Wix Community Liaison Brett Haralson Tapped as Series Advisor on Web Design Pros

Profound Programs announced today that Brett Haralson has been named show advisor and a field producer for the upcoming series, ‘Web Design Pros.’

The media arm of the award-winning consulting firm PRO-FOUND today announced the addition of Wix Community Liaison, Brett Haralson to the highly anticipated series. The specialized media division is scheduling expert interviews for ‘Web Design Pros.’ Production of Season 1 begins in January 2018.

The show spotlights Wix Design Experts who push the limits of the web. The online community group currently has over 2,500 members who imagine, create, design and manage websites for others as a profession. The pool of expert guests is expected to draw substantial talent.

On his acceptance as an advisor and field producer for the show, Haralson said, “I’m thrilled to be able to shine a spotlight on our community members in their individual areas of expertise.” Show guests will build their reputation and increase their influence and credibility to potential clients. By highlighting what they specialize in, collaborations within the community are an expected benefit.

Stephanie Miller, Executive Producer of Profound Programs, stated, “It’s exciting to work with someone so passionate about Wix. Brett is a true educator and advocate for the success of Wix design experts; it’s no surprise he’s offered them a chance to be in the spotlight. We’re excited about the exposure they’ll receive. Brett shares our vision for what this series represents, and we’re thrilled to have him be a part of that vision.”

The global debut of ‘Web Design Pros’ marks an exclusive opportunity for members of the Wix Design Experts group to offer insights, tips and advice on web design during the inaugural season, set to air on the Wix Community channel’s ‘Wix Expert Expose’ playlist on Youtube.

“The idea behind the Wix Community channel was to create a place for our creative community to express themselves through how-to videos, TV style shows, and self-governed discussions about being business owners, designers, and everything in between,” explained Haralson.

He went on to say, “As a community expressing itself in multiple ways in one single place, it creates a special and diverse window into the creative minds of our amazing family. The idea is that together we can grow the space in a way that none of us could do individually.”

About Profound Programs:

Profound Programs is the professional media division of PRO-FOUND, producing valuable assets to position entrepreneurs as industry influencers. Show guests are interviewed about how they solve problems with their expertise, then published in multiple mediums suited to today’s digital attention span era. Producing custom programs for individual businesses is their specialty. ‘Interviews with Innovators’ is their flagship show.

About Brett Haralson:

A Mississippi native, Brett Haralson now travels the world meeting and bringing together the creative forces of the Wix product teams and the expert designers. He loves the sense of family within the Wix Community. It’s his job to understand who the designers are, what they do, and to inject the energy of the product teams into the community. He administrates the Wix Design Expert community, a place where designers can unleash their magic.

About Wix:

Wix.com is a leader in the cloud-based development platform with over one hundred million users throughout 190 countries. Founded in 2006, their drag and drop website building platform makes it easy for anyone to create a beautiful, professional web presence in HTML5 that is also mobile-friendly.

To learn more about being an expert guest on ‘Web Design Pros,’ visit:


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Etherty ICO Co-founders, Discuss Their Upcoming ICO To Disrupt The Real Estate Market, Take A Behind The Scenes Look Into The Etherty ICO On Business Innovators Radio Blockchain Series

Etherty ICO Co-founders , were the featured guests on Business Innovators Radio Blockchain Series with host Matthew Loughran taking a behind the scenes look into the Etherty ICO that launches this month.

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio Blockchain Series with Matthew Loughran, Etherty ICO Co-founders, Discuss their upcoming ICO to disrupt the real estate market, provided a behind the scenes look into the Etherty ICO.

According to the Co-founders Murtaza Khan and Adnan Naeem, Etherty a blockchain based platform is launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) this month and is poised to disrupt the way people purchase real estate across the globe.

Murtaza said “Etherty is one of the most interesting startups that you will come across, bold statement, and I’ll tell you why. Imagine a platform, where if there’s a boom in another corner of the world, let’s say Australia or Hong Kong, the platform brings real estate market to your app or device. You can buy, sell, trade in the market, even if you have only $1000 in the bank”.

When host Matthew Loughran asked What void or opportunity might have inspired the creation of this platform? Murtaza answered, “Convenience to purchase is a huge hassle for people with mountains of paperwork, and that is part of the reason why we decided on our business model. Now, just on the inspiration for the idea, well, I remember quite vividly that I was in Dubai, and Adnan and I were passing by this amazing building called Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world right now. It is absolutely magnificent in person, and I was telling Adnan why can’t we own a part of this? Why should it be so difficult? The average person should be able to invest and have opportunities to grow their money in any business venture with no barrier to entry. These things should not be even thought about, and that is what we are aiming to achieve”.

During the Interview Adnan shared What is different about the Etherty ICO from other ones that we are seeing in the marketplace?, explaining, “Etherty is unique in the market, we believe. Where other ICOs have tried to launch real estate projects, specific technological application related to the blockchain, and some have even ventured into a platform to tokenize properties. None have looked at the market holistically to target the maximum market audience possible. Our white paper on our website, www.etherty.com, details a lot of these case studies. Etherty caters to individual homeowners, who want to raise money to do modifications for their houses, to traders and investors, who want a part of the action, of big developments, or whether they’re starting their trading journey with us, or are seasoned investors, who want to access different markets effortlessly. So with that vast majority being catered to, we believe we are unique in our business offering”.

Etherty ICO, the next big thing to disrupt the real estate industry across the globe, democratizing the real estate investment market.

The interview concluded with Co-founders saying “The Etherty ICO launches soon and the organization looks to be the Etherium of the real estate industry to open the real estate investment market to all and remove the barrier to entry ”.

To listen to the full interview on Business Innovators Blockchain Series, visit https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/etherty-ico-fundamentally-change-real-estate-purchased-across-globe

To learn more about Etherty ICO, please visit https://ico.etherty.com

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Introducing ReelTrail: The Ultimate Marketplace for Buying & Selling Outdoor Gear

Charleston, SC – Outdoor enthusiasts now have the opportunity to buy and sell new, used, vintage, and handmade outdoor gear with the launch of ReelTrail LLC, a new online marketplace with a specific niche. A vast array of equipment is already up for sale on the website, ranging from fly fishing reels to snowboards, hiking packs to kayaks, sailing equipment, and more.

ReelTrail started life as a small storefront in Charleston, South Carolina, where founders Philip and Ryan Leaphart turned their passion for the outdoors into a business selling outdoor gear through consignment. But selling through the big websites like eBay and Craigslist had their downfalls, not to mention the high fees involved.

“Creating a new and simple app for our business just seemed like the perfect solution,” says Ryan. “We had to deal with the big companies for so long, and honestly, we got tired of their cumbersome user-experience, and their never-ending fees. Now we’re in a position to help others. ReelTrail is simple to use, completely transparent, and inexpensive!”

ReelTrail’s platform makes the process of selling outdoor gear fast and easy. Sellers can create a listing for their gear in less than a minute, and unlike those big companies, they are only required to pay when their items sell. Users can also advertise their Adventure Trips, whether they are a fly fishing guide or a snowboard instructor.

As outdoor enthusiasts themselves, the Leaphart’s have experience in the outdoors, adventure traveling, and are excited to offer ReelTrail to the rest of the outdoor community.

The company prides itself on being transparent and upfront with regards to payments and fees, and the website clearly indicates how the payment system works. Sellers can choose different subscription levels and can list as many items as they wish without the fear of any hidden fees. ReelTrail also donates a portion of their revenue to different outdoor-related non-profits around the country.

For more information, download the ReelTrail app or visit the website at www.reeltrail.com

YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChGFHA4zrBJ6wBaEupgm8og

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XgearHubStarts Publishing Reviews for Sports and Adventure Gear

Beverly Hills, CA – XgearHub is a business that has gone the extra mile to help adventurers and thrill-seekers with their website. They provide people with accurate and timely product reviews for some of thetop sports and adventure gear in the market. Their insightful online reviews will undoubtedly provide their site-visitors with useful information, so they can make smart equipment purchases.

Nothing beats getting out and doing something exciting. So much so that some people are willing to invest in their fun outdoor activities by purchasing the equipment needed for them. Outdoor hobbies like kayaking and biking have a tremendous nationwide appeal and many people love the idea of being able to partake in these recreational sports whenever they want. That is why so many people look into buying kayaks and bikes of their very own. 

However, for those who have never purchased any sports or adventure gear, it can be overwhelming to find the right productwith so many brands on the market. For instance, there is a wide range of kayak types suitable for different types of activities and waters. If a kayak ispoorly made or if the wrong kayak is used on the river or open seas,it could spell disaster. XgearHub understands that, so they’re helping shoppers determine what products are best for their outdoor sporting needs. Now, they are publishing product reviews on sports adventure and gear, so adventurers can be prepared with the best equipment for their sport.

XgearHub provides the public with honest and up-to-date reviews. Their team members take some of the most popular products on the market and look at customer reviews, and firsthand experience to describe what makes a product great and why. They list out the pros and cons of each product they review and state what sets each product apart from other similar items. For example, their kayak reviews go into detail about the feel, comfort and the stability of some of the best kayaks available.

Shoppers looking for the best adventure gear have found what they need from the XgearHub website. Their blog articles are informative, and now with product reviews being added to their website, they can offer their site visitors more information that will allow them to make better buying decisions. Their existing group of followers certainly appreciate it, and their published reviews are likely to attract a new group of grateful fans and adventurers. 

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Newly Designed Small Fireproof Safes are Invaluable for Homes

Even though you might have used a safe when in a hotel, you might have never thought about buying one for your own home. However, this can be a good investment for many families. These are a few reasons why it might be a good idea for you to purchase a safe for your home.

1. Keep Valuables Safe from Theft

First of all, one of the top benefits of installing a safe in your home is the fact that it can help you keep your valuables safe from theft. If you continue reading about Stockinger safes, for example, you can find out about how secure they are and how they can work well for preventing someone from stealing your cash, jewelry or other valuables. This can help you prevent your most precious items from being stolen in the event of a home break-in, and it can help you feel more secure about things like allowing someone to come in and do work in your home, such as a housekeeper.

2. Keep Your Kids Safe

If you are a gun owner or if you have any other weapons that might be harmful for children, such as knives or tasers, then you may want to think about investing in a good safe for safety reasons. By locking away any weapons, you can help ensure that your kids are not able to access them and potentially hurt themselves or someone else. This can provide you with a lot of peace of mind as a parent.

3. Protect Important Documents

Even if you aren’t concerned about anything being stolen and even if you don’t have kids, you may still have documents that are important. For example, documents like your family members’ birth certificates and Social Security cards should be kept safe. If you choose a safe that is certified by the National Fireproofing Contractors Association or that is otherwise designed to be fire safe, you can help ensure that your most important documents are safe in the event of a fire or other disaster.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why it’s a good idea to purchase a safe for your home. Luckily, there are a lot of different safes out there that can be the perfect choice. Whether you are looking for a small safe for storing cash and jewelry or if you need something much larger, you should be able to find a safe that will work well for you and your family.

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Breakout Author Susan St. John Interviewed by Founder of Women for Good Dr. Nancy O’Reilly – Montecito, CA

Montecito, CA – December 13, 2017 – Following the sold out success of the “red carpet” gala hosted at Lucky’s, Montecito, for Santa Barbara Magazine’s 2017 “Hot Reads” choice, “Mad Mischief,” Susan St. John’s breakout novel, the author will be interviewed by local philanthropist and visionary, Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, founder of Women-4-Good. 

The live interview takes us into St. John’s beautiful Montecito home, giving fans not only a view to the author’s creative lifestyle, the “African” room, where she writes, and her extensive art collection; but also the inspiration for her writing.  Susan St. John answers the long awaited questions about the novel, “Mad Mischief,” which readers are longing to hear. 

Fans can post questions to Amazon.com, in the review section for “Mad Mischief.”  Look for Dr. Nancy O’Reilly and Susan St. John’s interview on KEYT.  The taped interview will also be posted to YouTube, as well as the official “Mad Mischief” website, www.MadMischief.com.  

Download the 1st chapter of “Mad Mischief” for free here.

Purchase your copy of “Mad Mischief” and leave a review on Amazon.com

Learn more about Susan St. John at her website madmischief.com. For media inquiries please contact Alicia St. John at [email protected]  – Montecito, CA

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Sport Life Adviser: New Website for Those Who Want to Lead an Active Lifestyle

Sport Life Adviser is a new website providing detailed information on sports, equipment, and health. Here one can learn everything they need to lead a healthy and active life and enjoy safe and efficient sports practices.

In 2010, the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion stated that only 5% of American adults had the necessary 30 minutes of physical activity a day. The situation is definitely changing for the better as the latest report stated that gym membership in the US has increased by more than seven million since that time. One also shouldn’t forget that there are many other forms of physical activity that people can enjoy, like bowling, biking, hiking, etc. Sport Life Adviser is a website designed for people who want to make their lives healthier and more exciting by discovering the wonders of sports.

Sport Life Adviser features information on anything, starting from bowling balls reviews to guides on the best swimming practices. The website’s creators believe in being comprehensive and detailed. That’s how they managed to make a web source that can be useful to everyone.

Why Does One Need Websites Like https://sportlifeadviser.com?

Information is an invaluable resource by default, and pages, like Sport Life Adviser help people get it. In the world where the markets are flooded with products, choosing the best equipment becomes very difficult. When it comes to sports, the quality of the tools one uses determines the safety of the exercise. Simply put, shoddy gear can lead to injury and disability. It’s the same for techniques.

Therefore, having a source of reliable information on the quality and safety of sports gear and practices can make a huge difference. Sport Life Adviser is a source of that information. All reviews and other articles posted on the website are verified to ensure they only contain authentic data.

Using sources like this allows people to:

  • Verify the quality of gear or safety of the activity they are interested in.
  • Find the tools and data they need faster as all information is collected in one place.
  • Connect with other sports enthusiasts or get advice from the website’s support service.

Sport Life Adviser is a website where one can learn about the best activities that aren’t usually advertised as ‘sports’. For example, bowling and roller skating both offer quality physical exercise. However, the majority of sports oriented websites overlooks them.

This information portal prides itself on being comprehensive and therefore features helpful articles on a multitude of topics. No matter what kind of activity one wants to try, they are sure to find some useful tips and guides for it on Sport Life Adviser.

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“Roast” Season 2 on Tencent Video got off to a flying start by hitting one hundred million views within 2 days!

By December 10th, 8 p.m., season 2 of “Roast” is available on Tencent Video. The main guest of first episode was Annie Inou, who is a hot issue herself and had a lot to be roasted. Shaogang Zhang, Dan Li, Chizi, who the audience are very familiar with, together with Zongxian Wu, Guoqing Cai, Jun Dai, all showed their brilliant skills in roasting with great punchlines throughout the show. Season 2 has been highly expected due to the blasting effect of season 1. “Roast” became No. 1 hot issue on variety show chart on Weibo and hit 60 million views by the night it was released. In less than 2 days, the views hit one million, making a spectacular beginning for the show.

Just like last season, in the form of “roasting” and with the core of “seeking realness”, “Roast” localized and innovated the traditional American stand-up comedy to spread a positive value to the audience by the joking between hosts and guests. The highlights of the show include the conflictions of words, humorous mocking, brilliant responses and the grace and manner guests show when they get roasted. In episode 1, Annie Inou sat on the famous “red chair” and got roasted by all the guests. Shaogang Zhang joked that “others joined SNH48 because of the number of them, you joined because of your age”, Ke Hu roasted that “I told you that you should not find a husband who is 10 years younger than you, you should find one who is 3 years younger (like I did)”, Dan Li roasted that “you might have fooled Hao Qin (Annie’s husband), but you can’t fool us”. Annie Inou responded that “I am happier than you can ever imagine” to fight back.

Except for responses to the roast, self-mockery is also necessary. Zongjian Wu, who used to be the top TV show host joked on himself: “Nowadays when people meet me, they make promise that they will invite me to their wedding first”. He even joked about the old past story between him and jay Chow, giving the audience a good laugh and making the show more intense.

From “Roast” to “ROCK&ROAST”, Tencent Video and Fun Factory have been dedicated to combine down-to-earth topics with insightful values in an innovative form and creative content. Yue Qiu, vice manager of Penguin Picture Studio, noted that bringing Stand-up Comedy to China and fitting it into life of Chinese audience has significant meaning to Tencent Video as well as the development of youth culture. The heat of topic and the millions of views have shown the approval of audience to the show. Let’s expect another hit peak of “Roast” Season 2 on Tencent Video next Sunday at 8 p.m.

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Online Review Site Top10BestPro Helps People Choose the Best Online Products to Buy

Top10BestPro helps people, by providing comprehensive and truthful reviews, choose the best products to buy online.

Top10BestPro takes pride in providing a service that helps online users decide which products to buy. Janice, an avid gamer, has been searching the internet for a great gaming laptop to purchase. She visited Top10BestPro’s website and was impressed with how the company presented the facts to its readers. “I like that they were able to provide the pros and cons of each item. It has helped me decide which of the different gaming laptops suits my requirements. Thanks, Top10BestPro!” Dave has a similar experience. He said, “I like that they have the item comparison table which has really helped me see the difference between the products. Top10BestPro is now my go-to website if I need to know about the products that I am interested to purchase.”

Top10BestPro – Amazon review site is determined to stick to their website’s mission – to provide people with all the information they need to make a sound decision on what they need or want to buy online. Whether it’s a gadget or baby items, Top10BestPro gives a comprehensive review of these items. They have a side-by-side table comparison of all the products for people who don’t like to bore themselves with details, just the specs. On the other hand, for users who want to dig deeper, they have a comprehensive review that states the pros and cons of each product.

This top Amazon review site does not just focus their reviews on gadgets alone, like some review websites. Rather, Top10BestPro expands their reach and even reviews items related to health, babies, and more. The company believes that they should not only focus on one industry, instead they should discover products of other industries to help people choose the best product among the plethora of items that try to grab their attention.  

Top10BestPro can be reached by phone at (+984) 367-0356, by email at [email protected], or from their website at https://top10bestpro.com. With Top10BestPro, online users are guaranteed that they will get an honest review of products that they want or need to buy online. Now, customers will not be blinded by what these companies offer because Top10BestPro will let them know whether the brand that they intend to purchase gets the company’s thumbs-up. Top10BestPro reviews various products, from baby stuff to electronic gadgets, making them one of the review sites online users can rely on.

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Amatop10 Helps Online Customers Make the Right Amazon Purchase Every Single Time

With the holiday season about to enter full swing, everyone will be busy with their shopping lists. While traditional brick-and-mortar stores continue to draw in the crowds, the lure of online shopping continues to see an increase in the number of customers every single year. However, those who are new to the online shopping scene might feel lost at the sheer variety of websites and available products, which is the reason why Amatop10 was established in order to provide the best possible advice to guide online shoppers into making the right purchase decision on sites such as Amazon.com, among others.

Amatop10 is an online source that offers comprehensive reviews, information, and advice when it comes to picking the product that is most suitable for the customer’s needs without having to break the bank as well. A growing number of people who shop online tend to check out online reviews first and Amatop10 is focussed on providing the most useful and relevant information in order to bring home the best products at the lowest prices every single time. All reviews and Amatop10 online buying guides have been carefully compiled so that families will always end up with the best possible deal. With experience in combing through products across numerous product categories such as consumer electronics, bathroom products, kitchen accessories, outdoor gear, clothing, and apparel, among others, the best reviews are always at Amatop10 to guide the discerning online shopper.  

Having built up a reputation that resonates with online shoppers, Amatop10 continues to strive in publishing quality shopping guides for different products. Such online buying guides will help online shoppers save more time and money since all of the research and heavy lifting has already been done, they simply need to know the criteria before making a match with the proposed products. This will greatly reduce the amount of stress that one experiences during the frenetic holiday season, and shopping online always beats having to queue up at the checkout line where tempers flare with stock shortage.

Amatop10 can be contacted via phone at +855 768627333, while all emails can be addressed to [email protected] They also have a web presence available at https://www.amatop10.com. Any correspondence and inquiries will be answered within the shortest amount of time possible. Online shopping has never been easier with Amatop10 and its database of product reviews and buying guides.

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