consist of a list of the latest hot products, or news items which the company’s readers may be interested in. The feature, therefore, can be put to use in many ways. It is flexible and easy to set up. Also, users can decide on the location, size, news caption, URL, transparency, and even the RoTeteDelay time of the news scroll bar.

Adding a scroll bar is easy. In the eFlip Standard interface, the user has to select the “Plugins” tab in the left design panel. Next, a double click is required to apply the “mini-news-rotator”. The plugin settings are then edited to apply the changes. The body of the news is set by selecting the URL of the caption. Adjusting the news scroll bar is simple because this interface is structured in the same way as other setting panels in the software interface.

The new feature in eFlip Standard is available now. For more information on it and the software in general, please to go http://www.pageflippdf.com/pageflip-pdf-to-flash/.

About PageFlipPDF.com

A part of eFlip Co. Ltd., PageFlipPDF.com is a software design company that strives to meets its customers’ needs. Its products are provided at an affordable price and include a media-rich experience for users and readers. Based in China, the company receives government support given to those in the software industry and is rated as a leading consumer software provider in the country.

Company Name: PageFlipPDF.com (eFlip Software Co., Ltd)
Contact Person: Lailie Tan
Email: Send Email
Phone: 020-85530201
City: Guangzhou
State: Guangdong
Country: China
Website: http://www.pageflippdf.com/pageflip-pdf-to-flash/

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Penny Stock IPOs Often a Losing Bet, Says Expert

Often penny stock investors think they will get an advantage by getting in on penny stock IPOs, but it usually turns out badly.
Despite the burgeoning interest in IPOs, penny stock investors should stay away from penny stock IPOs, says an industry expert.

NEW YORK, Aug. 8 – Investors looking to get into the ground floor of the next big thing should think twice before investing in a penny stock initial public offering, according to Peter Leeds, publisher of Peter Leeds Penny Stocks.

Driven by the bull market, the summer of 2013 has so far seen a high number of companies make their stock market debuts through IPOs, with the number of high-profile large-cap IPOs running at roughly double the rate seen last year.

But before you place your advance order for a penny stock IPO, it is important to consider the extent to which the odds (not to mention the crowd mentality) may be working against you, says Leeds.

“I don’t like most IPOs since inexperienced investors get too enamored with the idea of IPOs and usually pay too much for them,” says Leeds. “Often penny stock investors think they will get an advantage by getting in on penny stock IPOs, but it usually turns out badly.”

Often a penny stock IPO that has generated sufficient investor interest will shoot up in price in heavy trading on its debut trading day, but languish after that as investors who paid too much for their shares lick their wounds, he notes. This was the case with the large-cap Facebook IPO, he adds, which closed its first day of trading in May 2012 at $38.23. The stock is currently fetching $38.55 with the bull market more than one year later, and has experienced pronounced dips since it went public.

“The prominence of IPOs in the current market is enticing to new investors, who see the chance to score big on,” Leeds argues. “But it is these newer investors that should stay away from IPOs, particularly IPOs for penny stocks.”

“For those lucky (or connected) enough to get the insider debut price, an IPO offers a tremendous chance to cash in with quick gains,“ he says. “Nearly everybody else winds up paying too much for the stock, and need to wait for the bounceback, assuming it comes.”

Peter Leeds is The Penny Stock Professional. The online newsletter published by Peter and his team has been leading the industry for over 12 years and, with over 35,000 subscriptions sold, is one of the most popular financial newsletters in North America. For more information, check out the Leeds website, http://www.pennystocks.net, or call 1-866-My-Leeds (695-3337).


Company Name: Peter Leeds, Inc.
Contact Person: Peter Leeds
Email: Send Email
Phone: 1.866.My.Leeds
Country: United States
Website: www.pennystocks.net

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Maryam Rajavi, President-Elect of The National Council of Resistance of Iran Forecasts Little Change as New Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani Takes Office

Maryam Rajavi, President Elect of National Council of Resistance of Iran takes Issue with the “Moderate” Designation of Hassan Rouhani, issues statement.
The National Council of Resistance of Iran, the coalition of Secular Opposition Groups Based in Paris, France takes Issue with the “Moderate” Designation of Hassan Rouhani., Maryam Rajavi, President –Elect issues statement.

August 8, 2013 Paris, France. The Paris based National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) took on characterization of new Iranian President as a “Moderate”. Hassan Rhouhani, who has been a key regime member for more than three decades, is not expected to make much of a difference according to the opposition group. Maryam Rajavi, President-Elect of the NCRI issued the following statement:

“Talking about a moderate president in the religious fascism ruling Iran, where the power and all key institutions are controlled by the supreme leader, is nothing but deception,” said the NCRI leader.

” The Iranian regime will try once again to deceive the international community under the pretext of a new president and buy more time for its dangerous projects such as obtaining nuclear bomb, saving the Syrian dictator  and imposing its absolute hegemony in Iraq.

While the regime through Rouhani pretends to be interested in negotiation with the international community, at the same time it has accelerated its drive to produce nuclear bomb, and dispatching forces and shipping Arms to Syria through Iraq. Expecting religious dictatorship to become moderate is a mirage that the mullahs’ regime has misled the world community with it for the past 30 years,” added Rajavi.

Much of the political power in Iran rests with the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

NCRI does not believe that Rouhani is willing or capable of pulling this off especially with the intervention of the Supreme Leader. In a statement on Aug 5, the NCRI announced that the cabinet introduced by Rouhani to the parliament “is comprised of senior officials of the regime in past three decades who have played the most significant roles in war, suppression, and export of terrorism and fundamentalism.

The NCRI, underscored that “none of the cabinet members have been chosen out of the circle of mullahs’ regime officials of the past 34 years and not even one woman has been nominated for ministerial posts.” 

The NCRI is widely considered the most potent and powerful anti-regime organization in the world. The NCRI is headquartering in Paris. Its biggest member organization is the People’s Mojaedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) The Iranian resistance, with a vast network in and out of Iran battles the existing government on many fronts. See more about them at http://www.ncr-iran.org/


Company Name: aro
Contact Person: Chuck Robbins
Email: Send Email
Phone: 7048393520
Address:po box 2293
City: Matthews
State: NC
Country: United States
Website: http://www.consultaro.com

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To Divorce or Not to Divorce? New Study Says Cost is the Question, LegalLogs Helps with Financial Organization

As divorce remains common in the U.S., new research suggests that some couples may avoid ending a marriage due to fear of costs. LegalLogs presents a solution, allowing individuals to prepare evidence and financial info prior to filing for divorce.

Divorce is a complicated issue, and while there are many reasons to end a marriage there are also many incentives to avoid a split. Although many may believe that family and emotional distress may be the top reasons why couples avoid divorce, new research suggests that the actual cost of the process is the top concern among troubled couples. As a company that provides an organizational platform for those preparing for divorce, LegalLogs highlights this study, believing that if financial worries could be relieved, many people would exit their unhealthy marriage to enter a better future. 

A recent article from The Huffington Post explains the research further and states, “According to a new survey by legal forum Avvo, couples facing divorce say that the cost of splitting up is their number one concern. Avvo surveyed 890 of their consumer users and 447 attorneys in June 2013 and found that the cost of divorce was the biggest concern for 58 percent of respondents without children. Other top concerns included property division (42 percent), the length of time a divorce would take (27 percent) and alimony (22 percent).”

Chris Kennedy, founder of LegalLogs responds, “This survey is important, because it suggests that there is a great deal of unhappy marriages in the U.S. that are simply holding out due to financial worries. Concern over the cost of a divorce should never prevent one from leaving a bad relationship, so it is essential that individuals understand that there are many ways for them to dissolve a marriage in an affordable manner. One of the best ways to alleviate financial anxiety is to stay organized and document everything from financial records to personal evidence to ensure that you have a solid case for divorce.”

According to Chris Kennedy, the need for greater relief from financial and legal burdens during a divorce is what motivated him and co-founder Erik Lane to create LegalLogs. The tool provides a comprehensive, secure platform that allows individuals to thoroughly document any evidence pertaining to a divorce and share it with a trusted attorney.

This emerging resource is not only able to assist with financial organization, but can also strengthen an individual’s presence within a case to protect parental rights. This latter remains a top worry as The Huffington Post article reveals, “For couples with children, cost is second only to custody concerns, which was cited by 53 percent of respondents.”

As a parent that has gone through divorce and faced child custody issues, Chris Kennedy says, “Unfortunately, protecting your parental rights and trying to even gain shared custody will add to the total costs associated with the legal procedures involved in divorce. If you are unprepared or disorganized, the court may take the side of your ex-partner, and thus, waste all your efforts. LegalLogs can help relieve that pressure, protect your assets and strengthen assurance that you can maintain your parental rights.”


The team at LegalLogs is dedicated to helping attorneys and individuals facing divorce or personal injury navigate the challenging ordeal of document organization for divorce proceedings.  LegalLogs has created a unique application platform that operates on a cloud-based server; a distinctive tool that provides a way for clients to easily communicate and exchange critical information—such as financial documents, records, evidentiary photos and messages. With these resources, any person pursuing a divorce or personal injury claim can find the means to gain the upper hand during the legal process to ensure better results. Those looking to gain more information are invited to follow the company’s Facebook page and Twitter @LegalLogs or visit the LegalLogs corporate website.

Company Name: LegalLogs.com
Contact Person: Chris Kennedy
Email: Send Email
Phone: 410.879.3223
Country: United States
Website: www.legallogs.com

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5 HTP Anxiety Review – Latest Research, Unbiased User Results and a Complementary Bottle Offer

5 HTP Anxiety – Looking at new research and user claims about 5 HTP effectiveness to relief anxiety, depression & insomnia and key facts.

Depression and anxiety are being experienced by countless people in different societies of the world in the present times. It is causing a great deal of trouble to many since both of the issues have a negative impact on the daily routine of a lot of people. Not only is it a big hindrance but it also tends to suck away the ever-present natural energy from human beings. Many products and supplements have been created for the ultimate convenience of people but so far, none have worked the way people expect them to in the first place. Introducing 5 HTP Anxiety, a natural and much safer substitute to anti-anxiety medications.

5 HTP Anxiety is a high performing and one-of-a-kind compound which has recently triggered the attention of many interested individuals. It is a fool-proof way of eliminating anxiety as well as depression for once and all. The reason why the compound has gained such recognition and appreciation in a short period of time is because of the fact that it is tolerable by many people in general. Several 5 HTP Anxiety reviews have deemed it a much safer and natural alternative in comparison with all the other kinds of medicines and supplements.

For all those people who are not aware, it is basically a compound which is produced by the human body and it tends to act as a forerunner for increasing serotonin and the sleep hormone, melatonin. People who have an avid deficiency of melatonin and mostly, serotonin within their body tend to face anxiety and depression in the long run. What 5 hydroxytryptophan does is that it increases the overall amount of these essential hormones in the human body, leading to less depression and anxiety eventually. The medications of the compound are recommended to all those individuals who wish to experience less panic attacks, anxiety and depression in the near future.

It is important to consult a doctor about the 5 htp anxiety dosage per day. In the beginning, individuals might face some problems and it may take a while in order to adjust to the effects of the compound. However, in the long run, it is going to be extremely worthwhile. Detailed studies and surveys by medical experts and doctors have revealed that there are no negative 5 htp side effects. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing to worry about as the anti-depressant’s sole purpose is to actually increase the serotonin levels within the human body. The most that people may experience is slight dizziness and nausea in the beginning.

To take advantage of the complementary bottle & discount offer offered for a limited time and buy or trial 5 HTP please order from the Official Website by clicking here. “I would advise anyone that wants to experience natural anxiety relief to give it a go. With the company’s 90 day money-back guarantee  if you’re not totally happy, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

For more information on 5 htp for anxiety, interested folks may head over to http://5htpanxiety.net

Media Contact:
Lisa Ricotti
[email protected]
London, UK

Company Name: 5 HTP Anxiety
Contact Person: Lisa Ricotti
Email: Send Email
Phone: +44 20 234981
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://5htpanxiety.net

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HOLHO a New Holographic technology being developed by Imagination Farm USA launches Kickstarter campaign to fund production.

The HOLHO Collection is an assortment of holographic projectors for smartphones and tablets of any brand. http://holhocollection.com/

Thanks to an innovative optical illusion, the HOLHO devices transform all the pictures and videos on Smartphones and Tablets into holograms. The result is a stunning, three-dimensional holographic picture.  There is absolutely NOTHING like this, anywhere on the market, and there are multiple models to suit any one looking for the next incredible innovation on the market.

This new and incredible product is superb for presentations, all-around entertainment, and kids are gong to be mesmerized by it!

 There are 4 main types of hologram projectors, the HOLHO Full Pyramid for Smartphones and Tablets are four-sided hologram projectors that can be placed above or below any mobile device. The image to be projected is divided in four distinct images, and then reflected on the four faces of the pyramid creating a hologram in its center.

     The HOLHO Naked for Tablets is a hologram projector consisting of an oblique sidewall that can be used with tablets of any brand. It produces a frontal holographic projection and when you close it, it becomes a very stylish tablet case.
     The HOLHO Zed for Tablets is a black Perspex hologram projector that can be placed above tablets of any brand and produces a frontal holographic projection.

     The HOLHO 3 Faces Pyramid for Tablets is a black three sided hologram projector with a drawer at the top to place tablets of any brand and is perfect for 3D presentations. Complementary to the projector, the HOLHO App 3 Faces Pyramid allows the user to produce a personalized holographic projection.

     Set to revolutionize the digital world by producing three-dimensional projections on ANY Smartphone or Tablet, Imagination Farm USA LLC has launched their Kickstarter campaign to put their plans of creating the HOLHO Collection of holographic images for every Smartphone and Tablet in the world.

     You can Help bring the dream of putting the HOLHO Collection into production and get your own HOLHO through the Kickstarter Campaign before they hit the market here: http://kck.st/15zCI9h


Company Name: Imagination Farm USA
Contact Person: Mellano Massimo
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: http://kck.st/15zCI9h

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Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers Create New Website

Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers
Brooklyn personal injury lawyers create new website to attract Brooklyn clientele.

Brooklyn, New York August, 8thth 2013 – Brooklynpersonalinlawyers.co has been created for Brooklyn attorneys Philip Lights, Kevin Gratt, and Joseph Russo. This website was created and designed by Kenneth Toby, President of Dona Catalina Marketing, LLC. The website will cover areas of practice, a page on Car Accident Injuries, and a blog. This blog will provide articles such as – How to Handle a Car Accident, How to Recover for Damages from a New York City Pothole…

Mr. Toby created this blog as a way to convey information to the average person. “Most people don’t have a clue as to what to do once they have been involved in a car accident” says Kenneth Toby President of Dona Catalina, LLC. “They don’t know what to do at an accident scene, or once they arrive home. We want to help them fill in the blanks in terms of where to get legal information, medical information and so on,” continues Mr. Toby. Car accident lawyers are very popular in Brooklyn, New York.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, Brooklyn has a population of 5,532,645 people. The borough of Brooklyn has more churches per square mile than any other American city. “We see an area of potential growth in the Brooklyn market,” says Kenneth Toby. Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers will focus on police brutality, wrongful death, auto accidents, motor cycle accidents, truck accidents, and slip and fall accidents.

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The Brooklyn offices have two locations, one at 16 Court Street Suite 2504, Brooklyn, New York 11241 and 2021 Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, New York 11210. These 2 offices are strategically located in two convenient locations of Downtown Brooklyn and Central Brooklyn.

“The two most coveted counties in New York City are Brooklyn and the Bronx,” says Kenneth Toby. “We wanted to provide quality service for Brooklynites by attorneys who were born and bred in Brooklyn”. All three attorneys have full time practices in their Brooklyn offices.

What makes Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers different from the competition is customer service? These three attorneys answer their own phones so they are always available. The also provide their cell phones for their clients as well. By being available for their clients they foster a much better relationship between attorney and client. There is a trust and bond which is created by the two.

To find out more about Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers go to http://brooklynpersonalinjurylawyers.co/.

Company Name: Brooklyn Personal Injury Lawyers
Contact Person: Kenneth Toby
Email: Send Email
Phone: 646-457-6279
Address:16 Court Street Suite 2504
City: Brooklyn
State: New York
Website: http://brooklynpersonalinjurylawyers.co/

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New Digital Publishing Blueprint Software Creating Buzz Across The Internet

Digital Publishing Blueprint is a software that is being talked about all across the internet.  Authority sites such as Warrior Forum have a few dedicated pages talking about Ed Dale’s software.  One popular forum rich with reviews and bonuses can be seen by visiting http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-forum-classified-ads/824129-full-digital-publishing-blueprint-review-killer-fast-cash-bonus.html.

There is also a new Digital Publishing Blueprint Review video that has recently been launched to help clear up all the misconceptions about the software and provide an enticing bonus to help users maximize their results fast. The video can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv5iDN-fFps.

In addition to the video, numerous press releases have been released about Digital Publishing Blueprint.  One such press release that has gained popularity rather quickly can be read here at http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/controversial-digital-publishing-blueprint-review-fast-cash-bonus-296892.htm.

Digital publishing took a long time to take off, but today more and more people are choosing to digitally publish their work. Writers and publishers alike are creating books, magazines, articles, and much more, at a fraction of the cost of traditional print publishing. If you have an idea for a magazine, but can’t get it off the ground in the traditional way, all you need is a PDF file.

Joomag! has created a service for magazine publishers, allowing them to publish on their own. Their unique content editor allows publishers to create a digital magazine. The content editor allows them to create articles, and also add content that is unique only to digital publishing.

Unique features include the ability to place media into the magazine. This includes video, sound, forms, and photo galleries. This allows the magazine’s readers to have a rich, interactive experience while reading the magazine, that can’t be duplicated by traditional publishing methods.

The advantages over traditional print publishing continue. Publishers aren’t required to pay any upfront fees to a traditional printing company, and there are no longer any expensive shipping fees. Your magazine is available to be purchased and viewed immediately on several different devices at the touch of a button.

All you need to do is create your content, set the price of your magazine, and find subscribers, and advertisers for your publication. Joomag! provides you with many other services so you get everything in one place.

Joomag! provides publishers with tools to help create their digital magazines, as well as ways to manage their subscriber lists, including alerting them when a new issue of your magazine is available. Tools are also available for publishers to create and track unique email campaigns, and special offers. Visit Joomag! online to get your magazine off the ground today!

Company Name: Abraham Enterprises
Contact Person: David Abraham
Email: Send Email
Phone: 800-351-5976
Country: United States
Website: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yv5iDN-fFps

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