The Secrets behind Mistaa Brown Revealed.

The mystery behind Mistaa Brown has left his fans in suspense, as they clamor to know more about this celebrity, he has decided to please his fans by answering questions he knows his fans will want to know about.

Mistaa Brown Bio Questions Answered

  • I was born in Joliet, IL. Dec 20, 1983
  • My name is Martius Demetrious Montrell Brown
  • My sister gave my mama different names to choose and she picked them all… lol

  • My childhood was nothing but fun, excitement, and adventure.  Rode bikes all around the city seeing different neighborhoods.  Played every sport right in the middle of the street, flipping on old mattresses, chasing girls, and making people laugh daily.
  • Raised by my father, with no sister and brothers in the home.  Visited mom’s on the weekends.  Took camping trips and vacations to different cities for fun.
  • Being the only child had to entertain myself a lot of the times, and that is where the creativity began.  By not having any siblings around made me become more observant, and I always have seen the funny side of everything.  Only performing on stage for 1yr but I’ve been bringing smiles and laughs to friends and family my entire life.  Very much enjoy performing but I love to host.
  • Always have been inspired by the great’s Richard Pryor, Redd Fox, Robin Harris, Bernie Mac, Martin, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, ETC.  I’m inspired by all comedy all the time.
  • A goal of mine is to be in a position where I am earning a great living for me and my family by making people laugh.  Nothing better than providing the medicine of laughter.
  • You will see much more content and shows of Mistaa Brown hosting, performing, and bringing laughter to the masses.
  • I have not performed at shows that I would consider “BIG” but I have opened up for Brandon “Hot Sauce” Glover, Just Nesh, Kevin “Damn Fool” Simpson and Meechie Hall.
  • Mistaa Brown is different from another artist because he is incapable of being anyone other than himself.,q_auto,f_auto/message_attachements/509930020/original/received_1871735229504372.jpg


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